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Crash Landing on You: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 3

Crash Landing on You: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 3

Here is part 3 of our recap for Crash Landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Everyone sits in the living room. Something breaks in the back room. Ye-ji asks, ah, something broke? Can you hold my hand? She holds her hubsbands hand.

In the back, Se-hyung is with his father and tells him not to break these national treasures. His father yells, you should have told me when I gave you a chance!

Flasback to Se-hyung lying to his father.

Se-hyung tells him that he is misunderstanding. His father tells him to shut up and tells him, do you know why you got that position? Because you are good? No, it is because you are the dumbest. Your wife controls you and you are robbed like a conman.

if you know that you are dumb then you should open your eyes and ears and ask for help. I thought you would work like that! that is why I gave you that position!

So the reason you picked me is becuase I am te least smart?

I didn’t expect that you were this stupid! It is my mistake! I am going to have another board meeting. COme prepared to step down!

Why, abogi…

His wife comes in and kneels.

SA – Abonim. I understand that you are angry, I am sorry that I did not tell you in advance.

He tells her to stand up and yells that he does not want to see them both. She holds up a photo and tells her to look at it and then decide. Then she tells him that she was hiding with Seung-joon together in the North. Do you think that is accidental? 

She continues and says that 20 something years ago. That company that you merged with, he is their son. He lied about it and approached our family on purpose. Before I told you everything, I had to check the truth.

The son says that he thought about a lot of things like why they were together in North Korea after breaking up. I told him to bring Seri with him. Seung-joon told me to give up half the money he took from me to bring Seri back.

The father asks, is that it? I have to check to see if you two are really lying to me or if Seri really did that. if you are lying again, not only will the position be lost, you need to be ready to lose everything you have. Call Seri.

He calls Seri and says that Omonin is sick so you need to come. it is all because of you. She says to tell them that she is coming soon.

But the brother is sitting with Jo Cheol Kang. He gives Cheol Kang the driving route to their house. She drives alone without a driver, you can take care of the rest.

Jo Cheol Kang asks, so that means that whatever I do with Seri is fine?

The brother says, whatever you do is your free will. I just ask that I don’t see Seri again. They drive off.

Man-bok waits and tells JCK that Seri just left home, we will leave soon.

Cut to the man on the Olympic bus waiting for the fellas to show up. But they are late. He paces as he checks his watch. 

Seri drives to her parents home. But someone swerves in front of her and then blocks the road. A ton of men get out of cars in front of and behind her. They  have rods and race to her car. She doesn’t know what to do and grips the steering wheel.




Jung-hyeok walks to a warehouse. 

Inside, the broker tells JCK that Jung-hyeok should be here soon. II have finished my job, so can I leave?

JCK tells him that his job isn’t done until Jung-hyeok comes here and dies in front of him and Seri gets on the ship. the broker tries to say that he arranged this entie thing, so I am done.

But then Jung-hyeok comes in. 

All the men turn to face him. he stands in front of them all at the end of the warehouse. it is like 30 to 1. 

JCK – I knew you would come Jung-hyeok. You shouldn’t leave Seri alone here.

JH – Yes, you were right, I wont go anywhere leaving my woman alone under this same sky with someone like you. (which means that one of them is about to die).

He walks up and all the men come at him with all their rods and and sticks. They start to swing them at Jung-hyeok and he dodges them all and punches them as well.

JCK watches. The Broker sneaks away.

Jung-hyeok gets hit by one of the rods, but he continues fighting them.

Then another car drives up. The broker sees it. 

The soldiers get out and start to walk to the warehouse looking like suit superheroes.

Flashback to when Man-bok was crying at the table and Jung-hyeok saw him.

JH – If you have to tell me something, please tell me.

MB – I lived my entire life as a wiretapper who delivers words. But you ask me to say my own words, thank you so much. I will tell you what I need to say. I met JCK today, he threatened me with my sons picture. I am afraid, but this time I am not retracting anymore.

Then we cut to Jung-hyeok telling the group that he has to stop somewhere. I need to meet Mr. Oh, after that I will follow you guys, you should go first.

Manbok recorded the conversation and they all look at him and cross their fingers in the American way.

then Seri tells them that she has to go to her family place. Do you really think my oppa is working with Jo Cheol Kang and doing this?

they say that they will see what happens when she goes there. Don’t be afraid, we are here.

Man-bok calls Cheol Kang ad tells him that Sei just left. Then they all get in the car with her.

The boys were all hiding in the car with Seri so Chi-soo gets out and kicks one of the guys. The other guys start to fight as well. they are all really good!

Chi-soo tells Eun-dong to be careful not to get hurt. Then Chi-soo gets hit on the head. He turns around and starts to beat the guy up. Seri is so shocked as she sits inside the car.

Chi-soo tells her not to worry. Guang-bum tells her they are special force, so close the window or you will get cold air.

Man-bok hids in the trunk and hops out and starts to fight as well. But he can’t fight, lol. But he takes out one of them so all the fellas are like, yeah, Manbok! Good job!

they go to the Warehouse. Seri ells her Chinese-Korean thugs that she will give them one more year of free rent if they help her! he says, one year confirmed! She says yes!

