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Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 9 Live Recap (also ep. 7&8 mini catchup)

Clean With Passion for Now Recap

We are back! We missed the last two episodes due to real world busyness but we actually didn’t miss much. The big things that happened were:

  1. Osol’s father found out she is working at a cleaning company and does not like it.
  2. He was also bullied by thugs while cleaning in a parking lot.
  3. The brother got into a top University for his Taekwondo skills.
  4. Everyone now knows that Choi is an amazing Psychiatrist
  5. Choi told Osol that he likes her.
  6. Sun-gyeol in turn also told Osol that he likes her.

We are busier than we thought we would be right around Christmas with finishing up work deadlines, wrapping presents, and getting ready for guests, so we won’t be able to continue with Just Dance. We actually planned for it to be 8 episodes which would have worked out perfectly for us, but it is actually 16 episodes (that tricky 30 minute episode stuff tricked everyone). Happy Christmas Eve to everyone who celebrates!

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Osol lays in ved thinking about what Sun-gyeol said. he needs her and wants her to stay next to him. She thinks about this all night.


Abogi also lays awake in bed thinking about what Sun-gyeol told him about cleaning. It is not just about cleaning dust and waste, it is also hope for someones life. That is wht I think. Appa pulls out SG’s business card and looks at it for a moment. Then he groggily leaves his room and heads to the kitchen. But he hears a sound and wonders if they have a mouse.

However it is Osol hiding and eating in the kitchen. Appa lets out a yell and then asks what she is doing in the kitchen in the dark. Osol says that she did not want to waste the food he gave them and thought she should taste it before giving it back. Appa asks her if she would like to drink something with him?

They go to drink soju somewhere. Appa tells her that he wanted her to have a different life than him. If you look at his fingernails, it looks at if he is fighting dirty. He has fought dirt for many years. Everyone tells him his hands are dirty but the diry never goes away. People tell him to wash them, but he has washed them until his hands bleed and the stain does not go away. Do you have to do that job? Can’t you do something else besides cleaning?

Osol – Other work is fine, if I can find somewhere else to work then I thought I would. i only started working here because I thought it was temporary. i did not want to work too long, but it was fun. I liked working there. While I was preparing to get a job, the study room, the hogwan, I was trapped in a lonely cold box. But here I work with good people and smile and work happily. i liked it. It was difficult at times and hurt my body, of course I felt that, after I stopped competing I felt like I did not belong anywhere. But now I feel like I found my own place in awhile. i did not know how happy I would be in this place that fit me well. If you tell me then I will quit. You never opposed my choices, but this time I will listen to you. I’m sorry to make you mad.

Appa starts drinking.

Osol – DOn’t drink alone, we came together so lets drink together.

The brother shows up and starts drinking with the both of them as he says that he thought they both left the house to drink. So give me one as well, I am 18 now. Appa tells him not to drink you jashik. They start to bicker back and forth as Osol abuses Odol like a big sister and little brother. They all start eating.

Elsewhere, Dong-hyun and Jae-min are in a drama as extras. They are poor peole who have to eat a lot but then get surprised when a bomb goes off. Afterwards, they throw up a lot and area bout to head out. But then they see one of the actors who has more of a main role. It looks like Jae-min tries to avoid him but then the actor comes up to him to talk. It does not look like they are on good terms. The actor acts uppity toward Jae-min and with no manners though he tries to play it off as if he is helping Jaemin. But Young-sik is not fooled and comments about that actors lack of manners.


Osol wants to sleep in forever and does not want to get up when her appa comes in to wake her up. But he tells her to go to work. She is all like, wait, you want me to go to work? Appa tells her that she is the one that wants to work even if her fingernails get super dirty, You should work hard and notice things. I made steamed eggs. Hurry up.

Osol wonders if it is a dream and smiles.

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Meanwhile, Sun-gyeol starts getting ready. he calls his secretary who tells him that she has one more thing to tell him, Gil Osol is coming back to work starting today. SG is super happy about it but tries to play it off. he hangs up and decides on something else entirely to wear as he looking in the mirror comparing shirts.  

At work, Gwon was happy but then grows serious as she walks off.

Appa gives Osol a nice pep talk as she is about to head off to work. he tells her that people should have responsibility, she is the one who decided to work there so she need to try as hard as she can. Osol thanks him. then he tells her that that guy was nice…..your CEO guy, that young guy….he had deep thoughts and looked responsible. He was a nice guy……you know.

