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Crash Landing on You: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

So excited to be back with Crash landing on You! And now we can enjoy that the situation has flipped! So Seri will be the one showing Jung-hyeok around South Korea high society. I can’t wait!

We have been pretty busy over here with a work deadline we had to finish. Two weeks of basically living in a cave. But now it is all turned in so we are back to all dramas all the time! We will start to ramp back up our show watching and recaps accordingly, whoo hoo!

We read all the comments and it looked like the consensus was to post in 3 parts if things started to go to 1.5 hours. So we will do just that! I can understand because when you gotta know you gotta know!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to watch Crash Landing on You: Netflix

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Seri goes to her car, someone follows her. The security talks to her before she leaves so the man stops what he is doing and just watches her drive off.

Then the security men see the man who is wearing security clothes also. They stop him and ask what he is doing there. It is Jo Cheol-kang! He tells them that he is patrolling. So one of the guys tells him to check the light, but they also don’t know who he is.

One of them says he is a Chinese-Korean that they just hired who is a specialist in shooting.

Cut to the reunion of Seri and Jung-hyeok in the snow on the street. They look at each other and he walks up to her. She is stunnedn

JH – I was lost for awhile. You only told me Seoul Gangnam, Chongdam, but you never told me any details about the address…so. 

SR – i, dont’ like this kind of dream. WHen I wake up I feel empty. Lee Jung-hyeok, I am not happy that you are looking at me like that.

JH – it is not a dream

SR – Are you sure?

JH – I am sure.

He hugs him and buries her head in his chest. He hugs her as well and they embrace for a moment. Then she asks, how did you get here? Why do you look like thi? Are you hurt?

he shakes his head and tells her no.

Cut back to Jung-hyeok walking through a tunnel and then crawling through it.

VO – It is a gold mine that the Japanese drilled during Occupation. But it is not used anymore. We are sure that Jo Cheol-kang used this to sneak into Korea. But that is old. Jo Cheol-kang was forced to use it. You never know when it will collapse.

Jung-hyeok keeps digging his way through, some of the rocks collapse on him. He coughs a bit and keeps on crawling.

VO – To crawl, it will take at least 20 hours without resting. So if you get there safely you will find a natural cavern that connects to the sea.

Jung-hyeok gets to an opening where there is light. He digs himself out. Then he walks out of the cave to the sea.

He is in South Korea now and starts to walk along the beach toward civilization.

Seri – I believe everything except when you say It is okay. He tells her, it is really true. Nothing happened.

They hug again. He closes his eyes as they continue hugging.

Cut to the old cave, two halmoni’s and halabogi’s walk around and look at some things they have in the cave. But then they find a Kim Jung-un badge.  The police come and start to look around the cave with flashlights.

One of them finds the tunnel.


Seri and Jung-hyeok go to the cafe Angel in Us. She asks why he is there. Did you leave North Korea because of me? 

He tells her no. 

She asks if he is a spy? 


Did you come here permanently? 

No, just for a moment.

She tells him it is not like crossing Kangbuk to Gangnam. It is not just a place you can come in and out. If you can come here this easily then why was I there for a long long long time?

He starts to tell her it wasn’t that easy.

She asks, what about your parents? What did you say?

I want to answer you, can you stop asking questions?

She takes a sip of her drink.

He tells her, Jo Cheol-kang has come here. Because he is under punishment for what he did. He disappeared while moving to jail. His target is you.

Me? So, in case Jo does somethhing to me, you came here? You risked everything only for me?

Not only for you, do you think he attacked you only? He will use you and attack me and my family. I came here to stop that. not only for you.

So, when are you going back?

As soon as I catch him.

As soon as?

He nods.

Okay, I understand. If I am the target, then you should protect me. Then we should be together…super tight. Lets go.

She hopsup and puts a scarf on his face.

I am not cold.

it is not about you being cold! this is a super scary place! We have CCTV black boxes everywhere! And the fastest internet in the world! So it only takes 30 mintues to spread your picture everywhere. So we have to hide your face. And our conversation, the NIS or police…if they know then it will be super difficult!

his face is all tied up and he looks around like he’s lost and wondering what is up with her.

She tells him, so I have to make it so that only I can see you. No one should see us. We have to go to a secrety place where all four walls are secret. A private secure place. Lets go, I will hide you!

She hops up trying to hide him as they walk out. He walks out normally.


They get to her house. She tells him to relax. He says, I am relaxed. She asks him if he wants to wash up first? You look tired. Why are you looking at me like that?

