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Crash Landing on You: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

Crash Landing on You: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

Here is part 2 of our recap for Crash Landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




On the bridge, He turns to her and asks her…

JH – Did you enjoy todays day off from work?

SR – Dand dang is never satisfactory (dang dang is a day off but it is a sneak out day). You know, you cant do much because you don’t have a plan.

JH – But it is more memorable even though you don’t do much

SR – Ah, Jung-hyeok ah, did you also do dang dang?

JH – yes, I tookpictures and skipped class. But someone was about to fall from a high bridge

SR – Who?

JH – A woman who was my style

SR – *jealous* SO that is memorable to you

JH – I asked her to take a picture

SR – This is too much detail!

JH – And she told me it was scary over here, do you really have to take a picture. She was trembling but she still asked for the camera.

Seri remembers this.

SR – Where was this?

JH – Switzerland. On the Sigriswil bridge. She was memorable to me. I sometimes wondered if she was okay and if she was thinking of bad things. I think about her sometimes because she was my style.

He hands her her recording she made that day. She is overwhelmed.

SR – So, that woman next to you was seo Dan?

JH – Yes, you told me this man is too good for that woman.

SR – We, how many times did we meet before?

He holds her hands.

SR – I am really happy. Before people die, I heard that the happiest moments in their life pass by in their brain. I think this is the moment I will remember.


The soldiers all go to a chicken place and wonder why everyone is so noisy in the building. Joo-meok tells them that they are watching soccer. Chi-soo thinks they are so wasteful. We should just focus on taking back Jung-hyeok safely.

But Joo-meok says it is Korea vs Japan.

All their head flip around! What!!!! They are so into it and start to cheer with everyone else as Korea scores. Seri and Jung-hyeok walk in right then so they start to hop around and cheer with them as well.

Seri is so happy that she tells everyone, I will but all the chicken here!

Later on, she is serious and says, portobello mushroom. Chi-soo is all like, aw, man!!! All the other soldiers cheer in their North Korean style and Chi-soo complains about always losing!

Man-bok went out to smoke and is approached by Jo Cheol-kang. He tells him that it is nice to see him again. I was angry at firs when I knew that you betrayed me. But I thought that it might happen because you might want to eat something else. But look at reality. Do you think that Jung-hyeoks father can protect you when you go back? You helped in killing his son. After you are used, you will be abandoned.

Man-bok listens, terrified.

JCK – Who helped you ever since, was it Jung-hyeok and his father?

MB – Can you ignore me? I want to repay what Jung-hyeok did for me.

JCK – Are you going to pay your debt to the debt person first or your son?

He shows a photo of his son from this morning.

JCK – Do you think that everyone doesn’t want to follow justice and righteousness? they do those things for their family. Who can say t is bad? I am an orphan from the street. I don’t care about anything, that is why I can risk everything. If I catch Jung-hyeok and take Seri with me, then I will go up high.

he holds man-boks neck

JCK – So pick a side, comrade.




All the soldiers go to sleep in their rooms. they all share. Jung-hyeok shares a room with Eun-dong and gives him the bed. Eun-dong wants JH to have the bed but is happy to have it and bounces on it.

Jung-hyeok asks, you slept in a Jimjilbang?

Eun-dong tells him that South Korea has a lot of wonderful things. I also went to a PC bang with Joomeok and played a game for the first time.

JH – Ah, you played games, that is good at your age.

ED – I thought I would show these guys how to shoot guns, but it was more difficult than expected.

JH – It shouldnt’ be too easy

ED – So I studied all the things I owned in my equipment and what the match was. Then a South Koran guy came with expensive equipment and made all the mess.

JH – Ah

ED – I was so angry and told him that we should meet face to face! Not behind the computer.

JH – Then what?

ED – He didnt’ show up, he was rih and timid. A bluffer of capitalism. That tomato grower.

JH – *ding* …. what was your ID?

ED – *says his ID name*

JH – *grips the pillow*…okay.

ED – And then I did…

JH – Lets just stop and sleep, its late.

He gets up and ays he is going to drink some water. he claps twice and the lights go off. Eundong happily bounces on the bed again.

Jung-hyeok walks to the kitchen and sees Man-bok crying at the table. But Man-bok says it is nothing. Jung-hyeok apologizes that this happened because of him and says that he will see his family again.

Man-bok nods and goes to his room.


All the ladies go to Young-ae’s house and tells her that they thougth about a lot of ways to help her. Myung-sook tells her that she asked the goo hubaes she knows who also wire tap. They hear everything.

Young-ae asks what kind of information they gave? Myung-sook says that what happened was that Jo Cheol-kang tried to reveal the weakness of the head of the military.

They can’t believe that he tried to touch that high up. Wol-sook says that she knows a detour to the head of the military. The head of the military’s son’s wife to be mom’s nephew!

Cut to Seung-joon getting out of the shower happily as he thinks he makes fire with firewood and takes a bath, it is good to live long.

But then Wol-sook knocks on his door and asks, English man, are you home? he should be here, you saw the smoke right?

Seung-joon wonders who these people are outside and hears Seo Dan outside as well. But then they open the door so he tries to run away but it is too late. They see him in this shower towel.

He smiles and greets them as if nothing is embarrassing at all, then goes to change.

The ladies sit and say that they came to see the nephew of your mother. Dan asks what they want. Young-ae takes off her ring and says that it is so precious to her, her mother in law gave it to her. Dan tells her to keep it then.

