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Come and Hug Me Recap Episodes 1 and 2

Episode 1 and 2 recap for the Kdrama Come and Hug Me starring Jang Ki-yong and Jin Ki-joo
I am shocked. I (*gasp*) liked this first episode. It is not what I was expecting at all. It was airy, kind of cute, and also slightly creepy. It has a touch of sappy romance in it as well, yet it all worked somehow. I am just really shocked y’all.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

Airing Time: May 16th, 22:00 Seoul, MBC
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Someone is late and apologizes as he runs in. He runs off. Someone else is sleeping in a chair. This person is Chae Do-jin, DJ. His head is resting against the wall and one of his fingernails are painted to look cute. His number is called, 124 DJ. He runs up and speaks in a thick Busan saturi (regional dialect).

He sits for the interview along with some other candidates. There are about 5 interviewers at a table in front of them. One of the interviewers recognizes him, DJ also recognizes that man.

Audition. Cut to Han Jae-in, JY, saying, I love you over and over again as she tries out for an audition. She coughs she said it so hard. The director tells her to stop and asks why all the men do Kim Nae-wong and all the women do “I will destroy you ajusshi, saranghae-yo.” JY is just standing there. The director says she is an artist, so she should have her own style and break her own boundaries. She isn’t deterred though and says if you do Hyun Bin then I will do the response!

Interview. Back to the police interview. The candidates are answering questions. What is the good thing about CCTV? The answer is all about the serial killer Yoon Hee-jae who got caught in 2006. It was difficult to arrest him before because he doesn’t leave any evidence, but the CCTV caught him killing someone. It is the famous Ji Hae-won case that we know about. DJ looks nervous.

The interviewer asks DJ why he has wounds in various places. DJ says it is nothing, one is from a drunk guy at his mother restaurant, another he got from helping out with fishing, and on his finger is his sisters first work. They see that he has lived on an island since first grade and quit school and took the GED for high school. He says his mother suggested this to him. They want to know, why? Usually, your parents want you to finish your education. He says his mother did it for him.

Audition. The producers tell JY to do the first line in the script. JY starts reading it happily, but then the script starts to talk about people who all died in a house, they are so unlucky, they had a psychopath serial killer next door.

JY has a little flashback while reading it and tries to get through it. But it is difficult. One of the directors suddenly looks interested in her. JY tries to say that the serial killer was next door….so goosebumpy….so scary….just stop talking about those unfortunate things, I will just go out and do the delivery.

It looks like the other director recognizes her.

Interview. Who do you respect the most? DJ says, survivors. So, you became a policeman to protect victims? DJ says this is for his own atonement. They ask, by chance, do you have any episodes related to the police? He says, yes, I have one.

Flashback. It looks like this is right after the murder. One of the cops is the cop at the interview, he asks little DJ if he saw the face. The boy says he didn’t see his face, but he knows who he is and he knows what the murder weapon is. It is snowing cherry blossoms all around him as he talks. He says he saw it….(Where?)….at home. (Who does it belong to?) My father. Little DJ buries his head. My father is…..the killer….he is the killer that ran away. Little DJ starts crying.

Interview. DJ says, that day I saw you at the police station team leader. You took my testimony. The serial killer you talked about is my father. Everyone is like, what?!? The interviewers look at the Newspaper clippings about the case. The question before was all about how the CCTV was good because it caught the serial killer, but it was bad because it released the identity of the victims. Little DJ and little JY are on the front page of the newspaper.

Audition. JY leaves, the interview didn’t go well. But one of the directors runs out and talks to JY, he recognizes her as Ji Hae-won’s daughter. He says he saw her when she was little, and it is nice to see her again. I think you failed this audition, but would you like to do a drama? I can recommend you for it. My hubae is in charge of it. The role would be the main girl’s friend. I saw that you have a brave heart and a pretty face like your mother. I was your mother’s friend, her acting and personality were perfect, but that crazy guy~. Sorry, we still have a lot of fans that remember your mother.

JY thanks him and says that she will do it. Her past is super documentary-like, but right now she is in a variety show. She gets angry many times a day like a crazy person so please recommend me for the drama and I will definitely do it. Also, I look like my mother, right? My real name is Gil Nak-won. This is my stage name because a lot of people recognize me after that.

Police. DJ washes his face in the bathroom. There is a voice over of someone saying that they never expected to see Yoon Hee-jae’s son at a police interview. He looks like his father a little bit. HJ was a handsome guy that drove nice cars. I guess some of the victims died when he gave them a ride in their car. He is a psychopath. Isn’t that inherited?

Someone else says that guy was strange right? He smiled as he talked about his father.

