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Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 6 Live Recap

Korean Drama Clean With Passion Episode 6

I am enjoying all the adorable episodes in this show but I am growing a bit tired of the super over acting and I am ready for our boss to start getting it together a bit. Everything was fine for the first four episodes because they were setting the comic tone but now they need to pull the reigns on it a little bit. Also, the hero needs to be redeemed because he is a lunatic that Osol should run from. Right now I really like Osol with Dong-hyun (the super quiet cleaner with a record) so hopefully Sun-gyeol starts to get his stuff together.

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We open at where the last episode ended. Sun-gyeol imagines that Osol said that he is in love. But he says that he is not in love! I DID NOT FALL IN LOVE! He sprays his spray all over osol. And then he starts to hiccup.


Outside, (and maybe a little later) the cleaning team starts to talk about how weird Sun-gyeol is. Young-sik mentions the documentary about love and says a cool line from it. But then they start to wonder whtat it is about Gil Osol, why is Sun-gyeol acting this way with her?

Inside, Gwon tells Sun-gyeol that he has to apologize to Osol. She is very serious about this. He needs to apologize right now. he does not want to apologize. he makes a lot of excuses about the disinfectant being organic. But Gwon tells him that he must apologize even kindergarten kids know that.

Gwon meets with Osol and apologizs for him. She tells her that SG has germophobia, she can’t tell her too much about it. But Gwon hopes that Osol does not hate SH that much. SG walks past and starts to overhear. Osol says that she actually likes SG, their first meeting was not all that great, but they have had a nice time since then. She also wants to give him the bone stock. But Gwon tells her that sheshould do it herself.

SG runs off and later thinks about what Osol said about him being a good person. His heart starts to beat hard. Then the bell rings. It is Osol at his door. SG is straight out the shower so he is not sure if he should answer the door.

He finally answers right when Osol was about to leave and asks her why she is there so late. Osol tells him that she is there to give him bone broth. I made it because it is good for your health. It isn’t just any bones, it is Korean cow bones. I have a lot in a big pot. But I am sorry to come this late.

She starts to leave with her bone broth. But he says that he likes it! I like it also! Osol says o-kay…… Cut to Osol in the house, the vacuum is driving around. Osol starts to talk to the vacuum and asks if he even has anything to clean? You work very hard.

SG comes out and sits on the couch. he is hesitant to look at Osol. She tells him that his house is bigger than expected, it would be difficult to clean everything. He says he has a maid that cleans when he is not there. He is not comfortable with other people in his house.



Osol looks a bit uncomfortable, because she is that other person in his house, but he tells her not to be uncomfortable. However they are both uncomfortable. Osol asks what he would like to say to her? he apologizes and apologizes for apologizing so late. Osol tells him that he is the same as she is so they can make it all equal, if he is okay with it.

They are quiet for another moment, but then SG gets uncomfortable with just looking at Osol. He tries to take a sip of his drink but burns his lip and spills it on his clothes. He needs to change. Osol tells him that she will leave so he does not have to change it. But he says that he is changing it for himself, not for her. he gets up to change. Osos thinks his life is pretty hard to constantly change his clothing and all that.

SG tells her that he does it all the time and wonders if she thinks he is too particular? She tells him that he has his own reasons just like she has her own reasons. It might sound like an excuse, but cleaning is luxurious to me. The time I wash my hair, I can sleep 10 more minutes. The time I change my clothes, I can solve one more problem. that became my habit. You are different than me but I think you have your own reasons. Everyone has their own reasons.

OS – You look better with your down (over his forehead).

She then grabs her drinks and his to clean them. He says he can do it but she says she can do it, he can change his clothing and get comfortable. She goes to the kitchen to clean. But all of a sudden, SG realizes that her cup is in his kitchen! NOOOOOOOOO!

He runs to the kitchen to keep her from seeing it! NOOOOOOOO! he puts out his hand to stop her. She turns around and sees him with his hand out. Um….what is this? he stands up and tells her that the water is cut! There is not water today!

She is all like, how did you wash your hair? He tells her bottled water!

But then the washing machine goes off. he tells her it was drinking water! I can clean, you can leave!

He quickly pushes her out.

Osol is a bit stunned.

SG goes to the kitchen and picks up Osol’s mug and looks at it.

Elsewhere, Choi calls a hospital in America about Sun-gyeol. He is looking for his patient history.

In the apartment, SG sits and talks to his vacuum about eating at home. He actually hasn’t eaten at home in a while, right? His robot does a little spin. SG blesses the food and then takes a bite. It look slike he likes it. He then looks at himself in the mirror and thinks that his hair looks better over his forehead. But he also thinks that he should put it off his forehead as the CEO.




