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Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 17 and 18

DJ has a stab wound, Nakwon holds him
It is finally time for Come and Hug Me. Did everyone see the preview? Thank you for always letting us know about them so we can translate it! The last one is translated at the bottom of the last episode just in case no one saw the tragedy that awaits us this episode. DJ is going to be okay right? No prolonged hospital stay? Or *gasp* amnesia? I know, a stab wound shouldn’t lead to amnesia, but this is dramaland.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

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HJ stand in his cell smiling as he stares at the tiny window.

Meanwhile, the two brother are fighting. HM tells him that he should see her collapse, then he will take him seriously.

DJ does not know why his brother is doing this. But Hyung thinks DJ destroyed their family also. Is she the only victim? I am a victim also. You destroyed me and our family. if you didnt’ call the polcei that day to protect her then Our hamily wouldn’t be broken like this. You will see your world break!

Hyung pushes DJ against the wall shelf. DJ tells him to just stop. HM says, if I end up here then I didnt’ call him at all (the guy that stabbed DJ). Flashback to that night.

ALl the money that you sent us, that is how I sent it back. Are you dissapointed? Just call her, if you think I wont hurt you then that is your misunderstanding.

DJ – Did you really do that to Nakwon?

HM – Don’t you see this?

DJ – What about the song? How did you hear it? What about the other crime, did you do it?

HM – Yes, I am going to destroy this F’ing world like Abonim!

They start to fight. HM swings the hammer wildly at DJ. Flashback to some kids beating up another kid. Appa shows up and the kids stop. Appa tells HM to stand up and the kids all back away.

HM – I only have one aboji, but you took him from me.

DJ – Abogi is just a murderer, Abogi is just a murderer, hyung.

HM – So what, he is still abogi!

DJ – That is why I can’t forgive him, because he is our abogi. We shouldnt’ understand him, so many people died because of him.

DJ starts to cry and tells HM that he is sorry that he destroyed their family, he is really sorry about that. But abogi never protected us, you know that.

Flashback to HJ telling HM that he does not need a son that always gets hit, jsut stand up. Do it again in front of me. HM has to stand up and try to fight all those kids again. Hj smiles in teh background.

HM – You called the police, you turned appa into the police and you lived with the ajumma that betrayed him as her son, F you! Appa didn’t do anything!

DJ – Ommoni never gave yp on you. You gave up on us, but we never gave up on you. You know that! So how can you trust us, how can you believe it?

HM – How can I trust you guys, the thing that you want to get so much. You should be destroyed like me.

But then Jae-yi asks if Namu is outside?


DJ and HM start to fight a lot. They throw each other all over the place.
DJ yells at hyung and tells him that he threw it away for him. You threw it away for me! Flashback to hyung throwing away the hammer into the trashcan. DJ picked it up.

DJ – You threw away mine, so why are you holding this one? Back then….you and me…we were alone, we didn’t have abogi, just please stop, hyung.

Hyung hangs his head.

HJ – This time, show me right.
HM – Can I kill Namu?
HJ _ do you want my recogniztion that much? You are all grown up, dont torture your brother like that. There is no younger brother like an older brother….but that is a lie. Hahaha.
HJ – You won’t win over your brother.

HM – You and me, we grew up under abogi, you have everything, but I, should I throw it all away? I will show you what kind of person I am, look at this!

he throws DJ to the ground and runs to the door. He starts to bang on it hard. JY calls teh police. DJ tries to wrestle HM away from teh door. He yells at JY not to open the door.

HM pulls out a hug knife. he tries to push DJ out of the way, DJ sees teh knife and tries to get if away from HM. But HM accidentally stabs DJ really hard in the gut with it.

DJ immediately stops and starts breathing hard, but he still hugs his brother and tells him to stop, please stop….

HM thinks to his father telling him that he won’t win over his brother as he watches DJ fall tot he ground. Then he thinks about DJ visiting him in jail. He hears young NM’s voice in his head calling his name.

Hm is really shocked at what he did.

NM – Did you kill people? Whatever you do in the future, that is the worst thing in the world.

HM drops the knife and runs outside. He sees the blood on his hand and freaks out as he walks into the rain. he can’t walk straight and hits someone. It looks like this is another bad guy? this guy chuckles as HM runs away.
Inside, JY runs to DJ’s side. She sees all the blood pouring from his wound. he tries to hold it all in and tells her not to look at it. Dont look at him.