Young-ae says that her husband is in jail, can you tell Jung-hyeok’s father. But Dan says that she will not take personal bribes.

Seung-joon comes out and says that when he has a chance, he will tell his aunt. the ladies are so happy and says that they can talk. One of the ladies says that he looks familiar to her. She says that she saw him coming out from Ri Jung-hyeok’s place.

Seo Dan tells them that she asked him to visit Jung-hyeok. 

Cut to Seung-joon and Seo Dan walking along a promenade. He says that he is so happy that he can come out, it was so difficult to stay indoors.

She asks, tell me, why did you go to Jung-hyeoks place? He is at the border.

SJ -Actually, he contacted me from the border. JCK did not die, he disappeared and went to the South. He said he would bring her back and destroy Jung-hyeoks family

SD – So what happened

SJ – So Jung-hyeok went to Seoul to save Yoon Seri and get Jo Chel Kang. He just asked me a few things so I ran some errands and introduced people to him. Are you okay Seo Dan?

SD – *crying*

SJ – I am sorry, don’t cry.

She pushes him away and walks off.



Cut to Seo Dan’s mom and uncle talking about Alberto.

Uncle – I have good news and bad news

Mom – Just tell me!

Uncle – First off, it is true that Alberto is an English business man. he used to have a big business here and there in the world.

Mom – What is the bad news?

Uncle – That is the bad news

Mom – What are you talking about?

Uncle – By the head of the militaries order, he is cracking down on illegal businesses like smuggling and merchants and hiding criminals for money, those people.

Mom – So you had no problem?

Uncle – Because of your money I didnt’ have to do it.

Mom – So what?

Uncle – The English business man that is involved in it is Alberto Koo. he was smuggled into North Korea after a big money con job.

Mom – Oh my God. What is the good news?

Uncle – The good news is that Dan knows about it.

Mom – What?

Uncle – At least seh knows about it so she is not tricked.

Mom – Are you crazy! That is too positive! *runs around hitting him*


Seri gives all the fellas face masks. Jung-hyeok asks what she is doing? Seri says that she is asking Joo-meok a favor so she wants him to look nice. He should dress like a fancy Seoul man and get something from someone.

Chi-soo says he is the one that should be the fancy Seoul person. The other day when I was on the street people asked me for directions because they think I am a Seoul person.

Seri tells him that to do the errand Joo-meok shuold change his clothing. You can’t just wear any clothes.

Cut to him walking out looking handsom in a suit and long jacket. All the men ooh and ah and wonder if you really have to dress up like this for an errand? Seri says yes.

So Joo-meok goes to run the errand. He goes to a shop and sees a woman sitting at a table. She flips her head around like hse is in a drama. It is Sae Ji-woo from Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven

he is so freaked out that he hides behind a pillar and gazes at her. She smiles and chuckles. 

CUt to them eating together. She tells him that Seri usually does not ask for this kind of favor, but she really asked me to do it. She says that you are one of the dongsangs she likes so very much int he world. I heard that you came from far away to see me. Thank you so much.

He says it is no problem. She asks, if you want to say anything, just ask. So he clears his throat and says seriously, people in love see each other, you said that on tv.

She nods.

He is about to tear up and says, even though I am going far away.

She continues…eventually love will come back.

He nods and says that is right! Love will come back! 

The camera scrolls around them and he pulls his hat over his head like what happened in Stairway to Heaven. it is a super famous scene. they even play the OST for the drama int his scene, lol.

She starts to giggle as he acts out the scene and then happily starts to eat.


All the other guys eat at home with Seri, but Joo-meok isn’t eating. he is in his room looking at his photo with Chae Ji-woo. On it she wrote, Kim Joo-moek, See you again sometime. 

He holds the photo to his heart and says, yes! Let’s do it! But then thinks that reunification is the only way. 

Seri comes in and asks if he got what she asked him to get? Joo-meok asks, how did you do this without giving any signal? She shows that she did it and crosses her fingers. Flashback to her crossing hr fingers when she told him to go out for an errand.

Joo-meok asks, what is that? They explain it is an Amerian way to say that you will lie. Seri says, yes, I lied to you but God forgave me.

Chi-soo asks, how can she be so forgiving to herself. Seri side eyes him. Joo-meok thanks Seri for getting his lifetime wish. If he dies today, I am happy.

She tells him that he got his reward to meet the Korean wave lover. She tells Eun-dong that he got his nice reward and then looks at Chi-soo and says his hair flower smell. Eun-dong wonders, are we saying our last goodbye again?

Seri says yes, we always say our last goodbye like this. But you never know, it could not be the last time. We just say goodbye whenever it is available. I told you guys to spend money on whatever you want. But you didn’t spend much. I bought your gifts.

Cut to the lobby where everyone is sitting on the couch with their bags packed. Manbok explains that they are going to go in another bus. Man-bok records the conversation for Jo Cheol-kang.

Later on, Jo Cheol-kang tells him that he did a good job. Just tell me where Jang-hyeok and Seri go.


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  1. Anonymous
    February 8, 2020 / 1:47 pm

    Winter Sonata and stairway to heaven are my favourite Korean drama. I miss them. Joo myoek would be grateful person, he met his idol. That hat was used in stairway to heaven. Hahaha. I don’t mind this scene will be more interesting and funny.

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