He says he will wash up.

So she asks if he is hungry? Do you want to eat something?

But she only has water in her fridge.

He is all like, um? What do you eat? You said you had a lot of money. Why don’t you have anything to eat?

She tells him, didn’t I tell you, my nickname is short appetite princess.

he thinks back to her eating a lot in North Korea and tells her it wasn’t too short.

SR – i usually dont’ eat more than 3 spoonfuls

JH – I never seen you eating less than 3 mouthfuls

SR – That was special, I thought perhaps I wouldnt’ ahve anything to eat so I did that instinctively. I can order pizza, Chinese, CHicken…



Cut to our 4 North Korean soldiers looking longinly at South Koreans eating chicken in a restaurant. They think that SK has so many chicken places. They wonder how much it costs, but that doens’t matter bcuase they have no money.

Mambo is looking out so Chi-soo calls him comrade and to come to him. But Mambo says, no, you can’t call me comrad! So he calls him hyung instead. he tries to call him hyung comfortably and then says that he thinks they need to eat chicken legs. they all nod.

Manbok tells them that they need to be stingy. If they find Jung-hyeok quickly then it is good, but if it takes longer then we need to save money to stay.

A delivery scooter leaves. They go back to looking at the chicken longingly and then look at Manbok.

That delivery scooter goes to Jung-hyeok and Seri. She tells him, eat. he holds one out to her to eat it and says that he heard that South Korean people do this. When someone is treated then the guest offers the host a bite first.

She smiles, he tells her that it is table manners. She takes a bite. he asks why she is looking at him like that.

SR – I can’t believe you are here in my house and we are doing this.

JH – What is the relationship with your family?

SR – Good, where you worried about it? I was worried but you were right

JH – Was I?

SR – yeah, it was just family. When I was here, we were fighting all the time, but when they saw me coming back alive, they were happy. I am okay. I want you to know that I am doing fine here. I can’t send you email or call you so…we can talk face to face so I am happy. So when you go back, don’t worry about me.

The doorbell rings.

Seri asks Jung-hyeok why he is so surprised? Youa re in South Korea. I am not nobody and this building has high security. she goes to the camera but sees he brother and his wife. She wonders why they are there.

Jung-hyeok asks who they are. She tells him her second brother and his wife. But she does not know why they are here this late. They can just ring the bell and leave.

Outside, the sister in law puts in the password and starts to come in so Seri tells JH to hide. then her brother comes in.

SR tells them that they are breaking in illegally. He says he is her brother so…~. They make themselves at home on the couch.

SR – Why are you here? What do you want?

SH – We all know what you were doing when you were lost.

SR – I dont’ know, but you know?

SH – Hey, don’t act you. You were in North Korea. You are not a normal person. If anyone knows about it, what do you think will happen. You can say, I dont’ remember. But no one will believe it.

SR – I dont’ know what you want me to say.

SH – Lets cut to the chase. The game is over. I took over abonim’s place. One my business card, I have queens CEO there. SO don’t act up. I know that you will not keep yourself quiet, but if you make a plan to persuade abonim and do something, you know, it is not difficult at all to bury someone with words.

Jung-hyeok holds his temper while he hides.

SH – I have a lot of ways to make it so you cannot live in Korea under daylight.

SR – Oppa, I still don’t understand what you are talking about so please leave.

SH – Ah, you still deny it.

SA – We are not just saying it, we have evidence. (she holds up something and plays a recording).

The recording is from Seung-joon and Seri when they were talking in North Korea.

SA – We have more recordings. We have a lot of pictures and evidence.

SR – Okay, according to you, I went to North Korea and met Koo Seung-joon and you knew everything.

SH – Yes.

SR – But you did not think of rescuing me? Did you want me to live there forever? or, die over there?

SH – What are you talking about? We thought about rescuing you. 

SA – It was not easy, our family could have been affected.

SR – There are 3 types of people, first, the kind who helped me when I was in trouble. Second, the kind who left me alone when I was having trouble. Third, the kind who tried to push me over the cliff. So I will never forget that to you.

SH – Are you threatening us? 

SA – honey, we should leave for now.

SH – hey, you should be thankful that you luckily came back alive and just live quietly. That is my last warning.

They both get up and leave. But the sister-in-law sees mens boots right before she leaves.

Jung-hyeok comes back out so they stand in front of each other in an awkward moment. He looks pissed.

SR – Don’t say anything to me, I am so embarrassed.

JH – I won’t say anything.

