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Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 25 and 26

Jang Ki-yong sleeping on a couch in Come and Hug Me
Oh snap, y’all. The scariest man in Korea is out of jail, his whereabouts are unknown, and crazy people are helping him out. We all know he only wants to kill one person. Ack, my skin just crawled. This feels so much like that horror movie Halloween with Nakwon in for Jamie Lee Curtis. If I were DJ and JY (aka Namu and Nakwon) then I would be out of Korea so fast; forget spending the night at her place, we would be sleeping at the airport on our way to Quebec City.

On top of all that, we still have not found out what happened that night! And yet I am cool with that because they are giving me enough info to continuously whet my interest. I am nervous (and excited) for the final father-son showdown coming up which I would assume will happen in the final two episodes. But this show has thrown all my guesses out the window so far, so for me anything could happen.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

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We open with the prison break. The van crashes into something and HJ gets out. A woman’s voice starts talking.

VO – How are you HJ? It is my 30th mail. The world calls you evil, but to me, i know.

She is cleaning her house as she talks.

VO – More than other people that pretend like they are normal….

the prison guard yells at HJ to stop! HJ tells him to smell the forest, it is the smell of being alive.

VO – How truthful you are and how human like…

She is a nurse and looks at a syringe.

VO – you were betrayed by many women and finally by your own son. I will wait for you forever. I will never betray you.

She checks her appearance in the mirror at work and clips her hair up with another hair clip that looks like it is pretty sharp.

Night has fallen on the accident site. Cops surround HJ, he turns around and smiles.

VO – Now, I will be your family. Wherever, I will wait to see you.

She walks down the hall of the hospital and gets to HJ’s room? HJ is laying in a room in teh hospital bed. The guards are at his door. She says she is there to give him a pain killer. She gives him the hair pin and puts it in his hand. He swueezes her hand tightly. then he starts to take off the cuffs with the hairpin. She blocks the guards view while he does it feigning changing the IV bag.

Then seh leaves. The officer is preoccupied with his cell phone. HJ asks the guard to rais his bed a little bit please. The guard raises the bed but HJ atacks at that moment. He tells him not to worry, he will not kill him!

The guard passes out, the outsie guard is next.

HJ emerges from the room and is called to the side by the nurse. She tells him that there is no CCTV in the stairs. His son is downstairs and the polcie are switching richt now, so you should leave now.

He touches her cheek and tells her, see you at home.

he heads down the stairs and is met by the copy cat. He tells him good job. The copy cat is wearing emergency ambulance gear and puts HJ in the back of an ambulance. He turns on the lights to the ambulance and they drive off.
VO – An evil person was born, he started to have a family. And when he threw out all his evilness….

MW leaves his room to the news report that the police do not know how he got out. The jail people will be blamed for hiding it. The biggest problem was trying to take care of it themselves.

Montage of the mother and the sister absorbing the news as well as the polcie station. The polcie station is teaming with reporters, but DJ is not there.

VO – When he finally threw out all his evilness, the family members became evil. So please take care of my Moms store and SJ. The copycat went to all those places so he should know about them.

JH is at work and tells him that he will request for the protection.

DJ hangs up and thinks. He has a flashback were his father tells him not to forget about today. You will never forget.

HJ – Hey pretty friend, we will see each other later.

DJ is nervous about the flashback and walks out fo this room. OH runs into him as if she is looking for him and asks him if he is going to meet JY?

Cut to JY sitting at home, in front of her parents photos, holding her legs. Her Dog runs up to her so she tells him that it is okay. The doorbell rings, it is DJ, he lets himself in. They look at each other at a distance. DJ calls her name, but she looks away.
OH is at her cafe and overhears the ladies talking about all the rumors. The women are not doing a good job of hiding it.

