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Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 19 and 20

Jang Ki-yong and Jin Ki-joon gaze longingly at each other on a beach in Come and Hug Me
We heard that today’s episode starts 30 minutes early so be ready if you are watching live. This episode should be all kinds of touching as well! Our couple will actually get to hang out like a regular couple, y’all. Hold hands, walk along the beach….kiss?

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

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It’s night and the brother is working late. he reads all the articles about his sister and has Namu’s phone number (on the post-it). He calls it, but he can’t connect. He thinks back to the aftermath of that night, he tried to clean the blood off of his family portrait with tears.

MW hops up in a rage.

At Dj’s bedside, JY tells DJ that she wants to be a little happier. They should stop trying to please others and just try to be happy for a moment. They can take a little break like that. Okay? Can’t we even do that? Even if we die?

DJ softly touches JY’s cheek.

DJ – Nakwon, I am …. afraid.

He thinks back to his father raising his hammer to hit JY. Her mother dead in the other room. His brother trying to kill her.

DJ – Because of me, I think you are losing all the important things in your life. I am really afraid of that.

the crazy due and HM are still in the alley. he tells him that he heard he is a weak guy from his father. HM removed his face mask and remembers the crazy dued from teh movie crew. He says yes, now you remember me.

This crazy guy is the one that put the hammer in the present adn sent the information to HM. He told him that he was the one at the set that surprised JY also. He starts laughing.

Flashback to the crazy guy meeting HJ at the prison. He looks at HJ like a celebrity and tells the nun that he is there to be rescued. HJ feels something from this guy.

ater on, the boy holds a hammer and tries to hold it right. HJ tells him to put his hand in and wrap it around. Then he tells him good job when he does it right.

Later on in church, the boy tells HJ that he will read his book again when he leaves. He has read it so many time. HJ tells him that he likes books just like his Namu. Ys, you should do your job step by step. the boy smiles and says that he has a lot to prepare also. He will meet Jung Yoora as well.

Cut back to the alley. Teh man is still alive on teh ground. the crazy dude point at him and laughs, then he hits him over the head again. HM is trying to act like he isn’t scared. The crazy guy tells him to just stay like he is now, he will complete his fathers autobiography himself. He also went to OH’s restaurant and saw So-jin, she was cute.

he laughs and throws the blood on HM. then he casually walks off. HM is so stunned and can barely breath properly as he tries to walk back to the street. In his head he hears the crazy guy tell him that his father said he was very weak and doesn’t deserve to be his son.
JY is outside looking at her commercial image with her head bowed. Inside the room, DJ looks at the spot where JY was sitting. then he looks at the door. He tries to remove his sheets and swing his legs around to get up, but it is so hard. He is able to stand and take a few steps, but he has to rest against the wall.

Somewhere, JY is watching the news about her scandal. The best rings. SHe asks who is there btu no one answers. She feels something and opens it. Dj is there resting his head against the door. He brings all his strength together and asks her, do you want to do it for one day? Just one day? the thing we couldnt’ do for 12 years, do you just want to do it for one day? Nakwon?

He can barely stand as he asks her this. She pulls him inside softly.

JY – You are really stupid, you shouldn’t come here like this.
DJ – Use me Nakwon….just one day…hmm?

She softly smiles and nods. He tries to smile as well but he is so weak. She hugs him and he is able to put one arm around her waste as they rest in their hug together.
HY tells her people to prepare the followup show. He is a handsome, smart, polceman that went to a good school. he is dating the girl whose parents where killed by his father. People are already hooked, we can use this for one or two weeks. Lets dig everything up and prepare a second one.

Everyone gets busy working as HY mutters that he should be shocked after seeing the news.

A prisoner goes to HJ and tells him that he has 30 days left for his detention room. HJ walks out and walks down the hall, all the other prisoners are afraid of him and cower away.

the scandal is all over the news. PT tries to tell someone that there is no scandal. But JY answers the phone and says that she violated the no scandal policy in her contract. They can talk to her lawyer and wrap things up. She hangs up the phone and smiels at PT.

Meanwhile, DJ’s friend JH is cutting him apples at his bedside. he tells him he is alsmost done. DJ speaks in a big Busan accent and tells him to hurry up and cut it. JH tells him he knew his heart after this accident and makes one of the apple slices look like a heart. DJ chuckles.

JH starts to talk about the case a bit. But he also apoligzes and says that he knows him as DJ, but he wishes he met him as Namu, because he wants to stay next to him.

