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Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 3 Live Recap

Live Recap Episode 3 Clean With Passion For Now
As Indrakl said on Twitter, Clean With Passion for Now is deinitely a Monday happy pill. I am with that 100%. I actually really love this new crop of dramas peeking their heads into the late fall lineup. Winter is going to be great.

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Sun-hyeol walks out from the company elevator with his secretary. She tells him that they are training the new employees today. he asks who picked them. She tells him that she picked them along with one other person. Why?

But he just says never mind. Gwon starts to bring up Osol and says that she was top in the physical test and she is the one tht found his robot vacuum, it is like fate. I really look forward to her the most. Sun-gyeol is not that sure about her though but tries to say that he is looking forward to it as well. However, he wonders if she checked her personality and has a bit of a grimmace.

Cut to the room where the new recruits are. Sun-gyeol and Gwon walk in right when Osol is in the middle of a rampage on a waxing vacuum. She is about to ram into Sun-gyeol, (AHHHHHHHHH) but Young-sik is able to just pull out the power to stop her right in time.

Everyone relaxes. Osol apologizes and says that someone told her to try it out. they all get into their places and try to wait out the awkwardness. Sun-gyeol snaps out of his horror and then gets straight to the reason he is there.

Cut to the presentation. He stands in front of the podium and gives everyone the rules. they need to listen carefully and not make mistakes. Our company started from this questions: What is cleaning for you.

Osol meets with her best friend Joo-yeon after work, they are eating spicy chicken feet and talking about work.Joo-yeon finds it hard to believe that the 3500 guy is the CEO of her new company? Osol says yes and cannot believe that she is involved with him again. She sucks off everything from the chicken foot expept the middle finger.

her friend tells her that her company CEO looks so cool and handsome. But Osol says he is not that way at all, he is a crazy person who is obsessed with cleaning. Joo-yeon tells her not to talk that way about “her” CEO!

At work, Sun-gyeol starts yelling at Gwon about this dirty girl that does not clean her hair.

At the cafe, Osol talks about cleaning your hair once every few days vs cleaning your hands dozens of time a day. Which is weirder? he also thinks there are germs in the chair and always puts his hankerchief on the seat.

Work. he talks about all the germs on teh floor but she just sits down everywhre! Did she put something on her chin! Why does she always have something dripping somewhere when seh eats! And how does she just clean things with her shoes onthe floor! they are not even clean!

Cafe. As if he has never dripped anything! He looked at me like an animal!

Work. With my common knowledge, I can’t understand her, do you think I went to far?

Cafe. Of course he went to far! Is he the only clean person in the world!

He looks to his right as if he can see osol and then she says something else about him being crazy so he walks through the screen to Osol as if he just time warped to the cafe and they start arguing back and forth. But then their respective peole pull them back into their own spaces. (This was very comic like, kind of like steppig through a strip to another strip).

At home, Osol talks happily on the phone and then tells Osol and Odol that getting a job is nothing. Odolasks Osol what she is doing in her new job. The conversation goes the cleaning company because Young-sik is working at one. The appa thinks that i a bad body breaking job. Osol tries to ask what is wrong with that, you are in the same field. Appa is basically like, you are hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

But Odol says that they pay a lot, there are a lot of young people there. Should I get a aprt time job over the summer? Appa tells him to be quiet and not talk about these kinds of things. I dont’ want to see my kid working like that. Osol feels a bit guilty.

But then she leaves to go to work and rides with Jae-min and Dong-hyun, but she is a bit awkward. Young-sik is there also. Osol tries to break the mood and says that it is funny that they are all meeting like this, please teach us, well. Then she tells Yung-sik to greet them and pushes on his back to bow while in the car.
Secretary gwon tells Sun-gyeol that everyone said he had the most impressive presentation among cleaning companies. I think we will get the deal. Thank you. Sun-gyeol says it is nothing.

Cut to the cleaning team on assignment. Young-sik has to clean a huge poop explosion that clogged up a toilet in the mens bathroom. But it is horrible so he has to yell at himself to pump himself up to clean it. osol yells at him to stop making so much noise, but Young-sik has to. It is so gross.

