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Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 5 and 6

Episode 5 and 6 recap for the Kdrama Come and Hug Me starring Jang Ki-yong and Jin Ki-joo
It looks like all the ish is about to hit the fan this episode. From the preview the murder goes down today (or maybe tomorrow) and we are transported back to the present. I think I might be covering my eyes during a lot of this episode. That serial killer scene in the last episode was so skin crawling.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

Airing Time: May 23rd, 22:00 Seoul, MBC
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HM is in trial for beating that other kid up. The lawyer wants him to consider that he is still young and has a lot of life left. The judge asks the boy if he has anything to say? HM doesn’t and doesn’t look remorseful at all.

The judge starts reading his sentence. He will put him in jail for 3 years. HM is upset, he did not expect that sentence. he sys the kid is okay now, he is okay! HM rages about it and has to be dragged out. He yells for NM to get his father and retry the case.

NM goes to the family and apologizes for his brother. The umma is upset and tells him to get out of her face, she doesn’t want her hands to get dirty with trash like him. NM bows to them as they leave. His appa didn’t go to the trial.

Meanwhile, Umma is packing up her daughter and all their things that they can quickly take with them. OH tells her daughter to be quiet please. SJ wonders if they are running away? She doesnt want to leave, she wants to be with her brother. But OH says her and father had an argument, NM cannot come with them. We have to leave.

They run out, but she pauses in the living room and looks around. She sees sunglasses and gtes scared. Then she runs out of the house and runs into NM. SJ runs to NM’s side and hugs him. OH tells him to let her go, if you tell your father then we are both dead. But SJ just clings to her brother, she doesn’t want to leave him. OH pleads with NM, can you just let us go?

She talks about how she has to protect SJ, she is innocent and has no blood with your family. So why should she live as a murderers daughter. Namoo, ajumma is begging you, okay? I am begging you like this, just let us go. I beg you, please.

An engine revs in the distance which makes OH duck for cover. Namoo runs to look at it, it is HJ’s truck. Namoo comes back and gives them his hand. He tells them that he will help them and they can go far far away, somewhere his father cannot find them.

He helps them up and then he talks to SJ. He tells her to listen to her other well and remember the promise they had. To where ever, from wherever, i will always protect you. SJ gives him a very big hug and tears up. He tells her that he will see her later.

Then NM thanks OH so much for living with them and making food for them everyday and taking care of them. Thank you for being truthful to us I was so thankful for that. It is not your fault Ummoni, it just goes back to how it was before. So don’t feel sorry for us at all. NM starts to tear up as he tells her that he is so thankful that she was their mother. Thank you so much. He gives her a big bow.

OH looks veyr touched by his words. He tells her that they should take a taxi when they get to a larger street and go to a terminal and leave, he will call his father and buy them some time. Leave.

They run off.

Ajumma’s see them running away and wonder why they are running like that. At the end of the street, OH turns back to give one last look to NM. He waves. But then they are gone.

Later on, HM rages in the house as he yells, where is she! NM sits at his desk as if nothing is happening. He looks at his desk that has a lot of love notes from SJ on it telling him that she loves him. Then he looks at her desk, it is empty.

NM sits by himself among the cherry blossoms. NW sees him and sneeks up on him. She blows several petals on him which catches his attention. She smiles at that at then sits with him. She happily tells him that he is quiet, but it is noisy in his head right? Your heart longs for something? i am right, right? When I see your stoic face, now I know what it means. I am a very sensitive person right? Not like what I look.

NW starts to read NM’s facial experssions. She tells him that he likes her! Right! He says yes. She says, I knew that from the begining! But then she says, are you for real? I was just joking.

NM stands up and tells NW that she said she liked him because he is like a real tree? me too, to me you are a real Heaven, that is why I like you. I like you Nakwon. I like you a lot, a lot.

they stand among the cherry blossoms. NW is awkward at first, but then she sees his bandaged hand and smiles. She looks at him and asks him why he is crying. He apologizes to her. She asks what for. He says it is because he likes her. He is sorry.

