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Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 4 Live Recap

Kim Yoo-Jung and Yoon Gyun-Sang Kiss in Clean With Passion for Now Korean Drama Recap
Love this sudden kiss from the last episode. For a man who does not like grossness of any kind, and was just kissed by the filthiest person at his company, he should explode at the contact, right? But I have a little guess that he will be flabbergasted and dumbfounded at just how great love germs can be.

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Osol tells Sun-gyeol that she is sorry, she will borrow it just once. Sun-gyeol is all like, what are you talking about? But then Osol reaches up and kisses Sun-gyeol smack on the lips. It is a long innocent kiss that is just long enough for the ex-crush to walk away smugly.

osol stops kissing Sun-gyeol and then looks hesitantly at him as if wondering what to expect.


Sun-gyeol might be in the hospital, did he pass out? He is sleeping and wakes up with a deep breath. It appears that he is in the richest suit this hospital has. Gwon is there and is alarmed to see thta Sun-gyeol is awake and wonders what happened. Sun-gyeol does not remember being driven to the hospital so Gwon ha to tell him that he passed out. She calls the doctors.

SG tries to think about what in the world would cause him to pass out. But then he remembers kissing Osol and immediately wants to hurl so he runs to the bathroom. The doctors run in at that moment too but Sun-gyeol tells them to stop, he is okay and holds one hand out to them.

Meanwhile, all the cleaners are at working wondering what is up with the CEO. Why isn’t he at work? Osol looks nervous and knowing. But she pretends like she does not know anything. But they get a call saying that the CEO will not come and they can leave.

In the hospital, Gwon wants to know what caused this huge shock to the CEO. SG tells her that someone pooped in his mouth. It was a huge poop! So you canleave, that is all there was.

Gwon leaves to go process the hospital discharge paperwork. But then Osol comes back in. SG thinks it is Gwon and asks if it was that quick? But he sees that it is Osol and immediately jumps and wraps his jacket around him to not reveal any part of his body to her whatsoevr. Osol is a bit concerned with him and wants to thank him for what he did earlier, but he passed out so she couldn’t.

She kind of wonders why he passed out and does not put two and two together that she is the reason. SG wonders why he is in her pitiful love life and is suffering from these things. Osol apologizes again. But Sun-gyeol makes it known that he feels so bad and ddirty being inthe same place as her. Osol is all like, dirty? But…I worried about you and came here but you went too far.

he is all like, I went too far? Who is the one thta made someonee uncomfortable?

But it was just a kiss.

Just a kiss! Just a kiss! Listen to me, you are super dirty and sweaty after cleaning and kissed me and all yoru germs from your lips and clothing could have been transferred to me!

What germs?

A lot of germs and your mouth and all those germs! All of them from your mouth! What if I just woke up now but I never woke up again!

But, I am not just trash…

Yes, you are! You should change your name to Gil O-mool (Omool = dirty trash).

What? O-mool!

Yes, Omool!

Gwon comes back in and says that she finisehd the processing, but then she wonders why Osol is there, did something happen? Is something going on between you two guys?

SG starts to spray his disenfectant everywhere and one squirt especially for Osol.
Cut to Osol sitting with Joo-yeon who is talking to someone about being busy. She just keeps saying that she is busy and then says she will contact him later. She hangs up and says that this guy should now why she never contacts him.

Then she starts to read about germs that are from the mouth that are transferable to people. (SG told her a lot of germ names specifically). JY wants to know why she is reading about this. Osol wonders if she is like a pack of germs? She is super embarassed and has a headached and her heart hurts, she is dying. JY wonders what she is talking about and tells her to understnad in a language she can understand. Kiss? how? Why? She gags.

JY wants to know how she seduced him. Osol says that she just jumped on him. JY is impressed, her friend looks differently to her now. But Osol just says that she saw her ex-crush after cleaning, it was embarrassing. She told him that she was busy and he looked down on her so much. It was the most embarrassing moment in my life and then I saw my CEO.

