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Crash Landing on You: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Crash Landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to watch Crash Landing on You: Netflix

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Jung-hyeoks father looks at a letter that Jung-hyeok wrote to him.

JH – Father, I am sorry to tell you this. Jo Cheol-kang who disappeared, killed hyung and is looking for the woman I love. I know he snuck into South Korea. I cannot just let him do what he plans to do. I am not going to let him hurt the person I love again. If it happens again, I won’t forgive myself. We have one month for the next shift. I will be back before that. So don’t worry too much.

His father takes another look at the note and burns it. Then he talks to his wife. She asks what happened, did he contact you?

He tells her that it is not easy to do that. she thinks, if anything happened to Jung-hyeok, then I cannot survive. That bad guy.

He tells her, if anyone knows that he went there, then me and our family are done. She angrily asks, do you still worry about those things? Do you care more about your dignity then blood tears? Lose my son one more time for your dignity and I will kill myself. So you can live your life with dignity and alone forever!

she starts to sob.


Seri changes her door lock to a finger print lock. Jung-hyeok stands by and watches. it works, then seh tells them that they need to add Jung-hyeoks also.

He is surprised, but she says, for as long as he is here.

They walk to the parking garage, she tells him that he shoudl cahne his look to a south Korean style. Not too much, just a little bit.

Then she is about to get into her Range Rover. He knocks on the hood and tells her that you have to bang on the hood in winter just in case animals are there in the engine.

She tells him that they are inthe basement, it is not cold, so there are no animals. But then a cat hops out and startles them both. She tells him, you are surprised even though you banged on it?

he says he did it just in case, because this is abasement parking lot and not cold. She says that is good, from now on, in winter, before I drive off I will bang the hood like this. You will leaves soon so until I die I will always bang on my hood to remind me of you. So long as you tay here, you should not do anything. Dont’ make anything else for me to remember in the future.

he says he will try not to do anything for her to remember. Then she tells him, lets go, you need to transform.

They go to a department store where Seri picks out a mauve jacket for him to try on. He asks if he really has to? I am comfortable with what I have on now.

She tells him that it makes her uncomfortable, so just do it. he grabs the jacket and goes to try it on. He is in an all mauve suite y’all, and still looking sharp. 

The sales person comes out and tells him he looks so goodin it, they don’t need to tailor it at all. Seri tries to hold in her gasp and jealously as the salesperson dotes on Jung-hyeok. 

Se tells him to change into anotehr one.

He walks out looking all kinds of James Bond. The sales person comes out and says the look is made for him! You look better than the model! Seri holds her jeaoulsy and tells Jung-hyeok to turn around, the back is not so good.

Then she hands another one over. Jung-hyeok tries another suit on. The sales person tells Seri that she shouldn’t worry, your husband looks good in anything. Seri is all happy to hear that but says that he is not her husband but….do we look like that?

the sales person asks if they are still dating? Good for you! He looks so sweet, when he looks at you, all the honey comes out of his eyes. Seri says, well….he is not that sweet…the things her tries and brings in and this we can get them all. And the shirts with all the colors.

Jung-hyeok comes back out with his new outfit and sees how much all this costs. he thinks it is insane. But she tells him, I told you, I am super luxurious swallow who brings luck to people. Now you are Hoong-boo (from the story). You are sewing with a black card.

SHe buys it all and then walks off with Jung-hyeok along the department store. His clothes keep changing, lol.

he holds the door for everyone leaving which makes all the girls love him and take his photo.

Seri does not know that he is holding the door open and is still talking to him, But then she runs back when she sees that he is holding the door open.

they get to her department store after he gets his hair done and cut to look AH-MAZING. She then introduces him to her employee, Hong Chang-sik as her new bodyguard.

Chang-sik is surprised that she has a bodyguard since she hated the idea of one earlier. But he asks, is this your private bodyguard? Are you in love? If you tell us this in advance then we can take care of it quicker. So tell us the boundaries and if this person is in sports of arts.

Seri says that she does not know what they are talking about, goodbye. But Chang-sik and the other employee think that they will be busy.

In the elevator, Jung-hyeok really bites his lip over wanting to say something about that. She kind of starts to talk to him and says, well, I had a few scandals before….

JH – I didn’t ask you.

SR – I did not have anything to enjoy, no family to eat with and no friends, I was outside…

JH – So you started to love people?

SR – no, not that, when I eat dinner with them, the tabloids talked about it. If I go to Han River then people talk about it…

JH – ah, yes..

SR – It will be difficult from now on, because of you Jung-hyeok.

She walks out smiling.




The North Korean soldiers show up as Seri’s department store and are gobsmacked. They can’t belive she owns that entire building and think that she wasn’t bragging about being rich. they crane their necks up to look at the building.

Eun-dong thinks that he should have told her that he would take the money. They both think that they should go in.

So they step in but they can’t go through the security gates. So security comes out and asks them what they are doing. They say that they would liket o see the CEO. The guards tell them that it is difficult to see the CEO without an appointment. We can get your ID…

Chi-soo starts to tell his friends that they can come back next time, dong sang! Joo-meok says, okay hyung! Then they all turn and walk out like guilty guys. But they all joke about when Chi-soo learned South Korean so well! You were good! they giddily run off.


Seo-Dan’s friends are out eating at a posh cafe and bragging about all the things they own. Seo Dan is not with them yet. They brag about all the things their husband bought for them in a catty kind of way and then wonder why Seo Dan is not there yet.

