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Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 15 and 16

Episode 15 and 16 recap for the Kdrama Come and Hug Me starring Jang Ki-yong and Jin Ki-joo
And our wonderful heroine is left all alone in this lovely-turned-creepy Christmas set. I am still on the fence as to whether Hyun-moo is planning on killing her or really scaring her. I am leaning toward killing which is a weird thing to lean toward in a Kdrama. Luckily (thankfully?) Jae-yi was wearing her watch so Do-jin knew exactly where she was and ran to the rescue. I hope they show us what was happening in his world when he decided to book it to the set. If you didn’t catch the preview, the translation is at the bottom of the last episode. I love the pre-released shots from today’s episode so I’m excited to get into it.

We are changing up our Wednesday/Thursday lineup! We will live recap Secretary Kim first (21:30) and then hop right into Come and Hug Me when Secretary Kim finishes.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

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HM walks through the set house with the hammer in his hands. JY is terrified as she looks at him, she falls to the ground and tries not to scream. But she just puts her head down.

PT – Hold on, that is real human blood on the hammer?
JH – Yes, the second victims blood

DJ shows up. Cut to them all looking at CCTV of the suspect dropping off the package. DJ immediately recognizes him as his brother. he asks PT where JY is. You said she was at home?

PT tells him that he told her to rest because the shoot was cancelled. DJ looks at the GPS and then takes off. In the car, he talks to HJ. HJ tells him that JY went to the set but her cell phone is not taking calls. It seems like her cell phone is hacked. We will come there also, so don’t be too anxious, okay? Okay?

But it is too late for that becaue DJ is driving with a passion and then starts banging on the warehouse door once he gets to it. He yells for her name. Han Jae-yi! han Jae-ye! But she is not answering. He checks his phone at that moment and sees that she pressed the distress button and is inside the warehouse.

he turns and hops back into his car, backs up very far and then revs it through the warehouse doors. he breaks completely through and immediately hops out.
He looks at the set and hears the Christmas music from that night playing. He says, Nak-won to himself and runs inside the house. he sees her hiding next to the Christmas tree and covering her face. he is just like hse was when the lights turned off on set that day.

he kneels next to her and says her name softly. Nak-won…Nak-won….Nak-won ah. He touches her shoulder and waits for her to look up at him. then he softly hugs her as she sits there with tears falling. She stutters N-n-namu. he looks at her terrified face and he also tears up. He holds her tightly to him again and starts softly crying as well.

They stay like this for a moment as he keeps her safe in his arms.

Later on, JY lays down and dreams about that night.
HJ is grabbing NW and pulling her up as she tells NM to run away. But NM runs to his father and tells him not to do this. He stops his fathers hand. But HJ hits NM with the hammer and he falls to the ground.

JY wakes up suddenly screaming, Namu! She sees NM in front of her.

NM – I am here Nak-won….I am here.

The young NM touches her face. She tells him that she dreamed it again. That dream that you also died. He wipes her tears and smiles. She smiles to and holds his hand and says, it was just a dream right? it’s all lies, right Namu? My mother and father, are all….

NM tells her that it is all a lie. NW smiles and says that she knew it, that is good, that is really good. She holds his hand as it touches her face. She tries to look at his hands and then touch his face.

NW – So, Namu….you are my dream also…right?

NM looks at her sadly. She tells him that she was just being childish today. After waking up, she will survive well again by herself. But right now, can you just hug me? Hmm? She smilesa s Namu nods. Then she cuddles up to him and lays her head on his chest.

JY – I am happy to see you like this at least. Just for a little bit. To touch you like this. I will be really happy.

The camera scrolls to JY holding NW as she sleeps on the cuch. Her head is in his chest and his chin is resting on her.

DJ – Nakwon….

(it appears like she didn’t know if it was a dream or not, but in reality the adult NM (DJ) was holding her)
PT shows up amidst all the police at the wharehouse. PT runs in with Dj holding her. She is still sleeping. PT asks DJ….let’s go home. hey detective? Okay?

Dj agrees. He picks up JY like she is a little doll and carries her out. When he gets to the door, he tells the duty officers to move out of the way and then lightly walks to the car. He holds her the entire way and continues holding her in the car.

JH and YJ watch this entire thing with concern. YJ says she will catch the criminal. JH tells her to catch him before Dj does. YJ looks at all the set up that HM used in the house including the family photo and thinks that this is horrible. How can a human do this to JY and DJ. She walks off.

