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Crash Landing on You: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 3

Crash Landing on You: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 3

This is part 3 for our live recap of Crash landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to watch Crash Landing on You: Netflix

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Inside the department store, Seri’s oldest brother and his wife pay her a visit. they sit and talk. he tells her that she should have told her oldest brother that this happened. 

Seri tells them that she does not know what they are talking about, I am busy.

But the brother and wife continue talking about North Korea and ask if it is true that Se-hyung did not want her to come back. We can destroy them if we work together. Umma will support me. So you should be on my side and stop blocking my number.

Seri tells him, you two and Umma should kick Se-hyung oppa out and support me. I am the original owner of that spot.

Se-joon explains that he is the oldest. Seri asks who told them.

The brother says, Mr. Oh, who worked for Koo Seung-joon is contacting Se-hyung. He told me. He is suspicious. he bought a big apartment in Gangnam without a loan. Who do you think paid for it?

Seri tells them, after you find out who paid him and why, call me. I am busy. She walks out.

The brother is so confused, is she giving me an order? The wife tells him that she is at least not blocking you. She is together with us, good job yobo!

Seri calls Jung-hyeok and gets the word that all the soldiers are there as well.

So she drives out there in a hurry. Their song starts to play.

“I remember the song we sang togther face to face.”

She hops out and sees them all sitting there and gives them all hugs and asks what happened! Chi-soo, you also come for a hug! She walks up for a hug and Guang-bum walks up too so they all group hug with Seri as Jung-hyeok and Man-bok watch on.

But then Jung-hyeok grows a bit jeaouls and pushes them all away to stand by Seri and introduces Man-bok. He says he heard her voice a lot. You are the short appetite princess.

Seri asks if the soldiers told him that? they tell her that birds hear what you say during the day and mouths heare it at night, but he is the bird and the mouth. They all smile.

She lets them into her place with the finger print. They are all like, why is this doorlock so noisy. its a noisy capitalism door, wow. Chi-soo tells them not to be pursuaded with this modern stuff!

They go inside her place and are thrilled, amazed, jaw dropped. Chi-soo looks aorund for wire tapping but the other guys start to feel all the fabric on the couch.

Chi-soo asks how she can know this since this is nto her house. But she tells them that this is her house. he asks, how can you live somewhere so big? 

She tells them that she has 5 rooms and she uses them all. One room is for stretching one is for sleeping and goes through them all.

Joo-meok looks at the faucet and thinks it is so strange to see hot water coming out all day long. Eun-dong thinks lights without outage is so stange. Guang-bum thinks the floor is warm without a fireplace, that is so nice.

They continue looking around being amazed.


Young-ae is laying in bed pitifully. her son comes out with something for her to eat. She is so proud of him to make something for her and starts to eat. he asks, are we leaving this military town? She says no, we do not have that decision from your father. he asks, then why did you say that I cannot play with my friends?

there is a knock on the gate door. It is Myung-sook! She brought food for her to eat. the instrumental of the comrade song starts to play.

Then Ok-geum sneaks to the gate to offer her some bread. Young-ae tellshte tht they shuod all go, it is not safe!

But they hold her hand and tell her that she needs to eat her meal and prepare for the future. She tells them to leave now.

But then she sees Wol-sook outside who dragged all this firwood to her door. She tells her, she brought it just in case so her room would be warm.

A few other ladies come up with more firewood and food. Yong-ae tries to tell them that it is so dangerous to come there. But seh starts to cry in appreciation.


Everyone eats happily at Seri’s house. Seri asks Chi-soo if it is tasty? He says, do you think I am eating it because it is tasty? Just like you emptied my captains food storage, I will empty your food storage .I will make you into a beggar!

She tells him to try hard. But to make me bankrupt you will have to eat allthe cows in the country.

Guang-bum asks why the captain is not eating. You should eat and enjoy.

The captain says it hurt his heart with how difficult it was for them to come all the way here.

But he gives all the meat to Seri, lol.

Chi-soo tells him, we did all the heartship, so why does she have all the meat?

Seri tells them to use your own hands. 