JY starts to faint a little bit. But she is able to hold it back together. She holds DJ and cradles his head. She calls his name over and over again as she softly lays him on the floor. Then she puts pressure on his wound and tells him to open his eyes. Open your eyes, Namu, open your eyes!

She calls teh polcie and tells them her address. She says that someone is stabbed and is bleeding alot, please come! Please save him! She hangs up and tells Namu that it is okay, please hold on.

The bad guy comes in and asks her if they are okay. But he chuckles when she tells him to save them.

MW walks into the hall and runs into evil HY. She tries to interview him about Nakwon and her newest article about her. She became a corpse in the movie industry (stiff?) because of the past. She smiles but people don’t look happy. No one will use her.

MW pushes the reporter against the wall lightly and grabs her cuff. He tells her that she is the same as HJ, he holds a hammer and she holds a pen, what is the difference?

She says that they have a foundation to help the victims because of her. It hurts her pride to compare her to that crazy guy.

he tells her that seh is also played by HY, she is his toy that he plays with. You made a documentary? Haha, you know that documentary is the same as picking up HJ’s poop and eating it.

He walks away. HY tells him that he is the same, what was it like stabbing someone so young? Stabbing someone at 12 years old? Is that how you know how criminals think so well? it is not like you know the weight of the scene. But maybe you sympathize with them. maybe you are like the same person as them. When you take your case, don’t you get excited or scared?

Yes, you are right. So, you, HJ, and an animal like me, should not have been born.

I didn’t kill someone like you all.

No? Think about it, you killed a lot of people. Countless.

He leaves. She smiles as if she knows that.
DJ is in surgery. Perhaps he is having a falshback. His appa hit him that night and he fell to the ground . He asks him why he is doing this. Why are you my father? Why is a monster like you my father? WHY!

HJ – I told you, my son, I will remove all the things that make you pitiful and weak.

NW cries on teh floor as HJ holds her and smiels with the hammer in his hands.

Outside, JY sits in the hallway. Some of the nurses recognize her, but they keep walking. Oh and SJ run up to the door and stop when they see JY there. they softly ask what happened to DJ. JY apologizes and says that he was with her, but she didnt’ stop him and he got stabbed.

SY – Who did it eunnie?

JY – Yoon Hyun-moo did it, he came to my house. I am sorry, I couldnt’ do anything. I am really sorry…..

NW – Namu….don’t die….please survive

But then the bad guy shows up and takes a photo of the three of them in the hallway as he sings a song happily.

HM stumbles to OH’s store and tells them to open the door! But it is all dark in there so he breaks a window and goes inside. he grabs the soju and drinks it straight from the bottle as he breathes hard. Then he takes all the cash from the register. There is a happy graduation picture near the register that HM sees. He holds it.

In the hospital, SJ holds DJ’s hand as she stays with him by his bedside.

In the stairway, JY stays sitting. She looks at her hands as if she is just know realizing that they are bloody. Shr thinks back to teh hammer hitting her door, she saw what was happening through the hole the hammer left.

OH goes into the stairwell and sees NW softly trying to keep it together. She holds her hands and starts to wash the blood off of them with a towel. Then she apologizes to NW. She is really sorry, she is sinful to Namu, but she didnt’ do anything to Namu, so all his sins…..I am really sorry. Twelve years ago and now, I can only say it to you like this, I am really sorry.

OH tears up but JY tells her not to apoogie to her, she will get the apology from the person that deserves to give it to her. Namu hurts so much because of her…..~. But OH tells her, if you get hurt again, NM and I won’t be able to live because we will be so sorry. if that happens, then NM will live in hell. I am really sorry….I am really sorry.

Cut to DJ’s bedside, He wakes up a little bit and the first thing he asks about is Nakwon. His mtoher tells him that she is okay, nothing happened to her. SJ tells him that she is so happy that he is talking like this. She thought she would never see him again. DJ apologizes to her. Then he asks about his brother.

Umma says that they will catch him and stop him from doing bad things. they will make him pay for it. She will make him pay for it. DJ tells her that he will bring him back before he goes too far. But OH tells him to just think about recovering….good job son….good job.

then OH looks toward the hallway.

JY is in teh hallway, the police ask her if they saw who stabbed him. But she says that Namu blocked the door so she couldn’t see who did it. Oh and SJ come out of the room so JY can go inside. She puts on all the protective hospital wear and goes in to see DJ. He is asleep again.
MW gets to teh garage and sees JY with all the blood covering her. OH apologizes and says that ehr oldest son did it. She is really sorry. She bows several times to him as he takes his sister away.

