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Come and Hug Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 29 and 30

Y’all, I’m scared for everyone in this drama right now. Though I feel like DJ just leveled up in the last episode to serial killer mode so no one needs to worry about him (you know, besides his mental health). He has made it clear that he will do anything for his Nakwon so hopefully he is not lost forever. Right now I am definitely leaning toward a sad ending and will be very surprised (though happy!) if it is a happy ending. Hopefully it is a happy ending though.

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Shorthand Character Chart
Chae Do-jin/Yoon Na-mu – DJ/NM | Han Jae-yi/Gil Nak-won – JY/NW | Yoon Hee-jae – HJ | Chae Ok-hee – OH | Chae So-jin – SJ | Yoon Hyun-moo – HM | Gil Sung-sik – SS | Ji Hae-won – HW | Gil Mu-won – MW |

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We open with a little news review of what happened in the entire season. The serial killer was captured after killing a woman and a couple in the Jung-gi area. His last victim was Ji Hae-won, the famous actress, so it was very shocking. He took care of the remainder of the victims while at his dog farm. He is a steriotypical psychopath.

VO – For 12 years, when I look in the mirror I am reminded that I am the son of a murderer. I could not smile at myself int he mirror because next to me, I always saw him in the mirror.

DJ punches the mirror when he was in school and yells STOP!

People avoided him at school and he had eggs thrown at him during graduation. Afterwards, he sat at a bus stop by himself.

he told one of the reporters, if he killed them both, would he be the subject of pity? When you become the victim, do you change your mind? Don’t expect anything from the accuser.

VO – I could not live without denying my father.

He sees an image of JY on TV.

VO – Even someone like me had oily heaven (Nakwon).

NW – I like you Namu, because you are just like this tree…..stay alive, whatever happens, you shuld stay alive. It is not your fault.

VO – 12 years ago, I survived that hell as the daughter of a victim. And all the times after that, I suffered because of the memory of that night.

JY flashback of her life after that night. We are taken through her life all the way up to cuddling with DJ.

VO – Even someone like me had a big tree next to me (Namu).

HJ hits Namu very hard with the hammer or his fist. He starts to drag Nakwon away. Namu asks why he has a monster like this as his father.

HJ – I told you, I will destroy everything that makes my son weak and pitiful.

Namu runs up and pushes His father. He yells at Nakwon to stand up and run away. His father grabs him byt the neck and raises his hammer to him. Nakwon tries to get up and sees her mothers legs in teh kitchen.

Namu gets thrown to teh ground by his father. He crawls over to Nakwon and protectively holds her from his father. HJ kneels and tells him to give her to him and go home. Namu says that ten minutes has past. They hear the siren. HJ turns his head to look at it.

Namu stands and pulls out his own hammer and hits his appa hard with it. Blood splatters on Nakwon. Appa falls for a moment but then he gets up and smacks NM with his other hand. Namu falls.

HJ – YOu shuold have done this already, that is my boy.

he kneels to talk to him.

HJ – Hey Namu, you are the one that is the most like me, more than your brother.

He smiles at his son. But then Nakwon crawls over to him and pulls him up. They embrace on the floor. HJ looks at this with a fallen face. he picks up Namu’s hammer and tells him that this is the hammer that he gave him. DOn’t foget today, no, you won’t be able to forget.

HJ – Hey pretty friend….see you later.

he smiles at Nakwon and then leaves. Namu and Nakwon are left on the floor. She looks at Namu with blood all over her. He touches her face so she grabs his hands and starts sobbing. he does the same.

VO – He is the son of the monster that destroyed my world. And my only savior.
Cut to Nakwon in the dog farm. She is tied up.

Vo – Out long nightmare, when will it really end?

DJ drives up to the old dog farm, he was following the crazy woman. They make eye contact. DJ looks to his right and picks up his hammer that his father gave him. he gets out of the car. He follows the woman inside.

VO – Now, our long nightmare will end.

JY looks at the news that says that HJ got out of jail and the police do not know where he is. The polcie are busy searching for him, but he and the womans car was foud in the lake. So maybe they commited suicide.

JH and YJ go to an apartment and asks the owner if they know these people.

MW also asks the copycat’s father about their vacation homes. He gives him the picture.

JY – the regular days that we accumulated slowly where broken as soon as HJ got out of jail.

Flashback to DJ about to stab the copycat with the knife. He only stopped because JY yelled his name.

Dj calls JY just to check on each other. They hang up and HJ tells him that he is super happy dating her. DJ tells him that it wasn’t him. He goes out of the room and sees the reporter. HJH tells him that she has a question as a regular person. Are you dating JY? I saw her at the funeral with your mother. Even though HJ got out of jail. It seems like you two are okay? Maybe not?

