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Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 7 and 8

Episode 7 and 8 recap for the Kdrama Come and Hug Me starring Jang Ki-yong and Jin Ki-joo
I was way off in my prediction of the episode yesterday. I did not expect them to hop back to the present in the way that they did AND I LOVE IT. I guess they are going to show that night in a series of flashbacks instead of walking us through the entire thing in the past and then bring us to the present. Now I am not sure if we are actually going to see what went down at all because it looks like the director/writer want our imaginations to run wild on what happened that night, at least for the time being. I can truly appreciate that because I am a wimp when it comes to scary things.

We are moving Come and Hug Me to our live recap spot starting next week! The characters in Come and Hug Me have long pauses when they talk which makes it easier (O_o) to live recap. Suits is so challenging to live recap because they speak so fast and so frequently. It feels like a natural aftercap drama where we can pause on occasion to make sure we understand everything.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

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The father is being led out of his cell. He is retrained all over. His mough is covered and he is completely tied up like Hannibal lecter. The news says that HJ is a suspect for many other cases that weren’t previously known. He tries to get into the van in front of him but all the families are pushing him and yelling at him. The polcie protect him. HJ says he is sorry and nods his head, but in the car, he smiles.

Little NM comes out. NM also has his face covered and he is wearing a hoodie. The reporters want to talk to him. HY asks him if he has anything to say. he is covering his head. But then NW shows up. She also has her head covered. The reporters crowd around her. NM decides to remove his face mask and hoodie. He tells them that he will talk so they run back to him. He syas that they should just kill him just as he killed the victims.

NM looks at him with all the reporters, they have eye contact.

DJ talks to one of the movie guys, the director wants DJ to be in front of the movie. He tells them that his hubaes will have a hard time outside, so please finish it quickly. The man runs off.

DJ goes to the front of his cadets and starts ordering them around in their colors parade. They cadets twirl their guns until the director says, CUT. DJ walks off right away. But then he hears some people talking about JY, the girls from their coffee machine. Did she fall? Is she hurt?

DJ looks over at JY who is ont he ground. The reporter is still in her face. She tries to stand, but she stumbeles and falls. DJ catches her and they have a moment. He tells the reporters to turn off their reorders and remove their camera’s.

In his young voice, he tells NW to stand up. Run away!

JY – You….you…

She passes out so DJ picks her up and carries her off. The camera manthinks that is that guy right? They run after him. All the camera people run after them, but the cadets keep them out of the building.

The manager is kept out as well.

Cut to the infirmary. Dj is sitting by JY’s bedside quiety. She is sleeping so he just sits there with her.

VO – It is a mental thing, not anything physical.

DJ looks at JY’s attire from head to toe. Then he settles his gaze back on her face. JY moves a little bit from cold. DJ unbuttons his jacket and covers her with it. Then he lightly touches grazes her hair. He looks at her for a little moment, then sits back down. It is peaceful.

Rocking around the Christmas tree plays as HJ stands in the actresses house. It looks like they are already dead? NW is crying in the corner.

HJ – they say Bad guys have more enimies, but I dont’ think that is true, it is the opposite. Whoever tries to help people and matters in others business has more enimies. By chance, do you know who ajusshi is?

NW shakes her head.

HJ – You don’t know by my voice?

She shakes her head

HJ – Really? What should I do…..if you really don’t know, should I leave you alive? Let’s see if you are lying or not. So, our pretty friend, you should follow your parents. Stop, it is okay, don’t cry….Ajusshi will snd you where your parents are. Cry over there.

He raises his hammer and is about to hit her with it. She bows her head in tears. But then NM yells, Nakwon!he runs into the room.

HJ nd NW turns to him.

NW – Run away….run away Namu!

But NM just walks right up to his father and tells him that he called the police. They will be here in ten minutes. I gave them the password to the house, they will come in through the front door.

Then he kneels and holds NW.

NM – I am good at getting hit, I can stand ten minutes.

He grips NW tighter and hlds her head against him as he looks at his father. He asks him if he would like to try it?

NW – No, NM, just run away and tell him you are sorry and run away! Ajusshi, save us!

She wails and tries to hit NM.

But that startles her awake. She asks where NM is. The manager is sitting next to her and asks what tree she is talking about. She looks at the jacket and sees Chae Do-jin embroidered.
JY runs off.

Outside, CJH is still trying to get inside the building. She says she just wants to interview the student who took JY inside. DJ’s friend is at the door and is keeping her from going inside.

She tries to push inside and asks if it is okay if she releases a report with Dj and JY. DJ comes out and tells her that she is going to far. Turn off the recorder, if you take one more picure then I will jsut break it. Sue me.

the reporters all leave and the movie people leave as well. It looks like SK might have figured out that JY is the daughter, or she might be upset that their news story is all buried in the news. One of the makeup artists mentions the serial killer and asks SK if she knew about it.

