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Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 Live Recap – Part 2

Recap Crash Landing on You Episode 1 - Part 2

This is part 2 for our live recap of Crash Landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Int he campsite, all the soldiers are still passed out due to all the liquor and don’t here teh message. The other soldier says that he told them via walkie talkie and then asks what is going on with the captain. But then he realizes that he is on a landmine.

So the soldier says that he will call special forces. Jung-hyuk tells the soldier that he can do it. But the soldier says that he only did it once. Jung-hyuk sys that he trusts him and stats to coach him through it.

He tells the soldier that he needs to be careful. Be careful, careful, go slowly, slowly. The soldier looks up and says that he said he trusts him. then he holds up a piece of the landmine.

Jung-hyuk slowly steps off. Then he pats the soldier on the shoulder.

Cut back to Se-ri who has made it to the fork in the road. She goes to thr right like it was said, but thens he thinks she can’t trust him and goes to the left and then goes bakc to the right. She dosn’t know what to do.

In a meadow, the drunk soldiers says that they heard that there is a woman that came here frome the South and that they should shoot her or something. Ah, why did she come here today! But then they mention that they migh be promoted so they go off to try and fnd her.

One of them sees her walking aimlessly around and thinks that today is his day to get the reward! So he starts to run after her but he also thinks that this might be a hallucination? He sees her again and starts to run after her. But she is pretty fast and he is all hung over. So he calls his other team members for backup.

the other North Korean soldiers all starts to run after her. She is taking off and mutters, ah, why are you all following me! She takes off running through a mine field so the other soldiers  stop and mantion that this is the worst mine field ever!

She continues crossing it and jumping over everything. The North Koreans are all like, why is she running into North Korea? So they all think that they can take a detour and start to run around. She sees a tree that fell on the fence and starts to run over it.

The soldiers tell her, no no no, don’t go that way! that is not your country! Come this way! if you go that way then we are all dead! She is all like, hat are they talking about? But then seh sees Jung-hyuk running up and jumps across the fence to North Korea.

Everyone is all like, is she stupid? Why would she go that way?

They radio in to a soldier up there in a tower. He is watching Winter Sonata and tearing up at the drama so he is not watching Se-ri as she runs across the border. Seri continues taking off running through the woods into North Korea. She does not stop either, she is going for it.

But then seh trips and falls and rolls a bit. But she gets back up and takes off running. She goes deeper and deeper into North Korea.

One soldier is reading his m tohers letter that talks about her proud son, how are you doing. Ten years can be long or short serving the military. Serve ten years well and come back to your home town with the honor of a medal.

She runs right by this picturesque field as he clutches his letter from his mother.


Se-ri’s mother sits alone at her dinner table as her servants stand waiting. Then she gets a call from secretary Nam and wonders what he is talking about.

Cut to the daughter n law who tells a group of people in a room that she wants to pray for her and her husband becuase they have difficulty. People think we are so easy. Someone wants my husbands things, he is the oldest so of course we have trouble.

Then her phone goes off, it is her husband telling her that Se-ri disappeared. She is all like, really? She is so happy and thinks that her prayers have been answered. So she turns back to the prayer circle. The woman ask what happened.

Se-ri says that she didn’t even start to pray and already has an answer! She puts her hands to the sky.

Elsewhere, the brothers talk to the police abotu this incident and ask about the media and the news. The police say that they will talk about the incident, but not the person who is involved.

then they say that the golden time for survival is….48 hours. One brother thinks that is so long. Well, if she survived then she should contact us already. Maybe it is a slim chance after 10 hours?

Employee Chang-sik asks to search some more! The chairman is in his car and frets with his wife.

Flashback to the step mother and Se-ri talking outside the house on the day she was given the country. teh mother told Se-ri that she said she would disappear, so why are you coming back?

Se-ri turns around. The mtoher tells her that she still wnats to recieve what she is given. you tell abogi that you won’t be able to do it.

Se-ri tells her that she still says Ummaya when she is surpised or scared. That is funny right? I don’t have a mom. No mom wants their own daughter to disappear from the world. isn’t that right?

The mtoher sihs int he care as if she regrets that.

In the woos, Seri says, Ummaya and looks at her injured leg. She tells herself, see, it should not be cut in this situation. This does not pass my test! (She is talking about her uniform). 

So she takes it off and tries to hop away, but she can’t. So she sits against a tree and wonders why she does not see any soldiers even though she crossed the boarder. Are all the soldiers on vacation?



Cut to Jung-hyuk with the video person. he is looking at Se-ri running along the fenced area into North Korea and sighs. the soldiers all talk about hwo it is there fault. But one of the soldiers says that it isi actually their captains fault for losing her first after stepping on the mine.

This is the drunk one, so JH asks him if he drank? The man says it was not drink, it was medicine…so, we are not talking about whose fault it is. We need to catch her first. If the state department catches her then we are all dead. We will be dragged out and killed. Umma….

They all think about this. Jung-hyuk tells them that they have to go, their shift ended.