DJ just keeps walking. The bad cop comes out soon after and talks to HJH about who will cure the pain of the victims. Do you want to be a real journalist after winning popularity?

She tells him that she wants to write it properly. He thinks reporters should not make articles with personal interests. But HJH says she really wants him to be caught. She interviewed DJ once and it made her mad because he tried to teach her something.

Cut to DJ sitting at his desk. H elooks over at where his team leader used to sit.

VO – Maybe I was mad because I was getting a lecture by a psychopaths son.

DJ tries to get back to work.

HJH – I talked about the right of the criminal, but I was just saying things because I was angry being lectured by a murderers son. I am just a normal person, not the daughter of a murderer, so I already put myself higher than him. You, detective, are similar to me. Is it not?

He smirks and walks away.
MW meets with HM in jail and tells him that he committed 4 crimes after getting out of jail and while on probation. You attempted murder and stabbed and broke into houses. You will have a high sentence. I heard that you tried to save your mother and sister, that is not like you.

As your mother and sister will have wounds by that copy cat guy forever (trauma), your victims will also have trauma. You are the same as your father to someone. After you get out of the hospital, you will be prosecuted, I hope you pay for your crimes.

MW gets up to leave. But HM just mentions that the prosecutor came all the way there to tell him that? Who are you jashik? Did you pay for your sins? Well there is no need to talk, who will believe me.

MW – I killed a murderer when I was 12, he killed my parents. Later on, I figured out that that was murder. I was in the hospital bcause I was too young and could not handle it. It was self defense in the court. My adoptive parents told me that they are taking me, because they were my parents friends. they did not tell me what I shuold do, they just waited for me without telling me anything.

Flashback to them hanging their family portrait.

MW – Nakwon was 10, she was the first person to hold me hand, a murderers hand. So to repay what they gave to me, all of my life is not enough. So dont’ touch mysister anymore.

He turns to walk out.

HM – My brother Yoon Namu is the same. He protects….to protect your sister, he should have done it that night. So dont look at my brother as a monster. And tell you sister I am sorry.

MW and HM look at each other for a moment, then MW leaves.

He runs right into DJ in the hallway. DJ immediately lowers his eyes. MW walks to him and tells him that they are searching for the nurse, but they an’t find anything.

DJ tells him that he is also looking around in all the places related to past crimes. MW wants to know about the copycat, is he saying anything? DJ says he is shocked because he was lied to by HJ, so he is not talking.

MW tells him that Nakwon does not tell him her hardships because she knows what he suffered, she is not good talking about those things. It should be the same for you as well. So….are you okay? Aren’t you afraid to fight against your father again?
DJ goes into his brothers hospital room to see how he is doing. Dj still loves him as always and his brother still pretends to be strong as always. DJ tells him that it is good, he looks like he is okay. HM asks if he is okay as well?

DJ tells him that he is thankful that he rescued Umma and SJ. He will forget everything else. But he shuold apologize to Nakwon himself. I will visit you in hail often, even if you hate me. So accept my visits and Sj and Umma’s visits. Dont’ live quietly like before when you come out. Okay?

He gets up to leave.

HM – You….that night….did you really try to kill abogi?

DJ turns around.

HM – Does that hurt you…..

DJ – Hyung, why did you throw away my hammer?

HM – Of course, I threw it away because it does not fit you. As you know, I did not want to accept that abogi is a monster. I was also bad, but you are a human. Even though you go crazy and do everything, you maintain the line.

HM has a flashback, HJ told him if he (and Umma) dies then Namu will break more.

HM – I am nothing to abogi, but you are like his other self, so don’t get hurt.

DJ goes to meet JY at home, she is cooking and smiling. She lets him know that she is a good cook, so dont worry. He helps here get the dishes from a top shelf. She tells him to wash his hands.

They sit and eat happily. She asks him if it is too salty. He lets her know that it is really good. She tells him that she was at the shoot until it was late. SK eunnie yelle at the actor guy because he was flirting with other staff members and not working. Everyone was looking at her.

DJ says that he is still bad. She says, you still don’t like him? Dj nods. JY tells him that SK eunnie said she will come by to see the super model…..actually, my boyfriend is handsome. Handsome eyes and a nice mouth. And your hand that helps people is so pretty.

They keep smiling at each other but then dig in to eat.

Later, DJ washes up the dishes and then walks to one of JY’s room. He sees her sitting and packing up something small. Or unpacking something? She has a small box that has pictures in it. DH tells her that this is his first time in this room.