Cut to Set. SK tells JY that she is not just a naive girl. JY is all like, huh? SK says she doesn’t filter her mouth with other men, but she is nice to her. Is she tasting her? JY says no, she likes sunbae-nim. She knows she hates her, but she likes her, sunbae.

SK says, this girl is not a naive girl, don’t pretend like you are, it won’t work with me.

JY says she behaves badly to her and treats her badly, but she likes her regardless. When you were a young actress, much younger than me, when you did your first drama, you had a hard time before. But you were so bright and worked hard. You looked pretty to me. My mother told me.

What? what are you talking about?

So, my surprise, I wanted to surprise it to you while I was in a good mood. So I will do the surprise for you. Thank you for talking to me at the right moment.

KS is brought out of her thoughts and is back in the car. She look at her phone and clicks Ji Hae-won’s daughter. HJ as well as HW’s daughter is the top of the search engine. Suddenly, a lot of reports cars do a big U-turn. they think that something happened.

DJ meets with CJH and her camera man. He thinks he looks just like his father (he whispered it). DJ tells them that he has nothing to say about HJ’s autobiography. he starts to walk away. CJH mentions that they were together in that house, weren’t you? It would be a big story, dont worry, I won’t write any gossip like that.
Elsewhere, HY is in her car thinking. She looks at her phone and sees an image of HJ. This makes her chuckle. Then she drives off.

VO – You read the interview that HJ did with HY? That interview is almost like a preview of the autobiography. Did you read it?

DJ – waht are you talking about?

CJH – He was never loved by others, so can he love people. For the son, do you think it is possible? If you become unfortunate then people complaint hat your parents arent’ good enough. Do you sympathize with HJ because he had a bad childhood?

DJ – Do you believe everything he said?

CJH – I don’t believe it all but his mother died when he was young and his father abused him, maybe if he had anyone next to him.

DJ – maybe this doens’t apply to a murderer. (he is speaking in a Seoul accent now). When you commite an irreversible crime then that person should not be a subject of understanding or pity.

At the same time, JW runs around the academy searching for DJ without her shoes on. She sees her vending machine and goes up to it.

DJ- Becaue of that person, there are a lot of victims and victims families. I dont’ know if the victims grew up in a better situation, but everyone tried hard. Everyone is just normal and they have the right to live their normal life. But because he grew up in that life and we created him, you want us to understand him?

CJH – Even though he commited a serious crime, he also has human rights. if we don’t understand him then those monsters can be created again.

DJ walks closer to her.

DJ – Then what about this? I have my father like that and I live as a murderers kid and poeple point their fingers at me. I also had a bad pitiful environemt. So, if I, right here, kill you both, I can also have room to be pitied? When you think of yourself becoming a victim, do you change your idea? Don’t think of any dramatic things becaue of the murderer. Because of that person a lot of lives were destroyed and a lot of people killed themselves becaue they couldnt’ protect their loved ones. Their lives are shredded, don’t take that dirty box wrapping paper to those people. Just right some gossip like that Park Hee-young reporter.

He walks off.
They are both sitting in the resting area where her vending maching is. The manager talks to someone on the phone and tells them that it is just a rumor, dont’ write things based on what that crazy guy said, we will sue (whispering). He hangs up and gets even more calls. PT tries not to let JY know what the converstations are about.

He goes over to JY and tells her that he can give her a piggyback ride. JY is a little sad though because she fainted in front of those reporters. PT tells him that they can cover it up, it will be okay. Are you waiting for someone?

Cut to JY running outside as she looks for DJ. Perhaps this is a flashback. She sees someone that looks like him, but when she grabs his arm she realizes that it isn’t him. She gives this cadet the jacket. the cadet knows it is Chae Do-jin’s jacket and says that he will give it to him. But JY wants to know how she can meet him. He tells her to go to the resting area where the vending machine is. Then you might see him there, he goes there in his free time.

JY asks her manager if they can wait there a little bit longer. She is at the resting vending machine area. Outside, DJ walks among the cherry blossoms and looks at his building. YJ comes out and gives him his jacket. he tells her that they can meet at the gym, then he goes inside.

Elsewhere, MW talks to one of his professors about law things and his job in the future. MW wants to be a prosecutor but his professor tells him they are overworked and die. MW smiles and says he is ready for that.

He calls Nak-won (he still calls her Nak-won). But she is not answering.

JH looks for DJ and goes to the resting area, but he is not there. Jh wonders what the relationship is between Dj and JY. the othe hubaes are there as well talking loudly in the hallway. JH tells them to keep their manners. They ask if they know JY and they pint to her sitting in the resting area. JH is all like, whaaaah?

PT runs up to her and tells her that they have to leave now, there are a lot of reporters coming. he wants to tell her, but he tells her that he can tell her later while they are walking out. JY looks at her image and thinks back to DJ holding her. Then she tells her manager that she is okay to leave now.

