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Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 16 Live Recap Final

Clean With Passion for Now Episode 16 Recap

It has been a long road for this drama to get to the finale and we are finally here. Is everyone still with us? Did we lose a few along the way? I know all those cancelations/postponements played a role. I will remember this show for the fun bubbly first episodes and hopefully for a cute final episode. Fingers crossed.

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Sun gyeol and Osol say their proper goodbyes to each other, though he does not want to shake her hand due to all the scars on his hand. She wishes he has a good life and hopes that he will. then she turns and walks away.

TITLE: Clean With Passion For Now!!

Sun-gyeol goes to work and cleans off his desk. Gwon goes up to him while he puts his last item in his box. He tells her that she does not need to resign, he will jsut leave. But she thinks the company would due better with him in the company. Also, she needs to tell him something about his grandfather.

Flashback to her meeting him at a conference, they were sitting next to each other.

VO – First of all, I first met him at an obsessive compulsive neurosis conference.

they started to talk afterward. he says that it would be difficult for a little kid to have obsessive compusvive disease. She says it is all her fault that he became like that. then they talk about his son, shes thinks he is in middle school but he is actually 24. he chuckles and says that it is difficult to remember with age. 

Gwon – I met the chairman one more time. After Kim Geum-ja died. He was worried about you not having any other personal attachment after Geum-ja died. So he asked me if I could help you because I am a mother with a compulsive obsessive son, so that is how I got the job. I submitted my resignation letter only because I have no reason to stay in the Cleaning Fairy Company without you. thank you so much.

Her voice cracks at the end as she thanks him then turns to leave. Sungyeol continues packing and walks out. His cleaning team runs out and asks him not to leave, what will they do without him. Sungyeol apologizes to Dong-hyun first since he recruited him. If anything happens to his Halmoni, don’t hesitate to call, it won’t be an imposition. He tells Jaemin that he enjoyed his movie, he was cool and serious and had good eyes on screen. He will support  him as well. Then he talked to Young-sik, he thinks cleaning is a good job for him even though it is difficult work. He does a good job until the end. He tells them that he learned a lot from them and then walks off.

Elsewhere, Odol stands at school thinking about what his sister told him about running away and not progressing. Then we cut to him at home eating. He told his family that he was not going to college. Appa asks what he is going to do? How will he make a living? You don’t go to college or compete so what now? CHoi tells him that he can be angry at this age, but he should not be too hasty, when you give up, you are done.

Odol tells him that he is not going to stop competing, he is still going to do taekwondo, he will not run away, noona was right. He will face it with his skills. He can’t compete for one year since he is suspended, but he will still have a chance if he joins a pro team. So if it happens he will just have a one year pause and thats it. Osol tells him that it he made a good decision.

Later on, Odol chases after jooyeon and gives her his pin again. He tells her that se has to hold it until he gets gold, he will not be stupid anymore, I promise you. They hug and he spins her around.

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The next day, Sungyeol looks at a whale and then looks at a shop. Osol once told him that a super great thing is inside. One of the kids pulls on his jacket and says that he is the guy that dated the noona that helped him find his teeth, where you dumped? You should do better. Sungyeol agrees and then asks the kid what this whale thing is. the kid says that it is a thing that gives you one more chance! It is rare!

Someone calls the little boys name so he runs off. Sungyeol looks at the whale card.

Meanwhile, Chairman Cha is sick at home as Choi comes to talk to him about last stage treatment. He is refusing chemo.  Chairman Cha wants to know why he did not talk to the media about his disease, did his ethics as a doctor hold him back? Choi says that might be right, he did not want to reveal it in the begining because threatening someone with their weakness makes things stay the same.

Cha asks if Choi is also a victim of the accident. Choi says that he is actually the acusser. Flashback to that day that the building collapsed. He says that it was a cruel sight, maybe you want to avoid it and become a workaholic to be perfect. But you also have depression because you cannot meet your own expectations. You want to protect everything, the company and your family, but what have you protected now? It looks like you have reached your limit. The pain killers you asked for will cause breathing problems when it is combined with morphine, so I will not give it to you. If things get really difficult, please tell me later.

Choi leaves and meets with Sungyeol outside. Choi asks him if he came to see Osol. SG says he is there to see him, he wants to have a session with his doctor and he also wants to ask him something.


Osol wakes up Odol like a big sister and tells him to hurry up and get up! Odol yells that he worked out already. Osol reads a love letter that Odol wrote to Min Jooyeon about not being about to work out because he thinks about so much. She chides him about when he started liking her! How can you like your sisters friend! Are you reborn as Min Jooyeon’s boyfriend! Come here!