Osol smiles and says, yeah…kind of…right?

They tell each other goodbye and hug it out. But then Osol goes to talk to Choi at his place. She tells him that appa told her she can go to work again. Choi tells her that is great, she does not have to hide her work uniform anymore.

Osol – Well…..

Choi – Why are you so hesitant? What are you going to tell me?….Are you raising the rent? It is not like that right?

Osol – Not like that….it is because I have to answer your confession.

Choi – You don’t have to say anything.

Osol – We meet each other like this all the time so I have to say something. Actually I was happy that you confessed to me. A good person like you, doctor, it was the first time you confessed to me. I thought I was the only one who had one-sided loves. I was surprised to be the subject of one-sided love. I was happy in that little moment also.

Choi – Well, can we just stay like that? Happy and surprised and have a longer lasting happiness?

Osol – Well, actually I have someone that I like. Maybe it can be one-sided. 

Choi – Can I ask you who that person is?

Osol – Well….it is my CEO…..you told me before that if you like someone you want to be close to that person. I was thinking, why do I even have to continue this work and do so much. I think it is because I like him and want to be close to that person (vague about subject)….but I should not talk to you about this.

Choi – Yes, I am super super jealous.

Osol – Sorry, I didn’t mean it.

Choi – So are you still going to keep the cactus? you don’t have to water it too often, just whenever you remember it.

Osol – Okay, I will.

Choi – Okay! From today we can become good Oppa and dongsang. Having a doctor Oppa is cool right? *laughs*

Osol – *laughs* Not doctor oppa, I like jobless oppa more. *smiles*


Osol goes to work happily bu no one is there. However they all hop out and welcome her back with a suprise party. Lots of sound makers and balloons are all about as they cheer for her and bring out a cake. It is a pretty big party for her.

The CEO comes in with Gwon, so Jae-min tells him that they are about to clean up. He nods and tells Osol welcome back.

Later on, they all go out for a welcome back drink and dinner. They are so happy that she is back. At work, the CEO wonders what he should tell Gil Osol after work. He wants what he says to sound natural, but when he goes into the break room he sees that no one is there. Gwon comes out and asks him why he is still there, she thought he went home already. SG asks where the employees are. So she tells him that they went to eat fora  welcome back party. This team works well together. 

I think she told him where they went because the next scene is SG spying ont hem from his car. The team is having fun but SG thinks this is a super dirty activity. It is crazy, I shuoldn’t go oinside. Where are they putting their hands? you are dead.

Inside we see that jae-min is making fun of how Osols hair smells again. Then they start to look at jae-min’s instagram with his acting job from earlier. They all laugh but it is in a congratulatory way. he actually has a lot of offers to work from this beggar job. maybe one day you will rmember this forever so get my signature in advance. 

But then SG calls, OH, YOU GUYS ARE HERE. They all turn around to see him fully dressed in a clean suit jacket and a face mask. he sits with themand tries to talk to them about market analysis and the like. But he wants to make the mood free so he tells them to eat and drink, I will pay for it! He orders something super expensive for them all and red wine. But this is a cheap food and soju place.

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Dong-hyun gets a call or something and has to leave right away. No one wants him to because the CEo is there and the mood is awkward, but he has to head off. 

Later on, the rest of the team leaves and says their goodbyes to the CEO. Osol tells them that she will take the bus. But SG says that they can go together. They are going in the same direction so they can save gas. Osol tells him that she is really okay. But he wants her to go with him. However, his car is towed.

Osol wonders…what should we do? Well, I can still take the bus….should we go together?

A bus drives by, it is super packed. SG loks like he would rather not get on it. Osol wonders what she should do. SG thinks a taxi could work. Here is one now!

But the last person gets out and starts throwing up. osol wonders what they should do, they can’t walk back. However SG thinks they can walk back! I am so full now, we should walk back!

Sign: Would you like to take a walk?

they end up walking back across a very nice and artistic small bridge with glowing bubbles and lights all around. 

Sign: Are you dreaming of love?

osol reads the sign and tells him that is written there. Then they walk to look at the street.

Osol – This is good. When I was preparing to get a job, whenever I would come here I would talk to myself and think that I don’t have time to drink or take a walk. But today, I am actually nodding to myself without noticing. I like it. The wind is really nice.

SG – I love you.

She turns around.

SG – I love you until forever.

Sign: I love you until forever.

SG – It is written over there….I love you until forever.