He gives her a hug.

SR – This is better, quiet, warm, I feel like I am not angry anymore.

JH – I am angry. I was about to come out and forget my situation.

He fixes her hair a little and holds her hands.

JH – But don’t forget, the one you never forget in your life is not the one you hate but the one you like. if you always think about the person you hate, then it will hurt you. And you are the only one losing. You are the person who hates being taken advantage of the most.

SR – yes, I am a business person. I don’t like losing.

JH – Okay, just think about the people you like Then you can sleep well and eat well.

SR – Even though that person is not next to me?

JH – Even so they are not next to you.

She nods and hangs her head.

SR – that is true. We should eat well and sleep well. Then we will be healthy and then we can win. That is better.

JH – Yes.




The NK soldiers look at South Korea from a hill. Chi-soo thinks that SOuth Korea knew that they came here and turned on all the nights. Eun-dong asks, do you think they turn on all these lights all night long? They never go off?

Joo-meok says, I never knew it was just like the dramas. he smiles.

man-bok says, if it is always bright like this, then my son can study all night. That is really good.

They think that their captain should be somewhere in those lights. But actually, we need to find out where we will stay tonight. They all look at Man-bok.

THen we cut to a jimjilbang where the fellas are so happily in their slothing and sitting in the sauna part.

Eun-dong thinks that if there is a Heaven, then this is Heaven. I want to bring my mother to a place like this!

Joo-meok wondered what it would be like on TV, it is really good!

Chi-soo calls them comrades again, but then changes it to Dong-sangs and tells them not to be hooked on capitalizm so easity with this warmth. But he enjoys it the most.

Man-bok tells them that they payed 12 bucks per person for this placey. That is big money. So we should get all the warmth tonight so that we can work tomorrow in the cold.

They all relax in the hot stones. Eun-dong tells them that he is hungry. Man-bok sits up and says, I told you, we spent 12 bucks per person. But then Guang-bum comes in with so much snack food. He says that the owner ajumma just gave it all to him, he didn’t need to pay for it.

Then he holds up his bracelet and says that she told me to tap this to get it. They all think, wow, I need to try that! (but that is basically like charging it to their account, lol). They all eat.

They all go to sleep in a sleeping cubby and stick their head out, but their head should actually be inside the sleeping cubby, so everyone looks at them.

In the morning, they turn in their bracelets. One person had $130 cleaning service. Their eyes all go bright. Man-bok asks who had the cleaning service? Chi-soo looks guilty.


All the ladies of the town are all dressed up in traditional outfits and makeup and talk about how pretty they all look. Young-ae comes up so they gush about how pretty she looks. YA does a little twirl.

They wonder if this palce is really that good? Wol-sook says yes. So they are on their way to a fortune teller.

Cut to the fortune teller. This lady tells them that two people already went to jail! I am so nervous! Myung-sook tells them, you are this good but you cannot see your own future?

They hit her to be quiet. Wol-sook explains that the fortune teller has a South Korean god in her so she is not good at North korean stuff. But she knows about money and kids and husbands and health. She is really good that that.

So Young-ae asks what she should do for her songs schooling. She has to send him to kim University medical school. The fortune teller gets out her things and starts shaking them and concentrating.

Myung-sook says that she does not hear anything. So the fortune teller tells her that they do not have to hear anything, only the god should hear! If they hear my ringing bell that the police will catch us!

So she starts to shake her bell again, but there is no sound. Suddenly, the fortune teller starts to talk like a little kid and says that her husband went away. Myng-sook says yes, her husband went to Pyong-yang on assignment. 

But the fortune teller says no, not Pyong-yang, muuuuch farther. He won’t be back (oh no!). Young-ae asks, why not? The fortune teller tells her not to worry about other people, this town will draw a lot of blood. Then she eats a candy.

Cut to Yong-ae’s husband who is arrested. Then another officer is arrested. They are both thrown in jail.

Seung-joon gets woken up while he is sleeping bu Cheon. Cheont ells him that they have to leave right now! they caught Jo Cheol-kang, our backer! We don’t know if he is dead or alive. The only sure thing I know is that if they catch us here then we are dead!

Seung-joon asks what happened? Cheon says it is all about Ri Jung-hyeok. SJ tells him it is all his fault. CHeont ells him to just pack! They are about to leave, but Cheon sees soldiers so he throws him his passport and starts to push the soldiers away to leave.

Seung-joon is able to sneak out!


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      We plan on covering it! A bit delayed on episdoe one, but it will get done!

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