Odol manages to escape into the bathroom or another room. Choi goes up to her and asks to talk to her for a moment.

Cut to Sungyeol walking around his home and thinking about all the memories that Osol left in his place. Flashback to all those memories in his apartment. He walks out.

Choi tells Odol that Sungyeol is going to America and wanted him to give this box to her. he asks if she would like to say goodbye. She says no, she already said goodbye to him.

Elsewhere, the chairman takes the quickest route to wherever he is going, but it looks like this route made him pass by the building collapse sight. He thinks about what Osol told him about how she is not going to regret, he is the one that will regret. the Chairman asks his driver to turn the car around.

He goes to Appa’s house and sits with the family. Appa asks why he is there, he thought he would not see him anymore. The Chairman says that he needs to tell him something, that is why he came. he coughs a bit so Appa gets him some water. the chairman thinks about drinking it. But he stops coughing and says, actually, he has never done this before. he does not know the best way. He doesn’t know what he should tell them. he can’t guess.

Appa, Odol and Osol just look at him but Appa turns his head away.

The chairman stands up and bows deeply in apology to appa and the kids. He says he is sorry and also apologizes for his apology coming so late. he is really sorry.

Teary eyes all around.

Gongtae appa tells him that it is okay, he can leave now. Then appa goes to his room. Osol walks the chairman out and tells him that apologizing shouldn’t be too easy for him. Forgiving is also not easy, it will take time. But what you showed us today will be remembered. Good bye.

Cha tells her that she was right, regretting and being under pain should be him. Osol pauses but then walks back inside.

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Inside, she thinks about Cha talking about how he gave her a hard time with his old man greed. It was hard for her and Sungyeol, he gave them both too much pain. Osol breathes hard as she thinks about this and then sees the little box that Sungyeol wanted her to have. She takes it and runs to find him.

he is at the airport waiting to leave. He is sitting in a pensive mood as he holds his passport with his gloved hand and waits.

Osol gets to the airport in a frantic mood and quickly finds out the proper airline to run to. Meanwhile, Sungyeol stands up to get ready to leave. he gives one last look back at Seoul and then turns his head to walk off and catch his flight.

osol runs up and looks for him, but she goes in the wrong direction? it looks like she ran somewhere else. he keeps walking and she keeps running around and almost seeing him. But she misses him completely and he leaves. Osol cries in the airport after not finding him.


The chairman has a press conference about the collateral victims that they had during their remodeling. He acknowledges it and is responsible for it. Today he is resigning as chairman. He will give all the money back to the public.

Osol rides her bus and voices over that no one talks about him and she also does not mention his name. His share in her heart is getting smaller and smaller.

She goes to meet her cleaning friends, or maybe she mised them on accident? She asks why they are there. They are at the memorial and cemetery, they tell her that the CEo asked them to take good care of that place.

She goes inside and imagines that Sungyeol is cleaning her mom’s resting place and then bowing to her. 

VO – Sometimes, very rarely, I miss him.


A man who is in need of a haircut and walking lessons stumbles out of the airplane and around the airport. He is dishevelded looking and looks very drunk as well. Everyone is scared of him. the man keeps stumbling along and bumps into Sungyeol. SG helps him stand back up and asks him if he is okay and that he should not drink in this public space like this. He is able to touch the man and clean off his face even. he tells him that he looks cooler with his hair out of his face and then throws away the mans bottle.

It looks like his disease is all cured. He walks off and calls his mother to let her know that he just came back. he tells her not to worry, he can find the way himself. Then he breathes in the Korea air and walks out.

Meanwhile, Osol calls someone on the phone and talks about scheduling and trainings. She goes to a building where it looks like she is an employee there. She has her own cubicle at this agency, it looks like she is a manager for athletes now and has a full life as an employee with friends and everything.

After work, her appa calls her so she lets him know that she is going home. She asks if he wants to eat anything? Today is her payday. Sungyeol ends up seeing her on the street as he drives by. Osol does not see him. She is still talking on the phone with her appa about getting chicken and beer. the light changes so she starts to walk across the street. But it is snowing and icy outside so she accidentally slips. Sungyeol catches her very dramatically and then tells her that it is nice to see her again.

they stare at each other for a moment in the street as the snow flakes fly by and they block traffic.

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They go to a coffee shop and try to talk but they both talk at the same time. She finally asks when he came back to Korea. he says that he just came back from the airport. She asks if he is okay now? he says he is much much better. He wonders why things bothered him so much before. then he tells her that she is the same, but no, she actually has a different style, but she is also the same to him.