Osol is all like, ah…well…I wanted to give this to you at the company. It is chocolate. I made it. It is in a nice box so she holds it to him but then realizes that he does not eat this kind of thing.

SG – No! I like it! My favorite thing is something like chocolate!

Osol – Okay, I am happy. Well, inside…..a very very nice thing is inside. Something precious……Well, thank you for helping me come back to work again.

SG – No, I am the one that is thankful that you came back to work. You are…very…imortant…..at work….hmm….

later on Osol relaxes in bed as she thinks about her walk home and smiles. She writes in her diary/calendar about the day. “You don’t have to say I like you.”

At home, SG unwraps his present. Inside it says 5th place on the note. Then he opens the chocolates and sees that they are all ugly. He laughs, but then he realizes something and stops. He tries to reach in and grab one, it is a difficult task, but he manages it and takes a bite. It looks like it is okay. He chews and says to himself that it tastes good.


His mother comes to hang out with him and tells him that he looks handsome. She sees the chocolate and tells him that he never liked it because it stained his fingers, SG says that he changed his mind. the other secretary wants one but SG keeps him from eating it and says that these chocolates are important to him.

Osol goes to work, she takes the trash out of a room but someone sees her and gos inside. this person tells her to clean something in front of the elevator. It looks like this guy might be a bad guy? he also asks her to shred some documents when she comes back. After she leaves, he starts to shred something.

Outside, Dong-hyun asks if Osol is finished cleaning .She says that someone asked her to do something out there and then asks DH if he was worried about something the other day? He says it is nothing.

Osol goes back inside to shred those other documents.

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Cut to her getting yelled at in an office. They told her not to touch any documents. Osol says that she did not touch any documents, she just did what they told her to do. SG comes in and addresses these men. They are pretty pissed. SG asks what happened. It looks like a warranty or something like that is missing.

SG asks if Osol did it. She says no, she did not touch any of the documents because they told her to be careful. SG asks if he was sure the document was on the desk and asks for the evidence that she did it.  He asks to check the CCTV. Even if their employee did it, you are responsible for putting that important document on your desk.

The men tell SG that they will see if his company is destroyed or they are destroyed. they leave.

Gwon walks out with SG and tells him that he made a mistake this time. But SG thinks he did nothing wrong, there is no evidence that she did it. it was the same last time. They suspected their employee but it was not true. Gwon tells him that this is different. These people have influence. SG thinks, if it was that important then they should have taken care of it.

gwon thinks this is not like him. Trustworthiness is the most important thing that brought them all the way here and they are one of our most improtant customers. Our legal team cannot win agains their legal team.

SG says that Osol makes mistakes but she knows what to do, she would never touch that document unless it was on the desk.

Gwon – What if it wasn’t Gil Osol, what if it was another employee, would you do this much for them?

SG – Yes, I would do the same, because I learned it from the last thing that happened with the figurine.

Gwon – I will talk to our legal team to talk about what happened and how to deal with it.

Later on, Gwon calls and tells SG that they have the CCTV footage. SG pulls a U-y and goes back to the company. When he gets there he sees Osol asking an employee if she saw a certain document. The employee says that she did not. Osol frets but then sees Sun-gyeol. She apologizes to him about making a big big mistake. She knows that saying sorry does not help, but she can only say sorry.

SG tells he that nothing is confirmed, don’t apologize until that moment and don’t be dis-encouraged. i will check out the footage and call you. he walks away right past the bad guy. Osol stops the bad guy and asks him if he saw what happened and all that. the bad guy is basically like, no. I’m busy. He walks off after telling her that the security team took the footage.

Upstairs, the security team looks at the footage, but it looks like it has been doctored. It does not show the bad guy shredding the documents, he just looks like he left right after Osol after pausing for a moment.

Gwon says that they don’t hve Osol shredding the document on the CCTV, but there is circumstancial evidence of her cleaning the desk and shredding other documents. SG asks Gwon to go to the shredding company and talks to their legal team. Actually, he says he will go to the shredding company, she can just talk to the legal team.

SG goes to the company to talk to them. The company man says that it would be impossible to find it. But then he hears someone yelling about what they are doing, it would be impossible to find it! You will get hurt! Come out!

SG walks around the corner and sees Osol looking for the shredded documents. it is a futile game. She just rummages around all the piles of shredded paperwork aimlessly. SG looks emotional at the sight and tells.

