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Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 23 and 24

Jin Ki-joo and jang Ki-yong wearing bear ear head bands at a theme park
On Instagram I talked about how this show is beautifully grimm which I have come to love as an explanation. For some reason the people that don’t get it think this TV show is too slow, which makes me do a double take because I think this show is so perfectly paced. It is like watching a Bob Ross painting come to life. At first you might think, that looks so boring, how can you watch that? But then you give it 5 minutes and watch one beautiful thing after another magically appear and suddenly one hour passes and you’re left with this masterpiece.

This drama just pulls me in y’all.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

Airing Time: July 5th, 22:00 Seoul, MBC
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JY – Twelve years have passed.

Cut to HJ in his jail cell looking at the mirror, he sees an image of 16 year old Namu. Time passes with him in jail. it is 2015, He has a lot of books and follows his sons news articles. he looks inthe mirror and still sees his young Namu in the image. Then it is 2018, not 12 years has passed.

JY – 12 years has passed, the old bad person trapped in darkness

HJ looks at the mirror, but he is angry this time.

DJ – He realized something new.

Cut to the copy cat talking to HJ.

CopyCat – Did you read the article about DJ and JY meeting at the hospital? Can I coplete your book?

HJ leans in.

HJ – Give Jun Yoo-ra a present for me.

mail – It has already been three springs that passed, but I did not reviece your answer yet….

HJ – The thing that you wanted for more than 3 years will be realized soon.

Cut to a woman getting a text message as she walks up her steps. She looks at an article about HJ hitting HY and laughs. Then she happily continues alking up her steps.

HJ is in his cell thinking about HY. She told him to get real, his era has ended, he is only a thug that spent the rest of his life in jail. MW told him that his son tried to kill him and hates him so much. OH told him that he thinks he protects his son, no, he destroyed his sons. He is not your son anymore, he grew up by himself, so don’t think you are halabogi or something by lying to yourself!

HJ thinks at the team leader happily talking to his son. He looks angrily ahead and sees adult Namu walk up to him. But he says, Chae Do-jin? Do-jin walks all the way p to his father and whispers in his ear. Then he looks at him.

Appa holds DJ by the neck, but DJ smiles. HJ wakes up with a start in his solitary confinement.
DJ is at the mansion and just dodged teh hammer attack by the copycat (CC). He asks CC if he is a copycat with that hammer, it is just like a kids play, he doesn’t feel anything because it is so boring. DJ chuckles at him. CC attacks him again. But DJ is able to easily grab him. He asks, it is you right? It is nice to see you Young Jin-woo. He smiles at him.

CC breaks away but DJ is able to throw him on the ground again. But then a little boy walks up playing a video game. CC smiles and moves to hit him. DJ quickly runs up to him to protect him and gets hit in the back but CC with the hammer. But he is able to protect the little kid and sets off the car alarm so CC will run away. CC smiles and leaves.

He hops into an old truck, the same kind of truck that HJ had back in the day.

VO – Evil is not getting proven….Evil is just proof itself (evil proves itself?).

HJ looks menacingly at the camera as if reawakened.

Cut to MW histerically wandering the streets. OH closes the shop and accidentally bumps into this woman in black. She wonders why that woman smells like sanitizer. The woman wrinkes her nose and thinks she smells like pig, but she keeps walking. But then the woman turns around and looks at OH walking away.

SJ is walking ome at this time when someone grabs her hand. She is scared, but it is another guy that just likes her. She tells him not to do that, she will not date him, my oppa is a polcieman and will kill you! SHe walks off.

MW pulls this guy away and tells him not to do those things. Aren’t you scared now? Don’t touch her or I will kill you. The boy nods profusely and runs away. MW continues protectively following SJ as she walks home.

Back at the mansion, The father says that his son i snot like that. he does not forgerize his ID, if you talk about that then I will call my lawyer. DJ asks the father if he knows what he is doing now? Appa basically says his sone is a grown a$$ man, I do not need to know everything that he does.