JH gets a call at that moment. he says that the patient should call him, they can take a rest.

Int he distance is the other reporter, HJH. She is taking photos from her car.

DJ looks at the family photo inside JY’s home. he is quietly contemplative. PT shows up and says HY might call him, just tell them that this was a simple incident. hea lso tells DJ that he probably shouldn’t have told him. DJ says he will make sure of it.

PT then tells him that he looks like himself again. Can he visit JY again for a moment? She looks okay, but she also looks very vulnerable.

JY is in her room holding her head with the Christmas music playing over and over in her head. DJ knocks on the door which makes her smile and look up. She thanks him for helping her and starts to talk about the witness report and how she will be free at acertain time tomorrow.

DJ – Shouldn’t I leave tonight? (Should I stay tonight)

JY nods.

he closes the door and walks to her bedside. He sits next to her bed and she touches his arm So he moves and sits on her bed right in front of her.

DJ – I won’t leave tonight Nak-won (banmal)

He blocks her ears.

DJ – just look at me only and only hear my voice.

She puts her hands on top of his. then seh looks into his smiling face and smiles as well.

HY is yelling at someone. She tells them, if you can’t figure out what happened over there then you won’t be in this field anymore!

But she is sitting with someone and smiles at him as if she is embarrassed. Then seh pours him a drink. he says he is retired so it’s fine. She says that seh wanted to visit him but she couldnt’, she could only think about it. he tells her that seh is a celebrity now and does not have the time. he takes a sip of his drink.

He asks him if he worked on HJ’s case when he went to jail? halbae officer asks why she is asking him about that, it was a long time ago. She just says there was one last puzzle. When you arrested HJ, he was injured a lot on his head.

She hands over the files.

The polcie officer says it was a mystery to them as well. maybe he tried to kill himself or maybe it happened when they were arresting him. It was a controversal thing. HJ said he was okay and of course it was difficult to investigate. We did not ommit anything.

HY – this hellish world where all these animals live together, nothing will be like it won’t happen.

They smile at each other.

HY – You son, the senator, he had trouble with violence in drinking places. I can make a special about it or we can correct this misunderstanding.

Halbae – We should correct this misunderstanding. As a government worker we should correct wrong things and say what people have the right to know.
Dj is sleeping with his head on JY’s bed. She wakes up and touches his face lightly as seh smiles. She stops and puts her hand back to her side, but she touches him again and runs her finger on his nose.

She whispers, Namu….but he doesn’t wake up.

Then he suddenly wakes up and grabs her hand as if she is attacking him. But he apologizes right away.

they are both quiet for a moment. She sits up and asks if he is still sorry to her. She told him that it is not his fault, but he will be like this for his entire life right?

JY – Because of our promise, that is why you saved me?

He shakes his head, no.

DJ – Because you told me to protect you.

JY – Then why didn’t you see me, why didn’t you keep that promise only?

Flashback to DJ walking to a bus stop after graduation? He sits at the bus stop in the daytime and watches JY’s picture at the bus stop all night long.

DJ – Because I am so sorry….I was so sorry. I couldnt’ do that.

DJ gets teary as well

DJ – So Nakwon, whenever and however, if you need me then use me. If you are tired of using me then you can just throw me away. Whoever I am and whose son I am, if youa re okay at least a little bit.

JY – People will say that I am crazy if they hear me. But today’s accident, even if your brother did it, Namu, meeting you again, I – I am so happy to see you again.

JY starts crying, though she tries not to. They gaze at each other for a moment, then we cut away to DH walking through her home and looking around. He walks to teh family photo and looks at it for a moment. then he sees teh photos of JY’s parents underneath the photo and kneels to look at them.

DJ – Ajumma….

he has a flashback to that night that HW treated his hand and was very nice to him that night. She gave him a scarf to put on and told him not to have a cold when it gets chilly.

DJ touches her face on the picture.

In the flashback, HW tells NM to come by often and look after NW, can you look after her?

DJ – Sorry….

He tries to hold it all together as he bows his head in front of the family photos.

MW calls HY at his desk. he tells her that, because of her broadcast, his sister is harmed again. As I told you, I will close your program. HY tells him that she has a lot of threats so she isnt impressed. Is he suppressing the media or threatening her? He tells her to think what he wants to think.

