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Crash Landing on You: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

This show knows how to give breathless cliffhangers! And has anyone ever seen a sexier sigh of relief? At least in 2020, because I think Hyung-bin’s dramatic exhale of relief moment at the end of episode 11 can sustain my romantic loving heart until 2021.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We see Seri hiding behind a pillar and then going into the CCTV booth. She sees Jo Cheol-kang walking around looking for her. He sees the booth and starts walking towards it. 

he takes out his gun.

She sees him walking to the booth and wonders what she should do. She ducks her head to hide! But then her phone goes off, so Cheol kang walks in the direction of the phone.

This allows Seri to escape the booth and hide behind another pillar!

Jo picks up when Jung-hyeok asks why she isn’t picking up her phone. Jo tells him that he is with Yoon Seri, you know we can’t call the police. I wont wait to wait too long. Don’t hang up and come right now.

Then he goes back to the booth, but she had escaped by then and hid somewhere else in the stairwell. But she can’t leave up the stairs because Jung-hyeok is coming and doesn’t know where she is.

So Jung-hyeok shows up. She peeks out of the stairwell and sees him walking around with the gun to his head. She sees the light panel and turns off all the lights in the garage.

Then Seri starts to talk in all North Korean words and says that Cheol-gan is lying, I know he has a gun pointed at you. I am not with him!

She is hiding behind a pillar. Then someone grabs her arm. 

She is about to scream, but Jung-hyeok covers her mouth.

“The song we see together, face to face”

Then other security people come and start to talk so Cheol Kang drops the phone and leaves.


Seri asks her security to investigate how Cheol Kang joined their team and to reinforce the team so that something like that does not happen again. She tells them to give her the CCTV and make sure that the phootage does not spread. She also asks if they found her cellphone.

They say that they did find it, but it might have been crushed by a car. It is difficult to use now. Then she asks a doctor how Jung-hyeok is.

he says he is fine, it is just a knife scratch. Who is that person? 

She tells him to keep it a secret and thanks him.

The docor goes out and gets into the car with the 2nd brother. He tells him that she has a man with her. The brother thinks that is good, she is still the same. But his wife thinks that something is strange. Why take him home? Not to the hospital. She never brought a man to her house when she dated.

Inside, Seri goes to check Jung-hyeok. She is sad because he had a gun wound and now has a scratch. he tells her it is fine seh does not have to worry. 

But she thinks she really needs to worry. How come Cheol Kang got a job at my company? I cannot forgive him. he may have done this inthe north, but it is a different story in the south.

he has her sit next to him and tells him that she saved him even though it was scary. She asks if he is thankful and he nods. So she tells him, until your arm is cured, dont go anywhere. If you dissapear after it is healed then I will just think, alright…

They have a quiet understanding.

On the news, the report is that there is an underground tunnel to North Korea. Lots of army poeple are there looking at the tunnel.

Then Seri comes in to the office that is looking at the news. she looks like a villian but has her two empoyees with her.

Before going in, they ask her if she is okay with this street? It looks a little….

Seri tells him, don’t worry, I experience war in the mountain, sea, and sky (flashback to all of that). And Seoul is my district. She puts on her shades and starts to walk confidently up the street.

She goes into a building with her two men flanking her and walks slow motion through several gangster looking guys and sits at a table.

She tells the men that she has all the rentals for the building. From today, I own all three of these buildings. The men start to talk in Chinese and are all like, what the f? You look pretty.

She crosses her arms and says that from today, this new rock will have an event. Do you remember the incident of the peopel who were fluent in Korean and chinese and a handsome guy fought?

They say that they do not know anything!

She starts to speak Chinese and asys, they had a knife fight!

The men are all amazing that she speaks Chinese. 

She tells them, find them and I will not charge rent and utilities. they look interested. She gives the picture of Jo and tells them to look at this picture. if you find him then I will pay. 

Then she says in Chinese, if you find them quicker, then the money will be higher.

The men get on their phone and start to call around.



