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Crash Landing on You: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 2

Crash Landing on You: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Crash Landing on You! Part 3 is coming up!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Seri looks up at the sky while in her car and sees a kite. Some kids are happily flying it with their father. She longingly looks at the kite but then realizes that she has to drive off again.

She goes to her parents house and looks around at all her wonderful things. Then Yeji runs up to her and tells her that it is so great to see you! I asked for a miracle and this is a real miracle! 

She hugs her but Seri does not hug her back. Yeji tells her that thye need to go to a club to get their skin done. Seri looks at one of her rings and takes it off while asking if she went though her things. yeji says Ummoni let them in. She knew your password.

Then her mother comes in. Seri sits with her and tells her that seh is sorry. Her mother asks what she means. Seri looks at her and asks, did you wish that I came back? When my company hit the bottom, a lot of people bought it. Sang-ah bought the most stock. The next was you, umma.

Her umma tries to say something.

Seri cuts her off and says, I made that company, not your sons. Did you really want to take it from me? Did you think I was dead? Yes that can happen. But, were you happy that I was dead? That is why I am sorry I came back alive and hurt your feelings.

The family all sits down to eat together. But their mother is not there. They ask why she is not there. The father says that she is not feeling good. The others say that it is all a shock that they are still processing.

The oldest asks their father how long he knew that she was alive? A couple weeks ago right? You left on a business trip for 3 or 4 days. The father says that is not important.

Seri says it should be that day. I was in the hospital.

Yeji asks why? You were in the hospital ever since then? Is that why we could not contact you?

Seri tells them that she does not remember. They ask if she remembers anything? She says not everything. I remember that he said he would give me his position. I clearly remember that much as if it was yesterday.

Yeji thinks that aboji should reconsider the heir of the company. There is a new game now.

Seri tells them that it is good that they are all the same. Well, I am always hungry but when I come home I am not hungry. Excuse me.

She goes back to her house and happily sits to enjoy a wine whil eon her couch and in her slippers and fluffy  housecoat. 

She tells herself that she does not have to worry about electricity anymore or anyone checking documents. Ah, this is so good. I am so happy. This is my house.

Cut to her in her bathtub with a wine still in her hands. She says this is my bath I should stretch my legs like this. I have hot water all the time. I dont’ have to heat anything.

But then she tell sher self that she needs to wake up, stop thinking about North Korea.

She starts to put on her skin products in front of her mirror and tells herself that she probably got ten years older. I hve to be young and rich, just rich is not enough. I need to go back, Seri.

She pulls out a face laser massager and says that she will take everything back to the way it was before.

Then she plops in her bed happily and says, yes, this bed should be this big like a playground. And soft, isn’t that right, Ri Jung-hyeok!

But there is no Ri Jung-hyeok so her mood drops. She curls over onto her side and lets out a sad sigh. Later on, she tries to sleep, but tosses and turns. It is 2:13am. So she takes sleeping pills and tries to go to sleep again.




It looks like the kite thta the girl ws playing with went all the way to North Korea where Jung-hyeok is. Jung-hyeok is taking out the sd card from his brothers watch. He gets it and reads what his brother made. it is a report.

Jung-hyeok reads this very detailed report with the list of all the people that were bribed and all the money thta theyrecieved. He faxes it to hisi father. His father reads it over and sees that his son wrote it.


Seung-joon waves hello to Cheon who is sitting in a chair. But then three men ask to see Seung-joon’s ID. Seung-joon says that he left his passport in his room. 

The man tells him to get it, someone has reported you with suspicious behavior. Cheon hides his head with a newspaper. Seung-joon tells them that he is a diplomat. The man tells him that he will verify his identity, lets go.

Cheon wonders what in the world is going on.

Seung-joon walks off, but then Seo Dan walks up to him and calls him Alberto, her friend that she met while studying abroad. She calls her uncle over and says this is her friend. He is a diplomat, uncle.

The uncle greats Seung-joo and asks these men, what happened! He is also wearing his first star general clothing, so the men change their tune and say that they just needed to verify his identity. 

The general tells them that he is his nieces friend, that is as assured as you can get!

So Seung-joo is off the hook. Seung-joo talks to Seo Dan about dropping her off that night and how he had to walk 2 Km to her home while piggybacking her. And you told me I could spend the night.