Osol tells him to clean something else, like the floor. She can handle it. But Young-sik does not want to leave her there to clean up. She tells him it is okay, today the septic tank is broken. Then she tells him that he better not make trouble on the first day or she will kill him.

She goes in to clean the bathroom and sees that it is crazy gross and clogged. She has to scream as well as she tries to pump out the poop. WHAT IS THIIIIIIIIIISSSS!!!! A man runs out of the bathroom, terrified.

Downstairs, Sun-gyeol thinks he heard something. His secretary tells him that maybe it is nothing.

Upstairs, Osol finally unplunges the tub and tells the toilet thank you, thank you, thank you. Then she walks away and mutters to herself that she understands why they had to do a physical test. But then she sees office workers working and puts herself into the scene as one of them. She imagines having a lovely working environment but is pulled from it by a woman who asks her to step aside. She also calls her ajumma.

Osol steps aside but grummbels about her calling her an ajumma. Are all cleaning people ajummas? But then this woman trips and falls on the floor, she splashes her coffee all over so Osol has to clean it. the woman asks Osol (ajumma) for a tissue. Osol is so annoyed to be called ajumma again and tells hr that she isn’t. But the woman just ignores her and says that she is making her mad. Then she starts pointing places that she has to clean.

osol starts to call this woman an ajumma so this woman starts to get upset. Osol is all like you are the only woman here and you called me an ajumma so I thought you were one as well. But this lady tells her that she is just an ajumma, dont you have your pride? Osol is about to go off, but then the team leader comes up so this woman tells her team leader all that happened but of course make it look like this is all Osol’s fault.

This woman makes it seem like Osol does not want to clean up anything. So the team leader asks Osol if she is coming from the cleaning company and that they are not supposed to cause trouble with their work. Should I tell your CEO myself? Should I tell him to train his people well?

Osol is about to snap back, but then she catches herself and tells him that he is sorry, it is her first day. the team leader lets it slide and goes into the office. the woman tells Osol to clean up all that and this tissue. She throws it on the floor.

But then Sun-gyeol comes out of nowhere like a super hero and tells Ajumma that she needs to clean what she throws as he snaps on his gloves.
Sun-gyeol keeps calling this woman an ajumma and tells her that she should talk nicely, then people will talk nicely back to her. We did not contract this side, this is service. You need to finish this up by yourself. he takes off his gloves and tells Osol that this is her first training day but it does not mean that she needs to clean outside of where they are contracted. Also, you do not need to apologize to anything that is not fair. Okay? We provide a cleaning service, we do not bow to people. Keep that in mind okay.

he walks out and Gwon gives Osol a pat. They all happily walk off. The woman wonders what is going on. Osol smiles at her and tells ajumma that she heard it right? I will lend you the rag. You can use it and then put it in storage, okay ajumma? Bye-bye. She walks off with the woman holding he rag and wondering what she is supposed to do.

Later on, the team lines up as Sun-gyeol walks around checking their cleaning job. He has his gloves on and tweezers out. he finds one single hair and puts it in a ziplock bag. Then he gets out a cue-tip and slides it along a crevace in the desk. Then he checks the germ level with a machine, it says 0 germs. Okay.

Sun-gyeol gives them all an okay symbol. They did a good job.

The team breathes a sigh of relief and celebrates. One of them thought this was like CSI Miami, they were so nervous.

Afterward, Osol sits at an outdoor cafe and tries to put on Icy-hot and take off an old one. Choi comes up behind her and rips it off. She yells in pain and then gives him the stink face as he casually sits at her table. He asks her what she is doing alone there. She tells him that he should never tell her father that he saw her there, okay? Choi is curious, why?

Osol isn’t all that interested in telling him why. he tells hr that he can help her put the icy hot on so they have a little back and forth as he grabs it from her and puts it on her neck. then he tells her that she pretends like she is so strong, but actually she is pretty weak.

Osol starts to ask him if he is fortune teller? You have a relationship with that other fortune teller woman, so are you one? how about me? What about my love life and my future job! Tell me! But Choi tells her that fortune tellers don’t see the future, they only guess based on the pass. Osol thinks this only confirms that he is a fortune teller, so just tell me. But he says that he usually does not see these things.