Cut to the present day. DJ is sleeping. He has a tear fall on his face and then suddenly wakes up in his dorm. (he went to a 4 year police university). he dresses and leaves his room. Outside his room is a book, it is his fathers autobiography. “I am not different from you: The confession of a serial killer.”

OH owns another restaraunt on the seaside and thanks several guests from coming. But when she goes inside, she side eyes two other guests. these guests are reporters who tell her that HJ says that she is the only wife that he truly loved. They present the book to her. OH tries to ignore them and continue cleaning, but the reporter, possibly CJH, keeps asking her questions. his son called the police, that is why HJ was arrested. His son is about to graduate, won’t he visit you?

OH yells that he will not come there! She pushes them out and yells at them. If you put my sons name in your report then I will shred all your hair and sue you!

The reporters think she is a challenge (like gutsy but in a negative way), maybe because she liveed with a serial killer. CJH says the killer talked about his son a lot. That he was a very good son. he is the valedictorian. But his son never wet to see his father. It is interesting right? I heard he is super handsome.

the cadets practice martial arts with weapons. It is the old traditional martial arts style with swords and helmets. Two guys fall on the floor. One of them is DJ and the other is his friends Jong-hyun, JH. They hoke while on the floor about making each others hearts pump with love.

But then they get up to walk off and DJ sees a person fall on the floor with a Judo flip. he wants to help her up, but the insturctor comes up and helps her up. DJ walks away. The instructor tells her that he can’t help her this much, he will not be available to help her practice her judo all the time. he walks off.

The girl is Yeon-ji, YJ. She approaches DJ who is taking off his gear.

Cut to the lights going out in the gym and YJ practicing her hip throwing strength by herself. She falls on the ground. DJ shows up and gives her something to drink. He also gives her something to wipe her sweat. Then he sits and tells her that she wants to practice against men and not the other girls because when she goes to the field she has to deal with men right?

She agrees.

DJ puts his hand out for her to take. She does and stands up. He says, from now on, the guy in front of you is a bad bad guy. if you deal with me a little bit everyday then it will help. She asks why he is helping her. He says he can leave if he doesn’t like it. He starts to walk away, but she quickly grabs his arm and says she will do it, lend me your body.

They practice Judo with DJ not giving in to YJ or taking it easy on her. But still letting her practice what she wants to do.

Cut to a movie scene where JY is running away in a sageuk style Gaksital setting. It is snowing and JY is running away with the other actor as they shoot their scene together. He tells her that there is no young lady like her or young master like him. there is no class of people, only people who want the independence of the country, just go with me! They hug. CUT!

The director wants to go to the next scene, but JY wants to do it again, she thinks she didn’t have enough emotion. The director doesn’t’ think they need to because this scene can be cancelled. The director is more concerned with Se-kyung who is the main actress. He wants to add more lights on the scene when she comes into it.

After that talk, the male actor tells JY that she shouldn’t demand another shot as a side actor. Is it because your emotions pump when you act with me? JY mutter that crazy dogs should get hit. He asks her what she said, she plays it off. Then she walks to the shooting area and bows to them as she tells them she is leaving. But they don’t care. She looks at the scene in the video. It was basically cut to almost nothing and replaced by the main actress.

JY goes to another room and watches the main actress in the scene. the main actress repeats her lines. JY couches and looks at the scene lovingly as if she is imagining herself in the role. The director yells Cut and tells SK that her emotions are really good.

Meanwhile, DJ walks through the campus halls and sees a lot of reporters phone numbers in his phone. They left messages and are all calling him about interview requests about his fathers book. One of the reports is Hee-young (HY). She tells him that she hasn’t talked to him since he was little and hasn’t seen his handsome face in awhile. Call me.


JY drives home to a motel. She has a lot of clothes in the back of her little van car. her manager calls her and asks how things went. They joke about his bones healing and how he can get out next week. She calls him an animal. He says he used to break his bones a lot, but he will get out and drive her around. they think the viewership will be more than 20%. Just wait until next week. But then the phone loses a signal.

the nurse tells the manager, Pyo Tec (PT) that his bones aren’t healed, why did he tell her that? He says it is becaue he feels so sorry about being int he hospital. The nurse leaves with a pleasant smile. She thinks he is a good guy.