Cut to another polcieman waling and talking on the phone. he is talking to HY and tells him that he should jsut reveal his face for viewership ratings. HY tells him that he is his hubae. But the policeman says he is not his hubae, he is the son of a murderer. Juts put the money in my bank account.

A lot of ajumma’s are around OH’s house. they wonder if DJ was the one on the TV, the person looked like him. But OH is too tired to listen and just asks the woman to look after her store.

the news says that there is another hammer case. DJ and his mother are looking at this in the common area. The other people in the area recognize him immediately.

they go back to their room. OH tells DJ that this will pass. It should pass again. For him and you, that is right. Okay? So just hold on a little bit, just a little bit Namu.

A man killed a woman and says it was the womans fault for resisting, it was an accident. The inspector is all like, shut up, you killed a person. MW tells him that he will use what he said in court. the man yells. MW tells him to lower his voice and stares at him. He says that he should not show that he is scared.

But then he gets a call and tells the person on the other line that this is a rumor, he will respond strongly.

He has a flashback of seeing the murderer trying to burn his house down and cleaning the murder weapon. The murderer laughs as he set the fire, but he is stabbed by MW. MW tries to pull himself from that flashback.

He goes to meet Nakwon. He tells her that not accept phone calls from their elders, they are all surprised. SHe asks him why he is not askeing her anything. He says that he does not want to ask her anything, he just wants to wait, just like their parents waited for him. He will be patient, she can just come back to where she was.

Meanwhile, HM follows SJ around. It looks like he is following her to protect her. He watches her get on a bus and keeps looking as it pulls down the street.

At the restaurant, OH wits for someone to show up. It looks like she is waiting for Hyun-moo. She sees someone that looks like him and runs outside to greet him, but it isn’t him. She sadly goes back inside and sits in contemplation.

HM watches her from a distance as well.

In her hotel, JY looks at her blood stained clothing and throws it away in the trash. Then she checks herself out.
HY meets HJ, she is so happy to meet him, he does not look that happy to see her.

HY – It’s been awhile, I wanted to see you so much. It has been 4 weeks in solitary, that is not so bad. You didn’t do it for 12 years, why did you do that? I was wondering. Did something happen to you?

HJ – Hey, reporter, you said that the polcie exaggerated my crime becasue they wanted to make me a perfect serial killer. You think I am that kind of conman

HY _ ah, you saw my TV show, (chuckles) if it bothered you then I am sorry. You made me write your autobiography and you made HM attack attack Namu, that is all facts.

HJ – You think I am a joke.

HY – (laughing) Whichout me, you are just a trashy murderor, you know that, I made you. I made you a household name as a cruel murderer and a celebrity, not just a pitiful killer. I made you.

HJ – You should know yourself, I made you. You were just a nothing reporter dealing with gossip. I made you a reporter. (this gets to her) Even the head of the prosecutor or police can’t dare even talk to me. You should be thankful to me. How dare you F me.

HY – Why are you so angry? You, or Namu, everyone knows that you are like a butcher. HM is a pitiful guy that can’t even kill people. I dont know about Namu. I have been digging into his life for 4 weeks, but I can’t get anything. He is so human, I can’t believe he is your son. That night, what did he do to you? Did you fight that little boy? There was nothing accept your own hammer. Why are you hiding that fact? To protect your son that you adore so much? But an animal, no monster like you as a father? Then accept it, my report, no the report I wrote.

HJ – How dare you put my sons name in your cheap mouth.

Hy – Today, it is difficult to have a long conversation.

She walks off, but stops next to him and whispers in his ear.

HY – Hey, get real, your time ended You are an old thug that will have to spend the rest of your life there.

He attacks her and puts her against he wall. His hands are around her neck, squeezing

HJ – You make me happy, I haven’t felt like this in a long time.

He chokes her and spins hre to the table to choke her some more. But the guards are able to pull him off.

HY – (panting) You crazy man, you are a dog with a leash here. I will make you inhale outside air, I will sue you. We should decorate teh media with this. jashik.

She grabs her bag then gets right in his face.

HY – I think you wanted that also. Haha.

She walks away.

HJ – Bye-bye Park Hee-young (almost like, have a good death).

Dj is at a lovely house on a delightful day. He is preparing a lot of food for a picnic. He cleans the kitchen and gets dressed in something nice and casual yet not too casual.

JY also prepares for her trip at her house. She makes sure she looks pretty and smiles as she stands up. But then she sees her family photo on the desk. She pauses for a momenta and touches it, then leaves.

