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Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 21 and 22

Jang Ki-yong and Jin Ki-joo are about to kiss in a Hug in Come and Hug Me
I have a feeling we might get a near miss on today’s kiss. I hope not! Their one day of trying to be normal was almost perfect with only one snafu at the end. We all know that all the ish is about to hit the fan as soon as they go home and turn on the news, so can’t they just have this one little moment?

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

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DJ and JY walk along the beach and smile. JY tells DJ that this is how it feels, she likes it.

They go to the carnival and ride the ferris wheel peacefully. They try on animal headbands, play games and drive home.

JY – today was so fun….next time I will see you as detective CHae Do-jin?

DJ pulls the car over suddenly and looks at JY intently. She looks away at the clock, it is 12:00am now.

DJ – Nakwon ah….

He leans in cautiously….he is about to kiss her….she closes her eyes. But he puts his head down on her shoulder, he couldn’t do it. He sits back up, his phone goes off so he goes outside and answers it.

JH tells DJ that he should delay one more day of going to work. Reporter HY reported your story from 12 years ago. The public opinion is bad. There is a public scandal, HJ attacked HY as well, everything is looking bad.

Dj has a Flashback to his younger self covered in blood splatters.

JY gets a text at the same time, fro PT: The detective and HJ’s story is on TV.

JY opens the link and sees the news. She also has a flashback to that night, DJ protected her as his father stood over the both of them.

JY – Namu…

DJ – I am sorry, it was work, let’s go.

he starts the car back up and drives her home. He pulls up outside and looks around from the car as if scoping the place out.

Jy – I am okay, we have more security and I will higher a bodyguard when we have a public event. You said it is scary, I am also scared. I wont get hurt or get sick, never. So bye bye Namu.

She gets out and pauses for a moment at the door before walking inside. He looks at her from the car.

VO – It will pass, it should pass, for you and for him that is the right thing.

DJ puts his car in gear and drives off.
Inside, JY looks her family photo, then she goes to a dresses and looks at a letter from her drawer.

Meanwhile, DJ drives home and sees a happy couple in the rain. He looks over at JY’s empty seat.

VO – In those times, come to me when you are having a hard time, whatever happens, I will like you forever.

he quickly pulls a U-turn.

Letter: Gil Nak-won, how are you? You’re parents called your name until their end. For the parents that wanted to protect you until the end, you should live well and bravely to show it to me, the person that destroyed your family.

JY looks over at the box, there are shoes there.

VO – I am sorry to like you, whenever, wherever, just use me when you are tired of me, you can throw me away.

JY gets up to run somewhere, but then she hears the doorbell and sees DJ standing there.

She lets him in.

JY – Namu…

Dj holds her shoulders and goes inside.

DJ – You told me, if I am having such a hard time or am in pain, then I should come to see you. I am having such a hard time. When I see you, it is difficult, when I don’t see you, I am going crazy, I know this does not make any sense, I also know that it will be worse. I am tellin you this and it is even crazier, I know everything but I just can’t stand it anymore…..I like you.

He barely gets this out.

Dj – I like you Nakwon……I like you….I like you so much….it makes me crazy, I like you moe than myself.

She quickly leans in and kisses him. He is crying, but he stops from her kiss.

JY – i like you also, I know I am crazy also, but I don’t care, I like you Namu. You….I like you so much.

Dj kisses her again, softly.

VO – So, we separated a little bit, but we will never seperate forever.

Cut to them both looking at each other in bed (fully clothed, yall).

JY – From now on, when you feel guilty seeing me, jsut tell me sorry. then whenever you tell me sorry, I will tell you it’s okay. I am really okay. I like you. I will tell you that over and over again.

They happily look at each other and fall asleep in bed. Later on, JY is sleeping and DJ is awake, he softly touches her cheek, but pulls his hand away hesitatingly. He whispers, I will do it, Nakwon. Then he lightly kisses her on her forehead and holds her hand in his. He is so content to just lay next to her and look at her while holding her hand closely to him. He falls asleep like that.
Cut to the reporters place looking foreboding….

We see Hyung stumbling to OH’s cafe. He knocks on the door for her to open it up. He is about to break the window but sees her. She runs out. He asks her what she is doing? Everyone has already gone home, do you like money that much! She asks him if he saw everything? What did you do? You did that to your own brother and didn’t worry about him.

He says he is alive anyway. She tells him to turn himself in. She will wait for him.

He shakes her off and tells her that he is not turning himself in. But tell the police that I came here so police will be around here! Or close the business! OH is very concerned and wants to know what is going on. He tells her to stick with So-jin. The team leader runs up so HM runs off. Team leader asks her if she is okay, she says he was worrying about her.

