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Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 11 and 12

Episode 11 and 12 recap for the Kdrama Come and Hug Me starring Jang Ki-yong and Jin Ki-joo

We are really back to the present now! I thought everything might play out in their early twenties for a while, but I have to say that I love the timing of this latest time jump; we have seen all the heartbreak, now it is time to see how they are living. From the character description I knew that JY’s character was a famous actress, not a struggling one, so I am happy that we are there now. DJ also looks amazingly bad-A as a police officer. I guess confronting a lowly thug is nothing when you’ve stared a serial killer in the eyes and told them to try their hardest.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

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A woman runs up some steps. It looks like JY. She runs up the steps and stops to talk to a boy. This is a shot from a movie. DJ is watching the movie by himself in the theater. But it is hard for him to watch it.

JY’s character is deaf so he is talking in sign language. “Just listen to my sotry, my heart is bursting, just a little more…” she smiles warmly.

JY looks at her from the movie theater, he is transfixed.

Cut to JY getting ready for an interview with one of the most popular entertainment interviewers in Korea. JY is Korea’s First Love. She gets asked if she had the experience of falling in love before. She playfully says she just had as middle school degree. The interviewer asks her ideal type. She says, someone that makes me tear up when I see that person.

PT watches her as if he knows who she is talking about. He looks concerned. Afterward, they drive off. Their van is upgraded to a much larger one and it looks like they have another assistant. The car drives by a police station which makes JY look out the window at an officer in anticipation. But it is not JY.

There is another case of serial violence in the city (another serial killer?). HY is reproting on it and sayign that police aren’t doing enough to make the city safe. One of the police men gets upset at this news but JH just tells him that this reporter is always like that.

They all start to drink JH’s cabbage milk drink and the conversation turns to where DJ is. Cut to DJ taking a nap in the hallway. YJ goes to find him, he grabs her arm in his sleep, but then wakes up and apologizes for it because the grabs was pretty strong as if he was defending himself.

DJ is sitting in front of JY’s cuttout which JH makes fun of when he comes out. He tells JY that she makes him so happy and purifies him after seeing so many bad things in teh world. Then he gives her a hug. DJ hits him on the back which makes JH ask him if he is jealous of him and his JY cuttout? they all go off together.

The police all go to a meeting. They look at the serial killer violence cases that are prevalent in the city right now. They are all by one person who hits people with a hammer and picks the same type of person. DJ has a flashback to his father about to hit NW with the hammer. he looks at the image of the criminal on the CCTV.

Cut to SJ looking around at a building. Then seh goes inside. Inside the building, JY is being doted on my the hairdressers. SK is there are well so the hairdressers tell her that she is pretty as well, right everyone? SK asks her why she goes to her hair salon? JY says it is becasue she likes to stick to her.

The hairdressers leave. SK tells JY not to expect to win the young actress award. JY smiles and makes a joke about expecting to win. It looks like they might have a good relationship?

Elsewhere, SJ is interviewed for a job at the salon. She tries to do a Seoul accent but she is not that good at it. She is trying hard though. She tells the owner that she is confident, if she picks her then she will work hard! JY walks out at that moment so everyone stands to seld her off. SJ stands and smiles as well but then she says, that’s eunnie? The owner asks her what that is but SJ just says, that is JY right?

Across town, OH is at her new restaurant. Someone is bothering her again. She gets a letter saying that the oldest son is released from jail. She knows because her letter was sent back un delivered.
The brother is at a cafe right now and is his usual grumpy self. He intimidates the owners ont he sly and tells them to work harder, getting older does not mean that you an live whatever way you want. He leaves the cafe which is right across from OH’s cafe, he sees her sitting there but he does not talk to her, he just walks away.

That night, DJ and his partner sit in their car as if on a sting. They see a suspicious person walking the street which makes them both sit up.

Tonight is the red carpet event. This looks like the award ceremony at the end of the last episode. JY’s car pulls up and the young guy in the car asks her if she is okay, you won’t get the award anyway. He says that with a kind heart, but PT yells at him and tells him to be the one person that tells her that she will get it!

JY gets out of the car and walks to the photo taking area. She has a lot of fans who all cheer for her and tells her that she is super pretty. She walks up the steps, but accidentally falls on the steps. However she just smiles it off and keeps walking up the steps as if nothing is amiss at all. This actually increases her search online so it is a good thing.

On the street, the man from earlier is following a woman. He is limping though which is different the men on the CCTV. The man goes away down another street and talks to someone on the phone.

At the same time, a drunk man falls in front of the undercover police car. The partner gets out to see if he is okay. But this man is the criminal and stabs the aprtner! he tells him that he thought he only used hammers right! he is about to stab the aprtner again, but DJ runs up and kicks him off.

DJ walks this criminal down like the terminator as the man swings the knife at him and says he is even crazier than he heard.