He puts his hands on his face and says that he sees a person from the North East that is tall and handsome enough. Osol kind of looks around and then checks her phone compass for the North East. Her phone points directly to Choi. He smiles.
Osol gives herself a great big stretch as she wakes up in bed. But hen her eyes grow bright as she checks the clock. She is way late! She hops up with a SCREACH! and starts putting on her clothes, but she is so achy and can’t barely get any of her clothing on. However, she manages and then hops out to the bathroom. Her brother is all like, what in the world are you going to do with your hair?

Her hair is all over the place, but she says it looks okay and then yells at her appa for breakfast and runs out with her towel still on. While running, she sprays perfume or something on her hair, maybe dry shampoo? And tries to run after the bus. But she just misses it!

Radio – Today the air polution is low, it wil be a nice day. You should do an outdoor activity today.

Sun-gyeol drives out of his house garage happily, but then he sees Osol and she sees him. She yells ar him to give her a ride. But she looks so disheveled and messy. Her food is all over her face as well. He quickly rolls up hiw window and drives away as if he is Night of the Living Dead. Osol has to try and catch a taxi.

Later on, Sun-gyeol stops to clean off the little mess that Osol left on his car. Like rice particles and little water marks on his window. Gwon sees him and wonders what he has been doing this moring? He stands up with a sigh and then looks at Gwon carefully. She wonders what he is looking at, is something on her face?

He tells her no, I wonder what white particles on the hair are for women. It should not be dandruff right? And using a towel as a handkerchief and having food particles on the face…Gwon has no idea what he is talking about. he tell sher that it is nothing and walks off.

Osol runs up and tells hre that she is sorry that she is late. Gwon understands immediately that this is what Sun-gyeol was talking about as Osol smiles and ays tha she is so happy tht she isn’t late! Gwon smiles and tells her about her towel. then she tells her to go ahead and go inside as she tries to keep from chuckling.

Inside, Osol is all ready to work in her pink outfit. She talks to Joo-yeon as she prepares hr cleaning thing. Jooyeon pretty much tells her that she would run from her as well if she looked crazy like that. Try not to talk about someone else too much before inspecting yourself. Also, it is your first company party. then she mentions the crush guy. It looks like he broke up with the girlfriend and talks about how he made a big mistake, that rat faced guy. he is a man fox. he should stop keeping women around, don’t pick up his call okay!

Osol tells her of course not and then asks where she is. Joo-yeon tells her that she is at Odols competition today. Osol tells ehr that she is the best and then they get off the phone because Odol is coming out for his Taekwondo competition. But then she sees the crushes text. he wants to meet with her and apologize for what happened.
Meanwhile, it looks like Odol is doing a great job at his competition.

Later on, Osol and the cleaning team go out to a group dinner at a very clean and expensive looking sea food restaurant. But no one wants to sit next to the boss so Osol has to do it. Osol is about to sit but Sun-gyeol says he is left handed so that might be uncomfortable for her and him, can you sit somewhere else? She is all like…sure…so she goes to sit across from him. But he tells her that he has long legs so they might hit her, maybe you can sit somewhere else? Way over……there.

Osol looks at Gwon, she gives her a nod and wink to go ahead and do it.

So Osol goes way to the end. then Sun-gyeol toasts to everyone with his own mug that he brought and starts to sit to eat. But then he starts to clean his silverware so Osol asks what he is doing, that is going too far right? But the person she is talking to says it is fine, he does own a cleaning company right?

Osol thinks he is too clean, but then they make eye contact so osol tries to say that she will work there for a long time, yay! Yong-sik tells Dong-hyun that he will pour him a drink, but Dong-hyun says no. Osol tries to cheer with the four of them since the situation is a bit awkward. they decide to toast with her.

On the other side of the table, Gwon tells Sun-gyeol that Osol is a bright and happy person. i picked a good person right? Sun-gyeol looks at her, questioningly.

Afterward, Gwon gets an urgent call and has to go to the hospital. She quickly tells Dong-hyun that she has an urgent personal matter and has to leave early. Dong-hyunt ells her not to worry, he will tell Sun-gyeon.

At the same time, we see a very drunk osol waiting for the bus and getting a call from the ex crush. She yells drunkenly about the bus already leaving.