DJ comes out, everyone is scared of him as he walks the hallway. DJ stops at the two people talking about him. He says, he thinks the wrong information went to the internet. The victims getting in his car, that is the wrong information. They were abducted and got in the car and HJ also confessed to that; the reporters used the stimulating things without censoring it, that is why people think it is true. But the victim never got inside a stranger’s cars.

Flashback. News crews are swarming all around someone.

SJ sits next to the guys and touches his leg.

DJ – So, if we have a chance to talk about the case, can you correct it? If the dignity of the victim is ruined, then it is a big pain for the victims’ families.

He notices that they are not loking at him.

DJ – Are you not looking at me because being a psychopath is contagious? Don’t worry, being a psychopath is not inheritable, it is not like a cold, it is not contagious. So, you shouldn’t be too cruel to the accuser’s family members. Even though I can only atone by saying this, the law doesn’t’ say that the family is guilty by association. So ~.

DJ gets up to leave, everyone is afraid of him as he walks away.

He sits in the lobby and looks at a ticket. Someone is talking on the TV.

VO – I am thankful that he is my father….can I give you a hug? What a good appa, thank you for coming.

DJ gets up to leave but then he hears a familiar voice.

VO – Hello, nice to see you again, I haven’t seen you in a while.

The voice is of JY, she is smiling brightly

VO – Today is a nice day, I want to give you a hug. the one that makes you hear what you always wanted to hear, the magic plum blossom serum.

JY runs thought cherry blossoms and smiles

VO – Come to me, when you are having a really, really hard time that you can’t stand anymore, come to me, whatever happens, I will like you forever.

DJ’s eyes start watering, one tear trickles down his cheek.

DJ – It’s you ~

Everyone moves around him as he stands still.

A large moving truck drives to a small town. A can follows it. One of the towns ladies watches curiously but is then frightened by the dog in the seat. Little JY, NW, says sorry, he doesn’t bite! She gets out of the car and talks to the lady. The woman talks to her about keeping the dog quiet, but NW doesn’t’ understand the saturi (regional dialect/accent). The mother comes out and says they moved there, let’s see each other often. We all love pork rice soup. The woman tells them to come all the time, this is not my store, but the taste is good.

The mother and daughter get back inside their car and drive off.

Appa says that ajumma’s voice was so loud, it was easy to hear. Umma says they should go there and eat, at least once. Appa says, yes of course.

The family drives through the cherry blossom trees. Umma asks Gil Nak-won how she likes it? Is she already regretting that she didn’t want to come here? NW says all her friends are in Seoul, she is sad. Umma tells her that she can meet them in Seoul, she is all grown up now. NW retorts that Umma tells her she is old or young to suit her needs. Isn’t that right, Lucky?

At the same time, NW walks with his little sister. He is giving her a piggyback ride. She says her teacher told her that she is good at drawing. She drew herself, NM and Umma. But not Appa’s face or their older brother. She says she doesn’t remember her Appa that well. And she didn’t’ want to draw their older brother, he always hits you and yells at you. If he hits you one more time then I will bite your hand like this. She tells her brother that she will be happy with just him and Umma.

NW’s car drives by, the dog barks at them. NW tells her dog not to bark at people. Appa puts the car in reverse so NW can apologize properly. NW pops her head out and tells them that she is sorry, but it is love at first sight with NW and NM. She is unable to speak for a moment. But the dog barks again and she says she is sorry, she will hit the dog when they get home. Then she tells her dog to sit.

SJ says that dog is big and pretty and that eunnie is also pretty. He agrees. She wonders why the dog is so big. He says it is a golden retriever, it is a good do to raise, it protects people. Do you think it will protect me when I am in danger? NM says he will protect her. She says she will protect him too, so stick with me forever okay? NM says he will do it. They smile and keep walking.

But NM looks back at NW and NW also looks back at NM. NW’s brother asks her why she is looking back at that boy. She says it is because he is carrying a lot. It is nothing. These plum blossoms look like snow.

Appa says he never knew his daughter would say literary like expressions. This is the first time they have heard that after raising her for 16 years. The brother puts headphones over NW’s ears. Then Umma says, hey kids, this is our house. Their house is a large house on an island like area.

The lady from before is Chae Ok-hee (OH). She and another woman talk about the new family. They heard that actress Ji Hae-won remodeled that house. They wonder why a famous actress would come to the countryside. They heard that this place is just their vacation home. It has nice air and water. It is a famous place. They all gush about HW and how she is like a goddess. OH says it must be plastic surgery, if I had that much, then I could be an actress as well. But the other ajumma says that HW is famous for her natural beauty.

These women are preparing food for guests and talk about how they are also pretty. The skinny one brings the food out to the men. One of them tells her that she is pretty, here is some money. She took it as a tip, but the ajusshi wants cigarettes. Skinny ajumma is pretty upset about that.