Cut to JY in her room. Her brother texts her to see how she is doing. He is studying his law books. She texts him back and says it is a new day (1am) so have a good day. he is studying accidental homicides when his picture falls. This sends him into a flashback where he is a young child who drops a knife amidst a fire in his home. He looks scared.

He snaps out of the flashback and looks at his sisters picture.

Elsewhere, SK is looking at a script or a book as several people do her makeup and hair. they ask her how she is born with such good skin. She says something about being born with good skin and then taking care of it later. But she is also annoyed by someone snoring in the background. Then a man comes in and says that her interview is ready, where is JY? The makeup girl is about to tell him that she is over there, but SK stops her from saying it and says they will be out soon. Her assistants look a little hesitant as they deal with her.

SK gets in one of the assistants faces and tells her to do her job when taking care of her skin. No one cares about that kind of supporting actress. Cut to JY snoring in the background. They leave her there.

JY walks the yard outside as he inspects all the cadets with their weapons. He is the person in charge of how they look so he makes sure they ahve their guns int he right positions. YJ watches him from the bleechers.

back on set, the man looks for JY, she is still sleeping. But then he sees her sleeping and wakes her up. JY says her sunbae said she would wake her up, where is she? The man says she already left. JY thanks him and then runs outside to make it to the interview.

But the interview is already going on so she waits in the back with the camera’s. The interviewer talks about the free hug event. SK says that han Jae-yi will do the hug for everyone because SK has to go to a movie shoot. The interviewer says, okay, we will expect JY’s hug event.

the interview is completed. The male actor asks JY where she was, she is a new actress and should be on the camera a lot. SK goes up to her and tell her to get herself some coffee. You drove by yourself because your manager is hospitalized, go to the big cafe. JY asks her if she should go right now? (she is basically giving her a hard time, she has to drive 20 mintues to get coffee and come back) she only has one hour to do it in.

JY turns on her competitive nature and gets to it. She gets in her little van and takes off on the road. While driving she curses a lot to these men that cut her off. These guys are all super gangsters, but that does not stop her from cursing at them.

She gets to the coffee and orders a lot of it for everyone on the set and it is all take out. Some people recognize her as an unknown actress. Another woman takes a photo of her so JY goes up to her and asks her if she knows her. The woman says she looks strange so that is why she took her photo. JY says she is an actress, not a strange person, can we take a selfie? I am in this drama, I will put my head forward (so their head will look smaller). A lot of people want to take photos with her so JY takes photos with them all. then seh gets her coffee.

However, the news starts to talk about Yoon Hee-jae writing a book about his crimes and how he feels about them. It is very controversial now. he talks about how he killed everyone, including the famous actress, Ji Hae-won. He wrote everything about how he regrets his crimes. But people think it is glamorizing murfering people.

JY is overcome and drops the coffee, it spils all over the floor. She tries to clean it up, but she is too overtaken with the shakes.

YJ and Dj battle it out on the judo mats. She is finally able to throw him. He smiles and says she is much better now. Lets try it one more time now that you have the feeling.

he stands back up and tries to tie his belt tighter, but then she tells him that she can tie it for him. She does, but he feels uncomfortable with it. he gets a call and goes to the side to talk to SJ. SJ tells him that she just wants to see him. She thinks about him all day long. DJ tells her that he misses her too and umma as well. She wants him to tell her good night and all the baby things so he says that he hasn’t seen her in a while, you became a baby again?

Umma watches them talk, she is happy, but she is also concerned.
When DJ gets back to his dorm, his fathers book is still there. he picks it up and goes to sit somewhere. He looks at the image on the cover for a long time, then he starts to flip through it.