Cut to her standing outside the company building . Sun-gyeol walks out so osol starts to talk to him so super drunk like (it is so adorable) she wants to eat some warm soup and hang out and starts yelling about going to the second location! Lets go! COme on! I know of a street bar! But she is the only one left there, no one else is around, lol She tells Sun-gyeol to catch hr.

Sun-gyeol is trying to find out where everyone is, where are they all, wait, Osol, wait! Osol keeps running off and then runs right into a pole. She slowly passes out hugging it. Everyone on the street looks at them and chuckles. Sun-gyeol is about to walk off, but then two club looking thug guys come up to Osol and ask who this cutie is, want to come with us? they start to pick her up.

Sun-gyeol turns around and tells them to leave her alone. it looks like he is stuck with ehr for the night.

Cut to her sleeping in his car. he wrapped her entire chair in clean wrap, but Osol’s head is flopping this way and that so he tries to put it back on the clean wrap. However he also has to drive so this is a difficult thing to do. She kind of wakes up so he asks her if she is okay. She tells him that sh needs a bag, her stomach….ughhh.

Sun-gyeol tells her that he will stop! i will stop! I will kill you if you throw up! You can stop! You can do it! You can do it! People endure all sorts of things in life! Breathe! Breathe!

She starts to breathe and is able to calm herself, but the she is about to throw up again. However, she has a huge burp instead. He is all like, what is this smell……UGH, did you throw up! he opens the window, he is about to throw up and starts yelling out the window, SAVE ME! SAVE ME! Then he yells at Osol, DON’T COME NEAR ME!
Finally, Osol starts to walk to her house. Sun-gyeol follows her to make sure she makes it, but he looks like he would rather be anywhere else. however, she runs right into the excrush guy. He asks her why she did not check her messages, he called her a lot. Osol just tells him to go away. The crush asks who SG is so he tells him that he is her boss.

the crush asks if they have seen each other before? SG says that he does not remember. So the crush thanks him for bringing SG home and then grabs Osol by the hand to take her home. But she drunkenly tells him that she does not want to go with him. I don’t like it! SG watches this for a moment and then grabs Osol’s other hand

SG – It looks like she does not like it. She is my employee so I will take her myself.

They both pull Osol closer to them like she is the rope in a tug-of-war. Cut to Choi and Odol walking up happily after the Taekwondo competition. they see Osol so they walk right up to see what is going on.

SS – Odol….and the upstairs guy…..*drunk smile*

Sun-gyeol tells them not to go closer to her and then asks Odol if he is her brother? He says yes so SG gives him Osols hand and tells him that he can take her home. He turns and walks away with determination. Osol looks at him and says he is a bad guy. they are all like, is he a bad guy? The ex looks on as well.

But then Osol grabs something from her brother and runs after her CEO. She thanks him for thanking her home and then drunkenly gives him something. She actually puts it in his jacket for him and stumbles off again up the street.

Sun-gyeol is all like, eww, what is this? He is about to go up but then feels what is in his pocket….INTESTINES! He drops it on the gorund and looks at her.

he drunkenly turns around and waves, THIS IS THE ONLY THINK I CAN GIVE YOU, THANK YOU!

Then she drunkenly flaps away.

Sun-gyeol yells her name and freaks out.
Osol cannot believe that two guys were fighting over her as she eats breakfast with her brother. She is happy to hear it but wonders why she cannot remember it. Choi tells her that she has a good boss that brought her here then they stast to talk about the soondae that they are supposed to have. Where did it go?

Soondae are the intestines that osol gave to Sun-gyeol. She remembers that she did it and gasps.

At home, Sun-gyeol meditates about not hating people or worrying about what other people do and all those things. he takes a deep breath as the recording tells him that everything will be an important relationship, so hold hands together and go along a narrow trail (Osol Gil is a narrow trail in the mountain, but her name is Gil Osol so he starts to think about her). He tries to turn off the recording but accidentally puts it on repeat so it keeps saying Osol Gil Osol Gil Osol Gil.