DJ waits outside and checks the walls of the house. JY comes out looking effortlessly beautiful. DJ is stunned. She smiles and goes up to Namu, are you really okay?

He smiles and tells her, let’s go.

they drive off. Dj looks at her nervously and tries to keep his eyes on the road. SHe tells him that she will tell him how to get there insitead of him following the directions. They are going to three places. She tells him to turn left. he follows her intructions but asks to use navigation, they might get into an accident. She is all like, why? Are you uncomfortable? He tries to focus on the traffic lights and drinks a bunch of water at a red light.

She asks him if he really never dated anyone?

He chokes on the water and coughs several times. She says that she was talking to SK and heard that he never dated anyone accept her. He drinks his water again. She laughs. he tells her that they should look forward to the street. But seh doesn’t want to, she wants to look at him all day long. She likes it.

SHe looks at him as he drives as he tried to look at the road. She is seriously just staring at him. he finally looks at her too and smiles. They both have a tiny flashback to when they looked at each other during happier times when they where young.

JY hops back and says that she is so hot, she tries to fan herself. He pulls out a fan and lets it blow on her.

They get to the park. Jy tells him that there are a lot of trees there right? ( A lot of namu’s). She tells him that when she wanted to see him, seh would come there, there area lot of namu’s around that are all like him. he stops walking and just looks at her happily smile and walk ahead.

he is reminded of when they walked around outside when they were kids. He thinks about that and then starts to follow JY again. But she turns around so he stops.

DJ – Nakwon ah,

JY – Yes?

DJ – You are just like Heaven (Heaven = Nakwon in Korean).

She puts out her hand so he walks up and happily takes it. They walk off comfortably together.
OH is not open yet as a customer comes. This customer is HJH (the other reporter). She tells her that she wanted to change her TV on the island. She can still be like that. She can change all the publics opinion of her, she is the only one that can be against HY.

SHe gives her her business card, but OH throws it away.

HJH asks if she feels anything when looking at JY’s picture. What if she becomes her daughter in law, won’t her parents be sad in her grave?

SJ throws food on HJH and tells her to go away. HJH tells her that she has a temper, she can be sued. SJ retorts, what about what youa re doing to us? Isn’t this illegal! MW shows up and tells HJH to go away, he has to interview them. HJH recognizes him as JY’s brother.

HJH sits with SJ and asks her if she knows this man. He gives her a photo of a man under an umbrella, but he is hard to recgonize. She tells him that she hasn’t heard from HM. MW tells them to call him if they hear from HM. OH tells him that they will, he reminds them that they will be prosecuted for hiding a criminal. He leaves.

the team find out that one of the staff members in the cast has a fake ID. Everything about him is fake, none of the other staff members know him. They need to investigate if he is working with HM. They need to find out everything they can, including his finger prints and everything.

Cut to the scary guy looking at OH’s restaurant, reporter HJH sees him and her spidey sense goes off.

Meanwhile, HY talks to the retired head of polcie on the phone. He sent her detailed data about HJ’s head wound when he was arrested. She smirks and hangs up. Then seh looks at her walls covered in information about HJ.

Book passage: When I saw my son, I realized that today is the last day of my bad behavior.

She talks to herself and says that her novel will be more interesting that his novel. She gets up and looks at Namu on her wall, she tells him, “Won’t it be Namu….”

Dj and JY walk happily on teh beach together. They are so at peace with each other. SHe talks about liking the beach. He says this place is just like an island that he and OH and SJ went to.

But then they see another couple that is taking a picture, but it looks like they are taking a picture of DJ and JY. Dj quickly turns around to block JY from the photo. They have a moment where they just look at each other.

They share a longing moment together until the couple takes their selfie and leaves. JY tries to break the ice and says that they shouldn’t’ have been so concerned. But DJ is still lost in his moment of being this intimately close to JY. He continues looking at her softly.

She is flustered though and hurries to walk ahead.

Flashback to Namu sitting on teh island as a child and thinking about Nakwon as he looks at the sea.

In the present, Nakwon is right in front of him and walking along the beach. He walks to catch up with her and holds her hand.

JY – this is how it feels, I like it.

She smiles and they continue walking happily.
Hy is back in front of the camera for her next news story.

HY – Is HJ really that horrible bad murderer that we thought of? In this report I want to reveal his real face. Not like a police report, he had a head wound from the doctors report. He had a big injury on his head when the Ji Hae-won couple died….