She tells him that they are not blood siblings right? This would be a good story. She walks to her wall and has all the documents and stories about the serial killer and his family all on the wall.

MW says to her, if you do anything to arm my sister then I will use all my abilities against you.

HY tells him that she understands, but you know that HM is out of jail right? The eveil inheritance is teh title of her book. She is preparing HJ’s documentary so she will interview you.

She hangs up and thinks that HM broke a good news story. She holds up the book and thinks about Chapter 12, that night. Then seh gets a call and puts on her crazy smile. She says that it is time for HJ to change the generation with his son. She answers the phone.

In MW’s office, he stands up all sweaty and has a ringing noise in his ear. he flashes to his family home after the accident. Then he has a second flash where he goes to his home as a child when he drops a blood knife.

PT calls him at that moment.

Cut to MW running to his sisters place just as Dj walks out. He angrily walks up to DJ and tells him he will deal with him later. then he runs inside and sees JY happily sleeping in her bed. he lets out a sigh of relief then he goes back outside to talk to DJ.

MW – I heard about you beore I became a prosecutor. You are pretty good. If NW wants you to take the case then I won’t block it. I also won’t push my own idea. Today’s case your brother (HM) is the prime suspect, so I want to change you from the case. You step out. if this happens again, I don’t know what I will do.
DJ – No, I will take the case. I can’t guarantee that I can protect her, but whoever the opponent is, if I have to use any method, as Namu, DJ, or even if I become HJ….

Cut to Dj in the bathroom washingn his face and looking at himself with water dripping into the sink.

DJ – Whatever face I have, I will block it.

He gets a call. It is from his brother. His brother asks him if it was fun. Just wait, your hyung will finish everything. Everyone around you, especially MW and her brother, I will destroy everyone.

DJ- If you really did this today, then if you touch Nakwon or anyone else, then I don’t know what I will do.

His brother laughs.

HM – You grew up a lot Namu jashik, see you soon.

He hangs up and takes abothe swig of his drink. He has the news on and is looking at it.

New: Actress han Jae-yi was attacked at the movie set.

HM remembers his father telling DJ that he should be strong, you are my son. HM watched this hiding at the door.

the news also says that Hm is the prime suspect. HM laughs at that and throws his drink on the floor. then he looks at a picture of JY.

Flashback, HM gets a picture mail to his door. Someone sent HM a picure of the hammer and the movie set and everything. So it looks like someone else is behind HM.
the team sits in the tiny conference room and look through the CCTV and other things on the wall. DJ tells them that this guy is the prime suspect of the hammer case and the vinyl that he played was the exact same song that played that night in HJ’s case. People still don’t know what the song name was in the media. So, HJ’s oldest son served in the same jail, he is the prime suspect. We should arrest him.

DJ goes to the motel and stares at the building. He is there with YJ. He looks at his still bandaged hand that is holding a gun. Cut to them both going into the building holding their guns out. They break into the room with their guns up. YJ says that he left yesterday and didnt’ come back, maybe it is true.

DJ sees the magazine with JY on the cover, it is all slashed and bloody.

JY gets ready at her desk. She puts on her makeup and jewlery. he brother comes in and they have playful bante back and forth about how JY is so pretty because she takes after their mother. He tells her not to think about what people are saying. She runs out after him and says that she was sorry that she didnt’ tell him. She hopes he won’t get angry.

He says he is not angry, but she says he is angry. She knows it when she hears his voice. But he softly says that he isn’t angry because without her there is no oppa (him). He is afraid of losing her. She tells him that they are always together forever. Right?

OH watches the news about how JY was attacked on set and used a smart watch to call the police. But then someone comes in so she goes to serve them food. however, she sees the shoes on this person, they are white.

She pauses and thinks back to OH telling her and SJ that he will kill him. He is dating a girl whose brother threw him in jail. And this is the same girl that destroyed their family. He is not his brother. OH yelled at him that his father destroyed his family, not Namu, get real, how can you just blame your brother this entire time and live in hell? Your father only told you those things like that while in jail.

HM tells her that he should call her hubby, not that man. You are divorced but Namu is still your son so we are still family. Father is still you husband and still SJ’s father. You just took Namu from our family like that? You can’t do that ajumma. If you want to throw things away then you need to throw away everything. Do you think our family is that easy!