Gwon apologizes for leaving early last night because her kid was sick. He turns around and tells her that intestines are the food that he hates the most. Squichy soondae with it’s smell, Soondae! She asks why he is talking about it. He asks her if she ever recieved Soondae for a ride? Gwon is all like, did something happen last night? Sun-gyeol annot talk anymore, he thinks he will pass out.

he walks away but walks right into his mother and her lover. the lover asks if this is he son that gives her the most trouble. he puts out his hand to shake and tells him that he is handsome like his mother. But SG does not shake and asks why they are there, it is not for a date so tell me what you need.

Umma apologizes for her son and tells SG that he is looking for an investor right? Yang can help you. SG tells them no thank you.

Cut to Osol getting out of the elevator on the CEO’s floor. She is stunned at the look of it. Perhaps she wants to apologize?

In the office, SG talks to his mother alone. She tells hi that she wants to help him, you should not do this alone. But SG thinks tat he has done everything alone so he can do this alone as well. You just showed up all of a sudden and want the mom role. Umma is a little sad to hear it but tells him, okay, I will step into my mother role. i am so sorry that I left you alone until now. I am trying. is there something wrong with it? I can’t get money from our company because of grandpa, so what is wrong with asking my boyfriend to help you? Other parents try to help their kids gain success, so why are you telling this to me?

he tells her to leave, she was not there when he needed her so why now?


Sun-gyeol walks out. His mother yells at him and tells him that sh would not do this if he lived normally. You can just show off to me and I will be happy. SG walks out of his office and right into Osol. She is stunned at what she just walked in on and tries to apologize about last night. But he keeps walking out, pissed.

Osol hangs her head and then sees that her ex-crush Dojin is calling her again.

Cut to a meeting at a nice place with Dojin. he thanks her for coming and says that he was worried that she would not show up. Why didn’t you tell me that you got a job? No one knows about it? What kind of company? She tells him it is a small and nice company with good vision.

he starts to order but Osol tells the waitress that she will order later, sorry. then she tells him that she is there because this is nice to say in person. Do not call me again and do not call me out. He tells her that not talking to her makes him sad. But she cuts him off and says that she liked him for three years.

OS – I realized what happened before. If this is because you broke up with your girlfriend and think I am easy, just dont do these things anymore. I am not that freshman that looks up to you anymore.

SG – Do you date that guy now? yeah, a boss would not behave like this, I am stupid.

OS – Well, you know now so don’t call me anymore. I am busy and I dont want to see you anymore. I am being truthful.

Elsewhere, Sun-gyeol scrubs and scrubs and scrubs his hands. he is sent into a memory of doing the same thing as a little guy.

His maid comes in to see if he is done cleaning, but actually she becomes worried because his skin is all red from cleaning himself so much. She tells him that he is scrubbing to hard, but he tells her that he heard that he has to be clean for his mother to come back.
In the street, Osol tells herself that she did a good job. Then she sees Sun-gyeol walking on the street as well. She introduces herself to him and says that she lives around the corner but then realizes that he knows that already.

She apologizes for this afternoon and says the timing was bad, she just wanted to apologize to him. then she tells him that the person she saw must be his mother, she was very pretty.

OS – You think that person next to you will be there all the time, but nothing stays there forever, even parents.

SG – So what do you want to say?

OS – Your mother looks like she cares for you a lot.

SG – DOn’t matter in my business, let’s just go our own way. It looks like your neighborhood does not have too many people around.

Osol works outside somewhere with hre team and talks to Joo-yeon about not meeting with her crush anymore and told him to stop contacting her. But then hse sees the crush, it looks like she is right by his office?

He takes her to the side and talks about how she said she works at a small but good company? So you met your boss cleaning? *ha ha* yeah, same class people meet each other.

Osol takes a deep breath and tells him that her CEO is not the kind of person he can just chuckle about. But he tells her that the CEo will not just date her, did you ask him to pretend to be your boyfriend after you got my call? No one will date someone like you *ha ha*

How can you say that?

Just pretend like you did not hear it. If you are uncomfortable, I will not call you anymore and I will keep this secret from other people becuse you will be embarrassed.

i am not embarrassed.

Your CEo pretends not to have anything else to do and pretends to be your boyfriend? *ha ha*

the CEo stats to walk up. She sees him.

Yes, my CEO is a good person, he does not look down on people like you. And, he just came. JAGIA! (BABY).