While driving away, he tells her to stay in a hotel for awhile, don’t worry about anything. I will watch your dog as well. JY tells him not to hate Namu too much, they are all good people. But MW does not care if they are good or not, the most important thing is that they are a threat to you, I already warned them.

they get to their location, he asks her if she is rally okay. She does not answer.

YJ tells OH that they have a search warrant for HM, they will catch him soon. JH says that he will kill him! But their team leader says not to say that as a police man. they all talk about how HM went to jail but is still acting up and won’t leave Dj alone. he tries to act for forgiveness his entire life.

HM goes to OH’s house. SJ sees him and attacks him, how is he so crazy! You torture Namu all the time! and now you tried to kill him! You ae not human! Who are you! You should die! if something is wrong with him, then I will curse you forever! So you just go die!

HM asks, so, is he alive? That guy didn’t die and is alive?

At the hospital, OH is by DJ’s side as he has a nightmare. She holds his hand tightly and touches his forhead.

Sj asks him how he can worry about Namu! You stayed with that guy and he made you crazy! Why did you do this! I am going to call the police to catch you!

HM says that he showed it to abogi, but it is not done yet, he is still alive, He is not done yet. he is still alive. So this time I will do it right, don’t tell anyone that you saw me, or you will not be safe.

he starts to leave, but SJ tells him to not do this, just stop, okay?

SJ tells Umma that she saw her brother. he didn’t do anything to her, but he asked her about DJ.

Umma goes to the restaurant and sees all the destruction. She goes inside and sees all the money missing. Then she sees JY’s poster a little off the wall. She puts it back up and remembers DJ looking at the photo in a flashback.

HJ is led into a room but a guard. he smiles as he sees who wants to see him. it is OH. He tells her that she still looks pretty after 12 years. Raising kids alone, you suffered a lot.

OH – He is not your son, you don’t deserve him. Do you know what HM did becaue of you?

HJ – Maybe he hurt Namu? Well, that boy (chuckles) now he is the role of big brother.

OH – What?

HJ – Because you came to see me after 12 years.

OH – you, Can you laugh like that as you put both your sons in hell? HM wants to get his fathers approval and love, so he became a criminal that stabbed his own brother. And Namu, our Namu, because he wants to aks for forgiveness his entire life for your crime….he never smiled. But youa e not sorry to your kids at all? Now…they are not your kids, they are my kids. Don’t harrass my kids you crazy devil.

HJ – You came to the dog farm 12 years ago. the night before you ran away. you saw everything. I took care of that woman. (flashback to that night). Good girl, she showed me directions well, but seh did not listen to me. If you called the polcie and did not run away, then at least 3 more people would have lived. Including Nakwon’s parents. That is why you are taking care of my boys right? My sin and your sin. To get your own forgiveness. That is why we are family. We are in the same boat.

OH – Shut up you crazy man.

HJ – I see nuns often, sins and forgiveness and rescue is not far away, it is so easy. Committing crimes again and asking for forgiveness again, then I can be saved.

he smiles.

HJ – Behave yourself, Chae Ok-hee. You are my woman. Do you know why I didn’t kill you? …… Becasue if liked the way your flesh smelled.

OH starts to choke and cough.

HJ – So don’t even think about staying with other men. Stop thinking that I can’t do anything becaues i am here…….And visit me often, our pretty princess and you. I also miss Namu.

OH – You think you protected your own kids, but no, you break all of them. Your life, what you said, it is all wrong. that is why you are here now. Namu is not your son anymore. Namu grew up by himself, so don’t be mistaken. you lied to yourself and called yourself father or whatever. But don’t misunderstand, you should stay here forever and die. if you touch my kids again, I will even come here and kill you. I am going to take all your body parts away and eat you.

HJ – (laughing) That’s my girl. That is why I was attracted to you. See you soon honey. Haha.

OH goes to the bathroom and throws up several times. then she washes her mouth in the sink and thinks about what he said. “if you called the police and didn’t run away, then at least 2 people would have survived, including NW’s parents that Namu liked”

OH has a flashback to that night. She did call the police, but she didnt’ end up saying anything and just left. it looks like she didn’t call the police because of Namu.

OH rides the bus back to the hospital and goes inside DJ’s room. Sj is sleeping at his bedside. DJ is also asleep.
Later, Dj is awake and OH is at his bedside. She smiles and tells him he is so happy. You take after me. She smiles but then she tells him that she is sorry that Umma didnt’ take care of him too much. HM, he, i will take care of him from now on. I won’t make you take care of him. So, from now on I will take all your burdens.

