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Crash Landing on You: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 1

She is back home! Or at least almost back home! It was a peaceful, lovely, and well thought out send off! Y’all, they got their last kiss in the middle of the night around landmines. Talk about explosive. Don’t get weak in the knees, girl, that might be the end of you.

We had technical difficulties this morning, but we finally got it up! We do have a question, do you prefer 3 parts if the episode starts to approach 1.5 hours like it did yesterday or would you like to keep it to 2 parts? We like to separate the post based on 30 minute increments, but if the episode is more like 1.10 or 1.15 we keep it to two parts. These episodes are around 84-90 minutes.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In the woods Jung-hyeok tells Seri to follow the path. You will see South Korean soldiers, it is almost time for them to come out. ask them for help.

She asks if he can take her over there. He says he can’t move even one step from that line. Remember to follow the stone. Don’t forget about it. he shines his light on the stone.

SR – Don’t forget me completely.

JH – I wont be able to. How can I forget the woman who fell from the sky.

SR – I didn’t fall, I descended.

JH – Okay *smile*

SR – Goodbye.

She starts to walk along the patch and steps over the barbed wire fence. But he steps over it also and flips her around. She is all teary eyed and terrified.

JH – One step, maybe that is okay.

Then he pulls her to him and kisses her deeply. They both wrap their arms around each other as they enjoy their last moment.


Two employees show up to the funeral for Seri. One of them asks, did you hear that our company will merge with Queens group? The other employee says, that is a good thing right? Being a part of a big company? Don’t you think about human resources? Why did she die all of a sudden?

Then Seri comes walking up in all while with her hair straight an her shades on. She tells them, wait a minute. This picture is bad. Who picked this picture? She takes the signature book and checks to see who came to pay their respects.

Then she takes her off shades and turns around. All the employees and everyone around is all like, waaaaah!

SR – Spread the rumor, Yoon Seri is back. I am sorry to everyone who was shocked by me and to those people who were happy because I disappeared, sorry I came back alive. To congratulate my come back safely, I will offer a 50% discount for a week for everything in Seri’s Choice. As you all know, our brand never has any discount. this is a limited time discount. So enjoy the premium brand products.

She poses like she is selling something and everyone murmurs.

Cut to the oldest brother and his wife at home. They are trying to practice crying and looking sad for the funeral. But he says he can’t do it. She tells him, you can do it! You were sued for violence. You need to look nice and polite so they think that you are a good person. So try again.

He looks into the camera, but then says, I CANT DO IT, aish. She tells him that his picture will last forever, you will be in the photo line. She puts a biti more hair tonic on his hair and says that stress is the biggest thing for hair loss.

He starts to cry and asks why the world is doing this to me. If it was Yoon Seri then I would be a little less embarrassed. At least she was talented. But I lost to Se-hyung…~. He puts his head in his hands again.

But then the wife gets a very surprising call.

Cut to the insurance guy, he is packing up his things at work, looks like he is fired. he tells his boss, she is not dead. The boss asks, are you confident with that! You said there are two things inthe world that don’t change. The realestate price going up in Seoul and that Yoon Seri did not die.

Soo-chan apologizes, his boss negs him. But then Soo-chan sees the online article that says that Yoon Seri is back, he pushes his boss out of the way and yell, daeback!!!!!

In the board meeting, the meting is about to get started when Seri comes out of the elevator and shows up to it. Sang-ah is addressing all the baord meeting members in Seri’s CHoice and tells them that they will merge.

Of course we will honor your positions, this might be super great.

Chag-sik talks ont he phone when someone hits him to look behind him. Seri is walking up right then. Chang-sik’s arm starts to itch with goosebumps. He says, are you real????

She tells him that she has a lot to argue about, but at least it is good to see you again. She holds out her hand to shake. But he drops everything and says where were you! We looked for you!!!! He starts sobbing and gives her a big hug.

She is surprised to know that they were looking for her and smiles. She tells him he looks better.