She goes outside and sees her stepson. She isn’t’ that happy to see him. He is there to help so he says he will get the cigarettes. She says they don’t sell cigarettes to kids. Why do you look like that? Your shirt looks dirty. You can’t eat here, we have a group here now, so go home and prepare food for your father. NM is very polite to her and says he will go home and prepare dinner.

NM walks across the street to his sleeping little sister while OH comments on how skinny he is and how he shouldn’t give his sister a piggyback ride at that age, that is why he is so skinny. One kid is so bad, the other one is so naive, that is the problem. Cut to the bad brother, HM. He is with all his friends and tries to talk to a girl, but she hurries and hops on the bus. He tells his friends that they should go to the game room. But a horn honks so he runs over there.

This is his appa, Yoon Hee-jae, HJ. Appa tells him not to run across the street, it is dangerous. HM asks him where he is going. Appa says he is just going to a house. HM asks for some money and appa tells him not to hang out with those kids, hang out with nicer guys, they all look bad. Then he tells him to be careful when he crosses the street.

Appa goes to work on some pipes in a woman’s house. The woman asks him to drink something. Then she asks if the plumbing is okay. He tells her to turn it on. She does, and it works well. He asks her how the house could be so quiet. She basically says her kids are all grown so they moved there to get fresh air and all those things. But when she turns around, the psycho comes out and it looks like he is going to kill her. He pulls out a huge hammer.

It is psycho for a moment, but then he says he just wanted to know if she needed anything else done? She takes a deep breath and says no. He goes outside and looks around the neighborhood. He walks the block with his bag and then gets to a gate that is a gate. He looks up at the gate as the cherry blossoms fall.


Appa gets home. He drives his truck to his house and goes directly into his basement. He throws his bag on the table, it has blood on it. Appa drops some Clorox on the floor and then boards up the window. He goes into the living room and puts his jacket on the couch. Then he sees his daughter drawing and his son reading. He says, Appa is home.

The daughter quickly turns over her picture and the son sits up. They both smile as they greet him.

The actress family is very happy as they decorate their huge home. Later on, they start to eat jajangmyun. Umma tells them to eat slowly but appa says it is okay, he never saw a pig with indigestion. NW tells them all that she will be a bad girl. They all laugh at that.

At NM’s house, they sit around and eat. Appa asks his daughter, SJ, if she studied hard. She says she did. NM says her homework is to draw her family. He wants to see it, he wants to see how she drew appa. NM says she is shy about it. Appa happily tells her they have lived together for more than 2 years, you are still shy?

Big brother gets home. The news is on stating that a couple in their 70’s died. Nothing is missing so it is not a robbery. Police suspect someone had a grudge. The sons look at this closely. The news says this is similar to the case in February. Appa asks his oldest son what he is looking at, just wash and come eat. The son leaves. Appa keeps eating and NM looks at the entire scene.

HM goes to the bedroom and looks at SJ’s drawing. There is Umma, So-jin, Na-moo oppa, stupid oppa, and there is an appa but there isn’t a face yet. HM looks at the picture of appa without a face. Then he looks toward the door.

NW and MW walk to school the next morning. The girls think he is really handsome. NW thinks they can walk separately to school, but her brother puts her hoodie on her and says, if someone bothers you, let me know. She puts her headphones on him and tells him the same thing. They laugh.

NW gets to school, but she is in trouble because she doesn’t’ have a uniform. The teacher pushes her with a stick. NW basically tells her that he is harassing her, if you want to punish me then hit my hand. Fine, I will take my hoodie off. This makes the teacher even more upset and he pokes her even more with the stick. Suddenly, NM grabs the stick and puts himself in-between her and the teacher.

The teacher looks at NM’s name and instantly knows he is a top student. He tells them both to come follow him. He walks off. NM looks at NW and remembers him from their car ride up to the town.

But then we cut to them both running laps for punishment. They have to run ten times, but after 5 times, NW has to stop. NM runs back to her and tells her that he can run her portion also. He is about to tell the teacher, but she says he is crazy, you are having a hard time because of me, I should be sorry to you. He says that isn’t it. NW says she is all messed up, the teacher picked on her on the first day. Can I have you make me sorry for one more minute? Let’s run.

They keep running. He runs slowly. But he looks back and NW collapses suddenly. She says she doesn’t have good lungs. Her bronchial tubes are weak, what about the teacher, is he coming here yet? NM says, not yet. She says…hmm, this is too easy. She falls fully to the ground. She tells NM that her mother told her that she has to be brave at some moments in life. Appa told me that if something happens to her that she has to lay on the ground. I am really sorry, but can you carry me?

The teacher runs up and wants to put her on his back, but NM says he can carry her. NW wakes up and says she really isn’t passed out, so you don’t have to run too quickly. He immediately stops running so fast. But then the teacher tells them to hurry, hurry! Which makes NW pretend like she is passed out again. They have a moment.