Joo-meok explains that in the south, they call the captain Saran-goon. A person who loves well.

Seri smiles and motions to Joo-meok that he knows everything. Joo-meok smiles and motions back.

Man-bok asks, so is saran-goon like a gambler or invester tht is crazy about something? Joo-meok says that is similar. Seri smiles.

Then Chi-soo says, yes, crossing the DMZ border is the craziest thing every. Jung-hyeok tells him, it was not that, I told you everything.

Eun-dong says, yes, no one is better than you in that regard, you are the best! Seri feeds Jung-hyeok meat and Man-bok smiles.



But Man-bok talks to Jung-hyeok later and telsl him that they do not have time. your father said to bring you back right away. As soon as the world military olympics ends, we have to leave. Your father took care of that.

Jung-hyeok tells him that he heard what happened, what if Jo Cheol Kang kidnaps Yoon Seri and attacks me and my father? 

Man-bok explains that they don’t know where he is. Yoon Seri is high class and has a lot of people proteting her.

Seri overhears it all.


Seri’s father and mother are eating dinner alone on opposite sides of the table. The father says, in a Jewish proverb they said that a big rich person does not have kids, they only have heirs. No kids come to see us at all except to get their share.

The mother says, today is Seri’s birthday.

He telsl her, you never cared about her anyway. Then he angrily gets up to leave.

The mother says, you knew it! You knew that Seri went to North Korea and came back. You didn’t go on an overseas trip, you took care of it.

Flashback to the father going to the NIS and signing off as a guardian for Seri.

He asks her, who told you?

She asks, do you think that I will threaten your daughter with that?

He mentions that he cannot say no.

She asks, did you know that Se-hyung knew that seri was there and stopped her from coming by hiring someone?

Cut to a flashback where Se-hyung was sitting with the father and the employee and life insurance guy. they had the recording of Seri’s voice and were trying to convince the father that this was Seri’s voice. But the brother refused to do a voice identification.

The brother told the father that they had a lot of these recordings. When we went there it was all fake. This is the same, it is fake. But the two said no! It is not fake! The brother says it is forgerized by them. Are you going to trust these strangers or your own son?

In the present, The father asks, was that true? Did Se-hyung stop Seri from coming back?


Seri is all dressed to go out. Jung-hyeok asks where she is going? She says she has a breakfast meeting. Are they all still sleeping? Today, why don’t you stay with you men today.

He says he has to tell her something. But she cuts him off and asks how his wound is. He says it is healing. So she tells him that is good. The same song starts to playa as she tells him that he kept his promise, you stayed here until your wound healed.

Now, if you disappeared all of a sudden, then I would not be surprised. I wont be sad or wait for you, don’t worry. Goodbye.

She walks off.

The song continues to play.

“I remember the song we sing together, face to face

I am putting you in my closed eyes

I am alone here were we walked together

I call you name”

She goes to the meeting

“In a cold winter and dark night”

She checks her phone.

“I could smile because we were together

That spring you gave to me

We wished for eternity”

Jung-hyeok leaves with his men.

“The song we sing together face to face.”

he takes one last look at the house and closes the door.

Seri meets with her mother, possibly at her office. It is a surprised meeting. Seri tells her that she has to leave. But the mother sits and says that she knows that she met with Se-joon and knows what Se-hyung did.

Seri thinks about that meeting for a second

The mother tells her that she is not going to keep this incident quiet. Seri asks, is this for me or for your oldest son? make sure. If someone hears, they will think that you are my real mom.

The mother tells her that no matter what she says, you will not believe me.

Seri tells her, I do not trust you, because you did not come back.

Flashback to the mother taking Seri to the beach and letting go of her hand. She told her that she would buy something and would be right back. She walks off.

Seri stays on the beach and tells herself that she should not sleep, umma will come back. if I count to 100 then she will come back. She starts to count. She gets to the end and starts over again.

In the morning, a family found her on the beach.

VO – After that day, my heart is filled with the cold sea shore. Morning does not come to that sea. I count over and over again, no sun comes up and mom never came back. From that day to this, I always thought about it. Why was I born to make your life hell. I should not have been born. I am so sorry to live. 