The team is cleaning. Young-sik talks about the girl he likes. But then Jae-min sees Dong-hyun talking to that girl inside a cafe. YS sees it also and heads inside. JM tries to tell him that it might not be what he thinks!

they go inside. The girl starts to tell DOng-hyun that it is embarrassing that Young-sik likes her. You talk nice about him but I hate him, I don’t care. Young-sik’s heart falls. Then the girl sees him and looks remorseful.

Osol is at another cleaning place. This building is pretty unkempt. A man opens the door, he looks a bit sleezy. osol tells him that he can step out, she will clean and take pictures for him to show him. he smiles and steps out. Osol goes inside and looks around. the place is pretty messy and gross looking. She does not know where to start.

Back at the cafe, Dong-hyun sits inside as Young-sik and the girl talk outside. She tells him that she is sorry but she has to tell him directly. Embarrassing does not mean ~. But YS cuts her off and says that he is sorry that he only thought about his own emotions and gave her a hard time. Then he tells her goodbye because he is on his way to work. The girl stops him tells him that his uniform fits him well, just as much as the Taekwondo uniform. Young-sik nods and then leaves.

He goes to the bus and sits with Dong-hyun. He tells him that he knew that she did not like him. he just thought, if he stayed next to her then she would like him someday also. I am not like you, hyung. You are cool. I am persistent. I thought, when I was competing my speed was slow but I was good at lasting. however human emotions are not the same as persisting for a long time. I think the more I liked her, the harder time I gave her. I am really sorry. She should have thought about it a lot to tell you that. She is a sensitive person so she is not good at talking about other people. Ugh, why did I go there. My temper.

Dong-hyun tells him it is good for him, he is simple. I envy you. Then Dong-hyun leaves as the bus comes. Young-sik thinks about that.

Elsewhere, Jae-min tells his mother that he is done and she should drink something tonight. But shen he turns around we see that he has a lot more to clean. he starts to work super hard.

At the bus stop, it starts to rain. Youn-sik looks at the rain quietly. 

Dong-hyun also looks at the rain while on the bus. Then he gets off at a nursing home.



Sung-gyeol shows up to work with his hair over his forehead. Gwon notices and asks him about it. SG plays it off a little bit. Then they start to talk about Osol going to a tiny apartment to clean by herself. It should not be too hard for her.

SG is all like, okay. But then he thinks about somthing and asks what the address is? No, I will find it. Gwon, can you send me our blacklisted customer list? Right now! He runs off to his desk and checks the blacklist. One of the people has sexualharrassment complaints against female helpers.

SG calls Osol, but she is busy cleaning and does not hear it. He runs off.

In the apartment, Osol cleans up a bunch of gross ness from under the bed like Condom wrappers and stockings. Then the lights turn off. She wonders why the ligh is off and then sees the man open his door looking sinister.

She tells him that she heard he had something to take care of, are you already done?

Meanwhile, Sun-gyeol drives to the place and tries to call Osol again, but her phone is off. He has to stop at a red light. His anxiety builds. He finally gets to the place and runs into the building. He tries to open the door right away and then yells Osol’s name.

The man opens his door and has his shirt unbuttoned. SG calls him a jashik! And punches him. thenn he calls Osol’s name as he looks around. 

Osol is all like, yes? She looks perfectly fine. SG is all like, OMG…..he turned around and sees the man holding his lip. He asks why he hit him! And is cowering on his couch. Sun-gyeol looks like he just made a big mistake.

SG and Osol drive off together. She tells him that she can take the bus and then sees that his hand is bleeding. lets stop the car and add medicine to it. SG does not talk during this time. They stop at a convenience store to get ointment. Osol puts it on him. He is okay with it. His heart pounds.

She puts on the bandaid. SG asks if she can touch his hand one more time, he wants to confirm something. She is a bit hesitant to do it, but she extends her hand. He tries to hold her hand, his heart pounds before he even touches her fingers. But then he is able to lightly take her hand in his. he stands like that for a while.

Osol feels a bit awkward, she tells him, if you are done confirming, then I will leave.

But he pulls her into a kiss. They kiss for a moment outside. 

Then Choi walks up and sees them kissing. He looks at them for a moment and sighs. (This is a very long kiss). 



Choi goes back inside his home and reads Sun-gyeols medical record.

Choi – The only person he said he can touch is Gil Osol?

