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Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 Live Recap – Part 1

Recap Crash Landing on You Episode 1 - Part 1

And we are finally here! It is time to see if this show is wacky in a Fiery Priest way or wacky in a Melting Me Softly way. Hopefully it has lots of laughs with an abundant amount of warm charming love feels and tons of playful banter. Hey, a drama girl can wish, right!

We will live watch this show TODAY on The Kthree’s YouTube channel at 12pm PST (2pm CST and 3pm EST)! The Live Watch is Right Here; Come on out and have fun with us!

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open on a landscape of North Korea and the demilitarized zone. An eagle flies and gives us a birds eye view of the demilitarized zone with all its guards and barbed wires.

Then we are taking to Seoul. Yoon Se-ri and another man are spotted by papparazi all around Seoul. It looks as if they are dating.

Cut to a manager talking about the paparrazi photos and telling Se-ri that they made it like they are friends. There is a group of people around all looking at this.

She starts laughing and says that they ysed to be friends but, it has all ended. She sniffs and then straightens up and asks if they can do something with the mosaic that is on her face. 

Then she starts to talk about how she is pushing her earings this season. Can the mosaic be smaller so that the earrings can be shown? Also, what aboutthe bag and my shoes?

She talks to sale? The man is drawing in his notebook. She tells him that he has to get the earrings and bag and shoes when it is on live search. A lot of people will want to buy that.

Cut to the earings and bag and shoes on display at department stores. She starts to walk through a department store and all the peopel start to talk about her and say that she is not as pretty as she is on screen.

Se-ri asks if she is more focused than normal? Her team tells her that these people are the guys fans. Then they also tell her that they sold a lot mroe than they normally do.

Her brother calls so one of her team members gives her her phone and starts to talk to her. She asks what he wants. it seems as if they are not close. He talked about how she used to date a baseball player and the wife says soccer?

And the brother talks about her dating an Idol and the wife says actor. Seri tells him that it is none of his business. So the brother tells her that she is too busy screwing things up so she does not know what is going on in the family.

He tells her that their father is out of jail today. He does not care if she goes to a family meeting at other times but she should at least come home today. Save my number.

She tells him not to change his phone number, I don’t want to block it twice. Then she hangs up.

The brother annoyingly sighs. the wife asks if she hung up on him again? She did not come to the house for a long time so don’t care about her. He says that his father told him to call her. The wife asks why father is calling all of them, is it about the next heir?

On the news, they talk about the Queens Group. He is released from jail after 283 days and will not be head of the company anymore. So people wonder who will be the heir among his kids.

the chairman goes through a huge entrance to his house as if he is in Crazy Rich Asians and then drives up a mini mountain to the mansion on the hill.

All the family members sit to eat and the wife tells the ather that she made him a tubu cake since he got out of jail. She says he looks happy. Ye-ji says that everyone talks about the next heir and business but no one congratulates him for being out of jail. Why are people so bad? Do they think that cheabols like us don’t have family. We are a really good family right? She smiles.

Everyone nods but they look a bit uncomfortable. Sang-ah asks if she took care of the event where they exchanged punches against the union leader. Yeji chuckles and ays that they are taking care of it. Men can exchange punches, it can happen.

Yeji then says that she heard that her husband was a victim of investmanet fraud and lost money. The man asks, when? So Yejin says that the stock was slashed to half and people talk about leadership and ability. I was so angry about it. He just lost a lot of money and people say he is stupid.

Se-joon asks, who said that about my brother! Se-hyun speaks up and tells them that it was not fraud, I just lost contact with him. The mother sighs. The two brothers start to argue politely back and forth abaout it.

The 2nd son tells father that hyung hit the union leader and lost his tooth! The mother rubs her forehead. Abogi asks them if they called Seri today the brother says that he called her many times but she blocked my number.

Cut to a door opening and closing, then in walks Se-ri. She congratulates their father because he is out of jail and then says that she heard that he called for her. What would you like to say?

The father tlels her to come back to the house. So she asks, you called me to say that? You look good. take care of your health. I have said hi so I will be back. she bows and then starts to walk out.

The father says that he will give her his position. the toher siblings all say, abogi! Yobo! Se-ri is surprised and turns around.

Abogi – You spent 10 years making your own company and left home. I have seen your ability. You can take care of the company for me.

Se-ri looks around the table and everyone is shaking their heads no. But she smiles and says she will do it. your position means that I can take care of Human Resources for all the companies?

the father says yes. So Se-ri says that is good. Few CEO’s are not worthy of their position. For example, the people who make trouble with employees (she looks at her brother Se-joon) and whom are involved withh a lot of lawsuits and affect the company with bad decisions (she looks at her brother Se-hyun) we have to fire them.

