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Crash Landing on You: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

And it is Crash Landing on You Day, so just pull up a chair and enjoy! That is all that is required. πŸ™‚

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




SR – Don’t come closer! I don’t want to show you my face like this!

He gives her a hug from behind

JH – Next year and the following year, it will be a happy day. I will think about you. I will be thankful that Yoon Seri was born. I will be thankful that the person I love is still in this world. It will be a happy day in the future.

She turns around and hugs him. Then he wipes her tears a bit and holds his hand.

SR – I thought you left

Jh -Are you going to cry like that when I leave?

SR – No one cries with a plan, its when tears come out

JH – I hope you don’t cry alone

SR – I cried today, I won’t cry anymore. I have the vaccine. I overheard it. Don’t give your father a hard time, just go.

JH – I will take care of it.

SR – There is Bambi syndrome. When the little deer Bambi meets people in the mountain. People pet it because it is cute. But after people leave, the little deer can’t go back to its family because of the smell of people. The family refused them. The deer finally dies unaccepted.

JH – Are you worried that I will be ostracized and abandoned by my people?

SR – i will protect myself, trust me. In my world I will use everything including money and people and power. From Jo Cheol-kang or anyone. Trust me. You can go back to your world.

Inside, all the guys look bummed as they sit on the couch. They talk about how it was the first time seeing her cry. She didn’t even cry crossing the demilitarized zone. She never cried.

Manbok says she didn’t cry when she failed to go to the airport. They all turn to him and are all like, how much did you hear???

Guang-bum asks when they are going to come back. Chi-soo wonders why they dont’ just run away to somewhere and not come back. Man-bok tells him not to say those dangerous things. the military olympics almost ended. We have to take him back with us.

Chi-soo says she didn’t care with all those accidents, why is she crying now? It confuses me.

man-bok says he will go out. 

So he goes outside and tells them that he worried about them. Then says to come back inside, everyone is waiting.

Jo Cheol-kang is watching them from outside. Man-bok kind of feels something is off, but doesn’t see him.

Inside, Seri tells them that she was just surprised because they did something that they never did before. Were you worried? Then she tells Chi-soo that she had no expectations from him.

Then she asked who picked this old style cake? They all look at Jung-hyeok so she tells them that they can put the candle lights on.

Joo-meok says that this is the first time he has done this, he has only seen it in dramas. She claps and turns the lights off. 

Then the North Koreans sing a North Korean birthday song with clapping. It is a pretty cute song.

Seri tells them that she did not expect to hear a North Koran birthday song and tells them, did you know that you make a wish before blowing out the candles? You didn’t know? I will tell you a lot of things. Everyone, close your eyes and make a wish. After we bow the candles out, it comes true.

then she counts 1-2-3 and blows out the candles. They all clap and smile.



Later that night, she sits in bed with her computer. Jung-hyeok knocks and comes in.

JH – Did I bother your rest?

SR – No, did something happen? DO you have a birthday gift for me?

JH – It is a gift, but it is not big.

SR – it doesn’t matter, give it to me

JH – I am telling you in advance, it is not a memorable gift and has no meaning.

SR – Okay, okay

JH – I just had time and went and bought it and it has no meaning so if it is not anything then you can take it to a pawn shop….

SR – are you sweating?

JH – It is hot inside

SR – Is this your first time giving a gift to a woman? Why are you so nervous?

She takes it and is pretty stunned

SR – Is this a ring? It fits my…..thumb

JH – It is mine.

SR – huh?

He shows her the other ring which is hers.

SR – Couples rings?

JH – Are you taking my gift back? You can wear it like this.

He puts it on her finger.

SR – You lied when you said you never dated anyone (she used North Korean word for lie). Tell me, how did you learn to make me Solegae. Give it to me, I will do it also.

She puts his ring on his finger and smiles.

SR – Thank you, it is the prettiest ring I have ever had. I will never take it off.

JH – You can take it off.

SR – Whatever happens, I will remember you.

She holds his hand warmly. He smiles like a lovesick puppy and holds her hand.


A driver tells a person that they cannot go any farther, the road is blocked. The woman is Seo Dan’s mother, she gets out of the taxi and says that they should not block the road like this!