JY understands and tells Osol that she is a cool crazy woman. So what happened after you kissed him?

he passed out.

What? You kissed him and he pased out?

He said he was in shock because I was so dirty. I went to the hospital but he kicked me out.

She takes a huge swig of her beer and then crumples it up as she yells, I WILL BREAK EVERYTHING.

Meanwhile, Sun-gyeol is cleaning himself in his bathroom. But then sexy Barry White style music starts playing as his hand starts to touch his lips. But then he snaps himself out of it and starts brushing his teeth crazily as he calls Gil O-mool, I will never forgive you! Gil O-mool!

Osol gets home and sees her appa. He is about to go out so she asks him where he is going. he smiles reluctantly and says that he is going to work. Osol knows he is going to one man protest but she tells him to be careful and work hard in stead of bringing it up to him.

Appa leaves and does a one man protest all night. Osol goes to watch him secretly. And sees her appa get pushed to the ground by one of the executives as he tries to plead his case. She can’t hide anymore, so she walks over to him and helps him up then tells him that they should go home, it’s late. he wonders why she is there but he walks away with her without any protest.

they go drink together outside. he tells her that people will say this is nothing, but to me this is the only job I had that raised you and fed you. I cannot do anything else. All I know is cleaning so at least I should do this. Osol tries to brighten the conversation and tells him that her appa is more lively than she is. If she was like him then she would already have a job. You should rest, your daughter has a job now and Odol is winning all the awards. So you can rest.

Appa smiles and asks what she does at her company. Osol kind of says somethings. Appa apologizes for not supporting her in her competitions. Osol says that she wanted to stop, it is good that they can support Odol now. But appa is bummed becuase it is her mothers memorial and he does not think he can see her mother like this. Osol just says that it was her decision to leave first, no one told her to. She drinks. Appa tells her to stop drinking so much.
jae-min is at an audition so the people in the audition tell him to do what he prepared. He hops up and starts saying this crazy monologue where he acts the part of several people. But he isn’t allowed to finish the casting director says, thank you , thank you, you can leave! ja-min goes back to work and starts cleaning. he is a bit bummed because he failed his audition. Young-sik wonders why he is bummed and wants to tease him for being late. But Dong-hyun tells him not too because he failed his audition.

Young-sik says something about acting being difficult which makes Jae-min upset. he confronts him about his dream of acting and how he wants to do it and not to bother other peoples life! If you dream is that woman then go get her but my dream is acting! Dont both my life! he storms off. Dong-hyun looks on but does not get involved.

CUt to Sun-gyeol seeing Osol in the mirror as he adds the finishing touches to his outside. Prince music starts to play (“Women not girls, can rule my world, you can rule my world”) he tries to snap himelf out of it and goes to work.

But he runs into Osol outside and sees her looking her typical disheveled self. However, this time he sees the crumbs on her lips and HER LIPS. He just wants to look at her lips and has to shake his thoughts away. he quickly goes inside.

Elsewhere, Youong-sik follows jae-min to work and tries to apologize to him. jae-min tells him that he saw his family registry! You young guy! You better not speak in banmal to me again! Young-sik is all like, aw man, maybe I should not have done that. Then he runs up to Jae-min again. It looks like they are friends now.

Sun-gyeol relaxes and gets ready in his office, but he starts to imagine Osol all over his office everywhere. All she says is CEO…CEO…CEO and does all of these cute winks and motions to him as she sits all around his office. He starts to freak out and pulls out his disenfectant to spray them all. But he sees dozens of her as little miniatures on his desk thta are all information as they tells him CEO CEO CEO. He tries to spray them as well and starts yelling AHHHHHHHH.

Gwon comes in and sees all this craziness. She wonders, are you okay, you havent been normal in awhile.

Elsewhere, the team cleans a garden outside. Jae-min and Young-sik start to spray each other with water playfully. They both ge drenched. Cue water fight as everyone starts to have fun drenching each other with hoses. They are all best friends now.