DJ looks around that the CCTV around the house.
Meanwhile, JY is at home thinking at what DJ said. He does not want her to wait outside for him. if something happens, she should call him. JY gets text messages from people about being a fan of her mother and isn’t she sorry to the other victims? She puts her phone down and picks up a script.

At the polcie station, DJ and JH look at the CCTV around the house. The son knows all the CCTV locations and avoids them. JH touches DJ shoulder, he crumples from pain. JH apologizes and told him to take a break in the over night room. But DJ says he is okay, it is nothing.

Just then, JY shows up brightly. She waves at DJ. Cut to them drinking coffee in front of her cardboard cutout in the breakroom (lol). He asks her why she came there. She says that she thought no one would be there but she heard he was there. She wanted to see him. He asks if anything happens, so ssays that nothing happened. She just came just in case he was thinking about her in a place like this. So stop looking at 2D me and look at 3D me instead.

JY – Namu, only one day passed. But more than half of their conversations is not like wishing to see each other and if they want to eat. But we are asking if we are okay. We are still okay right?

They hug for a moment, but his shoulder is tender.

JY – What is it? Did you get hurt?

He tells her it is just a little scratch. Cut to them both in the break room. he tells her that he does not have to lay down. She tells him that he better lay down or she is leaving. He quickly get up and goes to lay down next to her. She asks him if he really went to the hospital. He nods and says that it is his shoulder, it didn’t break.

She thinks no where is safe on his body. he is investigating HY right? I saw her last show when she talked about us. DJ tells her that he thinks it is a copycat. HJ’s copycat. She undetstands.

DJ – Nakwon…

JY – I am okay, don’t try to solve it alone and not tell me about it.Tell me everything, any detail, okay?

DJ – You shuold tell me also, Nakwon, if you are having a hard time, then it is hard. If it is too much, then it is too much. Tell me everything. Just don’t avoid me all of a sudden, okay?

YJ – I would not have even started if only this much is too much.
MW gets home and whispers…appa….umma….but then he remembers HJ saying that the third thing he will send away will be his sister, Gil Nak won. he thinks about killing someone when he was little and how HJ told him that he should not be next to his sister.

MW raged at HJ at that moment but now he is crumbling from ineptitude in this situation.

The copycat did not have a good relationship with his father and his mother is divorced. When he went to America, he had no record of coming in and out. His appa covered up all those tiny violent issues. he only got caught forgerizing the stock price. But there are 30 victims, the bad thing about it is that the victims are all relatives and people around him.

A guest comes in, it is the copycat and he has a lawyer with him.

Cut to them talking in the interrogation room. the lawyer speaks for him and says that he just got the ID online and did not hurt anyone. CC says he just did it and is concerned about it becasue he has a previous crime. I’m sorry. YJ asks him where he was during JY’s accident. But the lawyer says he will only answer questions related to the ID, he does not have to prove his alibi. CC says he does not remember it from one month ago.

The questioning turns to HJ in jail. CC says the nun told them a lot of good things like confessing and being rescued. DJ asks him if he is saved. CC says he is saved for sure, but DJ says he met HJ after he got out. CC says he thought HJ would be scary since he has a death sentence, but he is a happy guy. Don’t you want to see him?

DJ asks him why he won’t see his own father in his own house. Do you think he does not deserve to be your father? Your father is angry and weak and scared of you. DJ leans in and asks CC if that is why he made HJ his father and follows him around? the lawyer tells him not to answer. But CC leans in and asks him what he is talking about? That is funny but I do not understand. DJ says that he met someone yesterday, but it was no fun at all because he was so weak, he even threatened a tiny boy becasue he was so in a hurry. It was difficult to see becasue it was so pathetic to me.

DJ stands and leans in closer. He asks CC who he is without HJ, sho are you? The lawyer tell him not to answer but CC hits his arm away. He stands also and they stare at each other, but he ends up walking out.

At the same time, the bad cop listens to the recording from HY’s house. HY thinks DJ might be a worse demon that HJ.

YJ asks if that guy had the same voice that he heard that day? DJ nods, yes.