He throws soemthing on the floor. OH goes to pick it up, but she sees his shite shoes with blood on them. She stands up and asks him what he did. What did you do! HM just tsks and says that her life is hard enough making all this food for people. She should not pity others. You never know what you will come back as. NW’s father and mother died while pitying others.

OH slaps him and tells him, how dare you talk about them? You are not human at all! he just looks at her and says that he is an animal. He starts to break everything. SJ runs up to him and give him a big back hug. She tells him to just stop, can’t he just stop torturing them? This got through to him, so he stops. But he tells ajumma that he will be back, they should see each other often.

End of flashback. OH gets a call, it is from DJ. the other guys head turns. OH tells him that nothing happened to her, she is okay. Did anything happen? DJ tells her that he will go back tomorrow (he uses Seolmal). He smiles and tells her not to endure things by herslef anymore. Just for now, whenever something happens, tell him, okay? She happily says of course, you know umma, you also should not endure things. You can do that much later, at the end. See you tomorrow.

the patron was reading HJ’s book. He closes it and then goes to pay her with a smile. OH thanks him but is suspicious of this patrons shoes becasue they are the same shoes that Hm wore. She sits and thinks about this.
Meanwhile, Hm eats at another cafe and watches a happy family eating. It looks like it affects him greatly, so he walks off. He carelessly walks up the street bumping into people.

Hm – Father, how was your day? I used to see you every day, but now I don’t see you anymore so I kind of miss that time. You told me I am the only one that can break my own shell. I won’t forget it. Tell me anything if you have any trouble. I will see you father.

HJ is in jail reading the letter. he looks up menacingly.

HM walks to OH’s place and sees her sitting with the polcie man. the polcie man tells her that she does not look that good.

HJ – Appa told you, no one in the world will understand our family.

HM sees a person walking in the rain to his car or perhaps his house and just starts attacking him with kicks.

HJ – So, we just prove ourselves with our own way to the world.

HM snatches this mans keys and drives off.

JY sits comfortable at home and looks at her tree growing in the center of her house. SK calls her. She is looking for where she lives but it is raining and all the streets look the same. It is hard for her to drive there without her manager.

JY walks outside to try and flag her down. She has her umbrealla with her. But as she walks to the street, she sees DJ waiting and looking up at her building.

She thinks abck to telling NM that seh liked him under the cherry blossoms. DJ might also be thinking this as well as he looks up at the rain. the flashback looks like it is shared between them. But DJ does not know that JY is looking at him.

He looks down and turns, now he sees her standing there under the umbrella. She is smiling and starts to walk to him. She puts the umbrella over the both of them.

JY – What are you doing here without an umbrella? it is raining. You came to see me right?
DJ – Well….

JY – You should at least stand in front of my house. You just can just show that you are worried.
DJ – Just in case, if I stand there alone, you might be a little nervous.
JY – When are you going to leave?

He softly takes the umbrella

DJ – Soon

Jy – You look tired.

He shakes his head

Dj – Not at all.

they continue lookinga t each other and smiling in the rain. But then her friend shows up and breaks the moment. She drives up in her car and asks who this guy is. She thinks he is a model hubae and tells him to greet her as his sunbae. But JY tells her that he is a detective, not a model. Sk is all like, his height and face….~.

But then she takes off her glasses and remembers that he is that guy from the police academy.
She is a bit stunned about it and asks him why he is there. Jy says he is working. SK is all like, yeah right, this late? Let’s go up together. DJ is all like, I am really working though. She tells him that he came there to protect her so he should do it inside the house, not outside.

Cut to Dj inside the house walking around. Her dog runs up to him, his name is Bom (Spring). She says he reminded her of lucky so she adopted him from the shelter. She gives him a towel and goes to her friend. Dj kneels andpets the dog.

In the kitchen, SK thinks it is good that someone else worried about her and visits her. She asks him if that is that guy? JY smilesa nd says yes. SK tells her that seh wanted to be happy that is why seh became an actress right? So you shuld be continuously happy. then she calls to the detective and tells him to walks her to the car otherwise JY will try to walk her there.

DJ walks her out, it is still raining outside.

SK hops in her car but rolls down the window and asks him if he ever tried to date anyone besides Nak-won, Jae-yi? have you ever held any woman’s hand? there are no relationships where you dont’ get hurt, you know that right?

He nods

She tells him that they are all hurt, all of them. then she puts on her shades and drives off.

