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Come and Hug Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 27 and 28

A woman is sitting on a couch and a man is looming in front of her in Kdrama Come and Hug Me
It’s getting creepier. At least the pre-released photos show that the mother is okay for the moment. But after what happened yesterday, I no longer assume that we will have a happy ending for our duo. Hopefully we still do, but we might not. I will try to look on the bright side.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

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HM walks the dark alley of his mothers shop. it is empty and he looks worn out. But then he sees something and walks closer to it. There is a sign on the door that says they are going to a funeral so there is no work.

Police officers as him to stop. H starts running, but he can’t run well.

VO – If we weren’t born as monsters son, would we live normally?

Cut to an imagination of a happy life. HM sits and eats at the breakfast table. he playfully talks to Umma and SJ. SJ hits him and tells him to do things, you always tell Umma to do things. Just use your body. OH is happy to dote on him. But HM tells her it is okay, just sit, don’t have vein surgery on your legs. He gently forces her to sit down and then sits across from her. She comments on how her son is handsome, eat well.

DJ comes in as well and sits to eat with everyone. umma thinks Namu’s face is too skinny, she will give him galbi. HM complains that she did not give him galbi! DJ and HM playfully argue between them. SJ comes in and tells them that they are both kids! They all sit and happily eat together.

VO – in my imagination, there is no monster.

HM hobbles to another alley and then sees himself with a hammer after hitting that woman.

VO – But….I became another monster.

The polcie see him and yell for him to stop.

VO – It should be removed from my imagination.
JY shows up at the funeral. OH pulls her to the side to talk to her, she is concerned about her and wants to know why she is there. It will be dangerous for you. JY tells her that she heard he was like an aboji to DJ so she wanted to show her respects to him. She tells OH to use banmal to her.

The reporter watches them from the door. She thinks back to what she said about JY becoming her daughter in law and how that would be super shocking. She looks a bit remorseful for saying that?

Elsewhere in the funeral hall, the bad cop talks to YJ about the situation. YJ tells him that they have to do anything. JH tells them that DJ went to the jail. They wonder if he will cause trouble. The bad cop says he will go there. But then HJH tells him that she wants to talk to him for a second.

They go to the side. Bad cop wants to know what she wants, they should not show that they are connected. HJH tells him that if they revealed the recording quickly enough, then they might catch them and HJ will not run away and your team leader would not have died. But the bad cop just starts laughing and asks her if she is joking? You got the special report. You shuld have turned me into the polcie that I had the evidence. It is not my fault, it is the team leaders fault.

Bad Cop – He should not have been associated with those unlucky people.

HJH – What?

Cop – Why do people ask about parents? Because you can’t hide your blood. He is the sone of a killer, he can be an even worse evil because he is his son.

Cut to DJ locking himself in the jail. He puts the CC in a choke hold and then turns him around and grabs his fingers. he tells him that he uses this hand to hold that hammer right? Do you want me to break it one by one?

I think he breaks one?

DJ tells him that he did not even start, you should suffer. The CC starts talking about how he does not know where HJ is but there is a woman involved, she sent a lot of mail to HJ. DJ asks her name. He says he does not know, he just saw her face! She is a woman in her 40s, I don’t know her job. I am telling the truth.

A guard comes into the jail and tells DJ that he should not do this. DJ tells him to sue him and walks out. CC looks at DJ walk off with hatred.

VO – What was your impression of meeting my Namu (appa voice over)

DJ calmly talks to people on the phone as he walks. He gives them orders about the woman in teh car. But after hanging up, he snaps himself out of his state of mind and look at his hand. He quickly thinks back to wanting to stab CC and breaking his fingers.
HJ is inside OH’s home, she is on the couch and it looks like her hands are tied behind her back. He tells her that she lives in a nice house…is this room namu’s room?….So-jin’s room is strange to me, I only remember her as a little girl, but now it has a smell of cosmetics. It reminds me of our old house, I like it. Why are you so quiet? I did not cover your mouth. Are you surprised to see me?

OH – You killed him.

HJ – I have to step on bugs and anything that taints my Namu. I did not see him for 12 years.

OH – people will think that you care about your son so much, but I know what happened that night. If you kill me then my Namu will not be like you.

HJ – How do you know for sure? How will you know I will kill you? With the death of that policeman, Namu is shaken a lot. But if you die, then he will be shaken a lot a lot. Don’t you think so? Right now he is swaying, he will break and I will put him back together piece by piece.

