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Crash Landing on You: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 2

Crash Landing on You: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Crash Landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to watch Crash Landing on You: Netflix

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





A soldier tells the 2nd High General that he got word from Cheol-kang that he found Jung-hyeok. he will work with Seri’s family to bring her to North Korea and reveal all the truth.

The general tells him, if anything goes wrong then it could affect me. But the First Head General should know what is going on now. Until everything is sure, do not respond.


Seo Dan yawns in bed and recieves a call from Seung-joon. She rolls her eyes and then answers, Why are you not sleeping? He complains about not having electricity. She tells him, good, go to sleep.

But he shivers that it is cold and i am sick. I can’t even charge my cell phone. She hangs up.

But she also gets up and starts to pack a lot of things from her fridge as she mumbles, if he did this without any good reason then I will kill him.

She drives to the town and fins him sleeping on the floor. She asks what he id doing there!

he is all pale and tells her that he id dying, of course….he looks like it too.

So she lights a lot of candles and starts the fire while he curls up in bed. She also starts to make him something to eat. But she does not know what she is doing and adds tons of salt t the stew and kind of just puts things in. This might taste horrible.

She wakes him up grumpily and tells him to eat. he sits up all happy that she made juk for him. She shoves the spoon in his mouth and tells him that if he looked around a little bit, you could have found a fireplace. But he says he never expected to have a fireplace in an apartment.

he eats it and says it is super salty. But he mentions that it is okay. I may look suzurious, but I have a good backstory. This reminds me of when I ate salty juk.

But she asks how long he is going to lie? Don’t you know that I know what kind of person you were in the south?

Cut back to her uncle giving her information on Seung-joon. She knows that he took her brothers money after breaking the engagement and left. But the image was missing so she tells him that she knows it was him.

He smiles and tells her that she is the perfect woman. She tells him to stop dreaming and stop lying to me. He says that he did not expect it to, but eating this juk reminds me of my past and the last dinner that we had together.

My father lost his company because his friend took his money and we had to go to England. The most difficult thing is foreign food. Nothing tasted good and we didn’t have money. One night, we had rice juk with salt.

Seo Dan asks, so that is the last meal you had? Abogi died soon and my mother remarried and I went to bording school.

She asks, so you saw your father lose everything because of a con artist, so why did you become a con artist? He says he thinks of it as his revenge.

Seo Dan asks, so, the person who messed up your fathers company was Yoon Seri? 

He says yes, that is why approached them. First I wanted to be their son in law like a trojan horse. (flashback to Seri telling him that he can’t trick her. You want to marry me and get everything, but it won’t happen. I grew up worrying about other people to omuch so I am experienced in guys like you. Just end it by taking my 2nd brothers money). 

He tells seo Dan that he ailed because Yoon Seri was too smart. But her brothers are not smart so I could do it. The 2nd brother was greedy. it is the easiest to persuade someone with a lot of greediness. First, I thought if I get the money that they took from my father plus interest, then that is revenge. 

But, even though I got my revenge, it does not feel like it. Someone told me that me being happy is the best revenge. Do you think that?

Seo Dan asks, who said that? The real revenge is to pay back the person who drew tears from my eyes with blood tears. How can you be weak like that! You need to wake up and go to South Korea and destroy Yoon Seri’s family!

He asks, do you want me to get my revenge or do you want to get your revenge? She starts to drink alcohol. He says, noooo!




Seri watches Jung-hyeok drinking a beer and looking out the window. She looks at him for a moment and then asks what he is doing? he asks if she would like to ahve a drink?

She says yes, but not a beer, something else.

Cut to them drinking. She tells him that she is drunk. He tells her, that is good, if you are really drunk then I wanted to tell you something.

She asks, what? Do you want to say I am pretty?

he shakes his head. 

She asks, why are you so strict even when you are drunk?

he says, I – dont’ want to go back. I don’t want to go back. I just want to stay here with you.

She thinks, I am about to wake up from my drink.

he tells her, you shouldn’t.

She takes aother shot.

SR – I am not awake, tell me. I am super drunk. When I wake up I won’t remember anything so just tell me everything you want to say.

JH – I want to marry you here and have a baby that looks like you.

SR – I like daughters

JH – I like twins.

SR – twins? I am waking up again.

JH – I hope you don’t wake up.

She takes another shot.

SR – Okay, go on, what else do you want to do?

JH – I will do it again. The piano.

SR – You should. I can open your concert. With your skills, you can play in a big concert hall. Wait should I buy a concert hall? I think I can do it.

JH – You are really drunk.

SR – I am really drunk, I will never wake up.

JH – I want to see it. When you have white hair and wrinkles and get old. Together.

SR – Of course, I will age slowly. To see it, you will have to be with me for a long time.

JH – Is that so.

SR – Lee Jung-hyeok. If we live long, then it is long. But you should not drink somewhere else. After being drunk, you are more my style. If another woman sees you like this, I can’t even sleep. So we drink at home. Promise.

They pink promise. Then they toast their shot glasses and drink some more peacefully.


Dan’s mother opens her bedroom door to tell her good morning. But Dan is not there. So she says “Oh My Gosh!” in English and asks, did my Dan stay out overnight?