In the board meeting, theh vote is starting. They need to raise their hands for yes or no in the board meeting to change. Almost all the hands go up. But then Seri walks in and eveyrone flips the f out.

SR – is this the feeling of someone coming out of their own coffin at a funeral? Who gave how much money at my funeral and who talked bad about me? I know everything now. Everyone who raised their hand, I will ignore what happened. Just go back to work.

Then she addresses Sang-ah. Sang-ah stands looking concerned.

SR – When you had your family meeting for a marriage at a Japanese restaurant, I thought, ah, you like eating raw things. But I came back so you cannot eat my company raw. *smiles*




South Korea plays the national anthem and the North Korean soldiers sing along as they walk since they hear it all the time. Chi-soo sings the South Korean lyrics.

Eun-dong asks him if he is super happy. Chi-soo says, of course I am. I think even South Korean people don’t even memorize all the national anthem to part 4. 

Joo-meok tells him that people will hear him. He says no one is around. So they wonder where their Captain is. He can’t eat or sleep. I have never seen this much love sickness before.

Cut to Jung-hyeok sitting next to the prayer bowl at their tiny house. He imagines Seri sitting next to him.

SR – Is that the prayer bowl? Pyo Chi-soo told me that 50 years ago a mother lived here that sent her son to the war.

JH – I know.

SR – Do you think that mom met her son again? Do you think if we really wish and wait then we will see the person that we miss so much?

JH – At least they do that. At least you have to wait, then they will survive. That is why they do that.

He looks back and she is gone. He looks at the prayer bowl again.

Later that night, he sees a man walking around the corner in dress military attire. He holds his hand to his gun, but then he sees that it is Man-bok. Man-bok comes up with his hands up.

they go sit inside. Jung-hyeok asks, how come you are here? Do you have state security department permission? man-bok says that he knows one of the head of the guards who smuggles things, so I made a deal with him about that.

MB – I hear other peoples secrets all the time so Iknow all their secrets. Who they meet and what kinds of deals they make and their weaknesses.

JH – Are you a wiretapper?

MB – *nods* Yes. Eversince 17 I was too busy hearing other peoples stories so I could nto tell my story to anyone. But a few years ago I met someon who heard me. He gave me a birthday gift. The wallet you found for me.

Man-bok takes out the wallet and gives a note to Jung-hyeok. Jung-hyeok takes it with hesitation and reads it.

Note – 

Happy birthday. 

I heard if you have a good wallet then luck also follows. Hopefully you and your family have good luck all the time. I have to go to Pyongyang. *the rest is rubbed out with time*  

Ri Moo-hyeok.

JH – Do you know my brother?


man-bok and his wife run to the emergency room in the hospital with his baby son in his arms. The doctor tells him that they have a new flew and they don’t have any medicine so they can’t do anything.

Myung-sook asys that she bought this medicine. But the doctor says that medicine is fake. There is no medicine unless you go to the 11th hospital.

So Manbok has to go home with his wife to help care for their son. But then he gets a knock on the door. It is Moo-hyeok. He brought a nurse with him and medicine. 

So they go inside and get the baby all straight. he goes right to sleep. Man-bok gives all the money he can to Moo-hyeok to accept for saving his son. It is only a few dollars. Moo-hyeok takes it and says that is enough. They used banmal to each other, so they might have been friends.


Jo gives Man-bok and order to wire tap Lee Moo-hyeok.  Man-bok keeps asking him why to wire tap and says that he thought Jo was friends with Moo-hyeok.

Jo told him that it is none of his business and then threatens Man-bok about his mother going to jail for trying to cross the border. She is about to go to jail, but I can take her out.

Man-bok still does not want to do it. Jo tell shim if he does not, then you will lose your mother forever.

RMH – Cheol-Kang crossed the line, he is not listening to me and participating in illegal drug dealing and excavating he killed people to cover his sin.