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SG tells Osol to stop, she turns around and sees him. he sees that she has a paper cut on her hand and looks like he is about to cry. he tells her that she did enough and smiles. (it looks so cold there). he extends his hand for her to take it and stand up. She thinks about it for a long time and does not take his hand. So he stands with his hand to her and she kneels looking at it.

Back at the company, Osol is in the bathroom and overhears two woman talking about the company suing. They wonder if their company will close because that other law firm is very aggressive and has a bad reputation.

Everyones mind is on the lawsuit. Gwon tells SG that there are a lot of rumors around and they already had a lot ot cancelations, they are not sure how much longer they can withstand this. A reporter even contacted them. In this kind of situation, if a new paper article is published ten it will affect their company. Also, what are you going to do with Osol?

SG asks if he should fire her? Gwon tells him that he has to decide, but the mood is very bad. you know that. As the CEO, you should be neutral, you should not be one-sided. I just wanted to tell you that.

Osol thinks about all of this at home as she sits awake in bed.


SG talks to someone on the phone about being negative, he will find another lawyer. he hands up and thinks about what to do in this situation. Osol comes in cautiously. He asks what’s up. 

Osol – I need to tell you something.

She gives him her resignation letter.

SG – What is going on?

Osol – I don’t want to affect our company anymore.

SG – Just work hard in your position. That will not affect the company.

Osol – Thank you so much for your time.

She turns to leave.

SG calls her name a couple times, but she continues to leave. She cleans out her locker and carries the box out. her team walks her out. They think she shouldn’t’ quit, JM would have quit many times already. YS starts crying. Osol tells them that it won’t be like they don’t see each other anymore. YS thinks it is because she is wrongly accused. She tells them to call her when they drink and to keep in touch. She will find them if they don’t call her.

Then she gives one last look at the CEO’s office, he is looking at her. 

So she lowers her head and tells everyone goodbye. gwon looks a bit saddened that Osol has to leave. But it also seems like this is the only way. gwon talks to someone on the phone and tells them that she has processed everything as they said.

Osol walks home and trips over the steps as she head up the painted steps. All her items fall everywhere. She sits up and starts crying as she looks at them all over the ground.

Choi sees her and slowly walks up to her he helps her put her things up. But he does not bother her and just lets her cry. 

Choi – I don’t know what happened, but…I think you need something like this.

He hands her a handkerchief.


Elsewhere, Gong-tae cleans a car when the thugs bother him again. He tells the thugs that he got permission from the home owners society here but the thugs don’t care and start to bother him and kick all his buckets and the like.

Joo-yeon walks around a corner and sees all this going on. A tiny group has formed. (If these were the Terius Behind Me women then these thugs would not stand a chance). Odol gets a call about it and runs to the scene. he ends up beating up the thugs (but he got punched first). The problem is that he soccer kicks one of them on the ground and in the face.

Back in the neighborhood, Osol sits with Choi on a bench somewhere. They talk about her quitting her job and how she affected others and all those things. But then Osol gets a call from her appa or friend about going to the police station.


She and Choi run to the police station and figure out that things were bad and just got worse. later on, Choi talks to lawyer Kim on the phone about the best option in this case. The thugs have a history of threatening people, but the other guy is a taekwondo player. They should get an agreement before the association knows about it.

Cut to the thugs now working in this apartment complex (um, who would give them work?). Osol comes to talk to them about giving her family a break. But the thug is not hearing it. They want to show they what will happen when athletes hit normal people. Osol tells them that she will be back and then has to run off to her other job. She sees Secretary Gwon there.

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At his place, Sun-gyeol starts to think about osol helping him with his umbrella in the airport and lots of other things.

he goes into his house and sees Osol there. 

Osol – From today, I will work in your place, thank you.

She bows. SG looks suprised and concerned all in one.

Fade Out

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This episode had so much that made no sense.


No preview?

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    • V
      December 25, 2018 / 8:12 am

      Ack, just saw this today! About to hit play on the episode after I make today’s post!

  1. Mehgann
    December 24, 2018 / 12:24 pm

    I only have your recap to go on, but I have a hypothesis. I’m guessing that the whole shredder incident was manufactured by halabogi and Kwon, who also “hired” Gil O Sol to do some as-of-yet-unnamed job in SGs house in a misguided but well-meaning attempt to push those to crazy lovebirds together.

    I don’t have a theory on where the whole thug/dad/Odol/Choi story is going yet.

    • V
      December 25, 2018 / 8:11 am

      That theory sounds great to me!

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