OH – DOn’t touch my Namu

HJ – I am going to make him my son again. All the bad things accumulated, just break it once and everything will be revealed. You are the begining point.

He picks up the hammer and hits her across the head with it. She falls unconcious (dead?) to the couch.
SJ calls DJ and tells her that Umma is not picking up the phone, she is worried about it. DJ tells her not to worry, he will investigate it. DJ tries to keep himself composed.

In the house, OH wakes up. HJ tells her that he hit her softly this time. She tells him to just kill her, she is the sinner that did not call the polcie, She has a guilty feeling because of him, she never slept well after that. Just kill her now and dont’ touch the kids!

He tells her that she is pretending to be a mother now. You should just die gracefully. That is a good ending for the mother. OH starts laughing and tells him that he is so pitiful, he does nto even know he is living in hell your entire life, so pitiful.

HJ stands and is about to hit her again. But there is a knock on the door. HM burstas in looking for his mother and sees HJ looming over her with the hammer.

Elsewhere, JY talks to MW at her place. He tells her that he wants her to meet a normal person and talk abotu her hardships with him. JY tells her that she has a hard time, she sees other peoples photos and their views on her. But they waited too long based on other peoples views of them. I like Namu so much. I will try hard to be okay. namu should wait for me to tell him everything. So don’t worry too much, okay?

MW tells her to tell him everything that she can’t tell that guy, just tell him and don’t keep it to yourself.

Flashback to the two of them as teanagers. He asks her if she will go to school again? She shakes her head. He tells her that he can take her to school every day. He can go to college later. DOn’t be afraid, the world we live in, we can rebuild it. They hold hands tightly.

JY – Oppa, you told me, everything else breaks, but if we are not broken then it is okay.

She holds his hands warmly and smiles.
At the house, The crazy lady waits outside. HJ talks to HM inside as if nothing is wrong at all. He asks HM why he is there as if he just stopped by from school. HM asks him what he is doing with that ajumma? He starts to walk closer to her.

HJ tells him that he has been predictable ever since he was little. Do you want to save her? You want to get recognition from aboji, show it to me.

He holds out the hammer to HM. OH yells for Hm to run away. But HJ tells him to prove to him how strong he is, he wanted that so much. HM takes the hammer from him and then looks at his mom. But he says he can’t do it.

HJ – So, I was right…

HM – Abogi, can you just stop here? She raised mea nd Namu.

HJ takes the hammer from him and punches him. HM falls to the ground. HJ tells him that weak guys are not his son, from now on you should watch this at least.

But HM tries to protect OH and goes in front of her. HJ hits HM over the head with the hammer, HM falters backward semi knocked out. HJ walks up to his son as if he is about to finish the job but OH runs to him and protects him by putting her body in front of him. She holds on to him. He also holds on to her.

This position reminds HJ of NM and NW when they were children. HM asks his father what he is to him? Does he not want a son? What did I ever do to you? I did everything for you to look at me? But why abogi? Why didn’t you look at me once? How can this ajumma that does not share my blood at all be more like family to me? That is why Namu came here.

Flashback to Namu telling Hm that abogi never protected them, you know that.

HM tells abogi that if he does this, that means that he never protected them ever. But if you do this, then it is true that Oh did everything for them for 12 years and you did nothing. Abogi, you are everything to me, but am I really nothing to you?

HJ hits him over the head and knocks him out. He tells him he does not deserve to be his son. He will send them both away. Go there and spend a good time as mother and son.
HJ – So you send another person. If something happened to Namu, then you killed him. You already killed 4 people.

HM – Stop talking Bull-S.

HJ – If yo die then Namu will be shredded more.

He moves to hit them. But the siren of the police rings. HJ gets a call from the woman and tells him that he needs to leave now, use the back door. But HJ wants to finish it and is about to hit OH, but he sees the sirens and decides to leave.

HM is hanging on to life, he tells his mother that she should not cry, they are nothing to each other….

DJ shows up at the house just as DJ is walking up to the house. Father and son look at each other from a distance. But then HJ gets in the car and drives off. DJ runs after the car but then runs into the house. He sees his mother ad brother unconcious and perhaps dead in the living room.

The cops run in then too.

Cut to Dj next to OH’s hospital bed.

Flashback to Namu as a teanager. He is working at the sea with some men. They ask him why he never talks and just chit chat about fishermen things. Later on, Namu looks at the sea and says Nakwon’s name.