The father tells her that she can do it. The mother drinks a glass of wine. Se-ri says that her company is busy now with her sports lie launch. So she needs to find the proper CEO for it.

The father tells her tomorrow? She says that they are testing their product tomorrow, it is an important event. he says that he will announce it at the board meeting, so finish up everything by then.

She says okay and then tells them all to enjoy their meal. You will not have good digestion with me here, goodbye.

She walks out and starts to look stunned and super excited. But she withholds it all inside.



Then we see her take a deep breath as she stands outside in sports wear and her paraglider behind her. her employee Chang-sik runs up to her looking concerned and asks when she started paragliding? And when she got her license. She says that she thought she told him that she got it in Switzerland.

he says that they can test this later. She says that she will be busy later. She has to go up somewhere. Very very high somewhere. he says that seh is already very high.

But Seri says that as early as tomorrow morning, my name will be everwhere, don’t be too surprised. He thinks it is another dating scandal. She is afronted but then smiles and tells him that it is not that. Okay, lets go.

the employee says that the wind is bad even though they checked the wather. She asks him why he thinks the wind blows? He says he does not know. She says that the wind blows to pass by and not to stay. So with the wind blowing, I can fly.

she hops up on the paraglider and starts to sale around the area. The employee waves and yells for her to be carefull.

There are actually a few other paragliders out right now. they might all be apart of this launch. Se-ri does know how to paraglide very well and shows off her skills a bit by going into a circle.

While up there she thinks that she did a good job. Seri, it was so hard. Now all I need to do is go up and up and up. the forest looks so pretty. I haven’t seen this for a long time.

But then a tornado starts to come down.

Seri looks at a tractor flying and says, look at that tractor flying. But then she is all like, why is that tractor flying?

The tornado has fully formed now and announced itself as the sky grows dark and the wind picks up to tornado levels and spins Seri and he other hang glider around fiercly.


Cut to the demilitarized zone on North Korea border. Jung-hyuk. He goes on patrol with his team around the forest. They hear some comotion so one of the soldiers points their gun to the trees and says that he thinks they might have a run away soldier.

Jung-hyuk starts to tell all the details about the gun shots that he hears as well as what kind of rifle that it comes from. he says they are their people. 

So they slowly walk through the woods to where the south Korean guys are. the South Koreans have three people on their knees. Guns go up all around as the north and South Koreans try to figure out what is going on.

The three men says that they are there hunting deer, but when the wind picked up they got lost. The South Koreans say that they were digging relicts illegally.

Jung-hyuk asks for evidence. The SK soldier shows a thermal image picture. Jung-hyuk tells them since there were no casualties then lets put out guns down, we will investigate them with our ounty. Our punishment is much harsher than South Korea.

Lets lower our guns on the count of 3. they count and slowly start to lower their guns.

But the three men look like they dont want to go to North Korea for punishment and one of them reaches for the gun. There is a brief commotion as the men are disarmed and everyone picked up their guns again and pointes them at each other.

But the SK and NK radios tell them to hold their fire and come back. So they all put their guns away and head back to their base camps.

Jung-hyuk reports reports to his leader and says that they are delivering the bandits to him. But their fences are broken with the wind gust and they don’t have electricity. Ii think we have to increase security on the broken part.

the leader says okay and then asks if he is going to switch his shift tomorrow? it is your last day but you had a tornado and bandits. Jung-Hyuk says it is fine for him. 

The leader thinks that the men crossed the line on accident due to the wind. But Jung-hyuk says no, he can’t. The leader says that he knows that our security department gave them permission to cross the line so it will not be good for us at the end of the month.

Jung-hyuk says that the state security department gave them permision to steal the relics? That what you said? The man laughs and says of course not. So Jung hyuk says that he told the South Korean captain that they will investigate the case with the honor of their country.

The commanding officer says that he can do it, but I will not give you a break because you are from a high class. You should not be that person that haunts our security, if I see it, it is the end of their life. But, you know, you never know …~. he looks at him sternly.



Later on, Chi-soo from JH’s team complains about how that officer is against them and with the state department. He says that for him he is just poor but for us, the state department will look at us carefully andn watch us.

they are all sitting around a campfire for the night. Anotehr soldier asks why their captain came all the way tot he border? He is from Pyongyang so why doesn’t he live in Pyongyang? 

the other soldier says that is why the rich guys and people with power are more scary. You know, he wants to be loved by the leader by knowing everything about North Korea. 

he holds up home made alcohol and tells them to rememeber that this snake drink was made in 1953 and drink it. this is 60 years old snake alcohol. Little weak people will run everywhere. This is medicine.

They all joke and ask for their medicine. But one of them asks if they can drink while working? The soldiers tells him that they spent two months here and are about to change their shift at sunrise so nothing will happen.