HJ walks through the prison yard and into freedom outside. He looks around for a moment, then walks to the prison car.

A reporter asks, does DJ go crazy when he catches criminals? I heard he does not care about knives in front of him. The bad cop says that makes no sense, can you do that if you were him? The reporter says he grew up in that crazy family, he is like a psychopath.

The good cops get crazy and tell him to leave.

the reporter says that a 16 year old tried to murder his own father that is a serial killer…

DJ shows up and stands over the reporter, he backs up. DJ asks if his bad sunbae is okay, bad sunbae says he is fine. He also asks DJ if he is okay, DJ says he is fine as well. then he sits after they all say that they all worked hard.

The bad reporter comes and asks DJ if he saw the news yesterday. if it isn’t true then he will have to sue HY. DJ wonders if he has to answer. The reporter says that he is denying dating JY. People talk bad about her online because she is crazy.

HJH shows up and says that JY should know the truth of what happened that night. It is a fact that you two are together after 12 years. HY got that right, but what really happened that night, I really wonder about that. I haven’t seen you since you graduated, it seems like you were having a hard time because of HY, now you can do a good job with me. You are not a college student anymore.

She holds her hand out to shake it.

DJ – Don’t you reporters have something to do? Have you really been waiting for me? Do you really need to know what I have to say, just write what you want to.

The reporter and the bad cop have a bit of eye contact.
JY interviews for a role, they ask her if she is okay with this small role? She normally does main actress roles. She says that she likes the script and the roll, she will work hard if you give me the part. They ask her to do the reading? PT does not want her to do it, but she says that she will do it.

She gets the script and reads it over, then she starts acting the script. “I promise you, with everything I have…I am not going to see Joon anymore…don’t yell at him or kick him out….don’t do it” they tell her that she is good with good feelings. They didn’t’ know that she would do this anymore, dating that is not allowed. Is that rumor true?

She says no.

He says that went to far.

JY says it is not a scandal


Thank you for your time. Good bye. (smiling)

PT tells her that she is too bright and honest, you shouldn’t have said that. Jy says that he saw the photos, Namu and her don’t have to lie, she will just do her job. He asks her if she has something better than that? She mumbles something about Dojin’s sweet juice. he tells her she is super positive. She says she has always been like this. She happily walks away.

YJ tells DJ about the victims of the hammer attacks. If the other guy is the owner of the second hammer, then he is worse and more calculating than Hyun-moo. The second and third victims marks are the same and show no hesitation. And there are no finger prints in Jy’s shoot. there is no common ground. They are not doing this together.

DJ flashes back to talking to his brother about hearing the Christmas song and if he really did it.

DJ – So Lee Sung-woo (SW) should have gotten the information directly from HJ. Find out if someone had any contact with HJ. He wears all the good clothes and everything, so search CCTV for that. I am sorry, I can’t help you directly so I will help you at least with comparing faces after work.

YJ – Well….I thought I would not be able to talk to you like this so…everything is okay with me, whatever….

HJ comes in and tells them that the people involved in the case 12 years ago went under investigation for bribery.
MW is in his office investigating HY’s case with HJ. he is told that it is time to interrogate HJ. he asks if he still cannot contact HY? She is not the type of person that does not answer the cell phone. MW tells this person that the man is the main suspect of the hammer cases and is not working with HM. Investigate him and the fan club that was formed in 2007.

MW goes to the interrogation room and sits in front of HJ. He tells him that he will interrogate him for the case. HJ says that his last name is not common. I think we have seen each other before. MW ignores him and tells him why he is there.

HJ – I saw you in court, I remember you with your sister, you are Gil Nakwon’s brother right? HY talked about you when seh was on TV right?

MW – Just answer my question…

HJ – HW is your adopted Mom, you grew up well. You adopted family and biological family will be happy when they see you. the biggest joy for parents if for their kids to be well.

MW – Do you accept that you used violence against HY?

HJ – That night, you were lucky(jongdaemal) (switches to banmal) you came late that night.

MW – What do you want to do HJ (switched to banmal)

HJ – You lost your biological parents to violence and lost your adoptive parents because of me. I was so sorry to you, it was so tragic.

MW – You were attacked by your son as you tried to kill him. that is more tragic right? What happened that night? Everything is true. Yoon Namu is a little mutant. He is born from you but he tried to kill you and he hates you so much. Yoon Hee-jae, attacked by a 16 year old middle school student who was his own son. i pity you.

HJ – Maybe you don’t know because you don’t have kids, but no father and son does those things.