She has a flashback were she talks to DJ. DJ tells her that he was greedy. He is sorry that he was greedy when he was younger. She tells him that two people ahve the same heart so you dont’ have to be sorry, I am sorry to you. You expressed your desire once in your life. But DJ wonders, what if Nakwon gets hurt because of me? What if everything precious in her life is taken because of me? OH touches his head and tells him that if he thinks it will be painful then hug her and if you think she will get hurt then protect her and if you think something will be taken then fill the empty spot. It is okay, it is not that bad to keep your heart between you two. It is not so bad. I will support you from the back. If you guys get hurt then i will take care of all the pain. And if I die then I will be sorry to her parents. I will beg them and tells themthat my Namu has nothing wrong with him, so it is okay.

She lovingly smiles at him and hugs him.

DJ slowly walks up to JY and tells her that he will catch him, he will stop him from doing anything. he will make it so he will not hurt them, so dont avoid me…please. She gives him a hug. he has another flashback.

They hug each other in the house and appa looks at them like they are commiting the biggest sin.

JY tells DJ that she won’t avoid him, it is okay Namu, I am really okay. It is true. He says that it shouldnt’ be.

Flashback to DJ holding her that night. They both look at each other in the house =, they are both bloody. He wipes a tear from her face, she holds his hands and starts crying again. He cries as well as the sirents go off in the background.

In the present, they keep hugging.
Meanwhile, Hee-jae is chilling at the nurses home and watching the news.

News: HJ had a jail break. He was being moved to the prosecutor interrogation, but there was an unknown cause to the jailbreak.

The copycat looks at the news in the same room as well. HJ thinks that HY went far away (dead) and you lost SJ due to HM, you almost got caught by DJ as well. The copycat tries to explain what happened. He says that he came all of a sudden, but he won’t be able to do anything because I turned myself in. I am sorry abogi.

HJ – Dont’ touch DJ from now on, or JY.

CC – Why? Namu talked bad about you, he is the one that I shouldnt’ leave alone.

HJ looks at him and says that it is a good day to take a walk. I was trapped too long.

he walks around an old dog barn and gets to a board that has all the key figures on it. He mutters, 12 years, while looking at it.

At JY’s house, DJ tells her that he wants to stay there for awhile. She tells him not to do too much, she is not 16 years old anymore. But he says he is just asking her, he wants to be next to her day and night. She wonders what he is thinking. He says he is thinking about her. They hug again. But in his mind he is thinking about HJ.

Somewhere, HJ is walking, he looks up at a window of an old lookng apartment building.

Inside, we see MW looking at his phone. He gets a ring at the door and opens it immediately. It is HM outside. He is waring a mask and says that he isn’t even checking to see who is outside? It is nice to see you again.

They go inside. HM tells MW that he has a nice place. Your sister has a better place. Did you fight? MW says that he should not touch his sister he is sick and tired of him and his family. HM is sick of him too, he put him in jail all those years ago.

MW asks him if he is blaming him? You are the same, if you don’t blame anyone then you can’t leave, becasue you are bad. Your abogi that you love so much is a crazy guy. you are trash that betrays your brother. Your brother Namu should be the same, maybe he is more like HJ.

HM – I stabbed Namu, but him? He did not even scream, he just hugged me even though I stabbed him. How can that kind of guy be similar to my father?

Flashback of HM stabbing DJ.

HM – To protect your sister, he put his life in danger, he can’t hit me, but he wants to protect your sister. Hey, you, MW, you killed people before right? that is why you pretend like you are higher. Are you happy suppressing your desire? Just like like me and stab everyone. Do what you want.

MW – You think that is a great thing, but there is no difference between you and crazy people that come out when they dont feel good. you will pay for it Yoon Hyun-moo.

HM – So you still pretend like you are good and brag?

HM drops the action cam on the couch. He says that everything is there, it is her death video. You are a prosecutor that is better than a policeman. You still have your temper, it is better for your sister. Call the polcie, if a prosecutor sees someone like me, then they should call the polcie.

MW stands up and calls HM’s name. HM turns and asks MW if he is also that thing, right? I was in jail and my family was all destroyed. You went there late, so you survived. So you also think you could not protect your family right? You lost your parents twice, I will never abandon my father. I can’t lose my father even if I die. You want to protect your sibling, I want to abandon mine. I live like this because I want to kill someone. You are so similar to me.