Choi sighs and then stands to walk away. But he turns back to his computer and thinks, Cha Seo-kwon.

he goes back to the computer and looks up Cha Seo-kwon, SG’s father. He starts to put two and two together and finds out that the Cleaning Fairy CEO is AG Group Cha Seokwon chairmans grandson. he is a rising star.

Choi thinks about this for a moment. 


Meanwhile, Osol thinks about the kiss she just had with Sun-gyeol and wonders why he did it. She also wonders why she closed her eyes. What a minute, is this “some”? Does the CEO like me?

The next day, Odol has to poop but noona is still int he bathroom. She is not coming out. Appa tells him to poop in the yard or at the public restroom. Odol tells him he is not a dog and why should he go to the public bathroom. 

Appa asks how long she has been in there. One hour. One hour! Maybe we should call the police? they both pull the door open. Osol is inside, she took a shower and washed her hair. Appa is so shocked and wonders why she took a shower so early in the morning? Osol tries to play it off and says that it was too hot last night. Don’t turn up the heater so high, you don’t need to waste gas. She walks to her room.

But in her room, she tries to pick out something cute to wear to work. She thinks a dress might be too much. She doesn’t want to look like she cares about the kiss. Her father and brother both watch her and wonder if she is sick. The brother thinks she might be dating someone. Choi comes in so the brother tells him that he thinks his noona is dating someone. But Osol says she is not and tells him to go to school. She runs off to work. 

Choi looks a bit thoughtfut.

On the news, the guy from earlier is a pervert and was arrested. So it looks like SG got there just in time. The cleaning team is watching this and wonders who punched him.

The boss is at work (or home?) thinking about his touch and kiss with Osol. At work, Gwon tells SG about the news and thinks that it was great that SG was there. But SG’s mind looks preoccupied. Gwon knows that something is up and tells him that she sees a new side to him recently. If you need my help, tell me. I will happily help you.

He smiles and tells her that they can check the cleaning area.

A bit of product placement with Laneige as Osol puts it on in the bathroom. Two women talk about their CEO resuing an employee from that guys house. They wonder who she is and envy her.

Osol smiles and then goes to work with her lipstick on and nice blouse. Jae-min wonders what is up with her look and is buddy style friendly with her. then the CEO comes in. The team greats him but he is mesmerized with Osol. he tries to look tough, but can’t help but smile. However, he tries to snap out of it and tells Osol to clean that area again.

Osol smiles and thinks he must be shy in front of other people. 



Meanwhile, Odol makes a good impression with a Taekwondo recruiter.

Back at work, Jae-min helps Osol with her work. He saves her from falling on the floor under a bunch of boxes just when SG comes in. He sees it all. So SG tells Jae-min that he needs to pay attention to his fingers and his own cleaning. And Osol, pay attention so you wont get injured!

It is a bit awkward. SG walks away with bright red cheeks.

JM wonders what is up with SG. Is he worrying about us or giving us a hard time? What is this? He looks at Osol, her face is red so he asks her what happened. he thinks she might have caught a cold and touches her forehead and tells her to wash her hair. SG comes back to eavesdrop with red eyes and thinks that he should have fired Jae-min.

Later on, Osol eats lunch with her friend Joo-yeon. They talk about the kiss. Joo-yeon thinks this is great, she has “some” at work. Osol thinks it isn’t like that. But JY thinks it is and asks if he said they are dating? Will you date after work? osol tells her that SG did not say anything. JY is all like, huh? He didnt’ mention it? Well, you need to make sure that you are not being played like that other bad guy.

Osol goes back to work thinking about this and asks to speak to SG via text. 

SG: what do you want to say?

OS: well, yesterday…

SG: I will see you this evening to talk if it is not urgent.

Jae-min tells Osol that they are all going to drink later to comfort Youngsik, do you have anything else to do? Osol says she can make it. But then texts SG.

OS: It is not urgent, I will talk to you later…

SG’s grandfather is wheeled into the room that SG is in. It looks like he is there for his grandfather. His grandfather is int he hospital (it looks like a condo). SG says that he worried about his grandfather because he was hospitalized, but it looks like you are fine. His grandfather basically tells him not to worry about him and to come to their company. You should take it over from me anyway.

They argue. SG says he has a blemish, remember? But his grandfather just tells him to fix his blemish and to think about his age. You need to date and get married. SG does not want to dot it based on watching his mother. So he tells his grandfather not to die. he starts to leave, his mother runs in and asks when he came. Her lover is there with her and tries to handshake. But SG does not. He walks out.

Yang tries to shake hands with the grandfather but he does not want to shake his hand either.




Cue super depressing karaoke party for Young-sik as he sings all the sad songs. Dong-tae goes outside to get a call.