DJ tells her that it is her mothers birthday tomorrow. JY mentions that she will go there to see them. She will have guards, so don’t worry. DJ tells her that he wants to go as well if it is okay with her.

That night, JY tries to sleep but has a nightmare. She hops up in bed. Outside, DJ is still awake working on maps and locations. JY leaves her room so he stands and asks her what is wrong. She says nothing. But he walks to her and asks her if she can’t sleep? Do you want me to put you to sleep?

She says she just wants to be next to him. After that day, they tried to be a regular couple and try their best to hug each other. Later on, JY is asleep on the couch beside DJ. He is still working.

he turns around and sees her sleeping, he spends a moment to just look at her and fix her bangs. She moves a little bit so he stops and gets up to cover her with a blanket.

A little bit later, she wakes up and sees him sleeping on the desk. She sits up and covers him with the blanket he covered her with.

VO – Time stopped after 16. After 12 years, time has started to run again in the current time. We finally survived and tried to be happy in our own way.

She rests her head on his shoulder as he sleeps.

Umma is spending her time cooking. Sj dos not want her to cook, but OH says she is fine, she can do this. She wants to feed him before he goes to jail again.

SJ comments that this place is great that the police got for them. The doorbell rings, it is MW. He sits with them at the table and tells them to stay there until they catch Yoon Hee-jae. Also, keep your smart watch on all the time. Sorry that we prepared it too late for you.

Umma says it is okay. I heard that you requested this place because DJ asked you. Thank you for this good place. Thank you so much.

News: HJ ran away 10 days ago. The polcie are searching for him and the nurse. The problem is that he is commiting further crimes after getting out of jail….

JY looks at the news, then the camera cuts to DJ getting ready. He puts on a black suit to see JY’s parents. But he gets a call from the nurse, she is calling to turn herself in.

DJ drives off and tells JH on the phone that this nurse is saying that she will turn herself in. But it is a trap. JH understands.

JY is in the car with PT. They talk about how her umma and appa will enjoy that JY and DJ ware going to see them together. They want you two to be happy, that is what they will want the most.

MW also goes to see his boiological parents. He tells them that he will visit them more often from now on. he touches the tree where his parents rest.

Meanwhile, PT stops the car because there is a car that is broken in front f them. A police team is driving behind them, so they go see what is happening. The woman in teh car is the nurse, she shoots the police man with a syringe filled with something! he falls.

The other policemans neck is broken but HJ. HJ then breaks into PT’s car and pulls PT out!

DJ drives unaware, but he gets a call from HJ. HJ tells him that Nakwon grew up pretty. DJ does not know what to do, he says that he will kill him if he touches her. But HJ just smiles and tells him to come quickly.

DJ is so destroyed, all he can do is scream into the wheel. He thinks back to telling JY that he will protect her and her telling him that she is okay. Tears fall from his face as he tries to compose himself. But, he takes a few breaths and is quickly able to turn on his emotionless state.

He calls MW and tells him that he will make sure that nothing happens to Nakwon, if you can’t contact me, then please find Nakwon. MW understands immediately. He tells him that he won’t be late this time. Just survive this time. Yoon Namu, you also survive.

DJ revs the engine and drives off.

He meets the nurse. She tells him to give her his cell phone. Then she says that Hee-jae left a present in the cemetary. She throws the cell phone away.

DJ goes to the cemetary memorial and sees a hammer resting on flowers right under JY’s parents space. He kneels and slowly picks up the hammer to look at it. he stares at it as he gets to his feet then he stares at Jy’s picture in the memorieal space.

His grip tightens on the hammer.

Nurse – If you do something strange, you wont’ be able to see her forever.
JY wakes up at the dog farm. She sees HJ standing in front of her and wrapping another hammer. When she is fully awake, he tells her that he told her he would see her again.

JY asks what happened to PT. What did you do!

HY just says, well….maybe he is dead? he kneels in front of her and tells her that he told her not to cry. Cry somewhere else.

JY slaps him. HJ’s head turns with it.

JY – when I see you, I wanted to slap your face because law and forgiveness is all Bull-S. Apologize to me. Apologize! Because of that crazy thing you did, I had to abandon my name. I could not go to high school or college, I could not have any friends. New Years, New Moon day, I we would go to my mothers cemetary. I would cry and get tired of crying. I never smiled because of you. I never told anyone that I had pain. I never met loved ones. I lost too much time due to you. So apologize to me….to my parents….to the people whome you took everything from.

Flashback to all the people HJ destroyed.

JY – To my brother and to me. Apologize.

HJ – If I apologize, what has changed? Whatever you do, people will die. Life has no reason. Death is the same. So there is murder with no reason.