When they drive off, her employees are impresse. They ask how she can not be timid? She tells them that she always repays people who help her and people who she has a grudge against.

Your friend, my insurance guy….

Cut to the insurance guy happily watching the YouTube video of eri showing up to her own funeral over and over again. Then we see his bosses interview to the camera. The boss says that they still want to fire him, but I do not have power to do it. 

Then we see Seri driving up to the insurance agent while he is happily waiting for his bus. he is stunned to see her and bows. She gives him a ride.

She tells him that she checked what he did for her (we see video of the insurance guy trying his hardest to get people to know that she could still be alive in the DMV and to search. it is too early to give up!).

She tells him that they have never seen each other, but you wished for me to come back the most. I know that. He says that it was just for his job. She says, today I came here, not only because I thank you. It is because, while I disapeared, you called 37 times on average to my team leader Hong.

he says yes, I had to tell him….

She also mentions that he had 100s of texts and data. You found my voice with all that obsession. (flashback to him hearing her voice)

The insurance guy smiles and says he was super happy.

Seri tells him that she likes that kind of obsession. So can I scout you? I know that you are good at your job, but I will pay you 3 times of whta you get paid now and I will give you high incentives.

He starts crying and thanks her, but she says that she is the one that is thankful.


Jung-hyeok reads a note by Seri who tells him to drink his coffee with this machine. So he looks at the machine and starts to make his coffee with a Dulce Gusto machine (so PPL its crazy, its $100 on amazon) then he starts to think about Cheol Kang and how quickly he showed up.

Jung-hyeok goes to the computer and starts to look up files. he fins a message that says that the hunting dog was hired by Seri’s Choice security team subcontractor. The subcontractor has a relationship with the hunting dog.

Jung-hyeok thinks that Cheol-kang hides international criminals with money. Now it looks like he is getting help from them. he is smarter than expected and obsessed. He knows that I am here so he will not do anything without a plan. But he will find another way.

Commercial – if you are confident, don’t run away, fight now!

Commercial – Are you not confident, why are you not confident, you coward, go away!


In the jimjilbang, the NK soldiers look for wiretapping bugs in the sauna and then starts to talk about what Yoon Seri might be doing right now.

Man-bok was undercover where Yoon Seri goes often and found out some information by eavesdropping on conversations, though he was not stealth about it, lol.

Seri goes to that Subway with Hong and her other employee. They are amazed that she is eating with them, she never eats with others. She tells them that she did not realize that the food tasted better eating with others. They asked if she was dating, she said no.

Cut back to Manbok who is still following these ladies around he relays what he hears to the soldiers. I heard that two people are having an affair! The wife of the affair guy sent a letter to the company! The soldiers are all like, woah! Korean dramas are not just dramas!

Man-bok continues and says that the woman that had an affair does not have just one man! I wrote down all the names! They all start to look at all those names. But in the flashback, we actually see that Seri is at the Subway that Man-bok keeps walking by as he tries to liten in on this woman’s conversation, lol.

Chi-soo tells him that this has nothing to do with Yoon Seri. Man-bok thinks that they might talk about Seri after their conversation so i couldnt’ leave. Chi-soo tells him that he worked hard but got no results.

They ask Chi-soo what he did today. Chi-soo shows all the money he made. he tells them that in gangnam, the heart of capitalism, I made money. They tell him that he was supposed to find Seri. he says that is like finding a Mr. Kim in Hanyang (old name for Seoul).  

Yoon Seri says she eats meat 2 meals out of 3 meals a day. So, meat means beef, pork, or poultry. So I wanted to attack chicken so I waited in front of the most famous chicken place.

Cut to him waiting in front of the chicken place that they loved. it is Olive Chicken. He says that he was just standing there and a guy gave him his car key and money. Other people gave him their keys and money as well.  So he made like 30 won instantly and started to park the cars.

The employee came out and asked who he was. Chi-soo explained the misunderstanding. The boss says that their valet person is not there, we need help today so can you help?