At the award show, JY won the Young Actress award. She tells everyone that she dreamed about it for a long time and thanks all the people that helped her get there. The last people she tahnks are her Umma, Appa, and brother.

On the street, the woman thanks DJ for saving her. She gives him a little hankerchief. He tells her to get treatment in the future if something is wrong. The girl walks off with the duty police. One of the other duty police ask him if he is okay? There is no ambulance because there was a fire and the other policeman is in the hospital right now. DJ tells him he is okay and can walk home.

But as DJ walks home, we see that his injury is a lot worse than it looks. He holds his stomach in stoic pain and gets in a taxi. he looks like deaths door is coming, but then he sees JY’s interview on the big screen. She says she became an actress because she wanted to be happy, she wanted to be famous, and she wanted to be on TV. He gets life from the interview as he watches it.
HJ looks through old photos and letters that a lot of women have sent him.

Backstage at the event, SK goes up to JY and tells her that she did a good job as she softly touches her cheek. She tells her that Hae-won sunbae would like it a lot. Then she smiles and walks off. JY also gets a call from her brother who tells her good job and to get home safe.

The brother hangs up then looks at the release notice for MW from prison.

DJ arrives at the hospital and walks in looking for his partner. The nurse tells him that his partner is in surgery. He tells her that he has another patient, Chae Do-jin (himself). But he wants her to take care of emergency people first and he will wait over there. But if I don’t hear the call then please wake me up. The nurse is alarmed.

He goes to the side and falls asleep right away (passes out).

NW and NM walk in a sunny field as children. they smile at each other as NW walks a little bit in front of NM and turns to look at him then turns back to walk ahead.

Back to the present, DJ lays in the hospital bed, he wakes up and tries to stand up, but he can’t and falls to the bed again as he grips the curtain. This causes him to pull the curtain open where he sees JY sleeping in teh bed next to him. She is still wearing her dress from the event. DJ lays back down and looks at her as she sleeps then he falls asleep as well.

he wakes up again to the sound of the nurse. She asks him if he was really tired, you didnt’ wake up for a long time. Your wound is fixed, the doctor will explain it to you. (Hmm, perhaps it was all a dream because the atmosphere turned blue). DJ sits up in the bed and slowly raises his hand to grab the curtain. He moves it away to see no one int he bed next to his. he drops his head, but then shakes himself out of it and checks his phone for missed calls. he calls his sunbae, but the phone is off.

then he walks around the hospital. The news says that JY passed out and went to the emergency room. His eyes grow big as he look at this news.

HY is at the news team and yells at an underling to get the story, if he can’t get the story then make up the story! She changes her shoes to sneakers and runs out.

Back at the hospital, the news says that JY is okay, but she is still in the emergency room recieving treatments

NW – Hey, NM, we have a way to never get seperated. If I get famous and am on TV then you can find me right?
NM – That’s true.
NW – So, let’s prmise in advance. If we seperate then you should find me first, okay?

She walks away again in teh field and turns around and smiles at him as she walks backward.

NM – Okay, I will find you, definitely.
NW – So, we can seperate a little bit, but we will never be seperate forver.

DJ snaps out of his flahback and wuickly walks to the triage area with all the patients. He opens allt he curtains as he looks for JY. But she isn’t there. He sees someone and tries to follow them, but he gets accidentally hit by a bed and falls. He apologizes to them profusely and keeps searching.
In the garage. HY gets to the hospital just as MW gets there. She smiles smugly and runs up to him. She tells him that she heard he is a super great prosecutor, his parents should be happy with them. One is a prosecutor and the other is a famous actress. She passed out today, is it PTSD? Is that why she never does horror movies? I will write a column about PTSD soon. He tells her to write what she wants, but he will shut down her program.

Th epolcie show up jsut at that time.

Back in the hospital, DJ starts breathing heavily as he holds his side. He is bleeding more. the hospital is empty but then two women say they think they see JY. JY is outside getting interviewed by a lot of people, they ask her if she is okay. She doesn’t look okay, but she tries to say that she is fine. DJ goes in front of all the camera’s and asks her if she is okay. They all stare at her as he asks her if she is okay.

She starts to tear up at the sight of him.

HY gets to the large crowd and pushes all the other reporters out of the way. Then seh sees the two of them together. She asks him they know each other. She isn’t able to talks at first, but she says that he is her fan. He says that he is her fan as well and apologizes. the manager shows up at that moment and pulls PT away after saying that they will have a press conference about it int he morning.

All the reporters leave. HY gives DJ a wink before walking away. he is left alone holding his waist.

Later on, DJ rides off with his police team. DJ tells him that this guy is not the real guy, he thinks it is a different guy. The other two also suspec that he is not that person.. The height is different as well. DJ goes to his mothers restaurant, he says he just tripped to explain away his ijury. Umma is all like, you are definitely lying about that.