JY – For you, yes. You have nothing and are just empty. I lived 12 yeras as a victims daughter. I tried my best to be happy. But you have no one next to you. Your life is empty. Big evil? F-you. You are just a murderer who kills weaker people than you.

HJ – Because the weak die. that is the law of the world. When you are dead, then Namu will realize his real self. He is coming here.

JY – If you kill me, Namu won’t be like you.

DJ is driving fast, but controlled along the highway. He thinks about HJ telling him that he is his boy. He hugs him and tells him that he is his own blood.

JY – Namu is different from you. I never thought he was like you at any moment. But now I realize it more surely. he is very different from you.

HJ – Did you forget that night? He proved that he is just like me. I can correct twisted things. He will be strogner with his hate. He will realize that waht he wants to protect is so weak.

JY – i don’t know what you saw that night, but that night, Namu was very diferent from you. Whatever he did was all for me. Namu is not you. You talked about all the BS for 16 years, and Namu did not become like that.

HJ is upset and raises his hammer to his JY.
MW is at a meeting and is looking at the crime scene from CCTV. He tells the polcie to please search the car and thoroughly see if they might change the car. The bad cop says that they will do that. YJ tells him that she will search his old home. MW agrees, they should search everywhere, the copy cat and nurse’s summer homes as well.

The meeting ends. YJ and JH walks out. She asks him if DJ will be okay. JH says he will, you know him, he is super strong and smart. YJ says that is true, but he was always a victim at school because of his father. Flashabck of DJ having a hard time at school.

The bad cop is with them as well. he thinks about this.

YJ – When his fathers autobiography was published, someone put it in front of his room. But he never got angry at anyone, he just endure it all himself.

Another flashback of DJ’s hard school life.

YJ – But this went too far. HJ killed his team leader who was like a father to him. And tried to kill his mother and his brother and now JY? What does he want? Why is he doing this to his own son.

JH – Well, just because someone looks like a human does not mean they are a human.

The bad cop reflects on this.

Later on, the reporter wants to talk to the bad cop. He goes to the stairwell to talk to her. He wants to know if she really wants to spread that rumor. She asks if it is true that JY was kidnapped? I heard PT was found next to the cemetary. The cop says they will find out what happened when he wakes up.

HJH thinks back to JY telling her that she might get hurt, HJ is a lot more dangerous than she thinks. HJH asks what about DJ? The bad cop says that they can’t contact him anymore…that father guy….he should just be crazy but he went too far. He walks off and is intervewed by a lot of reporters. He walks past them.

The reporters wonder if they should write that JY is already dead. HJH tells him that he needs to tell the truth, did he become a reporter to kill people with his finger? She rolls her eyes at him.

Outside, YJ asks YS if he is going to go to HM’s hospital room? You are having a hard time right now driving (his hand is shaking). We can find them as quickly as possible. She tells him to get inside, she can drive. (It looks like MW is super angry and nervous, but it does not show in his face, only his hands. YJ noticed this).

MW tells HM that he will go to his old house just in case. MW says that their old house had a deep basement in the back, abogi did not let us go inside. There is also the dog farm. Abogi had a dog farm and would go there. He would take Namu there often.

MW says he knows where it is, he will search it.

Hm – Hey, Gil Mu-won, please bring your sister and my brother back.

MW nods at him. HM tries to follow him outside, but he is too weak and the police tell him to go back inside. HM sits at his bed and thinks about the last thing DJ told him about finding them when he gets out of jail. DOnt’ hide anymore.

Sj comes in happily at that moment, but she sees how sad and worried HM looks. She asks if he is okay. Umma is there as well and is also concerned. HM tries to tell her but he is only able to say, Umma…..Abogi….
Dj gets to the dog farm. he is standing outside. He goes inside and walks through all the kennels to the back where HJ is standing. they both have their hammers.

HJ – You came….Namu.

DJ – Where is Nakwon.

HJ – It has been 12 years.

DJ – Where is Nakwon.

HJ – Abogi told you, I will remove all the things that make you useless and pitiful, by myself.

Elsewhere, YJ tells MW that the owner of the dog farm is the mother of the copycat. they could not check before because they were divorced. So now they know that the dog farm is the place.

HJ – This cage called this world, only the strong and hard survive. Pitiness and love is useless.

DJ – Yoon Hee-jae…

DJ walks up to his father and grips him by his collar.

HJ – My Namu does not disappoint Abogi.

DJ – Tell me where Nakwon is.

HJ – I killed her. 12 years ago that night, I finished the thing that I could not finish

DJ- What..

HJ – You are my son. Abogi will make you strong again.

HJ pushes DJ agains one of the cages.

They both glare at each other.

Fade Out

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