Chisoo tries to speak in Seoul accent but he speaks like a robot, lol. He tells them that he knows how to drive a motorcycle. So he became the delivery guy and tells them that after delivering to all the houses, one of the houses could be Seri’s.



Man-bok asks him if he went to Seri’s house? Chi-soo says he delivered to so many houses….

Cut back to a very tired Chi-soo who can barely walk straight. But his boss comforted him with a lot of chicken and might think that Chi-soo is slightly mentally challenged so he is extra nice to him. Chi-soo is super happy to eat the chicken.

But then Jung-hyeok calls for a delivery. Chi-soo thinks, I want to just wait rest for one minute! So he takes the phone off the ringer and chi-soo keeps eating.

Jung-hyeok keeps calling but no one answers, lol.

At the spa, they tell Chi-soo that he actually didn’t find out anything about Seri. So CHi-soo asks them what they did at the PC bang?

Joo Meok tells them that he found out how South Koreans had fun. Chi-soo asks if he watched Dramas? Cut to Chi-soo watching Chuno and Chuno music playing (omg, this takes me back to all my Chuno feels!).

Eun-dong is there as well, playing an online computer game. he has to learn it for a bit, but then he becoems an expert. His ID name is “Super hard worker”. ANother person online’s ID is “Tomato Grower” which means that is Jung-hyeok.

Eun-dong asks for an aliance online but the tomato grower refuses the alliance so he asks for a fight. The fight is accepted! So they start to fight.

Memories of the Alhambra music starts to play as we cut to Jung-hyeok fighting on the computer. But he loses and sinks back in his chair! His expression grows dire as he says, I will get my revenge on you.

He gets up to leave. Seri gets there and asks him where he is going? he says he is going somewhere. But she tells him that his wound is still not healed. het ells her that it is not dangerous, I just want to give a guy a lesson.

She tells him to stop and that she saw that he was playing games. He tells her, you said I should play games when I am bored. She sits at the computer and asks, are you already level 4? He tells her that he is good at everything. When I know the rules, I am unstoppable.

She looks at her phone and tells him, you bought a lot of items. He explains that he is the magician to governn the war and incease the experience. I have to buy all those items. Hunting and making money takes too much time. It was a difficult war.

She asks, okay, so after the war, why don’t you rest? Where are you going? Ah, you want to meet this player in person? 

He tells her that he was just wondering what meeting that person is like (real-world-player=killing). So she asks, you are going out there to meet this player?

he tries to say that it is not liket hat. I just want to give him a lesson. she tells him to take off his coat, sit down, and log out.

Hyun-bin tells her that he is waiting for him! But he has to log out.

Cut to Eun-dong waiting for him outside. But then he thinks, I knew it! The tomato grower is scared! hehehehehe. 

Jung-hyeok is so angry at home since he could not leave to meet the player. Seri tells him that she made the internet kids mode. You cannot access games or adult sights. From now on, only two hour internet a day. This could be difficult for someone like you who is competitive.

He tells her, nnooooo, I am not… and follows her around like a puppy.

In the PC bang, the soldiers chide Eun-dong on not getting the information and only playing with tomato grower. 

Then they ask Guang-bum what he did. he says that he planned on walking around Cheong-dam, but he had unnexpected problems. As soon as I started walking, strangers gave me these.

he holds out a lot of cards for Entertainment companies like JYB (not JYC). they ask him what they said.

Flashback to Guang-bum talking to one of the scouts who says he is the one tey are looking for. Guang-bum looks concerned. The soldiers wonder, you are the one they are looking for! Perhaps, you are noticeable that you are coming from the North.

Chi-soo tells him, when you are out, never say anything and just look at the ground.

Then they all commiserate on how hard this task is. they have no other way now.


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  1. Anonymous
    February 2, 2020 / 7:23 am

    Thank you! How funny … kids mode!

  2. Anonymous
    February 2, 2020 / 8:41 am

    THE memories of the alhambra reference had me SCREAMING!! Like i was getting flashbacks from the alliance/duel bit and then the music started playing and i couldnt contain my squeals!! Love u hyun bin

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