Later, she aks about HJ. The manager says that HJ told all of her past to a reporter, she is top in the search. Reporters are here, they are all at the gate. Let’s go away now and give a press conference later. We can go out in the back door. JY’s legs buckle, but hse is okay, she says she will not fall this time.

They are talking at the steps and DJ overhears them. The manager tells JY to wait at the back and he will bring the car around, so she goes to the back and crouches on the ground with her head in her knees. DJ watches her from the passover bridge.

DJ – Nakwon….Nakwon ah….

JY looks at her shoes, they are clean now. She touches them and starts tearing a little. her manager drives up right then and tells her to hurry up and get in. Behind him are all the reporters cars.
The manager drives off and looks in his rearview, he comments on how those people drive him crazy as he speeds off. They keep driving away through a cherry blossom patch.

But Dj stops all the cars by standing in front of them all. They all have to screech on their breaks. JY sticks her head out and sees DJ in front of the car. they both turn their heads to each other and have a beautiful moment of looking at each other as the cherry blossoms fall. it brings them back to their first meeting when they were teenagers.

NW whipsers, Namu….Yoon Namu….

The car keeps driving off.

PT is upset about why HJ is talking about her mother, how dare he! Because of that bad guy, you have to hide your identity. All the news online is about JY being HW’s daughter.

A prison guard talks about how the inmates love their excercise time the most because they are a little ore free. But just in case, we have all the guards around. After excercising, we check their ID. It is similar to the military way.

All the guards call out their ID’s.

Most of the inmates participate in work, normal ones have to, but death row inmates just volunteer for the work.

MW is among the people having a tour and sees someone he knows. it looks like MW is among the inmates.

HM also recognizes MW, he aggressively goes up to the fence but the guard tells him to go away. MW grumbles about how he is not a monkey in a zoo, are they just touring around like this?

Elsewhere, at a bookstore, all the victims family members protest the sell of the book. A news paper article says that HJ’s family members get all the proeeds.

SJ is helping out at her mothers place when she sees the news. the news says that the victims families want the book to stop selling. they don’t want anyone to sell this book. HY represents HJ and says they already know all the details so there is nothing new. SJ says this reporter is crazy.

On the news HY says that HY’s family will get the money from teh sell of the book. OH sees the news report too. Suddenly, someone calls them. SJ picks it up and then hangs up. She tells her mother that it was a wrong number. the phone rings again, OH answers it. The person on the other line basically calls her trash for taking this money, he wants to burn their store, he knows where they are on that island. She tells them to come here and burn it then! Don’t curse you A-hole! How dare you curse us! What is wrong with my son!!!

OH falls on the floor from exhaustion from yelling at that man. She tells SJ to call her brother DJ. Don’t have any meetings until graduation and don’t accept wrong phone numbers. Call your brother!

her guests ask her if something iw wrong, you don’t look good. OH smiles and says it is nothing, everything is okay. I am no one special, it is nothing.

It looks like Dj changed his last name to OH’s last name of Chae.

The news is on at the academy too. Some of the cadets are watching it, but they leave when they see Dj walking up. DJ looks at the news all alone. it is the same news report that was playing at the mothers restaurant.
MW holds his phone. he gets a phone call and answers it immediately. It is PT. He asks how NW is….I will be there right away.

At the academy, YJ waits for DJ. It look slike she might have been waiting for a while because she is about to leave. But then she sees him walking up. he tells her that she came early today, let’s go in. (he is speaking Busan Gyangsando saturi again). he starts to walk inside but then she tells him she is not feeling well, maybe we dno’t have to practice today? DJ understands and says he is sorry as well. he walks off.

he goes to the bathroom and washes his face with a lot of water.

MW and NW drive away in the polcie car. NM is sitting outside by himself. NW sees him there and gets out of the polcie car. She looks very upset as she walks up to him, like she wants to hit him. But she hugs him instead.

NW – Don’t die….stay alive…whatever happened, just stay alive….it is not your fault, so dont’ die, ever.

She pulls away and then grabs his hand.

NW – if you die then I am not going to forgive you again, so promise me. You will stay alive. tell me you will survive….like your name, tree (Namu). This promise, tell me you will keep this promise. Promise me Namu.

She cries in front of Namu as she says this, but her brother grabs her hand and pulls her away. While being pulled away, she still looks at NM, NM kind of nods a little bit?

The brother glares at NM after he puts his sister in the car.

DJ looks at his reflection as he thinks baout this. But then he sees his appa behind him, smiling. His eyes grow wide.

Appa is sitting an watching the TV as well.

HJ – today the air feels different, maybe you have gusts from outside (politely)

Chief Guard – some people visited us from awhile ago (politely)

HJ – watching movies like this reminds me of my family

Chief Guard – Luckily or unluckily, you have your oldest son here.