OH runs to him and says Namu! But then she says Dojin and he turns around. He stands up and looks at her and calls her Umma. Then he hops off the artificial rocks and goes to hug her and walk away.

In the present, DJ hears his mother call his name. he is sleeping and wakes up startled. She asks him why he is so sad. What happened to you, did something happen DJ? But then she notices where she is and starts to remember what happened. She asks where Hyun-moo is, did he come!

DJ nods, then he walks his mother to see Hyun-moo in critical care. He tells her that he is okay, he will be okay. But OH is overcome with grief.

DJ goes to meet JY. JY asks how his family is. DJ tells her that she can walk now and she ate juk. JY asks her about Hyung, is he awake? DJ tells her not to worry about Hyung. JY holds DJ’s hands and tells him that it will be okay, don’t worry too much. They hug, DJ tells her, if she has any hardship, don’t stand it, just tell me okay? You told me, if I have pain then I should tell you and not just stand by myself. So if you are doing it because of me, then I shuold not be next to you at all. I told you to just use me, Okay?

Jy tells him, after everything is taken care of then seh will do it, she will tell him everything. They hug again.

But Dj is in another world. He looks at some paperwork on the counter. It looks like this is a transcript from the fathers meeting with OH.

HJ – If you called the polcie, then at least 3 people would have lived. Including the girls parents that Namu liked. I told the nun that the savior and resurection is not far away…..you should come visit me, you and my princess. I want to see Namu…

DJ quickly closes the file and looks at the door where JY sleeps. The camera fades out.
MW talks to a man about how the four of them met offline in the HJ fan club. the man points to the photo of the nurse and tells them that Jun Yoora was cool, she sent him letters and meeting requests.

MW looks at the CCTV and figures out that this person probably helped HJ and told him the proper ways to walk in order to not see the CCTV.

DJ also walks the halls and talks to JH. that hospital was the only hospital that they could send HJ to. So the nurse and CC conspired together, she got transferred to that hospital a few months ago.

HM wakes up in his hospital room. Someone is sleeping at hsi bedside, I think this is OH but it might be SJ. Later on, HM is sitting up in his bed, he is okay and can talk. SJ talks to him about everything that happened and how can you call him abogi? he asks her how he can call her oppa. They talk like brother and sister. She tells him he saved her and umma, she is really erally thankful for that. She holds his hand and sincerely thanks him.

But then OH opens the door and tells SJ to get oppa some water. OH goes to sit at HM’s bedside and says that he did a good job, he must be hurt all over, but thank you for waking up safely. He pretty much tells her the same thing. He asks her why she is that good to him and Namu. They aren’t even blood. Abogi tried to to kill us, but you try to save us. Do you pity us?

OH tells him that she is just a human, she is not God or Buddha, she is not doing this out of pity, she also recieves things from you guys. That is why she is also there. She knows he was doing those things so she would see him. He says she knows nothing, she always saw Namu.

OH holds his hand and tells him that Umma is sorry, if umma made you sad then please forgive me for everything. I will wait for you. If you pay for your sin this time, then the four of us should live together.

If I don’t come back, will you wait for me until morning with the light on?

Of course. And this time when i visit you, don’t ignore me, okay? She smiles at him, he tries not to smile at her too.
Elsewhere, JY is with PT. They see the news report.

News: Becaues of the recent news, Ji hae-won is on the news everywhere. A lot of fans go to her funeral….

PT – It is your mothers birthday soon, do you think a lot of fans will be there…

HJH comes up to them brightly and talks to Jy, she asks her if she met the victims sister? I wrote an article about her. JY tells her that she read it. HJH wants to write an article about her and DJ, he wonders about them. It seems like you have a lot more stories than I expect and….what really happened that night.

PT is not interested. JY tells her that she will get hurt if she writes about them. She knows what happened to HY and HJ is out now. He is a lot moer dangerous than you expect. You will really get hurt.

JY leaves with PT.

CC tells all teh cops that he was brainwashed by HJ, he does not know what he was doing, he was not himself. YJ tells him that they have all teh hidden camera footage. CC tells him that they can go to court, and he will sue DJ for what he did with him in court. (It looks like his fingers where not broken?). DJ asks him if the hideout place that you did not tell me about, it is Jung Yura’s?

Cut to Jung Yura packing up all her things. HJ is in the living room looking at a photo of his son. he remembers seeing his son on the street but having to run away.

The nurse walks out with all the luggage and tells him that the need to go. HJ tells her that her life will be hard. But she just tells him that teh CC made too much trouble, she will not make any trouble like him.

