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Crash Landing on You: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 3 (+ episode 12 preview)

This is part 3 of our live recap for Crash Landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to watch Crash Landing on You: Netflix

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Meanwhile, Seo Dan’s mother and uncle argue over whether the uncle is taking good care of Dan. The general says that after she came I have never been seen on the base because I am always looking after Dan.

She holds up her phone to show the newspaper and how it says that Dan’s marriage is broke. That Seo Dan has another man and that is why her high profile marriage has broken off! 

The general is stunned to find this out. Another man!

So they both go into Dan’s room to talk to her about this guy….you know….Alberto….

She asks, what about him? The general stammers and says that your mother heard something at the breakfast meeting. 

Her mother tells her, well…I heard that when you met our friend a man picked you up….and that is the same man that your uncle saw….

Seo Dan tells her, umma, I have to go. She leaves.

The mother and uncle are left wondering. But the mother thinks it must be an affair. it is not like she married Jung-hyeok or something. If she wants it to go that way, then I will support her. The brother asks, really? But you dont even know him.

The mother thinks, so long as he is not a conman or a robber, it is okay.


Seung-joon gets a call from Seo Dan, she tells him to come out. He is so happy that she called and looks out the window while they are still on the phone. 

She tells him he has 3 minutes, come out now. So he runs back inside to get ready.


Seri is at home listening to her oldest son and his wife talking to them. He thinks that something happened when she disappered and came abck after one month. She was in North Korea! it is too early to be surprised. But Yoon Se-hyung knew about it! He knew it and he hid it! Mabe he wanted my dongsang Seri to die over there!

His wife agrees with everything he says. the oldest brother things that Se-hyung shuold not be the chairman, he is cold blooded. The motehr asks if he is sure?

The oldest brother says yes! Then he starts to explain about the thugs in china who met Se-hyung and his wife.

We see the Chinese thugs as they talk.

The big brother tells his mom that the chinese thugs came to South Korea, they do not know what is going on or why there are here.

The chinese thugs get a phone call and tells them that they do not know what is going on, but they need to catch up.


Seri sees a video on the internet about Jung-hyeok holding the door open for everyone. He is in another fabulous suit. The girls who took the video and the comments talk about how the guy holding the door is so polite, he is a face genius. 

he asks what a face genius is. Seri tells him it means you are handsome. He is happy to read the compliments. She asks if he would like to sit here and look? She tells him to stand up and look at it.

In the background, Jo was listening in on the conversation.



So Jung-hyeok kneels and starts to read all the comments and smiles. She tells him that she has to work so he stands to let her. But his phone rings so she asks, you have a cell phone? Who would call you?

Jung-hyeok excuses himself to the stairwell to talk about Jo Cheol Kang. Then he goes back inside and tells Seri that he has to go somewhere tonight. She asks, where? Does it have to do with Jo Cheol Kang?

he asys no, but he is meeting a broker so I want to double check. Seri tells him that seh can take him. It could be dangerous, this is not Pyong-yang, this is Seoul. You should not walk around alone.

He pleasantly tells her that he should not go with her then. If I catch him there, tonight, then I can leave the country. 

She asks, right away? Will we not see each other again to say goodbye?

there is no time for that.

You do not know what will happen…but at least we have to talk. Just in case we don’t see each other. Give me your cellphone. This is my number. We can install this app and share our locations, just in case.

She installs the app and gives it back to him.

he walks to a scary part of Seoul and goes into a building. the building is empty. Thuogh it looks like it might have been a fancy two story restaurant or club.

he calls his contact, but they do not answer. So he contiues walking around with the phone to his ear, but sees no onew.

However, he hears a ringing in one of the rooms and goes inside. the other cell phone is on a coffee table.

A man comes out with an ax and swings it at Jung-hyeok. He dodges it. Several other men come out, so Jung-hyeok starts to fight them and swings over the banister to the first floor. Super hero landing.

Then he gets up as many more men start to surround him.


In her office, Seri looks at her cell phone and hopes Jung-hyeok is doing okay. She texts him to say, if you cannot find your way back, then I will pick you up.

As she is walking out, she passes Jo Cheol-kang who is still in disguise. She hops ont he elevator to ride it to the parking garagae. But as she is riding it, the doors open. But no one gets in….~. So she closes it again and keeps riding down.

Meanwhile, Jung-hyeok keeps fighting the men. He is able to take them all out, without a hair getting out of place, and leaves.