He wonders what to say next and tells her that he is sorry about his grandfather. he knows it doesn’t matter to apologize now, he should have done it before he left, but he did not have the courage and did not know what to do. She tells him that it is all in the past, and it was not his fault. He tells her that he still wanted to apologize. He did not know that he had this much of an issue. He liked her and gave her a hard time, he felt bad about that.

She wonders what they should do, she has to leave. She gets up but he tells her to wait and holds out the whale card. 

SG – If this is still valid, then I want to start over with you from the beginning. One more time.

She is stunned to see the card and thinks about it outside as she looks at it. Choi walks up and sits with her in the snow.

Choi – Why are you here in the cold? Ah, is that the picking place. Did it come back? I thought it was removed because it broke last year. So, this weekend do you want to…

Osol – I met the CEO today. He came back to Korea. It seems like his germaphobia is a lot better.

Choi tells her that it is good that he came back.

Sungyeol sees his mother next. She is so happy to see him especially since he left without telling her. She is still with her boyfriend so Sungyeol thanks him for taking care of his mother, he can trust someone like him. then he holds his mothers hand and tells yang to please continue to take care of her. yang is so touched that he got the seal of approval and tries not to cry. He shakes Sungyeols hand and tells him that he will do his best. They all hold hands. The secretary is about to hug them as well but is left out in a comedic moment.

Sungyeol then goes to someones house (his grandpas house?) where Gwon’s son comes out and tells him that he is dirty, he stepped on poop. SG asks who he is and if he lives there? The boy tells him that he should learn the basics. Gwoncomes out and is surprised to see SG, he is also surprised to see her.

they go to talk where Gwon says that she stops by every now and again to visit Cha since he is all alone in the house. SG asks where his appa is. Appa is being pushed around his large estate by his secretary. He is happy as he loks at his plants and says that spring came to them quickly. then he sees Sungyeol standing in front of him. he is so happy to see Sungyeol.

they go somewhere to sit and talk.

Cha – When I empty it, it fills, when it comes, I can hold. that saying was right. In retrospect, it was nothing. After I lower my importance.

SG – I heard you hired a CEO and returned your money to the public

Cha – I thought you would never come back and I would never see you again. thank you for coming back.

Cha is teary eyed and he holds Sungyeols hands.

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At work, Osol gets a text but tells herself not to do it. But then she looks at her cell phone again. The text is from Sungyeol, he asks to see her for a moment. He is doing something by her job.

She hears some people chattering about something and walks around the corner to see Sungyeol sittingn on a cleaning chair and cleaning her office window. Everyone looks at him doing this and wonders what he is doing. then he falls off his chair so Osol runs out.

But it looks like he is perfectly fine as he thanks the people who helped him for getting him off the cleaning apparatus. he is happy that she ran out to see if he is okay. he says that he is doing research and can wait for her to finish. She does not have to wait for him, as you can see, i will be working. Fighting>

Later on, Osol and Sungyeol finally eat together. Sungyeol says that the food looks so good, he missed it a lot in America. He never thought about eating guksul but now he misses it and wants to eat it. he starts eating and asks her why she is not eating it. Osol tells him that it does not work, they are done. The expiration date has come, you cannot exchange it anymore.

he tries to say something but she continues and says that the machine broke one year ago and they ended two years ago.

OS – I like seeing you again, it is nice to see you healthy, but that is it. I am sorry you waited for a long time. I will leave now.

She starts to leave, but he sees the necklace he got her around her neck. He runs up and holds her arm to keep her back. 

SG – Wait, wait…I did not tell you one thing. I missed you a lot.I missed you so much that looking at you like this feels like a dream. I am not asking you or begging you to come back and look at me. I will wait for you until your heart is all wrapped up.

Elsewhere, Choi sits with his former patients at one of their shops. they might be at the fortune tellers shop. the older man that pretended to be a doctor says that he is starting over, he puts a form on the table. It looks like he got in somewhere. Choi is so happy for him. One of the others asks him if it is fake.  He says it is not fake. the other woman says that she has something to say, she is getting married. The old man asks if this is fake as she passes out her wedding invitations. they both thank Choi. then the fortune teller one tells him that they saved money and want to give it to him since he did not take any money to treat them. They all take a photo together in congratulations for their session ending. Kimchi!

then we cut to a taekwondo National team competition. Odol is fighting and Jooyeon is cheering him on. Odol wins so now he is on the National team. His appa listens on at work and we find out that Odol is going to Tokyo. he tells someone ont he phone that he is going to Tokyo to follow his son. he thinks he can get a gold, that would not be difficult, getting on the National team is difficult.