MW – A monster like you is a parent

HJ – Better to have a parent like me than to not have one. Prosecutor, wherever you go, you destroy. Aren’t you worried about what you will lose the third time? Why did you put your adored sister with my son?….my Namu hates me? No. He is just like me. It doesn’ matter? So you don’t care what happened to your sister by my son? The third thing you have to leave, might be your favorite sister Gil – Nak – Won.

He yells and runs over to HJ, if touch my sister then I will kill you! People run in to pull him off of HJ.

HJ – I think you should not be next to your sister also.

Someone runs in to tell MW that HY is killed, HJ chukcles.

He walks out smiling.

DJ goes to find the team leader. The team leader talks to him outside. Dj tells him, he knows he destroyed that report, because of me? Team Leader says that he did not hide any facts, he just did not want to hear that he was the son of a psychopath. He has no regrets about it. If I didn’t meet you and your mom, then I would have already quit the job.

NM – ajusshi, take me to the orphanage.
Umma – No Namu, don’t go!

I was so sick and tired of people when I was a polcieman, and I met you guys, so don’t be sorry to me.

From the bus, HJ drives by and sees NM standing outside the station with the team leader. He is happy to see his son, but then he grows very blank faced when he sees the team leader happily chatting and touching his sons head and arm like he is his father. HJ stands up as he looks at them. the officers tell him to sit down, he does not move. The bus drives off.

At that moment, DJ gets a call. HY was killed! He will send him the address, go there right away before reporters come.

All the police and CSI are around the scene. JH says that the method was so cruel, it feel like it was a grudge. He looks at DJ who is kneeling at the crime scene. DJ looks over and spots the hammer.

The hammer looks just like the hammer that HJ gave to DJ when he was little. He has a flashback to the night he found that hammer.

HJ – I want to remove all those unnecessary things that is dangerous for my son. I will remove them for you.

YJ mentions the hammer. Hj wonders if he tried to burn the house? Why did he burn this? DJ says he wanted to show it to him. He has another flashback of when he was little.

News: The old people got killed cruely and burned. Nothing was taken from the home.

HY’s body was dragged and DJ remembers that HW’s body was also dragged. there is a trail of blood. He tells them that this is a copy cat killer. DJ starts putting everything together in hishead and we fade away to the four of them watching CCTV footage.

One person went inside and the other person followed her. this person hid their face. But this person is Yee Sung-woo and Hyun-moo. Are they working together?

Cut to a gaming cafe, Hyun-moo installed a camera in HY’s house and is looking at it now. We are about to see what happened.

HM followed HY into her place. He asks her if she gets scared at all? She says that she heard it all from his appa. he wants to know what he said. She tells him that they can sit and talk (she secretly turns on the pen recorder). The tells him that he is a sore finger, becasue he is always compared to his brother.
HM walks up to her and grabs her by the colar. He wants to know what happened that night between Namu and that person. What happened between them. HY asks him a question, who is Namu? Psycopaths have an obsession with their kids, but you are abandoned. However, you abonim is obsessed with your brother. he saw something. What kind of guy is Namu for you? Is his honest face a mask? Is he a bigger evil than HJ?

HM wonders what she is talking about and turns around.

DJ turns around at that moment in a scene change. JH tells DJ that there was no forced entry, so it shuold be someone she knows or someone that knew the password.

back to the flashback, the door bell rings. She says that she is not going to kick away her big news herself, so just hide somewhee inside. It should be quick.

He asks how he can trust her. She tells him, if it is a real policeman then he will be caught anyway, so don’t get scard and hide. So he goes to hide.

Cut back to DJ, he is thinking about what is happened. he is imagining that someone hid in the closet. There are footprints that show one in the living room and the other in the bedroom because the footprints focus heavily there.

Flashback. HY does not open the door, but the man opens it himself, he knew her code adn he has a hammer. Now she is scared. he is happy and has a hammer. He quickly swings it at her.

DJ – He hit her at the door and dragged her to the wall.

HY falls against the wall. the guy tells her that he is there to kill her. Abogi told him to do so. You finished you job and you are doing the work that you shouldn’t do. She is breathing hard as she thinks about the situation she is in. She tells him that he is the real murderer in the street cases. He calls HM that coward that hits women and runs away. HY knows that he is the one that did the JY thing, becaue HY asked him to. He says that he heard she is very curious.

She chucles and says that he wants to be like him? I can make you like him? But he says it is no fun to kill people with a mouth.

We hear him hitting her but don’t see it. HM walks out of the room and sees what is going on.

DJ – as if he punishes the victim, he hit her over and over again.

the crazy guy looks at HM and laughs as he asks him why he came out so late, did he want to hear what they are talking about?