Her mother nods tearfully and tells her that she is okay that she does not believe her. 

Seri tells her not not visit her on her birthday, that is the worst. Then she grabs her things and walks off.

The mother is tearful as she sits there.



In a fancy cafe with plants decorating the wall, Cheol-kang meets with Se-hyung. Cheol Kang is sitting with Mr. Oh as the person who connects people with same needs.

Se-hyung asks, do you think that we have the same needs?

Mr. Oh explains, you two want Seri gone and he wants Seri. The brother asks, what does that mean? Are you going to take her back to the North?

Cheol asks, what does it matter? She won’t be here. The brother tells him that he has to know. Will seh be safe there?

Cheol-kang tells him that he needs her alive to prove something. But after that, I cannot guarantee her life.

the brother asks, what? remove her? That has gone too far. You are a dangerous person, do you want to ruin my life? Today’s meeting never happened. I never met you!

he storms off. Mr. Oh follows to explain.

The wife stays and says, to accomplish your plan you need information. Do you know where Yoon Seri lives?

Cut to Cheol-kang looking up at Seri’s condo.

Inside, Seri hesitantly opens her door. The house is empty. She thinks back to telling him not to leave until his wound heals. Promise me. But then she remembers telling him that if he left, she would accept it.

In the apartment, Seri looks around the dark rooms and lightly calls Jung-hyeoks name. She calls it a little louder, but no one is there. So she asks, did you leave? Are you gone – already?

She starts to cry and falls to the ground sobbing.

But then all the lights turn on. They were all hiding to surprised her with a happy birthday. they all look so sad with their hats on.

Awwwww, they all try to tell her happy birthday and says that they thought people did this in South Korea. She is so sad and walks off so they all look at Jung-hyeok. He runs after her.

JH – Seri!

SR – Dont’ come out, my face is all messed up.

JH – Sorry to make you surprised on this good day

SR – I am not surprised. *tears* I was just scared. Because In my life every birthday from now on I will remember this birthday as a happy  momet.

he starts to walk closer.

SR – Dont come closer.

He gives her a back hug.

A new song starts to play.

“I have to tell you something now.

If I dont’ tell you now then I will wont be able to tell you.

Even though today is not a special word or flashy word

It is a word that only I can say”

JH – Next year and the following year and after – it will be a good day. I will thank that Yoon Seri was born. I am happy that the one I love is alive. So from now on, it will be a good day.

She holds his arms and keeps crying.

“The word Love is not enough

so I will tell you with my heart

All the moments

and all those reasons

are all you.”

She turns around and they hug.


Jung-hyeok loses at the video game and crumples backin his seat. he cannot believe it. So he stats to breathe and psychh himself up. Then whispers, I will get my revenge on you “Super Effort”

But then he listens to an old recording that explains that today is her birthday, February 2nd. I am on the Sigless Build Bridge. This is a no regret death note.

VO – Father, Oldest brother, and 2nd brother and mom. I am really going far away. Dont’ be too happy. Sometimes remember me.

But then he hears his own voice ask, excuse me, can you take a picture of us?

Flashback to that moment where she crumpled on the ground and reached for the camera, terrified.

She told him, okay, okay, give me the camera. But it is so scary here, do you have to take the photo here?

he smiles thinking of it.

In the past he remembers her whispering that the man was too good.

In the present he thinks, I told you, it was not coincidence, it was fate. So he left the room on his way out and she stopped him. He told her thathe had to see someone (so maybe that is what he wanted to tell her when she stopped him).

Fade Out


And my love continues to grow for this show! My heart melted at Jung-hyeok reunion with his soldiers, it was so touching! And then Seri’s reunioin was so lovely as well! And then they go and give us that tear jerker of an almost goodbye at the end, sigh. I need to decompress from all this joy.

I’m posting the preview here just like last time because I wont’ be able to write up a review post right now until we catch up on all our other shows. Love you all!


English Translation

SR – This is the man I dated before a little bit.