The police look at this.

HY – …(she reveals DJ’s face) HJ was in the house with JY and NM, he met then there….

Flashback of that night with NW trying to protect NW.

HY – …Even though JY and NM where at the crime scene, they both survived and the son called the police. The autobiography said that the son was scared and kneeled down and begged his father to save him….

The team leader police man stares at this report in anger.

HY – ….I couldn’t’ see my son like that so I slowly put down my hammer. To protect him, I turned myself in to the police. But this is opposite to the biography but HJ tried to kill his own son because he was afraid of getting caught by the police. To survive, his son took HJ’s hammer and tried to hit him….

HM is hiding and looks at this news report in interest.

HY – …at the end of the biography he wrote a little sentence. “My lovely son….the story we couldn’t talk about is buried in my heart (chest).”

HJ is in his solitary confinement.

HY – …our legendary killer who could not kill his own son. Actually, he was a cold blooded murderer who attempted to kill his own son to cover up his crime. December 24, 2006, Christmas eve, one happy family was destroyed and the white house on a hill because a bloody place…

HJ looks at the door of his prison.

HY – …There was a serial killer father that wanted to kill his own son. To survive, the 16 year old son tried to kill his own father, just like his father…

DJ and JY happily get back home from their lovely date. DJ smiles as he look at JY.

HY – …the house was filled with murderers intention that opposed the god given relationship (of father and son).

HM stares at this news report in shock. he thinks back to his father pulling him to him in prison and telling him that he does not know his brother That is why he is not behaving as a good older brother. he also remembers him saying he wont’ win over his brother. HM looks at the family photo he swiped from OH’s place.

DJ and JY continue driving home happily, they are oblivious to what is going on.

MW is in his office checking the file for HJ.
Dj and JY get to an amusement park because it is the third and last place she wanted to go to. DJ is pretty stunned that seh wanted to go to an amusement park.

She happily nods and says it is one hour before closing, there are almost no people, so it is cool right! i want to ride that one!

But DJ says it is too high, she asks him if he is afraid, he nods. SHe thinks, how about that one?

He looks at this very scary looking ride in terror. She is all like, you can’t ride this one either? How about that one?

Cut to DJ happily riding the carousel. But JY is nto happily riding it. She becomes happy when she looks at DJ though so they stare at each other as they ride the carouself. Afterward, they go find bear headbands and car headbands to wear around. they playfully look at each other as they find the right headband and settle on the froggie headband. Ribbit ribbit.

Next, they go play games. DJ is crazy good at popping all the balloons with a dart and wins a doll for JY.

Lastly, they go buy a slushy, but DJ gets a call from JH. He goes to take it. Another group of women come up to the booth and recognize JY, she runs away and hides.

JH tells Dj that H will go to the prosecutors office because HY sued him. DJ looks back and sees that JY is gone. He runs around yelling for Nakwon and searches everywhere for her. She comes out when she hears this, but just watches him for a moment as he runs around. She tries to say his name, but she can’t.

he finally sees her and runs all the way to her to give her a big hug. Where were you at? Are you okay?

He looks at her tenderly.

DJ – Nakwon….

JY – Yes….I am sorry Namu.

He pulls her into another deep hug. She hugs him as well.
HY gets home and parks in her garage. She smirks as she walks to her building. But then someone comes out in white shoes and a mask. She stops in fear as she sees him walking toward her.

they have a face off. It’s HM. She chuckles.

HM – You are HY right?

HY – Hey HM, you ar not afraid? You are being looked for now.

HM – You met my father?

Elsewhere, DJ and JY drive home. They are quiet. JY tells him that she had fun today. He tries to smile. She tells him that next time, she will see him as Chae Do-jin. he looks a bit sad at that thought.

JY – Do-jin ah….I wanted to tell you at least once that your current name is also pretty.

DJ looksl ike he wants to tell her something as well. He pulls over the car and turns it off. The time is 11:53 pm. It is still today. He looks at her longingly.

The reporter lays dead on the ground in her home! or maybe she is just knocked out? Whatver the case, it looks bad. A man looms over her with a hammer and sprays blood all over the picturs on her wall that hold all the information about HJ’s life.

Cut back to DJ and JY.

DJ – Jae…..Nakwon. We….

The clock ticks to 12:00 am. JY looks at it. But then she looks back to DJ. He is softly and slowly moving toward her to kiss her.

Fade Out

We should be back to two episodes a week starting next week!

No preview. Let us know if you see it!

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