DJ tells her, Umma, don’t do it. I am a burden for you. Forever.

OH – Not a burden, you are a gift….Our Namu is the biggest gift to me in my life.

She touches his cheek. DJ starts to tear up, but he is able to hold it in.

NEWS: YJ was attacked at home and HJ’s oldest son is the prime suspect.

VO – You guys remember that serial killer that murdered 12 people. You should also remember that Ji Hae-won couple murder case as well. her daughter JY used a different name and became a top star from the bottom. But she has PTSD from being at the scene. A hammer was delivered to her that reminds her of 12 years ago. It was a big issue. A few days ago, JY was attacked on the set. HM is the prime suspect. Their bad relationship goes back to 12 years ago when HJ was arrested. He has two sons. JY was a good friend of the second son and went to the same school. they were together at the murder scene. it seems like their relationship is still going on. her hidden lover is DJ, the second son of HJ. We have a breaking news story that came one hour before the TV show aired. (news report: JY was attacked at home and the polcie man is in critical condition) Our breaking news is that this policeman is DJ. The love story between these two enimies, it is difficult to see how deep it is. What about you? HM thinks this love story is the one that should be punished, for his fathers revenge.

Everyone sees this news report. The camera cycles through all the main characters.
At the same time as the news report is being voiced over by HY, we see HM following a drunk guy. the bad mystery man is following HM. All three are walking in a dark alley.

VO – When a reported visited HM to interview him….

the bad guy runs down another alley

VO – …he did not look regretful as the son of a murderer at all.

The bad guy runs up another street and hits the drunk man with the hammer very fast. HM is super stunned because it happened right in front of him. the bad guy laughs as if he has been wanting to do that.

News: (cell mate) HM bragged about his father like he was a king, he used it as power inside the jail.

The bad guy laughs and then removes his mask and bows to HM. Hello! Eh, you shouldn’t start at all if you run away like that after seeing your own brothers blood. Why did you break like that? That woman you hit on the street, you just hit her once and were scared.

Who are you?

That is why I hit her properly. That guy…I just wanted to make you inspired after seeing it on the news.

Who are you, you A-hole.

(walking closer and laughing) Your abonim told me about you. You are a very weak guy. You don’t deserve to be his son, that is what he told me.

There is so much fan mail from Lee Sung-woo to HJ. HJ is also looking at the news.

VO – three years ago, HJ convinced me to write his autobiography with all the flowery words. As a media person, I just wanted to do my job, but because of that, I had to go through hardships. Now, HJ lives as a old prisoner that waits to be executed, he says he regrets all his sins….

DJ looks at the news in anger.

VO – …..but his sins went to the next generation and made another psychopath. I had my doubts on him as a reporter when I helped him write his autobiography. But the one strange thing about him who bragged about all his murderers as a psychopath is his wound. But no one knows why he had that wound on his head. It was in the polcie report, but it was later removed by someone…..

We see the team leader removeing that report in a flashback.

VO – ….all the media in Kora was shaken by that case, but the police maybe wanted to exaggerat and show this case and his crime. That is how it can make the polcie greater, because they caught this criminal….

HJ looks at the news in anger.

VO – ….maybe, before he was arrested, HJ, JY, and his second son. Between the three of them, something happened that the police don’t even want to report. Perhaps a stricking thing happened.

JY’s Flashback to that night.

VO – ….maybe that is the link that connect Dj and Jy so tightly until now. Until I went to see Hj for the last time, his second son never visited his father for 12 years, not even once….

OH looks at the news and drops her dishes in shock.

VO – ….three years ago, JY publicaly criticized me in an interview because I published that autobiography. It wasn’t a fact back then, but it is her reality now that gave her a tragic image that actors shouldn’t have.

JY turns the news off. PT calls her.

VO – …Her brother lost his parents with a crime and was adopted to JY’s family. Six years later, he lost his second set of parents by HJ. he had to experience that twice….

MW is in his office looking through all the CCTV footage.

VO – …Serial Killer abogi and the brothers are fighting and they have a bad relationship between the two families. This story is cruler and more shocking that movies is all created by HJ alone. I realized how important it is to cut the circle of evil. This unbearable truth, nothing will be solved if you avoid this unbearable truth.

JY walks through the hotel lobby. She sees the news on everywhere she goes.

VO – ….this is Park Hee-young from Case Chaser, Why?