HM leaves. MW looks like he might agree with him and sits on the couch and laughs.
HM walks the streets and puts his mask back on.

MW is still laughing on the couch, but the laugh turns into a sob as he looks at his family photo. He thinks about what HM said about not being able to take care of your family.

The police is preparing for HJ to come to Seoul, they are forming a task force. Everyone else will be on call as well.

DJ gets to work and walks past all the reporters, they ask him if he knows where his father is. HJH is outside amidst the reporters. the bad cop goes to talk to her and asks her about the guy she saw at the store. She says he looked a little bit different than the rest of them. The cop asks how she is different than HY.

She tells him that he should be focused on common ground. She wonders if he has something to give her?

Meanwhile, DJ and his team look at places that HJ might hide. DJ has an idea. He thinks he will hide somewhere he is familiar. They start to talk about how he got out and that they should look for the cars around that time. DJ goes to do that, but this team tells him to eat at least. they just want to make sure that he eats. DJ smiles and leaves.

YJ tells JH that he has not changed at all since 3 years ago. His eye gaze, they don’t even know how he lived. Poeple just look at him like the son of a serial killer. It is the same from three years ago and now.

DJ walks the halls as people look at him. then someone calls his name, he turns and sees MW looking at him.

MW and DJ goto an interrogation room. HM gives DJ the webcam that his brother gave him. It has a confession about the street murder and JY’s set case. It lifts HM’s suspicion for these three cases, so you will have an easier time to investigate it.

MW stands to leave. Dj thanks him and tells him that HM is hurt. MW asks the same about him, are you hurt? DJ says he is not, he is gong to catch HJ. He is going to protect Nakwon next to her.

Flashback of HM telling MW that DJ put his life in danger right away.

MW leaves without saying anything else.

HM goes to a cafe to eat. The owner has a son that she talks about doing okay with with one of the customers. It brings tears to his eyes as he thinks about his own mother, OH.

Elsewhere, JY and PT talk to someone on the phone. She tells them that she is not going to hide, she will have her interview and be on a schedule. She will not lose like she did back then. PT tell her fighting!

Some ladies start to talk so loudly about JY dating the killer son. They mock her about it. But then they get sprayed with a lot of water. SJ runs up to them apologizing, but of course it was on purpose.

SJ and JY smile at each other and go shopping for shades. They have a wonderful time as JY dotes on her.
Meanwhile, the bad cop tells HJH that he needs to protect the informer, if she uses that information then she will be HY’s level right away. HJH thinks about this and then starts writing something.

Cut to DJ meeting with the copy cats father. he tells him that they will have a search warrant soon. Your son is taking HJ as his father and he put two people in critical condition with a hammer, hurt 2 more, and killed one. The father asks if he is threatening him. DJ says he is giving him advice, his father is HJ.

DJ looks at the CCTV and thinks about what the father of the CC says. He takes money from his account, but now a lot of unknown places take money from his account.

DJ calls someone to check all the commercial truck numbers in Gyunggido at a certain time.

In the hospital, the nurse tells HJ that the copycat has a search warrant for him and there are a lot of newspaper articles about him.

HJ tells him not to be weak, he will have a chance to complete the autobiography. CC asks if he can do it now with Namu? He knows why he is so obsessed with him. HJ says, how dare someone like you touch my son. He walks off.

The CC is left looking broken as he looks after HJ.

JY leaves her room and asks DJ is he slept. What is he doing over here? DJ asks her why she came out? He is nervous that she might get hurt as well. She hugs him and tells him that she is okay. then she looks at him and asks him if he is okay. You are not fully recovered yet.

he says he is okay, he just needs her. She holds his hands and looks at them for a moment. They share a nice moment gazing at each other.

Later on, DJ lays on the couch and JY lays on her bed. They should both be asleep, but they are both wide awake.

the next morning, she comes out of her room to a full spread of breakfast laid out for her. She smiles and settles in to a wonderful meal.
Later that day she goes to her interview. The woman tells her that seh will see her later and that she will right a good article about her. They bid their farewells. PT texts her and tells her that her conversation with the advertiser went well, see you in Seoul tomorrow. MW also texts her for her to eat well, Oppa will visit you soon.

