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Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 9 and 10

Episode 9 and 10 recap for the Kdrama Come and Hug Me starring Jang Ki-yong and Jin Ki-joo
Here we are with Come and Hug Me in the live-as-it-airs live recap spot! For all the Suits loves, we think Suits is better suited (lols) as an aftercap because they talk fast and switch scenes frequently, the pause button is our friend in that drama (though we really try not to pause). I’m looking forward to today’s episode of CAHM, this show gives me all sorts of “What is going to happen?” tingly vibes that no other show is giving me right now. I hope it keeps it up.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

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The evil is born, not nurtured (very loose translation)

HJ is walking through the forest with his hood up and a flashlight. It looks like he is hiding. Cut to him driving his truck with two police cars chasing him. He still has blood all on his face. One of the polcie cars tries to cut him off, but it just sends the truck up another street. The chase continues.

But then HJ sees a barracade up ahead. the police try to warn them all to stop, but HJ keeps driving and floors the pedal. He breaks through the barricade and hits something hard which causes him to stop the car.

Engine smoke is everywhere as HJ gets out of the car. A lot of detectives are around. One of them tells him that they are arresting him as Ji Hae-won’s murderer. HJ laughs and says the didn’tcatch him. The one that caught him isn’t them. It is my son. My son backstabbed me and ate me. He continues laughing.

If you cant remove it, I will do it for you. Anything that puts my son in danger.

NM is in the court as a remote witness. He says he will testify. HY is there, she looks happy. NM says he will testify for everything that happened that day.

DJ – Evil is not nurtured,
HJ – it is just passed on

Cut to HY interviewing HJ in another room somewhere. HJ says he has nothing to say because he is a sinner. HY tells him that some people pity him because of his background. When you have a poor childhood and become a criminal, people talk about that. HJ tells her that he is trapped there, but he still makes issues in the world? Hey reporter, do you really believe what I say?

HY – Is it important? Well, what you say is fact for you. i am not a judge. I am not the one that decides what is true or not. I wanted to get an answer from you anyway. I will tell you in this way. I am a reporter, there a lot of different people and races in the world. there are some people that shouldn’t be born in the world at all. It sells well and makes an issue. That is it for today, I have somewhere else I need to be.

She gets up but then starts talking to him again.

HY – Namu is not your first son. We have your permission about NM. I will show his face to the media. The general public is righteous but also not gracious. He is #1 at police school and the son of the murderer, I want to see his face. What about you? Can I reveal his face?
DJ goes to the newspaper and tells them not to publish that kind of book and send the money without my mothers position. She sent it back. She is the same human being as you all are. The reporters all look shamed.

Elsewhere, HY tries to talk to JY. She ignores her. HY tells her not to hate her, she had to edit the interview (?). JY asks her if she has to do those things. HY starts to tell her that she knows everyone hates serial killers, but she wants to hear from them. She hates it when people want to stop someones mouth from speaking.

JY tells her that she should stop her own mouth. She is giving HJ another weapon to use against people. She walks away. PT comes out and starts to yell at HY. How dare she come here! HY walks away and gets in her car with a chuckle. She drives off.

JY tries to pull PT off of her so he won’t get hurt. Then they start to talk about facing the facts. She says she is okay, she had a steam pack. They used her so she is going to use them.

In the car, HY calls MW and asks him if he would like to have an interview with her. The brother asks her if she is only going to put famous peoples interviews? HY tells him that JY passed out a few days ago in a soldiers arms. She can send him a photo of that soldier.

At the news team house, DJ is getting ready for the interview. They say that they can modify his face, but he tells them to show his face. He tells them that there is no truth in that biography. It is not a confession of a criminal, it is just a serial killer that wants attention and you are paying money for it. He does no thing like confession or regret, he is a psychopath with no feelings. Do not be tricked by the book, please.

JY also conducts an interview about what happened. She is on the news as DJ walks out. She says she can’t help it as an actress, but as a victims family member this book hurt her a lot. The book is selling well. HY and HJ are not good. It is not good. Also, don’t pity us, I don’t want pity by the killer. I am worth being loved without his pity.

HJ chuckles in his jail cell.

DJ – The accuser does not regret this at all. The case from 9 years ago did not end yet.
JY goes back to her home where everything happened. The young JY said a voice over about Umma being cool on TV because she can do anything like a robot. JY tells her parents that she is back.