He goes back inside but he accidentally kicks a wrench. He quickly ducks as his hyung swings the hammer at his head and breaks the wall. He attacks Dj again, but DJ is able to hold him off easily. (I don’t know if this is Nakwon’s place or Dj’s place)

HM tells him to call Nakwon, I told you that I will destroy everyone around you, you will be the last.

Cut to HJ in the prison cell

HJ – When people don’t have arms and legs (no support) then they have no other ways. But we are different, we have ways.

He looks out the window at the rain and smiles.

HJ – Animals like us…if our hands and legs are all tied up then we can still use our teeth and bite.

Fade Out

There are rumors on DC Inside that this show will also only air on Thursday of next week again.


HM – Can’t I just kill Namu?
Appa – Do you really want to get my recognition that much?
DJ – Why are you doing this?
HM – This F’ing world, I just want to destroy all of it like our father.
DJ – People died because of our father.
Appa – Hyung-moo, you won’t win over your brother.
HM – You should be shredded like me.
JY – He is stabbed! He is bleeding so much!
Umma – I will make him pay for it.
Appa – Twelve years, I endured this for 12 years.
DJ – Why is a monster like you my father! Why!

All scene translations and some descriptions are by Stroppyse on Soompie.

Scene 1: JY wakes up to see DJ having fallen asleep near her. DJ wakes up to JY’s unexpected touch, and then they talk.

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompie!

DJ: Sorry.
JY: Na Moo, you are still feeling sorry towards me, aren’t you? Even though I say that it’s not your fault, you’re always going to be that way. Aren’t you? The promise you made me. Is that why you protected me?
DJ: (shakes his head) Because, Nak Won, you told me to protect you.
JY: Then why? Then why didn’t you come to find me? Why didn’t you keep your promise?
(flashback to DJ sitting by a poster of JY at a bus stop)
DJ: Because I was sorry. I was so sorry. I couldn’t do that to you as well. So, Nak Won, whenever, however, if you need me, then please use me. If after using me, you come to dislike me, you can just throw me away. Whoever I am, whoever’s son I am, even if you’re just a little bit okay…

Scene 2: JY’s interruption of DJ’s words in the prior scene

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompie!

JY: Saying something like this… (me: this is from just before the clip starts)
JY: Even though if others heard they would say I was crazy, but today’s incident…even if it really was your older brother who did it…even then, Na Moo…that I met you again, I… I like it.

(NM leaves and look at pictures in the living room, remembers JY’s mother.)
DJ: Ma’am.
JY Mother: Did you hurt your hand because of Lucky? Drink this, so that your body will warm up.
JY Mother: Wear this. It’s cold out. If you get chilled, you’ll catch a cold.
JY Mother: In the future, come over to play often, Na Moo. And, be close to my Nak Won as well. Because she’s always reckless and jokes around without thought for consequences, so she’s a little dangerous. She’s a like a time bomb. Na Moo should stay by her and protect her. You’ll do that, right?
(end flashbacks)
DJ: I’m sorry.

Scene 3: NW thinks she is dreaming but she wants it to hold on a little bit longer

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompie!

JY: However, Na Moo. Right now, you’re… a dream, aren’t you? Right?
JY: Then, just for today, I’ll act out. When I wake up, I’ll be resilient and endure it alone again. So, just for now, just for right now, please hold me, Na Moo. Hm?
(NM nods, so JY lies in his arms.)
JY: At least, even seeing you like this is nice. Even if it’s for a moment, if I could just touch you like this, then really, it would be really nice.

(scene transitions to show that DJ is actually holding JY)
DJ: Nak Won.

Scene 4: The Umbrella scene outside and to the back of Nakwon’s house

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompie!

(DJ’s flashbacks)
NW: Are you okay? I forgot while we were running. It hurts a lot, doesn’t it?
NW: I’m not going to forget. Because I like you.

(DJ turns to see JY in front of him.)
JY: What are you doing here? It’s raining, but without an umbrella even?
JY: Did you come to my house? Is that right?
DJ: Uh… that is…
JY: Why didn’t you at least come to the front of the house? You should have just shown that you were worried.
DJ: If you saw a strange car there, you might have felt worried.
JY: Then when were you going to leave?
DJ: A little later.
JY: Even now, you look very tired.
DJ: (shakes his head) Not even a bit.

Image from MBC

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