Wol-sook and Ok-geum as right there when she gets out and says that they had questions, the honeymoon house is ready so where is the honeymoon couple?

Myung-eun tells them that Jung-hyeok is on the border. They asks, is that right? We saw a strange man at the border. As the leader of everyone here, should I check on it….

Myung-eun gives them both some cosmetic products and tells them that he is her relative Alberto. He lives in England and came. I told him to stay in Pyongyang but he misses the countryside. See you again!

She hurries off.

They both look at her and say, she looks like she is in a hurry right? She is lying right? Do you think it is an affair? Their might be a blood storm tonight.

Myung-eum goes inside and sees Seung-joon in the kitchen. He smiles and greets her, though he is a bit surprised that she is there. But he tries to hide it and says that he say her before in Pyongyang. thank you for coming in person.

ME asks where Dan is. He tells her that she drank vodka until the sun rose. I wanted to wake her up and give her fish soup.

He shows her the fish soup, it actually looks really nice. He asks, so Dan didn’t tell you and stayed out of the house?

She tells him that her cell phone is always off. 

Oh no! You shuold be really surprised!

I was really surprised!

I will apologize for her, dont’ yell at her too much.

She runs to the bedroom and sees that Dan is still sleeping with a bottle of vodka. So she hits her on her bottom and says wake up. Seung-joon knocks on the door and invited omonim to breakfast.

Breakfast looks imaculate. he Seung-joon even lights candles for them. She asks what he does. He says that his father used to run a business, his mother married again and it has been 17 years since he has seen her.

ME asks what kind of relationship he has with Dan. He says he just has a one sided love with her. Of course I know that she has a man and is engaged.

She asks, why do you like Dan?

Seung-joon explains, I like how strict she is and her elegance and dignity. I like her confidence and grace, all together. I think she gets all that from her mother.

ME looks at him sternly, but then she tells Dan later on that she likes him. How did he know that your elegance is from your mother. He is smart and knows how to see people. 

Dan tells her that they do not have the kind of relationship that you are thinking. Her mtoher says that Dan was carried to the house at night and spent the night in the honeymoon house.

Dan tells her that she told her many times, we had our reasons. Umma asks if she is still going to marry Jung-hyeok when he comes back? Seo Dan says, of course, I am his fiance.


Jung-hyeok grabs one of the thugs. he has his hair all slick back like James Bond again so he’s probably kill him with his looks. Jung-hyeok tells him that he knows that he is a good broker and should not be trusted.

The man says that as a broker I connect people but I am not loyal to anyone.

Jung-hyeok tells him that he does not have to be loyal, you just have to answer my questions.

Cut to Seri who is still at home. She asks Man-bok if they are going back after the Olympics in 5 days? he says yes. So she asks, is it the safest for Jung-hyeok to take the bus?

Man-bok explains that Jung-hyeoks father explained it all risking everything. So he needs to go back now. if he does not, then we dont’ know when he will be able to.



Cut to Sang-ah (the youngest brothers wife) calling Seri’s maid and asking if she told her not to come. the maid says yes. So Sang-ah is stunned that Seri is doing all the cleaning without the maid.

Scene change to Seri cleaning with the Dyson. Eun-dong coems in and is amazed that she has this thing to clean with. She tlls him that he can get one too.

She sits him at the table and falshes her credit card at him. She tells him taht people call this Um-ca, which is short for Umma’s card. But you can call it Se-ca, for Seri’s card.

CHi-soo, Guang-um,  and Joo-meok are sitting at the table too. She tells them that they can but whatever they want. CHi-soo tells her that she is fearless, I will make you a beggar when you are old.

She tells them to buy clothes, it is driving me crazy, you are fashion terrorists. Chi-soo says they are not terrorizing anyone. Guang-bum agrees and says they are not like that.

Seri looks at Joo-meok so he has to explian to them that fashion terrorist means that you do not dress well.

Chi-soo says that they are dressed well! But Seri corrests him and says, nope. You should buy nic clothing. This is my gift to you so go. Whatever you want to buy and eat and wear, do it all. Okay?


they go to the department store. Chi-soo tells them that South Korea looks rich, but at the store we see the reality. Look at thos pants! They are all shredded!