Meanwhile, DJ sits at a bus stop and looks on the search engine.

DJ – The thing I want to stop with this interview is to stop selling his biography. I also want my father and I to get all the attention that is pointed at the victims families.

HM happily runs over to his father at the jail while on the yard. He offers him a cigarette but Hj jsut playfull tells him that he told him not to smoke. They go and sit off to the side. HJ asks him if he heard about his brothers graduation coming up. But HM just rages about how he is not his brother and he is a traitor and all those things.

HJ grabs his son by the collar and tells him that he does not know his brother. If he is angry, then he should be a proper big brother from now on. He fixes his brothers colar and tells him to use his money well. then he walks away.

The son is upset and picks up a kid to torture on the yard. He starts kicking the other prisoner because that prisoner is the weakest and he looks off at his father as he does it. His father just slyly smiles and walks off.

Several people go to the cafe and mutter about how the owners are family members of the killer. Umma throws salt on them and tells them that SJ is not his real daughter, how dare you talk about my daughter! They leave.

Umma goes inside and starts making kimchi to give to a sick halmae. SJ is concerned becaus all the people int he island don’t come there anymore. But she says that her friends are okay. They can leave in the night, secretly. An ajusshi will help them, he likes you, brother, and me, right? Umma looks at her, but then she says that they can eat dinner.

Outside the cafe someone wrote Murderer’s family.

JY is at her family home and gets mail from HJ. She stares at it. Later, she turns on the news, it talks about how DJ did an interview that ssaid everything is a lie in the autobiography. He gets no money from the booksale. He will also be valedictorian at the police university.

HY texts a picture of the guy that rescued JY to the brother, MW. Flashback to that night. There is blood all over the house. The police tell him not to go inside. But he goes inside and sees the blood splattered family photo. He starts cleaning it just the way his father used to clean it and starts crying.

Meanwhile, DJ gets ready for the day with his police suit and hat.

The police academy is getting ready for the presidents speech at the graduation ceremony. Everyone stands and listens to it. The president says that the future of the police and protecting the community are those men and women. Always remember that.

DJ is in charge of the colors and honors display and instructs everyone. he is then introduced as the top of the class and walks up to reciece the presidents award. He receives it and everyone claps.

But as he walks back to the yard, he is approached by family members and egged. They yell at him and tell him that what he said on TV is all a lie, how can someone like you become a police officer? The other cadets pull them all away, but the damage is done. HY is also there taking photos.

The cadets push the family members far away, but DJ runs up to them and says they can let them go, he is okay. So the cadets follow his order and let them go. The family members start to grab DJ and tell him that he lied on TV, how can you be top of the class? A man rips off his medal and throws it on the ground. The mother yells at him as well and asks him how his fathers children are more important than their children.

DJ jsut lets them do what they want to him. Then he tells them that he is sorry, he is really sorry. He takes off his hat as he says this. HY smiles as she looks at the scene and takes photos. The man pushes DJ down adn tells him that he is pretending, don’t pretend. DJ just falls. The man hops on top of him and is about to punch him. DJ doesn’t try to protect himself. the man yells about his mother, what about his mother! He starts to punch the gorund instead of DJ’s face.

DJ stands up and the people start grabbing him again.

JY is there hiding, she sees the scene.

Flashback to NM telling NW why his mother named him namu. Just like his mother’s name for him. His mother wanted him to endure everything like a tree and do nothing. She wanted him to become and adult like that. NW smiles at him under the cherry blossoms.

In the present, DJ isn’t doing anything, he is just standing there and getting all the blame. But then Dj’s mother runs up and pushes him off of DJ. SJ is there as well and runs up to DJ. The man still yells at them. But OH yells back. She says that HJ did it all and deserves to die, but her son doens’t deserve to die, he wants to live differently from his father.

the woman falls on teh ground and tells her that she is sorry, Umma is sorry. She starts crying and says that this is all because of Umma.

DJ asks his friends JH if he can take care of his mother and SJ. DJ smiles at his mother and his sister as the cadets escort them away. Then he stands for all the reporters and grabs his hat and I think he grabs his medal too. then he bows to the family members and walks away. they let him walk away.

DJ walks back to his building, but his steps are very slow and measured. He has to balance against a tree for a moment and then he holds his belly. A woman runs up to him with a hat on, its JY, but she is disguising herself with her head down. She calls his name as she hugs him. then seh looks up at him.