HM finished watching the video and leaves the gaming cafe.
In the crime scene, the blood mark is different, it is not splashing, it is dripping. To pour like that, it means the blood didn’t absorb in the clothing…..a raincoat. DJ thinks he knows what is going on. He says that Lee Sung-wo is the real murderer, he is the copycat. DJ has an image of the scene play out in front of him with the copycat burning the body. then he looks at the pictures on the wall and sees the bloody X mark on JY.

Outside, HJH tries to talk to the polcie and asks if HY is dead? Of course she deserves it. How many suspects are there? if you keep quet, then people will guess, just tell me.

This reporter really tried to talk to everyone. She also talks to DJ and asks him how he feels, his family was tortured a lot by her. This is also suspicious since it happened after their story was on TV. It is right that she went so far, she deserves to die.

DJ asks, so, she died because she deserved it? You are a reporter, right? he looks at her sternly then gets back in his car and drives away.

WHile driving, he has a flashback

VO – abogi told you, I am going to remove everything that makes my son pitiful.

NW is at home looking at the news about HY’s murder. She calls PT about HY. He tells her that she tortured her a lot, but he still feels sorry about it. But then PT has to get off the phone because he is visiting a pD with an energy drink gift to try and get JY a job.

JY is about to call DJ, but then DJ calls her.

At the same time, OH is at work when a woman dressed in all black comes in. OH happily looks at her, but she looks blankly at OH.

HM is also watching SJ working to protect her.

Soon, DJ shows up at JY’s house. She was waiting outside for him. He runs up to her and gives her a big hug. She asks him if he is okay? Did you come because you missed me? I exist to heal, right?

DJ – Right.

Jy – Well, if you accept it like that, then I am a little mmm….

he looks at her and tried to smile.

She tells him that nothing happened to her, okay? He nods, but then someone calls him. It is YJ, they found the name of the copycat person. His name is Yong Ji Young and he is top 1% of smart people. He went to University of Ann Arbor, he went to jail for a while and came out. He did the same religious activites with HJ for 3 years. His father is a famous person in contemporary art. He lives in Gangnam now. We can give you the address.

DJ tells them that he will be there right away. he runs back to Nakwon and tells her hat she should not wait for him outside anywhere or go anywhere strange or see any strangers, at least for now. he is shaking as he tells her this and apologizes.

She tells him it is okay, you have to go somewhere? he nods she also tells him that they both should be careful, okay? They hug.

But in the distance, her brother watches them.

DJ tells JY to go inside.

MW watches all of this and looks so upset.

VO – Why did you let your adored sister date my son? My Namu hates me? Nonsense. he is the most like me.

DJ drives off.

VO – You don’t feel anything? Whatever happened to your sister by my son….

MW is angry as he drives home. He gets to his house and stumbles inside, exausted with rage. He looks at the pictures of his biological parents and adopted parents.

VO – Maybe the third thing you have to leave is your pretty sister Gil-Nak-Won.

he has a flashback of that night and that day.

VO – I think you hsould not be next to your sister.

he remembers telling HJ that he will kill him if he touches his sister. he looks at his hand and says his sisters name, Nak-won ah….
DJ goes to the copycats house (or the fathers house)

HJ is back in prison.

HJ – Which one should appa remove first for you….son?

He thinks about the police man touching his son kindly.

DJ looks around the address in Gangnam.

VO – Among everything that makes you pitiful and weak….which one do you want you father to remove first?

The copy cat guy is watching DJ look at his home.

HM is walking around by himself.

Cut to the copycat running at DJ with a hammer. But DJ is able to dodge it and fight off this guy easily.

DJ – That hammer, are you copycatting Yoon Hee-jae? It is like kids playing. I don’t feel anything. Because it is no fun.

The copy cat gets angry and fights him again. DJ easily holds the copycat.

Copycat – Just wait a little bit father, you and me will see each other soon.

HJ smiles in his jail cell.

DJ smiles and the copy cat like he is a psycho.

DJ – It is nice to see you Young Ji-Young

Fade Out

OMG, DJ is definitely not normal and does have a little bit of his father in him. But he is channeling it for good! Thank the Lord.

HM – What did you say and how much did you talk to abogi?
Copycat – Who do you think abogi told me to kill first…Gil Nakwon.
JY – I like it so much. Everything we couldn’t do because we were so sorry to each other, lets do it all.
DJ – then can I do this more?
Copycat – People don’t know when or where they will become a victim, but they also don’t think they will be a victim.
HM – Who are you, i-jashik?
Copycat – I told you, I am going to complete the autobiography.
DJ – Without Yoon Hee-jae, what are you?
HJ – Please meet and give them my present. What you wanted for 3 years will be realized.

Top image by MBC

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