She goes up to SG and pretends that he is her boyfriend then whispers for him to save her. The crush comes out and says that it is nice to see her again. But he tells them that they are awkward, they don’t even hold hands. SG is so annoyed. Osol tries to play it off and sends SG a secret signal to just give her a break.

He is all like, I don’t want to so the crush chuckles and says that she does not have a good relationship with her boyfriend.

Osol tells him that she is sorry, she will borrow it one time. He is all like, what?

Then she pulls him into a kiss.

Fade Out

Osol looks at her compass in the building and it points North East and right at Sun-gyeol. She is all like, no way! And goes back inside the elevator. At the company dinner, Sun-gyeol is still North East.

I love how all the people at the company are nice and that their boss sticks up for them. You would think that would be a given, but it is actually pretty rare and borderline unheard off in Kdramas, so it is a welcome change!

This show continues to be a delight to watch on a Monday. I think the actors also have fun with it because I kind of catch them smiling when they should be doing something outlandish.

SG – Why am I involved with Gil Osols life and all this trouble!
Choi – What is that downstairs woman doing?
Abogi – Today is the anniversary of my kids mothers death
SG – (didn’t really heart his part)
Gwon – I don’t think you are like you were before, why don’t you meet your doctor?
SG – Jang Sun-gyeol, you are crazy.
Doctor – That is not my specialty, the Eastern medicine is called *medical term* but people call it “love sickness”
SG – You work without your mind here, that is why you make these nonsense mistakes.
SG – I don’t want to see you anymore, so just leave now.

The top Image is by jtbc and edited using PicMonkey.

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  1. jammmm
    December 3, 2018 / 8:58 am

    I also agree 100%!!! I’m here and ready to crack up at work and cover it with cough!

    • V
      December 3, 2018 / 11:13 am

      Lol! I hope that went well! 😁

  2. Anonymous
    December 3, 2018 / 2:44 pm

    It was strange and then also pretty fun when the two leads started arguing with each other and he actually stepped out of his frame and into hers.

    • V
      December 3, 2018 / 7:24 pm

      It was!

    • Rose
      December 4, 2018 / 5:33 am

      Yup, that was so funny…almost the whole episode was funny 😄

      I guess the reason why he’s a neat freak was because of her mom huh?

      • V
        December 4, 2018 / 6:38 am

        It seems like it is because his grandfather told him that he has to be clean in order for his mother to come back and because he didn’t have a father. Something like that.

  3. Rose
    December 3, 2018 / 3:07 pm

    Thanks for the recap! Cant wait to watch it later or tomorrow. I guess i found the drama that will replace my Beauty Inside. 😊

    • V
      December 3, 2018 / 7:25 pm

      How did you like the ending to that one? I plan on Binging it when I get time over the Holidays. But I might skip if the ending was horrible.

      • Rose
        December 3, 2018 / 9:37 pm

        The Beauty Inside? I do love the ending of it even though they did not explain one important part of the drama, w/c i thought they will since that in the movie they didnt explain there either. I really love how the whole drama was so funny and romantic…and for a change, NOT TRAGIC 😅. Although to be honest the drama can survive without the last episode but at the same time i love it coz there are a lot of cute moments. Cant explain much about it coz i dont want to spoil you.

        Over all i give it 4 out of 5 starts….well maybe 4.5. Hope you’ll like it too when you binge it V. 😊

        • Rose
          December 3, 2018 / 9:39 pm

          *stars (damn typo errors 😄)

  4. Rose
    December 3, 2018 / 3:16 pm

    Btw….the other guy, Osols ex crush (i forgot his name)….he is successful on annoying me…i want to punch his face…really…like seriously…he’s on my blacklist now 😄

    • V
      December 3, 2018 / 7:26 pm

      He is so horrible. Osol’s friend knew it, but Osol was blinded by love.

  5. Rose
    December 4, 2018 / 5:27 am

    I finally watched the 3rd episode…omg! This episode was so funny….that toilet scene and the boss in the car gagging because of the smell of her burp….the face….cant stop laughing! 😂😂😂😂😂….and the chicken feet thats doing (kinda) an F.You sign 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • V
      December 4, 2018 / 6:37 am

      Yes, that was definitely an F-you chicken foot, lol 😆

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