Driver – What should I do?

RMH – Find out who took Cheol-Kang’s money and bribery and everything. I will take one with me *the usb evidence*. 

Driver – In the watch?

RMH – Yes

They start the truck and drive off. Man Bok tells Jo that he left and passed the second check point. And continues to give updates until he hears a loud noise of the crash. he starts to cry and holds his head.



In the flashback, that night man-bok went home. His wife tells him that he is late for his own birthday. You didn’t eat a birthday dinner. I made meat soup. Ri Moo-hyeok came by, he brought nice meat for your birthday and said he is going to Pyongyang. He also brought you this.

She gives Man-bok a box. It has a wallet in it and all the money that man-bok gave him 3 years ago. There is also a letter. Man Bok reads it.

Letter – 

Happy Birthday, 

When you ahve a good wallet then luck will come with it. I hope my friend Man-boka nd his family always have good luck. I need to go to Pyongyang. When I come back we should have a drink, Chae Moo-hyeok.

Ri Moo-hyeok


Jung-hyeok asks what the reason is that he is telling him this now? Manbok says that he regret it for a long time. Even though he told himself that he did not have a choice, it was still bad. Whenever I went to bed and woke up, I was sorry to him. I missed my only friend.

Man-bok gets up and kneels in front of Jung-hyeok in forgiveness. 

MB – I want to pay for what I did. Please save my family.

He gives Jung-hyeok the watch. Jung-hyeok grips it tightly. Man-bok cries on his knees on the floor. Jung-hyeok puts the tape in the tape recorder andplays it.

RMH – My brother went to Switzerland to study overseas. He is a piano genius. He got a scholarship and had a recital. Everyone stood up and clapped for him. he made a song for me. He said he will play it when he comes back.

Driver – Are you happy?

RMH – Yes, I am. When I think of him I am very happy.

Jung-hyeok starts to cry and whispers, I am sorry.

RMH – I hope he is happy.

On the recording, the crash happens. Jung-hyeok grips the tape recorder tightly and sobs.


Wol-sook goes outside at her house to get some food in one of the jangtoktae’s. This is the salt one, inside she sees a letter. She wonders what it is.

Cut to a sign inside the house that reads “Knowledge is Light, Uneducation is Darkness!” Then we see kids studying how to say English phrases with their tutor.

The other kids parents all group together to discuss the letter. They whisper, so Sam-sook came from the South? She is not Sam-sook, she is Yoon Seri!

Then they start to wonder who Yoon Seri is, is it Seri’s Choice from the market? Thye all gasp. That Yoon Seri is this Yoon Seri! The skin products! What happened?! Why is that Seri pretending to be Sam-sook here?

The ladies read the letter which says that it was an accident. Young-ae wonders why she said that to them since she is leaving. They read the letter. She addresses all the eunnies and says that she wa sorry to lie to them.

Yong-ae is happy that she is the first eunnie.

Wol-sook keeps reading the letter that thanks them all for believing what she said and talking with her. She says that she is leaving now, but for those eunnies she wanted to tell them her real name. I had to lie because I had no choice, but my heart to you eunnies was truthful.

The ladies all start to tear up as they think how scary it must have been for her. She came to a strange place and should have been worried about being arrested.

Flashback to Seri getting caught inside the basement.

Mol-wook says she pretended to be strong, but seh was so timid with a tiny liver.

We see other flachbacks with Seri and the ladies in the village. They hope that she went back okay. Young-ae says that it has been two weeks. Should should have gotten back okay or she is dead. One or the other. All the ladies worry.

In the background, their kids still practice their English. 


QUESTION – Let us know if you would prefer keeping the episodes to two parts & waiting the additional 15-30 minutes for parts 1 and 2 or if three parts is okay! These episodes are super long so we tested out 3 parts yesterday and might do it again today. But if everyone is cool with 2 parts and waiting then we will keep it to 2 parts moving forward!

Part 1 | Part 2

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