So they go change shifts and then are driven away in the military vehicles. One of the soldiers asks how a glider could come to their side? how can a glider get here? It does not have any power. Another one says that it does not have any power so their radar cannot catch it.

The younger soldiers ays that she should be surprised also if she came here on accident. The soldier says that he is surprised too! They mention that they have to catch her before anyone finds out. They have to!

Cut back to Se-ri who is walking around wondering if she is walking in circles. She puts a bow on a tree and tells it that she should not come here anymore. Goodbye tree. Then she puts another bow on another tree and continues walking.

She might have walked for a long long time.


Sang-ah asks her husband, Se-hyung if they are searching for her. They are drivingn in the car. He says they are searching everywhere for her. She tells him that the heir seat is empty. If you dno’t want to be a loser forever, then get it. And find that guy that took your money and ran away.


A car drives into a very huge and important looking building. This might be a hotel. Sung-joon tells someone to stand at the door and let him know when he sees s suspicious person. The person leaves.

Then Sung-joon turns to Oh and asks if he is trust worthy. Oh says he is trust worthy. Then SJ asks if he can trust him as well? Oh says that he can trust him, of course. You should trust me in this situation.

SJ tells him that he told someone that exact same thing. He told that to Yoon Se-hyung and betrayed him. Oh is all like, yeah, he should be super angry right now. SJ thinks that he won’t give up so easily.

Oh says that with money and power, they can track you anywhere. Except a place with no cellphone towers. SJ asks where this place is.


Cut back to North Korea where the three men who were digging up relicts are being talked to by the lieutenant and asks the men what they found. They tell him that they got a golden Buddha and pottery from Goryeo dynasty. they are all in very good shape!

The lieutenant tells them good job and asks where the product is. The men point to it on the map. But they ask what will happen to them? They are all screwed by that Captain and are sent to Pyongyang.

Lieutenant Jo tells them that Jung-yuk is not a match to him. So just be ready to get a secret award. the men are happy but Jo looks evil.



Cut to the men being driven away. A huge monster truck comes out. A woman is on the side of the road  holding up a sign. But they drive right by her.

Then the monster truck hits the other truck and sends it over the  cliff. The woman sees it. the monster truck then starts to drive after the woman.

Elsewhere in the woods, soldier Eun-dong talks to JH about the woman. He wonders if seh is still alive and starts to talk about one of the soldiers and how he his single mother who wants him to come back a hero. he also has a lot of siblings.

JH tells him that is the same for all the parents. So the soldier starts to talk aout Joo-myeok who watches Korean dramas while working. He will be killed by his father before we go to the place.

JH tells him that of course, if you commit a crime then you should be punished. Not only them, but me as well. I lost her and you who drank while working.

One of the soldiers comes back with her clothes that she took off. They start to hunt for her more seriously and starts to find all the branches that she put up on trees to not get lost.

they follow these branches all the way to fine her.

Cut to Se-ri who is still walking. She see a Korean Red Cross sumbolon a bag and thinks tha tshe made it! I am here! I thought I went to North Korea, I should have an interview with CNN. I will buy a cell phone and call a cab and get physical therapy. I am here!

She walks to the little town but it is very dark. She wonders if everyone is sleeping? then seh sees someone walling up with a cow and a wagon as if it is 1950s. there is a little boy on the cow. They both look at her strangely and keep walking.

The man goes home. then the ladies starts to talk to him in a very thick North Korean accent. The light for the town comes on as the ladies start to buy things from this man. they also have coupons for eggs and talks about how they are still warm.

there is a radio speaker for he town that tells everyone to come out and excercise together. So all the people from the town go t the town square to excercise together.

All the ladies go to one side to excercise to dance music and all the little ids stand on another side in formation.

Se-ri wonders what in the world they are doing. Why are they talking like that?

The kids all starts to march around as the women keep on excercising.

Se-ri looks up at the signs that are up. All the signs talk about how great their leader is and how the leader is the greatest for them forever.

SR – What the? Am I still in North Korea?

A military truck drives up. It is CHil-kang. The lights from his truck shine on her. But Jung-hyuk pullsher away inside a building at the perfect time.

He closes the door and pins her agains the wall. She is stunned but also relieved to see him.


Jang hyuk is walking aorund int he woods with his gun raised.

Seri is still hanging in the tree and talking to her employee.

SR – I know you are listening now. Hong, Hong? I know you are listening. Fire the people that did our event. Did they check our weather? Hey, when I go back I am not going to let this…no no no, I will let everything go. I am not angry. You are not answering becuase you think I am angry? I am not angry. I am really okay. Just answer me okay? To me…this is a National Park. I saw a deer. So search all the National Parks around. It sounds like I am giving you an order, but I am asking a favor.

Then the walkie talkie starts to go out.

He kind of smiles at her.

SR – Why why why! Whyare you doing this to me? I have so much to do! Piles of work to do! I was about to give the employees a raise and high incentive. Do you hear that? But nwo youa re not answering? Is it embarrassng? Ah…come to me please.

She rests her head on her paraglider and then sees Jung-hyuk. He turns off his smile and holds his gun up again.

Fade Out

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