So the thugs all go inside with the soldiers. They all walk in like they are the best things since sliced bread, and they are. 

So now the odds are a lot more even as they all line up behind Jung-hyeok. 

JCK walks to the front and tells Man-bok that he sees his choice so he will also make a choice. He pulls out his gun and shoots it at Man-bok, but Jung-hyeokk tries to kick it away. However the bullet hits Manbok so he is pulled to the side.

The fighting continues as everyone fihts. Knives come out. Jung-hyeok grabs the gun. JCK grabs Man-bok and holds the knife to his neck. Jung-hyeok holds the gun to him.

JCK drags Man-bok outside. 

OUtside, Seri wonders who these people are that are dragged out. One of them is getting beaten up and maybe chocked. 

Jung-hyeok comes out so JCK grabs a second gun he has in his car. He hides by it and watches Jung-hyeok walk up. Seri says, dont’ come out Jung-hyeok.

But he is a sitting duck.

So Seri drives her car in frnt of him and the bullet. His window breaks from the gunshot. Jung-hyeoks head spins around and he sees Seri in the car. But we don’t see her.

then he looks at JCK and shoots him several times. JCK falls, but  he is still alive enough to move. He runs to his gun that fell. But Manbok grabs it and holds it at JCK, then he fires.



At the car, Jung-hyeok opens the door and Seri falls out into his arms. She is unconscious

VO – Before people die, I heard people say that their happiest moment shows before them like a film. Maybe this will be one of those moments for me.

She starts to go through all her happy moments with Jung-hyeok like when he tied her hair and rode on the bicycle with her and held the candle for her and ate with her.

JH – Next year and the following year and the year after that, you will remember this as a happy day.

We continue to see more of their moments together.

JH – Because I will be thankful for you, thankful that Yoon Seri was born. Ii am thankful that someone I love is alive inthis world.

SR – Ri Jung-hyeok, actually what you said was enouh for me. I enoyed all the happiness that was given for me.

In the present, he holds her in his arms and starts to cry a bit and looks at her wound and feels lost like he doesnt’ know what to do.

They song starts to play again. He grips her clothing and holds her tightly.

“I remember the song
that we sing together  face to face”

JH – No, no, what I said sint’ enough. I is not enough at all. I didn’t tell you this. I love you. I love you Yoon Seri.


Chi-soo says, after hearing from Man-bok, now it is no longer a thng that risking your life can solve. I am sorry to everyone but I can’t do it.

JH – If you go first.

CH – You put more on the table. You have something you didn’t bet on. You have us. You are our captain. You are our country now. Give us an order.

JH – No

JM – Seri is important to us also.

GB – Give us an order captain.

JH – …..Sergeants.

Men – Yes!

JH – First sergeant, Pyul Chi-soo.

CS – Yes!

JH – Staff sergeant Park Gauang-bum

GB – Yes

JH – Private 1st class Kim Joo-meok

JM- Yes!

JH – Private Kim Eun-dong

ED – Yes!

JH – Whatever the way, protect Yoon Seri, that is it.

They all salute him and he salutes them too.

JH – Ii trust you guys.

Cut to them all running to Jung-hyeok as he holds Seri. Joo-meok falls to the ground crying. Chi-soo looks on enraged and tearful. Eun-dong covers his face and cries on Guang-bum. 

Joo-meok yells for someone to help her.

Fade Out


Ahhhhhh, I am all teary-eyed! Y’all, how can this cheesy show be so touching! I love it so much! I love how everyone came together in the end and how theya ll were working to help protect Seri. I love how Man-bok even used his wiretapping skills to protect her.

It is the best! And in the end, she sacrificed herself to save Jung-hyeok. Of course, I was screaming at her to honk her horn so that Jung-hyeok would turn around or something, though that might not have been enough to keep JCK from shooting him and then kidnapping her since he would know that she was out there. So her choice was probably the right one in the end.

Ugh, the end were they all ran to Seri and each had different levels of their hear being ripped out! It was just so…..so….perfect? My poor babies. Can tomorrow get here already, please?

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  1. Anonymous
    February 8, 2020 / 1:49 pm

    Oh no, Seri! What about JCK? Does he die?

  2. Jane M
    February 8, 2020 / 2:06 pm

    That was so heart-wrenching! I can’t see through my tears to write anymore. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode, because I can’t imagine any way out of this, but I am trusting this writer who has been 100% spot on so far.

    • V
      February 9, 2020 / 9:36 am

      This writer is amazing!

  3. Anaa
    February 8, 2020 / 2:50 pm

    Thanks for the recap @V

    I love it that they were able to plan it all.

    • V
      February 9, 2020 / 9:34 am

      I love that they planned it too! 😎

  4. Anonymous
    February 8, 2020 / 6:15 pm

    Hello. May I ask if Se-Ri’s mom her biological mother? If se-ri is the youngest, is she a daughter from another woman?

    • V
      February 9, 2020 / 9:33 am

      I think she is the daughter from another woman. Possibly a mistress, but they dont mention the other woman.

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