HY smiles and the camera cuts off. Everyone cheers in the background, their live viewership is daebak!
Dj gets up to walk around. he sees JY come up to her and greets her as Nakwon. She tells him to not try so hard, he is still recovering. He asks her why she came. She says she worries about him. He tells her not to come, a lot of people are around there. But she tells him that he will worry about her more than himself, so that is why she came.

Cut to him in bed again. She tells him not to do that anymore, okay? Don’t try to do anything to save me. he nods, but she says that he is lying. She knows that he will do it again. If that happens again….

But he says no, he will make it so it never happens.

The guard comes into HJ’s room. He asks HJ what he is doing, it is time to go to bed. But HJ just spins around and grabs him. He pulls the cop inside and tells him, how dare you give me orders you bug like guy. Do you want to be the 13th, no, the 14th? i endure this for 12 years. I shouldn’t kill someone like you are my victim. You will die anyway from smoking, okay?

he throws him to the ground.

JY – You and me, what did we do wrong? Everything that we suffered, the 16 year old us, the only one thing we did wrong was that we liked each other so much. that is the only thing. We are still getting all the punishment. I want to be a little happier, just a little bit more. i want to be a little happier. So Namu, let’s take a little break. Whatever people say, we shouldn’t be sorry to each other, let’s pretend like we are okay a little bit more. Let’s rest a little bit like that. We are…..we are not allowed to do at least that? Even if we die?

Dj listens to everything JY says. He doesn’t’ say anything in return. They keep looking at each other and it fades out.

Fade Out

And I am pulled deeper inside this shows grasp.


HY – DJ is handsome, went to a good school, and became a police officer. He is dating the daughter of the family that his father killed.
Reporter – If JY becomes your daughter in law, it would be very shocking.
Brother – I will take care of everything, you just come back to were you were before
DJ – Where are you going?
JY – I am going to three places. Obvious places, we have never done everyday things. When I wanted to see you, I sometimes came here alone because everything is like you.
DJ – Nakwon, would you like to do things that we couldn’t do for 12 years, just one day?

Top Image By MBC

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  1. AB_lady
    June 21, 2018 / 10:18 am

    thank you so much for the recap

    ..aahh cant they just leave them happy~~~ namu and nakwon deserve happy life~~~

    and the other stalker..

    another loong week for waiting..

  2. Lalaboom
    June 21, 2018 / 10:44 am

    I want them to have at least a moment where they can be happy too!

  3. V
    June 21, 2018 / 10:58 am

    I thought HJ was going to break out there for a second.

  4. Mari
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    • V
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      Thank you so much Mari 😊.

  5. Fatum1808
    June 22, 2018 / 3:02 pm

    I love this show. So tired of waiting sooo long for the next episode 😭 I think Na moo striked his dad on the head that night… but is it that bad? Im sure it was just self defence. Honestly I know what hyun moo did was wrong but I can’t help but feel sorry for him, I hope he can redeem himself and experience a happy family atmosphere.

    • Lalaboom
      June 23, 2018 / 3:28 pm

      I think he did, too. Maybe it is a bit more serious than just a head strike. Maybe Namu was about to kill his father when the police came in and pulled him off?

    • Miranda
      June 23, 2018 / 4:07 pm

      I think his father tried to get Na Moo to kill Nak Won, some sort of final test of Na Moo being able to follow Dad’s mindset. It’s very possible that even Nak Won was more willing for Na Moo to kill her, if the alternate was Dad. And I think that Na Moo took the weapon, but then turned it on his dad and came at him very much ready to kill. That seems like something that would actually impress Dad rather than considered a betrayal – that Na Moo is recognizing his dad is the one above him on the food chain and is willing to fight for that position.

      That’s the weird thing about his dad, I think he genuinely understands that Na Moo is capable of killing. I also think Na Moo is capable of killing, which is part of what makes him a good police officer. What his dad DOESN’T get is that Na Moo would never kill someone unless it was absolutely necessary according to a moral code, and dad doesn’t get that because dad doesn’t have a moral code.

      So yeah, I think it’s very possible that the report Cop Ahjusshi destroyed is something about Na Moo attacking his father and driving him off. And that would be one hell of a thing for Nak Won to know too – that Na Moo was willing to attack his own dad to save her.

      • Miranda
        June 23, 2018 / 4:50 pm

        Alternately, Na Moo told his father he couldn’t kill Nak Won without going through Na Moo first, which would also be in character.

        • V
          June 27, 2018 / 8:51 pm

          Ooh, I love your theory!

  6. Bernadette
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