JY takes a deep breath as she sits at the table. then a woman walks up to her. This woman is the same woman from 3 years ago, she is one of the victims family.

She tells her that they saw that guy at the graduation back then. When I saw him in front of me, I thought he was just born as HJ’s son and we should not do this to him. If he really wanted to block the autobiography then I am thankful about that. But if he did everything for you then I can understand you doing this. But….are you okay, eunnie? Don’t you think about your parents?

JY – I think about my parents a lot. Yes I think about them.

HJH is in the cafe listening to all of this.

The bad cop gets a call. He says congratulations, because of that you are a rising star and made the police stupid. She tells him that he is the source, so he should not say that. He says she is a bad reporter, but that was a shocking title. She tells him that it was all fact. He asks…what about Yoon Namy for the next report?

She tells him that he hates Do-jin….but then she sees the victim family member walking out and runs to talk to her. She does not want to talk about JY, but they have to catch HJ right? …… Hey, I can move the publics opinion, then we will have a better chance to catch him.
Dj is at work looking at the CCTV camera’s. He gets a call alerting him that they found the car. She gives him the license plate and the current location. there is no owner to this car. DJ quickly runs out.

At the same time, it looks like JY got home. She is still in her car when CC knocks on the window. He pulls off his mask and says that seh does not remember him but he is the one that left her go on the set. He could have killed her but he let her go. He also let her go somewhere else. Yoon Namu made fun of me, but I would like to make him cry again.

He hits the hammer through the window and shatters it. then he pulls his hand back to swing it again but DJ comes running up and pulls CC away and up into the wall. His face is really crazy as he asks CC if he should just shred him? Hit him with this? Or just cull him. DJ got the hammer. the other guy tries to stab him but DJ is able to easily dodge it and grabs CC again. He asks him if he wants to have the hammer that much? Those things are things that make you weak and pitiful.

DJ has CC’s own hand to his throat with the knife on it. He asks him where HJ is, answer me if you do not want to die……you are good…..you are fearless. then I willkill you.

DJ is seriously about to kill him, his eyes are fixed and deranged. But JY yells NOOO. Which snaps DJ out of it a little bit. DJ kind of looks like he is waking up as if he was possessed. He looks back at JY. She shakes her head, No. He still looks at her and puts the knife down.

At the same time, OH and the section chief are walking in the alley and talking happily. he tells her that he is strong, he can hold this lunch. They walk around the corner. HJ and the nurse are in a car looking at them. The woman is lazily resting on HJ, but he is fully awake and in rage mode as he watches the section leader walk with his former wife.

JY and DJ are home now. She is dressing his wounds. She asks if it hurts, he says it hurts. She wants to know why he went that far, is it because of her. He explains that it is not like that, it is just that he was a little bit upset. He is sorry to have scared her, he won’t do it anymore.

She looks like she really was scared, but she hugs him and tells him that she is okay, she told him that she won’t get hurt, she is really okay.

DJ looks like he is still with the after affects of wanting to kill someone. he looks at his hand and thinks back to pulling the knife back ready to stab.
The team leader walks OH home and lets DJ know that he is doing it.

But OH walks quickly so the team leader tried to catch up. However the nurse drives up next to him and asks him for a directions. HJ walks up behind him and hits him. The nurse turns her head. But the team leader is not dead yet. HJ pulled him to the alley and tells him how dare he touch his son.

DJ leaves Nakwon’s house with a call and sees a lunch box outside. He smiles.

Team leader tells HJ that he is doing something like this? he is a crazy guy, no parent would hurt their own son. Because of him, DJ suffered so much!

HJ tells him that he made him sick and angry, his face…..~. He picks up the hammer and hits him several times with it.

DJ walks to find the team leader, he tries calling him and then sees him on the ground in the alley. He is not dead yet. DJ quickly takes off his jacket and treis to keep himelf composed as he calls an ambulance.

HJ and the nurse watch from the car and then drive off.