CC walks out and walks right past reporter HJH. HJH immediately recognizes him from teh restaurant. She asks DJ why that guy came? SHe saw him before, he visited your mothers store. DJ calls him mother and tells her to close her store early and be with the team leader tonight. OH agrees and tells him not to worry about her, okay? Byebye. She is already with the team leader, he asks her what happened and happily tells her that it will be okay, dont’ worry.

Meanwhile, MW is dreaming about HY’s murder. CC told him that HY deserved to die, what kind of father is your father? You said that he (DJ) was nothing. CC starts hammering DJ’s face on the wall. MW asks what he talked to his father about. CC says he worried about his brother after he stabbed him, who do you think abogi asked to take care of first? he starts to tap JY’s picture.

CC – Gil Nakwon, she is the begining of everything, she is the first candidate.

he turns to OH’s picture and says that she works till late. SJ comes home the latest. You dont’ know who will be the target, but people don’t think they will be a victim. Both of them….they were brave. Haha.

He throws the hammer next to HY and walks out.

CC – Byebye, you should run away because you wont’ be able to call the police.

CC sets the rug on fire and leaves.

MW thinks about the news were the old couple died and were burned, when he was a teanager. HJ told him to clean up and eat.

MW leaves but stumbles across the recording device that Hy planted in her house. He wakes up breathing hard and quickly leaves. he leaves the webcam next to the TV.
MW is focused on the copycat and all his background. Someone gives him data about HJ’s fanclub, he is investigating 100 people in it. MW asks if he can find out if the copy cat person is there (he says his name) and also anyone who had any physical contact with HJ. Anyone who had a meeting or whatever.

His phone rings, Nakwon called. he immediately thinks back to HJ telling him that he should not be next to his sister.

JY films her movie, she hugs the actor and goes into her room. Cut!

Everyone talks about how she is pretty good, but she is too good to be in this kind of role. But another girl said this is too much of a scandal right? Her friend SK interupts them and says that she is here. But the other actor she acted with in the Christmas scene was there as well. JY is a little embarrassed to see him. They walk away together JY asks SK why she brought him here. SK says he is following her around everywhere, hse had to. The actor wants to talk to talk to JY and holds her arm, but DJ walks quickly up and pulls his hand away like he will break it off.

The actor asks who he is and DJ says he is….

JY – My boyfriend.

The actor says….yeah, you are that guy in the news, you look handsome as a police man. DJ tells him he is not that handsome as an actor. The actor is all like, are you crazy? This face is definitely handsome. But DJ talks in saturi and tells him that she said it was enough, why are you touching her. PT tries to lighten the mood, are you shooting a drama? Haha…ha.

But DJ continues and says that if someone sees it then they might mistaken this. It isn’t that polite. SK asks JY if he always talks this much. DJ tells the guy to get some education about sexual harrassment, sunsangnim. The actor tells him that he is the same age as him, why are you calling me sonsangnim?

Dj and JY go to her house. She says that it is the first time she saw DJ so aggresive and actin bad, he speaks well also. You can’t talk well only in front of me. You are different as a policeman.

DJ – I am not that bad….

JY tells him that he was bad because she had a romantic movie with that actor right? Well if I have a love scene than you will be super angry.

DJ – It is not like that…..

She kisses him on the cheek which brightens his mood like a little kid. She tells him that she likes this so much, it feels normal to get jealous an apologize and tells each other things that we couldn’t do because we were sorry to each other. Lets do all the things e couldn’t do, lets do them slowly, every day normally.

DJ likes that idea and smiles happily. She hesitantly holds her face lightly and asks her if he can do this more….

She asks huh? Then she nods.

He looks from her eyes to her lips and leans in for a kiss. They kiss softly on the couch for a moment then he stops. It is a little bit awkward but they smile at each other.

Cut to SJ walking home looking at her phone. She runs into the bad guy. He pulls off his mask and tells her that abogi wanted him to give their princess a present. he pulls out the hammer.

SJ remembers seeing her father with this hammer. he tells her that she should recieve his present and swings the hammer at her. But it hits HM who runs in to protect her. he tells CC to not go too far, he will be destroyed soon. If he touches his sister, then he will kill him.