DJ just asks her if she can hug him for a moment. She looks at him and then puts out her hands and tells him, “Come here.” He falls into her arms.

OH – Namu ya….
DJ – yes…
OH – What happened?

DJ has a mini flashback to seeing JY.

DJ – I met someone I shouldn’t have met.

He keeps hugging his mother.

DJ – Met…

He can’t finish his sentence and just hugs his mother even tighter. Sh rubs his back as they stand outside her shop.

JY gets home and greets her dog. She tells him that she came home and gives him a big hug. her brother comes in with grocery bags and says he will make her dinner. JY extends her arms and tells him to hug her first. He puts down his bags and gives hr a hug.

While hugging him, she has a mini flashback to DJ from today and also a few years ago in college.

Later, they sit to eat teh food MW made for her. She says whatever he makes tastes good. He apologizes for not coming home too often but she just tells him that it is okay to see each other when they can see each other, she isn’t 16 anymore. She can take care of herself. then she apologizes (for making him worry?). He smiles and tells her not to say those thigns.

MW goes to the bookshelf and sees JY’s award next to her mothers same award. Upstairs, JY looks at a letter addressed to her. Flashback to earlier that night. She went backstage after the event and saw a basket of flowers addressed to Nakwon. She opens the present next to it and sees a blood hammer. She is immediately overcome with fear and passes out just as her manager and assistant come in cheering for her.

DJ goes to the theater and watches JY’s movie. She signs to the boy. “Can you come a little closer to me?” DJ thinks back to seeing her. JY also thinks back to seeing him as seh stands otuside. She calls him a liar becasue he is enduring all his pain without her and she told him not to. But then we see the brother, MW looking at her menacingly. He smiles.
HJ meets with a nun and talks about how he has changed a lot. HJ smiles and says he regrets that he is only realizing his crime late. She talks kindness to him about regret. he asks her what she thinks about him. She says she only sees people in front of her as is. HJ leans in.

HJ – Is that right, nun, the rescue (by God) is it that easy? (is salvation that easy)

Elsewhere, MJ is at home looking at pictures of JY. he has the hammer. He was also at that scene when DJ got stabbed and smiled. he picks up the hammer and hits it on a picture of JY. On the news, HY talks about JY passing out and endless pain of victims and blah blah.

Prison. HJ sees the news that talks about the man that JY saw at the hospital. He looks like his rage is waking up.

A famous person is there at the police station. They ask DJ if he is that person in the photo. Dj tells them that he was lucky to be stabbed that day. then he walks in and walks to the woman sitting at the table. It is JY. He tells her that he is detective Chae Do-jin, he is the detective on her case. She removes her glasses and says that she knows who he is, she an read Korean.

DJ opens the box and sees the bloody hammer. All his officers look at him as he meets with her. He closes the box and they have a moment.

NW – We can separate for a moment, but we will never separate forever.

They stay in their moment.

Fade Out

I got butterflies at the end y’all. I love this show.

No Preview
If you see the preview this week, then give us the link and we will translate it.


JY – I want to know who sent it and why they sent it to me.
DJ – Will you be okay if I take this case?
DJ – The bloody hammer and the letter to Han JY’s real name is targeting the case from 12 years ago.
Reporter – Your autobiography that we made, chapter 12, that night…
JY – I am here, I’m inside!
VO – Jae-yi, Jae-yi, Han Jae-yi!
Reporter – The craziness, even if you press it down, it won’t go away.
DJ – It was the first time in my life that I decided to be strong.
Dad – Are you strong enough to protect all the things that make you weak and pitiful?

Image by MBC

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    I just love the way you write the recap..

    • V
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    This show keeps getting better.

  3. Kay
    June 2, 2018 / 1:24 pm

    I find the story so far quite compelling but I wish the female lead”s features are more compelling. I don’t see her as ugly but so far the way she emotes leave a lot to be desired. Her character went through a terrible tragedy but the actress just comes across as rather one-dimensional. She has no problem emoting happiness but it is when she has to emote deep emotional scars and hurts, her features do not convey as much they should. I’m not sure if it just because of a lack of experience but I just feel that some actors are just not capable of emoting as well as others.

    Contrast that with the male lead. He is able to emote more nuancedly though probably because of a lack of experience he needs more time to fine-tune it. He seems to have the potential in my humble opinion.

    • V
      June 2, 2018 / 11:16 pm

      Jang Ki-yong is really knocking it out of the park with his feels.

      • Kay
        June 3, 2018 / 2:29 pm

        You’re spot-on @V! He really is knocking it out of the park with his emoting! So good!

        • Anonymous
          June 3, 2018 / 4:58 pm

          He is great!

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    Thank you @V for this recap. 🙂

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