Back in the interrogation room, DJ tells CC that he is investigating all the money and support and everything. jail will be very boring without HJ there. CC tells him that he should have killed Nakwon, Abogi stopped me from doing it, do you know why?

DJ jumps up and grabs him and tells him to say everything. CC says it is like this because DJ is this upset when people only talk about Nakwon. Abogi wants to complete his autobiography himself.

VO – I thought about were my life went wrong…

HJ gets out of a car on a deserted street.

VO – It reminded me of that incident that happened 12 years ago….

The nurse wonders what HJ is looking at.

Cut to JY at home, she looks at the photo of her mother on her shelf and picks it up. She sits with it and says that they are still there.

VO – So, now it is time to finish it.

CC – Because of you Yoon Namu, she will die.

DJ – Shut up.

CC – Now I know why he is obsessed with you. You are abogi have the same craziness. But that Gil Nakwon cut it, so abonim is angry because he can’t control you.

HY – So the raziness, you just press it and hide it, but it will never go away.

DJ lets go of CC and laughs.

DJ – Yes, I am Yoon Hee-jae’s son, I am the psycopaths son who handed his hammer to me. If you want my seat then just take it, it is yours.

CC – You dont’ know what a great thing you posses

DJ – The craziness and the hammer? Do you really think that will make you strong? It is because you are so weak and pitiful that Yoon Hee-jae came to you. The strength that you are longing for did not exhist in Yoon Hee-jae from the begining. Yoon Hee-jae was already attacked by me 12 years ago. By a 16 year old boy.

Flashback to Dj hitting HJ over the head with the hammer.

VO – as a result, it reminded me of something that I could not forget for 12 years.

DJ – Finally, you are also fooled by Yoon Hee-jae.

HJ walks the deserted street with a hammer.

DJ breaks into a house with his gun up. JH is with him. They are in the nurses place and the autobiography is on the table. HJ left a not inside.

Note: To my lovely son, the story that we could not finish, lets bury it in our hearts.

HJ has teh hammer in his hand and looks at something in the distance.

PT tells JY good night and drives off. HJ is revealed behind the car and runs up to JY, he hits her aross the head with the hammer and she falls to the ground! (!!!!)

Dj startles awake (oh good Lord, it was a dream!). He is at JY’s house. He goes int oher room tocheck on her, she is fine. He is super sweaty so she asks if he had a nightmare. He says he did not and pulls her into a big hug.

DJ – Don’t go anywhere, without you, if you dissapear, then I will be so scared.

JY – I am not going anywhere.

Cut to them both layingn in bed together and looking at each other quietly.

JY – are you still insecure?

She cuddles up close to him and asks him if he is better if she does this? He smiles and lightly rests his hand on her back. JY tells him to sleep tight. He softly nods and tries to sleep.

VO – What if we weren’t born as the son of a monster? Do you think we would live normally?

The camera scrolls to HM in the hospital and then DJ putting on a black suit. His phone rings.

Phone – I am Jung Yura, I am going to turn myself in.

The music kicks in as DJ walks to HW’s memorial site. At her site there are a lot of flowers, but there is also a hammer. DJ looks at the site and kneels to inspect the hammer.

VO – Already, a long time ago, I became another monster.

He picks up the hammer and looks at it.

VO – I am at that moment where I have to face the monster that created me

DJ looks inside the memorial and sees JY’s image next to her mothers. He grips the hammer and turns.

VO – For my Nakwon. (This has two meanins, it is for his Nakwon and it is also for his own peace or Heaven)

Fade Out

I am so happy that the family is still alive. I still don’t know if we will have a happy ending, but hopefully it will be a satisfying ending? Next week is the last week…


(Preview by Stroppyse on Soompi!)
HM: That night, were you really trying to kill Father?
DJ: Why did hyung throw away my hammer back then?
HM: I didn’t want to acknowledge it, that Father was a monster.
MW: We are looking thoroughly into everything concerning Yoon He Jae and Jun Yoo Ra, but nothing has been turned up yet.
DJ: Jun Yoo Ra called saying she will confess. She said that she’s readied the body.
YHJ: It’s been a long time, Gil Nak Won.
DJ: Yoon He Jae., I’m warning you about Nak Won.
YHJ: If you die now, then Nam Woo probably really become like me.
JY: Even if you kill me, Nam Woo will definitely never become like you.
DJ: If you lay one finger on her, I will kill you.

Top Image by MBC

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