They heard a big rumor that her wedding was postponed again so they think that she was dumped. One of the ladies named her dog Terius, lol. So she pets him. 

But then they all gasp when they see Seo Dan walking in looking fabulous and swinging her hair around. The dog even bows to her.

Seo Dan sits and asks how they have all been. they all cower before her.

Meanwhile, Seung-joon wonders wonders where he should run to.

In the cafe, Seo Dan’s friends worry about why her marriage is not happening. She asks why they are mentioning it and what they are talking about. They tell her, hey Seo Dan, we are friends so tell us, did your marriage break up?

Ri Jung-hyeoks family is big, but it does not matter. We all got married, you are super late to wait only for him. One of the other ladies pinches the talking one. So the talking one says that marriage is nothing. My husband only looks for me and waits for me, but throughout the world there are people who die alone. I worry that you will become like that.

Seo Dan asks, how is your husband? She says he is fine. Seo Dan says, he once told me that he cannot live without me. He said he would kill himself if he did not marry me. I worried about him so much. But at least you accepted him and live well, so I am happy for him.

The other lady shakes in her boots but smiles and says that the coffee is still hot.



Outside somewhere, Seung-joon talks to someone on the phone and asks them how he can go to the airport? Cheon is arrested and I might be on the search. Can I stay in your place a little bit? CLICK.

Seung-joon sighs. But then the phone rings so he picks it up and looks stunned.

Inside the cafe, the ladies are still sitting there as it rains. They think that their husband will pick them up soon. But they see Seung-joon outside and wonder, wow, who is that guy?

Seo Dan excuses herself and heads out. The ladies smile smugly and say goodbye. The main instigator thinks that Seo Dan is running away because they will be picked up by their husband but she does not have anyone.

But then they look out the window and see Seung-joon putting Seo Dan in the car. their mouths drop open.

In the car, he jokingly sys that he thinks he rescued her. She basically tells him to shut up. She asks him to get something sweet for her. He asks, how do you know that word (dal dal guri). She asks if it matters? He says, in a gloomy day like today, a sweet thing is good like chocolate or candy. But he does not have any. So they look for a convenience store.


inside the building, employee Chang-sik  pulls Jung-hyeok away to eat with them. As Jung-hyeok walks away, more security walks past and one of them is Jo Cheol-kang. they do not see each other.

Jung-hyeok tells HCS and the other employee that he will eat with Seri. They got subway delivery for him. The other man says that their CEO does not eat together, she eats alone. She doesn’t like anyone and she doesn’t like this color.

JH says seh liked it. the two guys think that JH does not know aything about her. She is sensitive like a cat. Sentitive and cranky.

But Jung-hyeok thinks about the Seri that he knows who rolls an egg across a table to eat it.

The employees tell JH to know Seri well so you will surprised. Listen to sunbaes.


Later on, on the way home, Jung-hyeok asks Seri if her employees know her well? They know about everything. Even how you like your boiled eggs. 

Seri says boiled eggs do not matter. You know what I like the most.

JH – What is your taste?

SR – you. Ri Jung-hyeok. As soon as I met you, I told you that you are my style.

She smirks at him.

SR – You know that but you pretend like you don’t know.

He smiles out the window.


Seo Dan takes Seung-joon to her honey moon house in the small town. She tells him that she did not know that he would be the first one there. But it is only for a few days so dont’ think about staying here too long.

He tells her that he had to take todays airplane, but the plane is delayed so I will not stay too long. She tells him not to leave a trace that he was here. Just think that you can breathe and leave.

He sits. She tells him that she will take the car. Turn off the lights after 10 minutes just in case someone checks to see who is inside. She starts to head out.

He asks, aren’t you hungry? Would you like to eat ramen? He pops open his luggage to reveal Ramen after Ramen inside.

So they end up eating together. She tells him not to put any meaning on this. he says he is not, but ramen has a socially accepted meaning. She asks what that is.

he tells her, “Would you like to eat ramen?” in the south, you do not say that to anyone. it is okay with me, but you have to make sure you say, no.

she rolls her eyes. Why should I say no? I like it. Then she stares at him. He asks, what do you like….ramen….or men….or….me?

She smirks and keeps eating. But he is pretty bashful.

He brushes his teeth thinking about Seo Dan and her smile. he wonders if he was funny. He goes to sleep thinking about if he was that funny and can’t sleep as he keeps thinking of her. He also wonders why he is so curious about it.

Then he looks at his phone and thinks that he can ask her. I can call her as a man and ask her what she meant! So he calls, but there is no answer. he thinks that she might be sleeping, maybe that is why she did not pick up.

Or…maybe she ignored my phone call? But why?

he tries to sleep again, but morning comes and he has still not gone to sleep. he is still looking at his phone like a lock sick puppy and wondering why she didn’t call yet.

While brushing his teeth, he thinks that he is a weak man now. Then his phone rings so he goes running off to answer.

She answers pleasantly but asks why he called her. She is drinking tea and looks like she has been up for awhile enjoying hr day.

He says it was nothing so she says that if it is nothing then we can hang up. 

But he tells her wait wait wait! What are you doing tonight? She asks why he is asking her. He mentions that he knows no one. I have so many questions. You took my car so why don’t you come back? hello? Hello? Did she hang up?

He starts to go through this internal monologue about what he is doing right now.


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