Dan is actually sleeping with a bottle of alcohol in bed with Seung-joon. Though she is sleeping like a vampire with her arms crossed and a scowl. 

Seung-joon wakes up and sees ehr sleeping like that so he tucks her in a bit more and tries to block the sun.

Meanwhile, her mother and uncle are trying to contact her. But she is not picking up. The mother hangs up and tells her brother that she never thought about her brother being a general with a star. Now is your change to show me your power. Find out everything you can about that guy. he agrees.


In the North Korean town, the ladies are worried about Young-ae and wonder if they should go to her house to see her? She actually has not been out in a few days. 

They think it would be a bit dangerous to visit the family of a person who is in jail. But it has been a few days so they wonder if she has enough firewood and food.

Wol-sook tells them to listen to her, the state security department is very sensitive now. If you look around that house, I can’t help you if you also go to jail. So behave yourselves


Jung-hyeok looks all James Bond out again and puts on his brothers watch. Seri comes out in a crazy short skirt and tells him that he looks so fancy today.

he mentions that she said she has a big event an that a lot of strangers would be there. She tells him yes, I need m bodyguard.

Then she notices the watch and tells him that she got him a watch. He remembers all the moments that she told him that she had a watch but then that she lost it.

he asks, it was this watch? She nods. He tells her, you saved my life without even noticing. He smiles his dimpled smile and her heart melts.




the soldiers we all love see Seri’s event and think that this is their chance! But they can’t risk getting kicked out. Lets dress in South Korean style!


At the event, Seri talks to Jung-hyeok about how she is super nervous to talk in front of others. He tells her she looks very nice, not nervous at all. Just be confident and go out there.

The MC announces Seri as the miracle that came back. She walks out confidently and starts to address everyone on a mini platform like stage in the middle of the room.

She thanks everyone for coming and tells them that they should have been nervous that the CEO disappeared. I made you worry so I will do a better job this time. Because of you, our company grew this much and became this big. So I will give you all a gift right now.

Everyone gets a message on their phone. Their mouths drop. It is a special bonus for all the employees. They all cheer.

Seri tells them, lets open our doors!

Jung-hyeok looks on proudly and Seri looks at him. Then the doors open.

The North Korean Soldiers walk in confidently, btu they are startled by the sliding door for a moment and then get back to looking confident.

Chi-soo – Like this, are looks are better than any others. Just be careful with speaking. Here, all the rich people say something.

JM – How much (like in a Won-bin voice in Autumn in My Heart)

CS – Asking them the price? Okay, tht is not that difficult. Lets go.

They continue walking in.

Then we cut to them hearing the price of an item, it is $3700. Chi-soo thinks that is a good price for the set. But the employee says that is just for the chair.

They are all so stunned though they try to hold it in. Chi-soo says, ah, that is not bad. So the employee asks if he wants to buy it?

Chi-soo tells him that he wants to see the CEO and then buy it, I have questions about the product. The employee says to ask him. So Chi-soo and Joo-meok and Guang-bum walk out awkwardly.

So they go to another employee and says that they want to buy this. She asks, the console? He sys no, this. She tells him that is a console. So he tries to fix what he said and tells her that he wants this and this and this and this as he points all around the room.

But he also says, to buy all fo this, I want to talk to the CEO for price negotiations. She tells him it is faster to talk to us. So he walks away awkwardly.

The employees starts to talk to each other about why these customers what to see the CEO. They think something is off and start to talk about how they heard……

Man-boks head pops out eavesdrops….

….I heard the CEO was attacked by a stalker.

But then they all hop as Man-bok and ask what he wants. he tells them, there is no help needed and starts to walk through display doors as he tries to find his way out.

The soldiers realize that they have been busted and try to hurry out, but Eun-dong is sleeping in one of the display beds so they tell him to wake up! Come out!

Everyone looksa t them, lol.

The soldiers then start to ruuuuun out of the department store as security looks at them strangely. Finally security starts to chase them.

Eun-dong falls down the stairs and injurs himself for a moment. Jung-hyeok walks around a corner and sees him. Everything goes to slow motion as he looks at Eun-dong.

The security guard gets to him right after another soldier pulls Eun-dong away. But the security officer just wants to give him his shoes.

Jung-hyeok keeps looking on, he looks like he knows that was Eun-dong.

Outside, the soldirs huff and puff as they think that the security is not following them anymore. Wah, they are so good. But, where are your shoes? Eun-dong says he was just leaving too quickly.

Chi-soo asks, why were you sleeping? We were not there to sleep!

they tell him to sit. he says he never slept in such a great bed like that. Chi-soo gives him his shoes and tells him to wear them. Eun-dong says, i am okay! But he is near tears. So Chi-soo tells him to put them on! 

They are all defeated.

But then JUng-hyeok walks up with the shows and kneels to put them on his feet. It is such a touching moment! they all look at him as if they can’t believe it is actually him.

Eun-dong gives him a big hug (and I am actually all teary eyed). He asks them how come there are there?

They all just pull in for a big teary group hug.


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  1. Anonymous
    February 2, 2020 / 8:23 am

    Finally, they are in one team. JH is too sweet to everyone. Very touching. Hope they will married, have twins daughter.

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