CC just laughs and hits HM again. HM runs to hit CC, but CC just hits him with the hammer several times. It looks like HM’s arm might be broken. SJ tries to help him, but she is pushed away. CC is about to hit her, but HM pulls her away and is able to protect her. There are some people on the street so CC leaves.

Hm tells SJ to leave that job. They argue a little bit in worry for each other. She wants him to go to the hospital. But he says he can’t. SJ tells him that her and Umma know that he is not a killer. They believe him. But seh asks if that guy he is hanging out with is the real killer. he tells her to just be careful and walks off. (um, no, you should walk her home).
DJ is about to leave so they talk at the door. He asks her if she can contact her brother. SHe says she will go to his place. DJ tells her that he will tell his mother also. JY wants to see her but DJ tells her not to try too hard, seh will understand it. JY says she saw her in the hospital and likes her so much. She is so thankful that she raised Dj and loves DJ.

They hug again happily.

But HM is all kinds of distaught in his house. he has his hand on his head as he sees that his sister is calling him.

Meanwhile, SJ is getting her arm treated at home. DJ runs home and asks her if she is okay. He asks her if she saw his face? She does not remember his face. DJ asks if hyung is hurt as well? SJ nods. Umma thinks they need to catch HM, they are afraid that he will be hurt more.

Cut to HM taking pain killers and alcohol as he watches the news. On the news it says that the current prosecutor tries to use violence against HJ. He said that HJ instigated the prosecutor and the prosecutor hit that guy.

HM remembers his conversation with MW in high school. MW told him that nothing is worse than killing someone.

JY goes to her brothers place and sees him laying on his couch. She asks him if he is really sick? Why didn’t you call me? Let’s go to the hospital. But MW just sits up and asks her not to meet with DJ, whatever he is now, he is still the son of the person that killed their parents. JY says that Namu and that guy are different people. MW says she can say that now, but whenever seh sees him, she will remember HJ, he will remind her of HJ and her guilty feelings a about their parents will bother her.

She says it is not his fault.

MW says it isna’t about whose fault it is, it is just what happened. You will brepressured by that weight forever.

Cut to the funeral. All the family members talked MW at the funeral and tells him that his name is *something* and that he did something bad and went to court. But Muwon tells them that his last name is Gil. Umma and Appa gave him that name so he is there. Who will take care of Nakwon and send him to an orphange? You won’t even be able to touch the money because it was in a trust fund. My sister…I am going to take care of her by using our parents money. When I become an adult I will repay it, so don’t worry.

Nakwon listened from the door outside the funeral and cried. Afterward, MW goes outside and sees her sleeping on the couch, he covered her with a blankert and just sat with her for awhile. Later on, she woke up to see him there sleeping on teh floor in a sitting position. She hops upand asks Oppa if he is cold, why are you sleeping like that. he says that he is there just in case she had a nightmare, it is okay, it will be like this for awhile. So don’t worry or be too scared. Oppa will be next to you.

In the present, MW asks JY to just stop….stop and come back, Nakwon.

A tear rolls down her cheek.

DJ walks around his house at night. He sees OH trying to comfort SJ as she sleeps. he remebers sayinf that he will protect her when he gave her a piggy back ride when they were little.

Later on, CC goes to his garage and takes HM’s picture off the wall. he thinks about DJ asking him who he is without HJ. CC says DJ’s old name, Yoon Namu…
HJ walks out of the prison again and is about to hop into the prison bus, but he turns back and smiles at his jail, knowingly.

Cut to him and some other prisoners riding in the bus along the countryside. He looks out the window quietly.

At the same time, the woman from earlier walks around a department store and looks for some nice men’s clothing to buy. She purchases it with cash and happily walks off.

Mini flashback, in his jail cell, HJ looked thorugh his mail and smiles, then he rips it up.

In the bus, HJ sees a sign with rope tied around it. he braces himself. Outside, a booby trap is set for the bus. Somethin instigated the tire bursting on the bus or something happened. it looks like a tiny explosion went off under the bus, like a firecracker.

the bus crashes. HJ is he only one still concious and breaks out of the bus. But he is all chained up as he walks off. Even so, he smiles at the surroundings.