Joo-meok says it looks fashionable. Chi-soo thinks your leg will get cold.

But then Guang-bum comes out wearing those same pants and looking all amazing. So Eun-dong thinks that he wants to buy the same thing!

They go outside and see the hats so hey decide to buy one. It is one of those hats where the ears move if you pull the hat.

Then they see people performing on the sreet and think they must be beggars. Eun-dong says he wants to have that one. But no one knows what he is talking about.

Cut to them all walking up the steps while Eun-dong happily skips up them.


Sang-ah meets with several people in the company and says that she wants to continue with purchasing Seri’s choice. They tell her that his was cancelled. 

She says that she will proceed with it, dont you won’der where she was while she was gone?

But then the mother comes in. She tells Sang-ah, are you so great to want to backstab Seri as soon as she came back?

SA tells her that she did this for her son.

the mother explains that no mother wants to kill her own daughter to make her son succeed. I know where Seri went and I know that you and Se-hyung tried to stop her from coming back. Tell Se-hyung to come back right now from Hong-kong.


Seri goes to work, one of the secretaries and Hong tells her that she got an SNS post. So Seri looks at it. It is from her ex boyfriend who tells her that he is #happy that she came back safely, #do you want to meet again, #this is the truth after being drunk.

Everything is in hashtags. Hong says it is obvious that he is talking about you Seri. Seri tells them that it is not important, he was just drunk and did it. Jung-hyeok is standing with them as well.

The secretaries say, you did this all the time, you broke up and dated and broke up and dated all the time. Seri is so embarrassed and tells them to just work! I dont’ ahve time for this nonsense.

They both leave to work and tells Jung-hyeok to come with them. But Seri says that he can stay. So the secretaries look at them strangely and leave.

Seri starts to work again. Jung-hyeok loosens up.

JH – So, when you say that you go to South Korea to meet men, that wasn’t a bluff.

SR- *smiles* It is just that men pass by…

JH – *huffing* Is that how it is? Am I one of them passing by? Tell me if you already passed me.

SR – Ommo, my Hyuk, are you jealous.

JH -No, 

SR – it is all because of someone…

JH – Are you telling me it is because of me?

SR – You should have come in front of me earlier

JH – We have a demilitarized zone between us, how can I come so fast?

SR – That is why I understand. it is not your personal fault, it is the pain of our country. It was difficult for me. Should I date his person or that person? My fate was there so no man was right. I was tired and it was difficult. We met with this big detour, lets take some time off.

So they go to the movies and happily watch it together. He extends his hand for her to hold it. She does.

Then they drive off in her fancy Landrover and walk across a long bridge.


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  1. Anonymous
    February 8, 2020 / 7:44 am

    Thank you!!

  2. Mason
    February 8, 2020 / 7:47 am

    Thank You for the script. Waiting for the remaining

  3. Mason
    February 8, 2020 / 7:48 am

    Thank You for the script πŸ™‚

  4. John Turner
    February 8, 2020 / 2:36 pm

    I love the show. Netflix announces new shows. I gave it a try even though I do not understand Korean. I am so impressed by all elements of the production. Whether the Olympic ceremonies, K-POP, Parasite( yet to see), or this show, South Korean arts are to be marveled at.

    The whole cast is wonderful…like the string section of an orchestra playing plucking my heart strings.

    My wife makes fun of my tears. I just have to take it like a man. She pokes me when I tear up and calls me her her blueberry muffin … being on blood thinners she leaves round bruise marks where she pokes.


    Blueberry Muffin

    PS I hope my love for the show can be shared with those involved with the production.

    Each life is a journey of a soul seeking to grow and develop as a human being….to experience and express our humanity.

    Art succeeds when it nourishes and sustains a soul’s journey in and into truth’s light.

    • V
      February 9, 2020 / 9:40 am

      Aw, I like that blueberry muffin. And you cannot be a Kdrama actor without knowing how to cry, so you are in good company πŸ™‚

  5. fay
    February 27, 2020 / 12:05 am

    what the song of that street performers ?

    • TopGun
      March 14, 2020 / 12:39 pm

      exactly my question..anyone????

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