Inside, Sun-gyeol hears all the fun screams and goes to the window to see them having fun outside. Gwon smiles. They start to play in slow motion as an OST starts to play. Gwon tells him that youth is a fun thing, it looks like they are happy. Sun-gyeol puts on his stern face and says that a lot of people are dying without water on the other side of the world. You should train them better.

But Gwon tells him that he should probably use less water a day as well from all his hand cleaning and things. Then a lot of people will be saved he is all like, what did you just say? She smiles and keeps walking off.

He walks outside and immediately gets drenched by Osol. She thinks it is another team member and sprays him a lot. But then she realizes that she has been spraying the CEO. He is all like, stop! Don’t touch me! Agh, it is unsanitary! he walks off. Gwon looks on in horror.

Later on, Gwon tells Sun-gyeol that he should not say that a female employee is unsanitary. He tries to fix his words and says that he is just saying that was not clean. i am going home. He walks off but Gwon thinks that something is not right with Sun-gyeol, why is he so sensitive to Osol?
Sun-gyeol walks off and thinks he might have gone too far with her. he walks to the break room and sees Osol talking to her friend about this hard job and how she regrets taking this job because he is so hard on her. Sun-gyeol feels a bit bad. But then he has to hide as Osol runs off to address someone calling ehr name.

He awlks back out to the coffee table and sees a lot of tissues on it as if Osol was crying a lot. Osol coems back out and wonders what he is doing. Then she sees the tissues and apologizes as she puts them all back into her bag. He asks her what these tissues are? She says that they are good to absorbe skin oil. Do you want to try it? Your oil will all absorb.

He looks at all the tissues that are drenched in skin oil. he is about to throw up again. But then a breeze comes in front the window that sends the tissue everywhere and……..one of them lands on his forhead!

HE FREAKS THE F OUT. he might faint again.

But he runs to the bathroom instead and starts to clean his forehead while saying Gil Osol, what did you do to my forehead! Gil Osol! ARGH! You infected my forehead! ARGH!

Later on, he relaxes at home and finds a book to read. The book name is: Blue, infinitely close to transparency. He starts to think of the blue tissue with skin oil all over it. Then he starts to think of the kiss and touches his lips.

SG – Crazy…crazy…crazy.

Gwon meets with Mae-hwa (Umma) and tells her that SG has been acting strangely every since he passed out. Her lover is feeding birds in the background. Gwon tells her that he said he got bird poop in his mouth. His mtoher thinks he might sew all the doves anus’s up.

Gwon changes the subject to the doctor that treated him in America, his student is here. She heard he is much better now than when he was in America. Umma worried about her son and how the doctor died before fully treating Sun-gyeol. But they think maybe they can find the doctors student. It might be difficult without knowing the contact though.

Cut to Osol walking home with a bunch of yogurts and running into a man with a bowtie on that is pretty well dressed (appa in My ID is Gangnam Beauty). He wants to meet with Choi. Osol tells him not to meet with him, he isn’t so good. But then Choi comes out and talks to the man. The man is very happy to see him, CHoi calls him Doctor Baek(?).

We finally see the inside of Choi’s house. It is very clean ad filled with books everywhere you can see. Choi pours the man a drip coffee at the coffee table and sits with his legs crossed. The man says that he is happy to see Choi, he worried about him a lot. They start to talk about students or somthing.

Choi writes Ripley Syndrome on his notebook. Maybe this man suffers from it.

Outside, osol does the laundry and then sees the man coming out. She asks how he knows the guy that lives there. This man says that he can’t reveal his patients private information according to the law. Osol is all like, patient? the man whispers to her, he is my personal patient thta I am taking care of. Osol asks his specialty. The man says his name is Baek and his specialty is psychology.