Cut to Se-ri hanging in a tree in the woods. An owl curiously looks at her. she is sleeping right now.

At the border, Chang-sik is frantic as the SK police looks around for Se-ri in the countryside. The other hanglider is brought back and gets yelled at while he is on the stretcher. he asys that he could not record anything, he almost got killed! So the employee fretts about his boss and wonders where she can be.

Then we cut to Seri who has woken up now. She wonders where she is and if she passed out. there is a cute deer nearby walking around and peeking at her as she tries to talk on her walkie talking and wonders if she is at a National Park?

then she realizes that she is very high up in a tree so she starts to yell, hello, hello! Is anyone around!

Jung-hyuk is walking around with one of his team mates when they hear something but they are not sure if they heard it. One of them gets a call that the fence fell, so he goes back and Jung-huk stays to look around.

Se-ri sees him from the tree and starts to wave her hands around frantically for him to come save her. She asks if the military is looking for her?

But then she sees the North Korean mark on his helmet and grows alarmed and quiet. He asks what that is. She tells him not to come, jsut stay right there!

he tells her to come down. But she says that she wants to come down but it is too high! So he cocks his gun at her and she immdiately says that she can come downn and releases her seat belt which makes her literally crash land on him.

he catches her and then she hops off. he asks who she is. She says that she runs a fashion department and does not want to tell him who she is but that he made a good decision .Welcome to South Korea. Did you cross the border? are you a spy? Are you here for a special mission? The North Korean elite? Don’t worry, I won’t turn you in, I don’t care about other people.

She starts to leave. He tells her to stop so she puts up her hands and says that she will stop here. Can you just let me go home? She asys that seh lives in Seoul in gangnam.

he tells her that it is far away and then tells her that she is mistaken. i did not go to SOuth Korea. You came to North Korea. She is all like, what? North Korea? She is so stunned that she says it in English – North Korea? then she says that is nonsense, how can that be? Are you sure? DOn’t lie to me.

But he is blank faced so she looks around. He says that this is the North Korean part of the demilitarized zone. She says then it is not exactly North Korea? he says it is definitely their territory. I see ann intruder from the South.

She tries to tell him that she was paragliding and had a tornado with no warning and I saw a tractor and a pig flying and I passed out and ended up here! I am telling you that it was an accident.

he puts away his gun and says okay. But he tells her to explain all this the exact same way when she is under investigation. She asks, what? Investigation?! he says that they will think that she purposely crossed the boarder.

She says that she is innocent! Do you think Ii am a beautiful spy and torture me and send me to a mine? What should I do! He says that wont happen. THough he is not sure.

She asks how she can trust him! he says that is  not his authority. So she smiles and tells him not to do it to him. I can run he other direction. Can you let me go? I am good at running. I can disappear!

She starts to run, he tells her to stop, so she continues running across water, but he tells her, that is a mine field!

So she stops quickly and asks, land mine? Where?

he tells her that there are a lot of lost landmines with rain so yo do’t see them. I am a professional in that regard. Do you think you and get out without my help? If you do not listen to my order then you will lose your foot.

He takes a step and it looks like he might have stepped on a land mine, lol. She asks what happened. Did you just step on a lost mine? he says no. She asks, fon’t you need my help? Turnn around.

But he can’t turn around or move and tries to call fro help but loses his walkie talkie when he almost strips and has to stay put. So she picks it up. He thanks her. But she says that she is not giving it to him.

he tells her not to forget that he has a gun. She tells him, if you shoot me then you will lose the only person that can help you. I don’t know all these things by in your specialty. The person who knows things, still steps on land mines? I think you will have a muscle cramp doing this. 

He says that he does not need help. So she tells him goodbye, I am busy.

he asks if she can give him his walkie. She puts it in the creek near him and says that soon it will float to him. I need time to run away. okay? What happened to me is so serious so I do not have time to worry about other people.

She starts to lurch away in the water and tells him goodbye. He asks if seh sees that squar box in front of her? that is another land mine. She pulls her foot up to not step on it. He tells her to be careful with her foot steps. She sayas that she is telling him this because seh will never see hima gain. You are my type. I think we can see each other differently when we reunite the country.

He asks if she can joke right now? She asks which way is South? He tells her to go to the right and follow the road and choose the right road when it diverts. She asks if seh can trust him? He tells her to decide, I gave you my answer.

But then other soldiers start to show up so Se-ri starts to run away. Jung-hyuk looks at his foot when the soldier runs up to him. he asys he was looking for him.

Jung-hyuk tells him that he needs to tell everyone that if they see a stranger they need to arrest them. A South Korean woman that came here on accident. Don’t shoot her, just arrest her.


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