In the parking garage, Seri gets to her car and wonders why people from the animal farm TV program arent filming her right now sine it is known that seh loves animals.

She also sees Jo in the back of her car and slowly turns to walk away. She gets her cell phone out.

But he realizes it and starts to chase after her.

She takes off running like a track star but drops her phone .This slows her down as she looks at it, but she leaves it and takes off running.

Jung-hyeok gets a signal to were Seri is from the phone app and takes off running.

In the garage, Jo keeps looking around for Seri. He looks around all the other cars to find her. She is actually hiding behind an banister.



Seri peeks her head around the banister and goes to the security office to hide. In the office, she can see where Jo is walking on the CCTV. He sees the office and gets out his gun and approaches.

She thinks, dont’ come…

But he keeps walking towards her.

Meanwhile, Jung-hyeok calls Seri’s phone. She finally answrs so he asks, why didn’t you pick up your phone!

But CHeol-kang answers and says, it is nice to see you again Jung-hyeok. Jung-hyeoks eyes go stealy, he asks why he has this phone.

Jo tells him, I am with Yoon Seri, I know that you will not be able to call the police. Don’t hang up the phone and come here, I will not wait for long.

Jung-hyeok takes off running to them.

He does not stop until he gets to the garage and asks Jo where he is. Jo tells him, you do not need to know, I am watching you. Raise your other hand. If you do anything stupid then I will shoot her in the head. Just look to the front and walkl

Jung-hyeok tells him, if you do anything to her, then I will kill you.

Jo tells him, say whatever you want to say until the next moment. Then all the lights go off.

Seri yells, Don’t lie! But seh says it in the North Korean way. So she starts to yell, what he is saying is all lies! I am okay, so run away!

She is hiding behind another pillar.

Jung-hyeok closes his eyes to try an dpinpoint where she is. 

Then someone covers Seri’s mouth.

It is Jung-hyeok!

The song starts to play as he covers her mouth to not talk and they look deeply and steelfully into each others eyes.

“Sitting down and looking at you

The song we sing together

I remember”

He removes his hand and lets out the biggest relieved sigh as he looks at her.

“There is a long cold winter

and dark nights

but because we were together

I could smile

That spring

we promised eternity

Like a little photo carved in your mind

You are still there


Seri throws a coupld rocks into the water in Switzerland. She is so done with everything. She throws them all in and then starts to walk off.

While walking off we see Seo Dan get out of a bus with her luggage. She goes shopping. Seri also goes to this place and finds a ton of sweets to eat. She sees the kitkats and grabs a ton of them. Then she tells Seo Dan that these are great to eat if you feel bad.

But Seo Dan looks at her with a question mark so Seri says, oh, you are not Korean? Sorry. Then she leaves.

Seo Dan looks at her strangely and then buys a lot of the kitkat bars.

Later on, Seri takes a photo of Jung-hyeoka nd seo Dan together. But seh thinks that this ma is too good for Seo Dan. She takes the photo and tells them in English that they look good together.

Seo Dan is a bit angry and starts to eat the KitKat. She looksa t Jung-hyeok who is looking at Seri in a wondering way. seo Dan is so annoyed and starts to walk off while eating the KitKat bar.

Jung-hyeok looks strangely at Seri one more time and then walk off up the hill with Seo Dan.

Fade Out



What an adorable episode! And did anyone else notice that Jung-hyeoks outfits magically changed practically eveytime we saw him. I love that. Seri is giving him multiple outfit changes a day.

This episode was also crazy long at over 1.5 hours this time. So be sure that you have a good chunk of time dedicated to watch! 

I dont’ have time to write a summary post, so I will post the preview right here! See you tomorrow!


English Translation

Soldier – Didn’t you say we were going to go to Chongdam dong and find Seri’s house?

SR – Hey, stop

MB – It is very difficult job to find them

SD – Did you think I did not know about it? The kind of person you were in the south?

CS -With this look, we are handsomer than others.

SR – I am going to have a rolling rock event (a new event).

Jo – I have to take Yoon Seri to the North to prove one thing.

JH – I just want to stay here with you.

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    I like the new balance of stories from the North and from South lately. Now that our main characters are in the south but there remains enough interesting characters and stories they developed to keep me wonder what those would end up becoming. This show is just getting better and better.

    • V
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      I agree! i like going back and forth from North to South as well! I loooooove seeing the NK soldiers trying to fit in to SK. They are so precious.

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