Osol immediately thinks that is why Choi looks so weird. Choi comes out so Osol waves at him like she needs to give him some encouragement. Choi immediately thinks Osol is a bit to happy toward him today. He goes to her and gives hr a fist bump, then stretches.
Sun-gyeol is in his office talking to Gwon. She tries to bring up what his mother said. He tells her that he hopes she does not treat him strangely, he knows he is a bit stranger now. She tells him that she is just worried about him and leaves a phone number to Dr. Daniel. SG looks at it.

Much lter on that night, Sun-gyeol drives home and sees two high school kids kissing. Then he turns his head and sees an advertisement for kissing. Then everywhere he looks he sees kissing while “Kiss me, beneath the milky twilight” starts to play. Finally, Osol appears on the huge outdoor news screen and winks at him. He is startled but think that everything is okay, he can go to the hospital.

When he gets home, he calls the doctor.

At his family home, his grandfather slowly cleans all the leaves of a plant on his coffee table. His secretary comes in and brings in the newspaper. In it, it says that a building collapsed, it is teh 6th year anniversary to it.

osol decides it would be great to wake up her brother by cleaning his room with a vacuum. he hops up and screams, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN YOUR BROTHERS ROOM. He tells her that she should nto come in in the morning like this! But she just keeps cleaning as if she did not hear anything.

At the breakfast table, Choi, Odol, and appa sit. Osol keeps cleaning. Choi wonders what is going on. Odol tells him that this is her once a year event.

Outside, Appa and Choi sit and drink a yogurt. Appa tells Choi that Osol liked yogurt, they always had it at home when her mother was around. they would freeze it and drink it. It has been 6 years today. Today is her memorial.

Another beautiful OST starts to play as we see Osol cleaning inside.

Appa – Osol cleans her room and puts on makeup, all things she never does.

Osol puts on make up inside. Then she looks at all hr awards that are all in a box. She won a lot of Gold and silver medals.

Appa – It is like she is telling her mom that we are all doing well. I think I am proud and sad at the same time.

Choi understands and looks at the yogurt with a slight smile.

Osol shows up to work looking pretty and clean. Her teammates tell her that she actually looks pretty. She smiles and says she is prettier than a girl group member right? they ask her if she has a date. She tells them that they can just clean. But then the CEO comes in and sees Osol looking gorgeous.

Slow motion stare and hair flip commences.

But SG snaps himself out of it and asks if she has a blind date today. he tries to say that she looks elegant and countryish(?). She is all like, what? He just clears his throat and says that they should change into their work clothing and work!

But when he goes back to his desk, he sits and thinks for a moment, then smiles. But he claps himself out of it.

Later on at home, SG calls Doctor Daniel. Dr. Daniel tells him that he has something similar to PTSD.

Doctor – The woman comes in front of you and gives you a hard time.
SG – Yes, she is very bad and has s filthy look
D – The skinship you do not want should be a very difficult thing. That should be the PTSD effect. It will dissapear a few weeks later. DOn’t worry about it too much. But one exception is…

He sees her working the next day and stares at her. But then they have eye contact and he hides quickly.

SG – Why am I hiding?

he thinks about standing back up, but decides to duck walk out instead.
The cleaners go to clean a house that has a lot of action figures on display. It even has a camera to watch them all. The men are immediately impressed. A young guy shows them around as they ask if he wanted them to clean his figures as well? He takes them into a room where even more figurines are nicely displayed. He says that it would take too much time for him to clean them so he is asking them to clean them well.

Cut to them cleaning them, the young guy watches them with his white gloves on and makes sure that they are being delicate as they clean the figurines with tiny instruments. It is a detailed cleaning and actually pretty difficult. They tell each other to be careful because it looks like he might have a temper if the mess it up.

osol leaves to get more water, but he comes out right at the moment that a figurine breaks due to the owner leaving when his hot water started to whistle. But Osol does not notice becuae there is a news report on the TV about a building that collapsed. She is absorbed in this report. But then she has to snap herself out of it and get the water.