She says that is not true. He asks, don’t you remember? She tells him, when I am drunk, people do not notice that i am drunk. And II have good manners. Maybe I made a little mistake.

He says there are no good drinking manners. You were yelling at me to stay overnight and rolling in the street. She tells him, anyways, we are equal now. You owe me today.

he agrees and says they can take it tht way. By the way, are you continuing your wedding? I heard that Ri Jung-hyeok went to the demilitarized jone. He won’t be able to come out for awhile.

She says that she did not say that. Seung-joo asks her, dont’ you remember? You told me everything while you were drunk. She says that seh did not tell him that back then.

he wonders how he knows? In his dream? She holds his head and asks, did Jung-hyeok tell you that? He reluctantly nods. Then we flashback to Seung-joon drunkenly walking from Seo Dan’s room. He gets a call from Jung-hyeok right then.

JH – Tomorrow, I will send Seri to the South. It is all true thta her family members in South Korea know about her and she is coming back?

SJ – Do you trust me?

JH – I have no choice now.

SJ – Well, what if they don’t want her to come back. Will you not send her back?

JH – No, not that, I want to know.

SJ – Well, that is not the entire story. One of her brothers knows about it. But says she is noto welcomed. Honestly, they do not want her to come back because Seri will take their position. What do you think When Seri goes back, it will not be a happy place. Why don’t you make her stay here?

JH – That is nonsense. She belongs there and she wants to go back. I have to send her back.

SJ- Why don’t you do it, why are you calling me?

JH – Help me.

SJ – What? Why do I have to? I dont’ have to know the reason.

JH – I heard you were old friends.

SJ – Yes, I have known her for a long time but we are not good friends. New Years Day and Christmas and Birthdays. I would send her a text but she would never send me anything back. Most of all, Seri shamed me and broke off our marriage a few weeks before.  So why shuold I help, what do you want me to help with……..Are you crazy!


There is a checkpoint that Seung-joo is wondering if he shoud go through. This might be Jung-hyeoks house? Seung-soo wonders, should I do this? Should I not do this?

Inside the checkpoint, an officer asks, so cars came in but nothing came out? The other man says yes, sir. Then the soldier says that you have to check a car leaving thoroughly just in case you see a woman that you do not know.

Inside the house, Seri is sleeping in Jung-hyeoks bed. He walks in and quietly wakes her up then tells her, lets go. He holds her hand and walks with her down the stairs.

They sneak to the guard gate. Jung-hyeok tels go of her hand and calls Seung-soo to say, right now.

So Seung-joo dries up and gets the guards atention. The guard asks for his ID. Seung-joo tells him that he heard that the Embassy is right here. The guard tells him it is not here it is at the river.

Jung-hyeok looks on and starts to walk out with Seri. Seung-joo starts to yell at the guard and tells him to look at me! But when Jung-hyeok and Seri run by, he turns nice again.

Cut to Seung-joo driving Seri and Jung-hyeok to the border. he is not happy about that but he does it just the same. Seri thanks him and tells him that she is sorry she left like that on that day.

he mentions he thought she was a racer. She tells him tha she knew he was a con ~ no a thu ~ . But she doesn’t say it. She tells him he is smart but he does not use it well. I thought you were an immature person who is using your smartness in the wrong way. Now I know that you are also a good and loyal person.

Seung-joon asks about his ring from his proposal. Then he asks, did you sell it! she says no, someone has it now. The pawn shop in the market. I needed money. I wanted to buy a gift for Jung-hyeok and I didnt’hae any money. 

But Ilost that gift that day. It was a vintage watch. He tells her that he does not need it, you are not hurt, that is all I want.

Seung-joon asks if they can just leave his car. It starts to rain as he looks miserable with the love birds in his backseat.

They get to the demilitarized are. Guang-bum is waiting there for them with an umbrella. Jung-hyeok gets out of the car and tells Seung-joon, thank you. Seung-joon looks like he doesn’t want to hear it.

Then Jung-hyeok, Se-ri, and Guang-bum drive off. Seung-joon looks at them driving off and thinks, okay, I took them here and we said goodbye.




Seung-joon finishes telling Seo Dan what happened. Then he asys he does not know what happened after that.