HJ – Well, just like me, he doenst’ wear his jacket in winter. My wife has cold hands and feet, maybe because she suffered a lot. My daughter eats her breakfast when she has hot soup. And…my youngest …..(smiling)….my youngest….my Namu….he couldnt’ sleep without me, becasue he worried about appa coming home late. He waited for me and studied over night. Then when he heard the door sound, wuietly, just in case other family members woke up, he greated me at the door as he wiped his sleepy eyes…aboji, you are late today…aigo….his face, how much I miss his face. Sometimes, later, I wanted to see his face like that so I came home late on purpose. how do you like my youngest? He is a good boy right?

In the bathroom, HJ whispers into Dj’s ear from the mirror, He tells him to stop. STOP! HE punches the window and it breaks around his fist. Blood trickles.

HJ – I wonder if he is doing okay at school. Whenever he is into something, he skips his meal often.

Chief Gaurd – Cough

HJ – hey, stop smoking, it is not good for your health, you shuold live a long long time. Living is a good thing right?

MUwon is in the radio and listening to it. HW is high in search now. Her daughter became an actress. It was revealed in a magazine interview. People want to find out who she is.

Meanwhile, PT is at the side of the road, their car broke so he is waiting for the tow truck. More reporters call him but he hangs up. JY comes out and says she can do this for a little while, just go inside and rest. PT argies with her about it, he wants her to rest because she has a shoot tomorrow but she wants him to rest because he just got out of the hospital. She manages to get him to sit in the car.

JY takes over signalling but a woman comes and pulls over. She asks if they need any help. She says she is okay, thank you so much. The womans child comes out of the car as well and smiles at JY. the woman makes sure she is okay and then drives off. JY smiles at them and PT smiles at JY. He saw the entire thing.
A taxi pulls up right away, it is her brother. he hops out and goes right up to her. She is surprised to see him and asks how everything is going. he asks her about herself and seh asks him about himself. They both say that they are okay. they get into the taxi and drive off. PT continues turning off all the phone calls.

MW tells JY about the book, it looks like he signed his name on the petition to stop the sale of the book. he apologizes for not telling her. She smiles bashfully and says she knows he did it for her. he says that she knew it would happen one day right, when you started acting? NW says she did, she was just mad because that reporter was talking about her parents. She tells him that he shouldn’t have come there because of this. what if she is fired. I have to feed you as well. This was a long long long day like a dream. I realize it when I see you.

She rests her head on his shoulder and tells him that she is glad he came there. It was cold all day. Oppa, we are okay like this, right? We survived.

OH holds an envelope that is from HJ. It says it is to his lovely wife Ok-hee. OH sits by the ocean waves and rocks as she holds it.

VO – We survived, we can live our day like this, day-by-day.

Inside, SJ texts DJ. She wants to know if he is okay and texts him that she misses him. She looks at their family photo and sya that she misses him.

VO – We all survived in that hell.

DJ is at his favorite spot at the academy. he looks at his picture of JY on the vending machine. But he also sees a young NW sitting next to him.

NW – What is this (bloody hand), Yoon Namu, you are bad to the end. Do you still like me like that?

he nods.

NW – You are going to be sorry to me forever. You are so sorry that whenever you see me, you will be hurt like this. You will be the one suffering, so what do you want most?

DJ – What about you? What about you?….Nak-won, can you still smile at me like this? (No saturi when he talks to NW and he also didn’t use it when he talked to the reporter)

She smiles at him and he turns his head. When he turns it back, she is gone. A tear trickles down his face.

JY – To survive again, we are living our life.

Fade Out

The live-live recap of Come an Hug Me starts next week while it airs!

Okay, that ending part where it looked like HJ was whispering all sorts of nefarious things in DJ’s ear was so disconcerting. Does DJ hallucinate often and hear his father tell him to kill people? Or was that just a one time thing to let us know that it was really on his mind that day?

Guard – You have a meeting request again, from the person that visits you often
HY – Your father wants to see you a lot, do you want to go with me?
DJ – You shouldn’t publish books like this
VO – Who are you
DJ – i am his son (all gyangsangdo/ Busan Saturi)
Dj – My fathers autobiography is all a lie. (Seoul accent). There is no word of truth in that book.
HJ – laughs
HM – What the F, who is that guy, he destroyed our family by being crazy for one girl.
Reporter – I think, between you two, you have a sweet secret between you two that no one knows about.
Vo (victims family member) – A guy like you is the top of the class! A police officer!
VO – Even though your father is that crazy murderer, you still held her hand. That is your fault.

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    • V
      May 24, 2018 / 6:43 pm

      It would be interesting if we see the tug-of-war that Namu/DJ has going on in his mind with mental health issues regarding his father that he might have and if he will choose to be a good person in the end.

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