The person who is looking for forgiveness will be forgiven

Before, talking about my pitiful life, I am sorry to all the victims and families.
I wrote this book so that this cruel crime will never happen again.
It is written by Yoon Hee-jae, the serial murderer who regrets and is sorrowful

We cut to an image of HJ in his cell. He is sitting criss cross apple sauce on the floor and looking out the windoe

JY looks at he book, he is focused on chapter 15: That Night… JY closes the book quickly and then closes his eyes. He has a flashback of his father with blood all over the side of his face. NM is on the floor looking up at his father. His father smiles and wipes his face of blood. HJ kneels and tells NM that he is the one who is more like him than his brother.

DJ hops out of the flashback and jumpst up.the book falls to the floor as he looks at the coffee image of JY.

VO – When that happens, come to me, when you are really having a hard time and are hurt.

Flashback to th enight of the death. NW and HM are in the back of the polcie car. She has been crying a lot. She sees NM on the side of the street and gets out of the police car.

She looks athim kneeling on the side of the road, all busted nd bruised. She walks up to him in anger. But she hugs him instead of slapping him and she cries into his shoulder. Then she holds his hand and they cry together.

VO – Whatever happens, i will like you forever.

Dj hops out of the flash back again and looks at his fathers image on the book.

The manager is out of the hospital and driving again. But he slams on the beraks which makes JY’s lolypop hit her in the face. The manager is talking to reporters for having an interview with JY, but the interviewers just hang up.

JY tells PT that she can just drive but PT tells her that he is super strong now, he can drive for her. JY tells him that he can run to the polcie school, but he probably won’t be able to make it. She wonders how many reporters are over there right now? Perhaps 10 people?

they go to the entrance to the school, there are so many reporters there who want an interview with DJ. They say there are other reporters there but the polcie caet says that is for the movie shoot.

CJH is trying to get in as well. It looks like she is going to try and use her connections with a family member she didn’t even know she had who is at the academy. She is able to get in. they look for the kid that should be handsomer than idols.

Cut to the movie shoot at the police academy. SK is there as a police officer. She sees the coffee truck. At the gate, somehow JY can’t get inside. SK comments about how the truck is cute of JY is cute and is trying to hard(?). At the same time, PT is trying get JY into the academy. they are trying to talk to the cadets about it. JY hops out and tells the cadet that she is a new actress, maybe you have seen her?

Then she busts out in a commercial role she has done recently. The manager clapps for her and tells the cadet that he should know this role.

they finally get in and park behind the coffee truck.

JY gets out and sees the set up, she looks impressed. But she has to prepare all the cofhee’s. CJH and her photographer come up to her and start to take her picture. They say they are reporters and would like to talk to her. PT is so happy that these reporters want to talk to her.

the interview starts. the reporters talk about the drama and keeping the viewership about the free hugs and supporting SK. CJH asks if there is no other reason? What about her friend? JY says she does not have a friend here. The reporter starts to talk about how JY is NW and that she is the daughter of HW.

Suddenly, SK runs up and pretends like she loves JY to death and how she doesnt’ have to do this and she is so lovely and so sweet. Hoards of reports come up to them and take a lot of photos. JY excuses herself.

But then CJH jumps right in front of her and asks her about HJ’s book and how she feels as a family member of the victims? JY tells her to shut up, in a whisper. She tries to walk away again but she stumbles. the other reporters kind of get wind of what is going on.

JY stands up, but it is a struggle. She tries to walk away, but she is about to fall again. She is suddenly caught by DJ. They look at each other for a moment. Then DJ turns to the cameras and politely tells the camera people to turn off their recorders and remove their camera’s.


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VO – That is that guy right? He is that guy!
VO – What is their relationship
JY – Where can I see Chae Do-jin?
CJH – What is your relationship with Han Jae-yi. You guys know each other, 9 years ago, the two kids that where together in that scene.
JY – Can we stay here a little longer? 10 more – 5 more minutes?
DJ – We won’t see each other in the future
VO – Today, just avoid it. Yoon Hee-jae, that crazy guy.
DJ – Nak-won, can you still smile(?) at me?

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