Then he leaves to go see his grandmother at the nursing hospital. The nurse tells him that she had a hard time all day, but she is stable now.

SG is still in the hospital. His mother and Yang are still there too. They are in the hallway on the way out and talk about Yang. SG thinks he is like a gangpae, Umma says he is nice. They kind of argue about this a little bit. SG mentions that she always dates someone and always says that she will have a good relationship with someone and this guy will be your new father. he heard it so many times. I know that your truthful mind is meaningless.

yang comes back and asks if they had a good conversation. Umma yells at SG that someones heart is true at that moment, even if it changes. You need to date someone! But he says that he does not want to date anyone, he does not want to be a joke like her. He walks off. She tells him that it is not that he is not dating it is that he can not date. Then she sighs that her son is so difficult.

SG walks out and walks up the street. he sees Osol walking up at the same time. They end up going to a cafe. SG still uses his handkerchief for the seat. they sit awkwardly. Osol asks if he was busy today? he does not talk. 

OS – Well, I just, we went to Yong-sik’s pity party for getting dumped. So, CEO, do you have anything to tell me? Well, what happened yesterday. I think we need to talk about it.

SG – I am sorry, I am not in the mood to talk about it. We can talk about it later. I will head out.

OS – No….how can someone behave only with their own feelings in mind. Whatever your mood is, what happened yesterday…about the kiss….you could have told me anything about it.

SG – What do you really want to hear from me?…..Why?….Where you expecting me to tell you that we should date? I am sorry but I do not want to date and I am not thinking about dating anyone. I do not want to date right now. …. Is that the right answer for you? Byebye.

He stands up to leave. Osol looks crushed. SG walks away in slow motion.

Fade Out



Another light and bubbly episode with some almost heavy parts. But I don’t watch this show for heaviness so let’s limit that. They did the sudden kiss thing which I don’t think was warranted, but she did the same thing to him so they are a bit even. 


OS – I Don’t want to date, also. Especially someone like you CEO.

Gwon – Gil Osol is our new employee. The CEo started to change after she joined the company.

OD – You quit competing just to do this kind of work? You said you were working so hard to get a job, look at yourself.

Choi – Do you like her enough to protect her?

OS – Ah! You are confessing to your one-sided love woman?

Gwon – If you are truthful to your feelings now, then you can think about the consequences later

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  1. Rose
    December 11, 2018 / 11:14 am

    Thanks for the recap V……so the kiss was not an imagination after all huh? But it seems SG was confused about his feelings. I just hope next week SG will snap out of it and man-up. 😊😍

    December 11, 2018 / 11:25 am

    I really think that SG might be little too OVER the top and hope he can come down a bit. I sort of feel bad for him to try to act like that ALL the time. Have to wait another week to find out… THANKS V for what you do~

  3. bwv232
    December 11, 2018 / 12:22 pm

    This is turning out to be another drama where some of the secondary characters are more interesting than the leads, especially Secretary Gwon, who’s influence on the company goes well beyond her job title, and I find that dynamic fascinating. It would also be nice to see Joo-Yeon do more than be a sounding board for O-Sol; she’s got real spark. Dong-hyun is a very charismatic presence, even though he hardly says anything, and it looks like he’s getting an extended plot line. Sun-Gyeol and O-Sol are amusing enough, given their quirkiness, but not much more so far. Choi I find to be your basic stock (i.e., boring) second lead.

    • V
      December 11, 2018 / 1:48 pm

      I love secretary Gwon. Her character is very interesting, I love how she seems normal and helpful.

      • Anonymous
        December 11, 2018 / 3:57 pm

        From Ep. 04: [“SG called the owner down but now is talking to his cleaners. Osol wants to take care of it with her salary and Young-sik wants to chip in his salary as well. Actually all the team members want to help and chip in. SG acknowledges that they have good team work. But Osol does not want them to pay for what she did.

        He asks all of them to leave except for Osol. they are hesitant to do that and leave very reluctantly. “]

        This is the scene in Ep. 04 when O-Sol allegedly broke the action figure, and SG calls the cleaning team into his office. At this point, O-Sol’s team mates don’t want to back down (to uhmmmm, the CEO!) and leave. Dong-hyun then glances over at Gwon for guidance. She nods to him that it would be best to leave, so Dong-hyun immediately ushers the others to leave with him. What’s interesting is that A. the secretary is present at the meeting, and B. the employees look to Gwon for direction when the CEO is standing right in front of them.

        This pretty much demonstrates her standing in the company.

        • bwv232
          December 11, 2018 / 3:58 pm

          Anonymous = BWV232.

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