Seo Dan asks, so Jung-hyeok volunteered to go back to the border for  – her? He put everything on the line for her?

Seung-joon asks, do you know why I helped them? I wanted to end your first love quickly. She looks at him and asks, what?

he tells her, you hsould not keep your first love too long. that is not good. Just go far away momentarily. That is good for each other. Be clean and beautiful.

She asks, so if you help them then my first love ends?

he tells her that Ri Jung-hyeok went there with Seri, risking his life. Game Over. We saw the end so we have to end as well.

She thinks, well, you don’t know. It is not love if it ends because I saw the ending. Seung-joon tells her, Seo Dan, you are the one who does not know about it.

She says that she is waiting for someone.

He says it is pitiful at this stage to wait for someone. If you see yourself waiting you will see that it is not love, it is obsession. The love became too old and went rotten. You have to throw away those things now.


Seo Dan’s mother, Myung-eun talks to her brother the general about the man that he saw in the hotel. Was he tall and skinny and pale? The general says yes! Was he the same guy that brought Dan home?

The mother brings out an old photo book and says that she has been looking at it. She thinks her daughter is a femme fatale beauty who destroys everyone. With tht beauty, she does not need to be rich. With this much richness, she does not need to be pretty. But my Dan has both. Of course men follow her.

The general says, not that much. Something is suspicious to me because Dn was not sad at all even though Jung-hyeok went to the demilitarized zone. 

The mother thinks, poor Jung-hyeok. 

Her brother tell sher, it looks like you are happy, noona. The mother says that seh is not happy! I am worrying about the marriage breaking! If the marriage breaks, then it is better to dump and not get dumped.

But then the uncle gets an imprtant call and goes to the courthouse.

In the courthouse, the judge says that this is a special case so there is no jury. Only the attorney and prosecutors. Jung-hyeok is in the audience in his full military attire.

The prosecutor asys all that Jo is guilty of with smuggling relects, bribing people, and killing people. They have all the evidence.

Jung-hyeok goes up as a witness. They ask him how he has the evidence. Jung-hyeok says that one of the victims, Ri Moo-hyeok, who is also my brother, gathered all the evidence.

Jo says that it is all untrue, I dont’ know the drivers. 

The drivers are in the prison area so they ask the drivers if they know him. The drivers say no. Jo tells them, see, it was just an accident.

Jung-hyeok submits another piece of special evidence. It is the metal that arms the trucks. he says it is super strong armor for he tanks and is used on Russian tanks. Russia banned exporting it. But I saw it at the base. I also saw the blue print to make the armor.

The judge asks if there is evidence that it all is by the plaintiff? Jung-hyeok states that when they see the evidence, there is a record of exporting money to Russia illegally.

Jo yells, IT IS ALL UNTRUE. he hid a South Korean spy and I found it out! He is lying! He is trying to destroy me because I knew he was hiding a South Korean spy!

The judge gets a notice from the uncle and starts to give his verdict. All of Jo’s money will be taken away and we will revoke his citizenship. He will serve hard labor for his entire life. This is a life sentence with hard labor. Also, no appeal!

Jo tries to charge after Jung-hyeok. Several soldiers have to pull himoff. Jo tells him that he missed one thing! But the soldiers start to kick Jo and he fallsto the ground.

Jo tells Jung-hyeok, because of that, she will die.

Jung-hyeoks eyes grow wide as he sees Jo being dragged away.


Part 3 is coming up! We still have around 22 minutes left so it might take 30-35 minutes plus!

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    Absolutely love your recaps! Great job!

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    I love the story and the actors I can’t wait the other episodes left thank you for the wonderful kdrama

  3. Anonymous
    January 19, 2020 / 1:26 pm

    Am i the only one that i liked SR back in North Korea? Her life in Seoul seems too miserable. Whereas she managed to blend quite easily in NK(which makes me think if her real mother is from NK). Plus she had people that really cared about her there(The F4 plus the women of the village.)

    • V
      January 19, 2020 / 1:54 pm

      Me me! I think the same thing too!

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    love your recaps! in overseas at the moment and can’t watch it on Netflix here right now so I’m relying on this ! Thank you!

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      So happy to help out, Julz!

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