SR – Ah, uri Hyeok, are you jealous.

SJ – Oh, Dan didn’t tell you about it and slept outside?

Dan – We are not in that kind of relationship, mom.

SJ – I am just attracted to Seo Dan alone.

JH – Answer my question

Jo – I will take Yoon Seri or kill her, I can do whatver I want?

SR – We will say our last goodbye like this. I will remember you no matter what happens.

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  1. CB
    February 2, 2020 / 10:25 am

    This drama is gonna break my heart.. I can practically feel it crack.. its so good.. the epilogues make me smile like a fool.. tha kyou so juch for the recap.. awesome work as usual!!!

  2. Jjuna
    February 2, 2020 / 9:14 pm

    Thank you for the recap! Did anybody notice the background music when JH was playing the video game? It’s like the theme in Alhambra. So funny.

    • CB
      February 3, 2020 / 9:16 am

      It is the memories of alhambra reference.. I felt so bad laughing at that because u know.. zinu and everything.

  3. SK
    February 2, 2020 / 9:58 pm

    Does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the epilogue in episode 12 – it has been playing in the background of every episode. The eerie mysterious song- it begins playing at 1:34:20 in episode 12. I cant find it on any of the OSTs.

      • SK
        February 3, 2020 / 4:18 pm

        This is not the song!

        • CB
          February 4, 2020 / 6:54 am

          Oh Im sorry.. yeah Ive been looking for that song too but I think its not released yet.. 😅

    • Anonymous
      February 3, 2020 / 10:05 am

      Yes ,, what is this song! It s not sejong ost

    • Jania Cordero
      February 3, 2020 / 2:38 pm

      I need that songs name toobeen looking ofr it for hours now

    • Fadh
      February 4, 2020 / 10:28 am

      Seriously i’ve been looking for this song too!! Please please anyone who knows what is the title and who is the singer, please please let me know. I really love the song…it catch me back to those moments when i watched another romantic and popular drama.

  4. Diana C.
    February 3, 2020 / 9:43 am

    Why did the father has to sign off as a guardian to Yoon Seri? What “business” did he take care of?

    • DramaticFans
      February 3, 2020 / 10:03 am

      So i was also super duper confused. I think the recap here shed a little bit of light on what the dad was doing, but the following is my pure guess and speculation:

      When she crossed the DMZ, she was probably apprehended by the South Korean soldiers. Once she’s in their custody she has to prove her identity etc and explain why she was in the dmz. They needed verification that what she is saying is correct. So her dad left on a “business trip” to go sign an affidavit saying that he’s her father and basically being her alibi and proof that she was missing and she really is the daughter. It makes sense though because when she came back to work on the first day, she was shown to already be all dressed up and aware of her situation and had a game plan for what to do next. She was never shown to have a teary reunion with her father. Just the lunch/dinner she had with her family where she says she loses her appetite whenever she meets them. Dad also doesn’t respond transparently when the oldest brother asks when dad found out SeRi was alive etc. So this is my conclusion of what happened.

      • CB
        February 4, 2020 / 6:57 am

        I agree with u.. she was found on border and she got off without an interrogation so her father actually helped her for once.. and just a thought..I dont think things would be this smoother irl if ur found at border of the enemy nation but I guess anything can happen in kdrama land

      • Diana C.
        February 4, 2020 / 10:44 am

        That made a lot of sense, thank you!!!

  5. Anon25
    February 3, 2020 / 9:48 am

    Can somebody explain the part where Seri’s father was signing off as her guardian to the NIS?

    • DramaticFans
      February 3, 2020 / 10:07 am

      See my comment above. Hopefully it helps, though it’s purely my speculation as I don’t understand Korean and the nuances are usually lost in translations/subs.

  6. WPB
    February 4, 2020 / 6:24 am

    I don’t know about the name of the music in this episode. However, I do want to share something here:

    It’s announced that IU will participate the OST of the show. The exact date hasn’t been announced.

  7. Hannah
    February 5, 2020 / 8:57 pm

    Is there an explanation for why Seri’s mom leaves her on the beach??

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