But as she is getting it, she trips over the figuring that is on the floor and injures her leg. Everything is messed up as the owner comes out and talks about how this figuring is so precious, it is a limited edition! You can’t buy it! It is priceless!

This escalates to calling the boss. Everyone has to talk to SG about this incident. SG called the owner down but now is talking to his cleaners. Osol wants to take care of it with her salary and Young-sik wants to chip in his salary as well. Actually all the team members want to help and chip in. SG acknowledges that they have good team work. But Osol does not want them to pay for what she did.

He asks all of them to leave except for Osol. they are hesitant to do that and leave very reluctantly. Once gone, SG starts to tell Osol that she makes a lot of mistakes as if she is full of excuses. Now this. Are you going on a date today after work? You are wearing cosmetics and clothing that does nto fit you. Do you want to hit on a good customer?

OS – How can you say it like that, CEO?
SG – Am I wrong? This is your specialty to hit on people who you don’t know. This kind of mistake happens becuase you are not focused. Our image took a hit because of you.
OS – I am sorry.
SG – You are saying sorry again. I do not want to see you again. Just leave. Leave my company!

Osol takes a gulp but turns to walk out without saying anything else. Gwon looks like she does not want her to go. Then she takes a deep breath and walks out.

Fade Out

The cleaning team sets a timer for a competition on who can clean windows faster between Dong-hyun and Young-sik. YS is quick and DH is slow and steady. Jae-min tells them that the winner can have the girl that they both like. But DH just rolls his eyes and then tells YS not to clean so frantically, it is dangerous. YS tells him to mind his own business, but then flips over the railing. He tells Dong-hyun to save him in banmal then jongdaemal. Dong-hyun saves him and pulls him back over the edge to where YS falls on top of him. It is love at first sight?

I have a feeling that SG is about to eat all his words come next week.

OS – There is a person that puts yogurt here on my anniversary, it is nothing but it comforts me.
SG – Let’s do it this way, if that person is the only one that can touch me or if someone else an touch me.
SG – Not anyone else but only her….nonsense.
VO – Did you see that student.
Choi – She is a pretty person. That is why I want to protect her.
SG – Where was the address that Gil Osol went to to clean?
Address Note: History of sexual harassment to female workers
SG – Give me our blacklisted customer list

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  1. A
    December 4, 2018 / 9:07 am

    this is the only drama i’m watching now 🙂 looking forward to the recap

    • V
      December 4, 2018 / 10:55 am

      This is a good one to watch. It is fun and flirty and doesn’t take itself seriously. 😍

  2. Rose
    December 4, 2018 / 10:48 am

    Cant wait for the sub later. Thanks V! 😊

  3. mionenoelle
    December 4, 2018 / 11:43 pm

    I’d been enjoying the show, but I am not a fan of nonconsensual kisses. It’s unfortunate that this sparks Sun-gyul’s romantic interest in Oh-sol.

  4. Rose
    December 5, 2018 / 5:09 am

    I just watched this episode, and i think you’re right V, SG most probably regret all the thing he said to Osol when he sees the cctv. So the rooftop neighbor is a dr huh? And Osols mom died because of an accident? And is the neighbor the one who visits the grave (not sure what you call where they put their love ones that are cremated in korea) of Osols mom?

    • V
      December 5, 2018 / 5:11 am

      I think SG might be the one that visits the grave because it looks like it is his fathers businesses fault that the building collapsed?

      • Rose
        December 5, 2018 / 6:54 am

        Oh i see, thats interesting…. and the plot thickens…. 😅

      • keiru
        December 6, 2018 / 9:44 am

        Ooh.. That could be it.. But it seems like it’s the first time Sun Kyul have met with Oh Sol.. I think if he was the one who visited the mother’s grave each year, he should have at least realized that Oh Sol is the daughter of the deceased woman (because there’s usually a family picture in the cabinet?)

        • V
          December 6, 2018 / 6:29 pm

          Oh that’s right! He should have realized it. But maybe he does not know it is her because her photo would be polished and she is usually so unkempt?

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