All the kids are doing what they want and talking to each other. NM is alone by the window and studying. The teacher comes in and introduces NW to the class, she tells NW to introduce herself. NW introduces herself and says it is nice to see her. The teacher is about to say that her mother is an actress. But NW asks if she can introduce her parents. NW introduces her mother as an actress who is on TV and on weekend dramas. She can get her mother’s signature for them, but it would take longer to get Rain’s or Lee Soon-gi’s signature for them. The students are all super excited about that.

Her seat is next to NM. The teacher says Na-mu finally has a friend next to him. NM is so nervous. NW is outgoing though and talks to him right away. She says she sees him again, there is so much fate with our meeting, I should pay you back. He says she doesn’t have to. She wonders if he is angry with her, he was so tired before, so he couldn’t’ think about it, but now he has had time to think about the hard time you had because of me. He says no. She wonders if she is bothersome? It is nice to study by yourself in the corner. Why aren’t you looking at me, do you hate me?

He says that isn’t it. She thinks for a moment and then stares at him closely. I know what it is, you fell in love with me at first sight because I am so pretty? She stares at him deeply and he stares back at her, but he looks mesmerized. She wants to know why he isn’t saying anything back, okay, was it too much of a joke.

After class, NW sticks to NM who looks so shy. He tries to walk away from her, but she is still stuck to him and asks him to smile at her, she would feel better then, just one time. He walks into the bathroom, she follows him in there. They all tell her to get out. She tells them she didn’t see anything! Then she runs off and accidentally bumps into someone else. She says, see, I can’t see anything!

Later, she still follows him around after gym class. She wants to give him a handkerchief, she says it is clean and has a lavender smell. But he says no and walks away. She runs after him for a moment and says he is really upset and angry right? I am really sorry you got yelled at because of me! That is why I am doing this all day long!

Even later, NW has already made some good friends and walks with them hand in hand. They talk about going to a poster store. The girls also talk to her about signatures.

NM walks behind her at a distance and tries to ignore NW. She notices him though. SJ’s sister runs up to NM, he gives her a big hug and smiles. Then she starts singing him a song she learned. NW is jealous of NM’s little sister.

HW and NW are at home. HW is cooking but thinks the food needs something else. It starts raining which make SJ ask her mother if appa and MW are coming home together today.

Meanwhile, HJ is driving home. He is annoyed with a slow driver and then screeches his car to a halt in front of a dog. He gets out and walks toward the dog. This dog is NW’s dog.

Back at the house, HW and NW walk outside together with umbrellas. NW notices that their dog, Lucky isn’t’ there. NW goes to look for Lucky. She finds the dog’s name tag in the street and keeps walking. She gets to an open fence and goes inside, it is NM’s house. On the sign on the car, it says, selling dog meat and plumbing.

NW looks at the car and then looks at the house. She calls out, excuse me? Excuse me? She hears a dog’s bark and goes to it. It is really spooky as she walks closer and closer to the back of the house. The music is creepy as well.

She goes inside the house and hears banging noises. She opens the basement door; a light is on and there is noise downstairs. She goes downstairs. NM is there, he has a hammer and is hitting the cage with it. It looks like he is breaking it open so he can rescue the dog. He turns around and sees her. But then his eyes wander to just behind her. A voice says, who are you?

She hops around.

It is HJ, he asks who she is and how she got inside. NW walks away from HJ and falls to the ground. NM grips his hammer tighter as he looks at his father.

Fade Out

Wow, I am really surprised at how much I enjoyed this first episode. It is one part airy, one part sentimental, and one part creepy. I am cautiously optimistic.


HJ – I didn’t know my son had this pretty girlfriend.
NM – Forget about everything, including me.
NW – Why should I?
NM – Just in case you are in danger.
NW – I don’t want to because I like you, even if you say you hate me, I will like you.
NM – NW, I like you so much.
HJ – Whatever puts my son in danger, any blocking stone, I will remove all of them, appa will protect you.

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  1. oppafangirl
    May 16, 2018 / 7:19 pm

    Thank you for the recap! *Sends you some hugs*

    • oppafangirl
      May 16, 2018 / 7:20 pm

      And the episode was real GOOD!

      • V
        May 16, 2018 / 7:49 pm

        It was GOOD! I was in so much disbelief at the end of episode.

  2. May 16, 2018 / 7:29 pm

    Thank you! Oohhh, Dark and Cute! How are they going to be able to keep this a perfect blend of both? I’m really excited to see how it plays out!

    • V
      May 16, 2018 / 7:51 pm

      It is a strange blend that somehow worked.

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    I am not going to watch.
    I am not going to watch.
    I am not going to watch.

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