At Work, DH might feel like somthing just happened. he turns around dramatically and we cut back to the bus scene.

One of guards woke upand tells HJ to come back.

HJ – Inhale this forest, it is the smell of being alive. It is really good, I like it!

he looks off into the forest as if he is looking at DJ.

DJ looks off as well as if he is looking at his father.

Several cops show up to get HJ back into the bus, he was standing there the entire time until nightfall. He turns around when all the cops show up and smiles.
The family eats together. SJ says she is so happy to eat breakfast together with DJ, he is always so busy. She thinks that something happy will happen to her. Then she blows on her arm in a very obvious way and says that it hurts….Whooooo….she blows on it.

Dj looks at her and gives her some more food. Umma tells her not to be so childish in front of her brother, how old are you. But SJ is milking this for all she can. DJ smiles, but he tells OH that he has something to tell her. Umma says that he can tell her tonight.

But breaking news comes on the TV. HJ broke out and ran away from the polcie. They dont even know how he escaped. The jail will be in trouble, they wanted to solve this themselves. theya re investigating the reason why the car had an accident and are investigating where he is. No one knows where he is right now.

HM hears the news as well….abogi…

MW also hears the news, on his briefcase is the webcam.

JY sees the news as well, she has a panic attack in her house as she thinks about that night.

HJ – I am going to remove all of the things that make my son weak and pitiful for you…

He starts to drag NW away, but NM hops up and pushes HJ away. ( the music has me going crazy).

Cut to HJ walking up the steps as a little boy walks up too. He asks the little boy if he knows who he is? The boy says that he does not say hi to his neighbors since everyone moves away so quickly. he used to ahve a son his age. The son asks if he does not have him anymore? HJ says that he does, he will bring him and show him to you. I am going to meet him soon. I have so many.

the boy bows to him and HJ bows back. The boy walks off. HJ looks up as if possessed.

HJ – Evil does not get proven…..evil proves itself.

Fade Out

OMG, HE IS OUT. But how did he get away from all those cops? I am really interested in finding that out. Were some of them on his side?


Woman – Well, Yoon Hee-jae I pity you because you were betrayed by your own son.
DJ – I think Yoon Hee-jae’s hiding place is most probably in Gyungi province.
HJ – The one you really finished is really only Park Hee-young
Copy Cat – Sorry Father.
DJ – I will catch Yoon Hee-jae and protect JY next to her.
Brother – If your father did not do that crazy thing then my Nakwon would not experience things that I experienced.
JY/Nakwon – Don’t try too hard, I am not that 16 year old girl anymore.
DJ – Let’s stay together for now, please let me stay next to you day and night.
HJ – This weather make me feel like I should behave like I am alive. I have been trapped for too long

Top Image by MBC

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  1. Sad
    July 5, 2018 / 9:33 am

    thank you for recaping

  2. Shayri
    July 5, 2018 / 11:06 am

    I’m getting confused. I think you might have mixed up Yoon Hyun Moo ‘HM’ Na Moo’s brother & Gil Mu Won ‘MW’ Nak Won’s Oppa. Unless MW really tried protecting DJ’s sister? But that seems unlikely 🤔😞😕

    • V
      July 5, 2018 / 11:10 am

      I might have messed that up! Let me go back and fix it. Thank you for letting me know!!! 🙂

      • V
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        Okay I think I fixed it in all the spots in that section!

        • Shayri
          July 5, 2018 / 1:43 pm

          I feel like such a nag when I do this, feel free to tell me if I overstep. This time I got genuinely confused though 😅

          • V
            July 5, 2018 / 2:55 pm

            I love it! Please let us know whenever something is off because we haven’t had a chance to go back and read over anything lately. It helps us out a lot. 🙂

  3. Anonymous
    July 5, 2018 / 6:11 pm

    OMG the Father is out..

  4. July 6, 2018 / 11:53 am

    The pacing is great in this show, if it were faster it would just ruin the tone. I understand not wanting to watch it because of the subject matter, but this show is just so well written and shot. I have a theory on who the copy cat is, can’t wait for next week!

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