VO – The girl that my father took everything from, I have to apologize to her for my entire life with a crime I did not commit. I have to run away from her because of this crime I did not commit.

JY – I told you, if it hurts just say it hurts. I told you not to endure things by yourself. Answer me. Namu ya….answer me.

DJ starts softly crying as he looks at her. The bad reporter, HY shows up and starts to take photos of them together. DJ covers JY’s face. the brother comes up behind HY and grabs her camera. he breaks it and tells her he will buy it. then he throws the money on the ground. He walks up to DJ and punches him right in the face and tells him not to touch his sister. He tells him that he didn’t want to greet him in any other way (hello, nice to see you…). He told him not to come in front of his family and he didn’t want to see him. Whoever you are, don’t forget my warning Yoon Namu.

He then turns to his sister and tells her that they should leave. While walking away, DJ calls out Nak-won. She turns for a moment and looks at him. But then her brother tells her that they should go. They keep walking off.

HY wants to keep taking photos of JY, but DJ stops her.

Later on we see all the protesters getting on a bus. JY sits on the floor next to them. One of the women asks her if she is okay and tells her that she can’t protest hard like them. But she gives her a banner and tells her that she can throw it away if it is too hard for her.

JY unravels the banner. On teh banner are all the victims faces and names with their faces partially blurred but still recognizable. JY touches her mothers face. then seh looks over at her brother. he walks over to her as seh cries over her mother.
MW sits next to her and holds her hand. He tells her that it is okay, we an survive this time also. JY looks at him, then looks in the direction of DJ.

Elsewhere, DJ talks to HY. She tells him that his father is proud of him, would you like to see it? I think you and NW have a secret, you are the one that helped her. MW is the one that brought her back. What are you guys? Do you still love each other? Of course it doesn’t make any sense. But she really had no manners.

This enrages DJ. he grabs the reporters phone and throws it on the ground again. then he yells at her about 9 years ago. HY tells him that it is partially his fault. He new his father was a murderer but he still held NW’s hand. Father and son both don’t have a conscience.

Later on, OH cleans the egg off of DJ’s shirt and touches his bruises. But DJ tries not to let her. She tells him that she is okay. DJ smiles and asks how she can come there since they moved last night? OH tells them that they would have come sooner. DJ is happy that he will be able to see them more often in Seoul. OH tells him to just cry when he wants to cry. When you do everything and it still doesn’t work, then you can do it. Thank you, you are still standing here even though we have a lot of wind blowing around you. I am very proud of you. Whatever happens, my son is the best for me. You know how I feel?

SJ knocks on the door and comes in very brightly. She says she is hungry, let’s eat. DJ smiles and says he will follow them soon. Umma tells him to come out slowly. SJ shows DJ the medal that she picked up and cleaned. She smiles as she puts it back in its case. DJ smiles as well.

DJ puts on his jacket and is about to leave, but then he hears noises of people talking outside. He looks out the window and sees all the parents taking photos with their kids. This makes him tear up as he thinks back to what HY just told him about holding JY’s hand even though he knew his father was a monster. He keeps tearing up the more he thinks about it until he is full on sobbing at the window.

JY is also sobbing with her brother as they sit next to the bus.

JY tells them that he is sorry that he liked her.
HJ is in his prison cell. He looks at the news article.

HJ – He grew up a lot….these pictures……I asked her to take nice pictures….

He is looking at HY’s report.

HY – Evil is not being nurtured

DJ – Evil is just…..

The present? DJ is walking after someone who is running away with a knife. He has a new haircut and is wearing a suit. The man with the knife tries to attack a woman and tells DJ to go away. DJ tells him that he is the one that should run away. Wow, he looks intimidating. The man tries to stab DJ but DJ grabs the knife by the blade and says it is not sharp.

JY gets out of her car at a red carpet, cameras flash all around her

DJ – Evil is just…..

Dj asks the woman who was hurt if she is okay. He extends his hands to her.

DJ – ……choice

At the red carpet, a high school girl says that JY is really pretty. JY smiles and takes the girls hands, she tells her, thank you for liking me. But in the crowd, there is a person who looks menacing with a face mask on.

DJ walks the street, injured. It looks like he got stabbed?

JY walks the red carpet.

DJ – My only….

JY turns around on the red carpet

DJ – ……Heaven (Nak-won)

JY smiles brightly.

Fade Out

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