The team leader puts his hand up to DJ and tells him that it was HJ. He holds his hand and tells Namu to remember what he told him. He and you are different. Namu shakes his head as tears fall. Ajusshi tells him not to take a different way. Your mother, tell her not to cry too much. Namu….you too.

Team leader’s eyes close in the alley. DJ tries to figure out waht to do and says his name and tells him to open his eyes.

Cut straight to the funeral. there are no family members at all so DJ stands in as the head of the funeral. All the police officers go to show their support. OH is there as well in all black. She tries to cook for the funeral and thinks back to the team leader telling her that he will watch her next to her. He is not a powerful guy or anything, but when yo uthink about the kids and are tired or nervous, so I will make it so you have someone to rely on, I will be next to you. Her emotions get the best of her so she ducks behind the counter and cries.

HJ mutters, if they caught that copycat guy early enough, then this would not have happened. It would not have happened if they caught him.

DJ was quiet this entire time, but leaves at that moment and goes to meet the copycat in jail. He locks himself in with him and grabs the copycat by the neck as her asks him where he is. He says he does not know.

DJ flips him around and grabs one of his fingers secretly. He tells him that he swings his hammer with this hand, should I break your fingers one by one? Where is he?

Meanwhile, OH tearfully walks home. She sits outside crying, but then the camera scrolls to HJ watching her. He is in the near distance and seh sees him standing there. She thinks back to him telling her that she is his woman.

HJ – How are you honey?

He is not smiling.

Fade Out

Okay, um….HJ just killed someone and not just anyone but a police officer. Wouldn’t they put a security detail on everyone even remotely involved in his life? I just don’t see how the mom could leave that funeral without at least 2 officers right next to her. But I guess it could have something to do with no one caring about what happens to the killer family members. That bad cop is the perfect example.

No preview yet again. But at least we only have to wait one day.

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  1. Puff
    July 11, 2018 / 8:53 am

    The twitter doesnt exist (I clicked the twitter link on recap countdown)

    • V
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      Oh shoot, I might have forgotten to update that one! Checking it now!

      • Puff
        July 11, 2018 / 11:56 am

        Thank you for fixing the link and for the recap!!!!!

        • V
          July 11, 2018 / 11:57 am

          Thank you for letting us know about the link! Sometimes it is cut and paste city over here so we miss some things 🙂

    July 11, 2018 / 9:37 am

    oooh the angst >.<, still loving it, thank you for the recap!

  3. Shayri
    July 11, 2018 / 10:48 am

    We barely got rid of the one evil reporter that another one is flaring it’s wings. Ugh.

    • V
      July 11, 2018 / 11:40 am

      Oh my gosh, I know! O says that Korea has a strong mistrust/dislike toward reporters now, it stems from the fake news reports that covered up all the old presidents wrong doings as well as all the new news reports that try to make this new president look bad. So maybe all the reporters in all the dramas will be horrible people for the next couple years.

      • Shayri
        July 11, 2018 / 12:25 pm

        Ohh… That makes sense. Even in Miss Hammurabi the media is shown as a tool for misdirecting the masses. Also explains why journalism was (is?) a hot topic in kdramas, ala : While You Were Sleeping & Pinocchio.

        • V
          July 11, 2018 / 12:35 pm

          Same with Lawless Lawyer!

          • Shayri
            July 11, 2018 / 1:00 pm

            Oh yes, that one too. Lee Joon Ki makes me forget almost everything, but even he’s not good enough to make me forget the plot hole about The Diary x MS & Jae Yi’s Mom. 😛🙄

        • OKM
          July 11, 2018 / 3:02 pm

          however the media is the bridge between a person / group with people

          And where else we can catch the information?
          Yessss…. Always.. from media..
          Being fool zetizen have much haters even cursed
          To be smart zetizen is really hard..

  4. AB_lady
    July 11, 2018 / 11:02 am

    this drama became even more scary…
    aaghrr hope that they will be survive till the very end..no more death..

    • V
      July 11, 2018 / 11:40 am

      I have a feeling it might, eep! Worried for the Mom now.

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