He goes to wash some more cars and sees that Sungyeol is there to help him. He really wants to help him. But Appa tells him that he is not his father and does not need his help. Sungyeol says that he knows it is difficult to see him and cowardly to ask for forgiveness like this, but this is all that I can do. Appa tells him that he does not need his apology and angrily walks away.

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Osol thinks about meeting Sungyeol as she sits at home and then gets a call that someone had an accident.

Outside, Sungyeol thinks about how he wants to see Osol and wishes for abracadabra magic to see her. then she runs outside. they stare at each other for a moment. Sungyeol says that his friend from Minnesota moved there and wants to see him, um, are you going somewhere.

He ends up driving her to wherever she needs to go. It looks like this is business related so she is calling a lot of people as she drives to let them know that no reporters are involved yet. They go to the hospital where Osol meets with her client or something like that. the manager runs up so Osol tells him that the person did not have a big injury so they can still compete, but they are sleeping now.

the manager then asks who Sungyeol is, your boyfriend? She says that he is not her boyfriend.

The manager says they can wrap it up and he can buy them some food. he walks off. Osol thanks SG, he tells her it is not big deal and she became a cooler person in the last two years. 

All three of them go out to drink and eat. the manager says that Osol should be happy with this nice boyfriend, they don’t know what to say but they keep drinking into the night. 

the manager fills Osols drink and asks why she is so conservative. Sungyeol says that he will drink for her so the manager things that he is a cool boyfriend. he drinks several shots. Afterward, Osol asks if Sungyeol can go home, are you okay? You can’t drink well so why did you do this? Sungyeol is having a hard time talking so she tells him to wait, she will get a taxi.

But he holds her wrist and asks her to wait a little bit, can you be with me? She sits again and waits with him as he smiles at her. 

SG – I am, I never forgot you for the last two years. When we said goodbye, we couldnt’ even hold out hand, so it bothered me. that is why I left to America. It was so difficult in America, but I could survive because of you. Thinking about meeting you again, I wanted to be a confident man in front of you. I really tried hard. Can you tell me I did  good job at least once? Gil Osol, I wish that you smiled at me, just once.

Osol looks at him as he looks at her and then he puts his head on her shoulder. He might have passed out. She lets him rest his head on her shoulder as they both sit there. She touches his cheek and tells him good job, my CEO.

OS – Actually, I was like that, too. For two years I never forgot about you after one moment. How can I forget you, I missed you so much. Mom and Dad and Odol, I am a sinner to them. But I missed you. I missed you so much. I am sorry. I said I would not do anything I would regret, but back then I can not help it.

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The next day at work, Osol works hard at her cubicle. She gets a text from Sungyeol asking if she went home okay and if he made a mistake? He is in his apartment right now. She texts back wondering how he felt and says that he did not make a mistake, don’t worry.

SG is so happy to get a return text. Choi walks around the corner and asks what is going on. SG is all like, how come you are at my house without telling me? they playfully banter about how Choi was his butler, they should not leave the house empty and dirty for long. SG agrees that the place was so dirty. SG thanks him for looking out for his house and says that he will repay him. Choi ass how he is doing with Oh Sol, Sungyeol says he is good, being next to her makes him so happy.

Choi tells him that he hopes they do fine, because both of them are important people to Choi. SG asks him why he is doing that? Choi tells him this is American style to say your emotions frankly, let’s have an American  style greeting. SG puts out his arms for a hug and Choi hops on him like a Koala.

Osol then goes iceskating with Choi and has a good time skating around and showing him how to do it. he is pretty bad and falls all over the ice. Osol tells him that he can’t even skate so why did he suggest this place? take my hand. She extends her hand. he asks why he is looking at her like that? Is something on her face?

he tells her thank you for offering her hand, he thanks her for the past, for now ,and in the future as well. Then he hops up and tells her that he will try it again. They start skating again hand in hand. He does a much better time this time.

The next morning, Appa tells Osol to tell her Choi to eat breakfast. She goes to his place, but he is gone and all his things are gone as well. But he left a yogurt and a letter for her. She says that this is cheating as she looks at both.

VO – Like that, the upstairs doctor left with only comforting words.

Cut to Youngsik, he is a Taekwondo teacher now for little kids. Dong-sik is a delivery man and goes to see him. jaemin is a pretty successful actor and meets them for a meal. Dong-hyun tells him that he enjoys his drama. Youngsik asks why they are meeting up. Sungyeol comes in and says that he called this meeting. they are all happy to see him and the ajumma gives them all extra chicken and food.

Sungyeol tells them that the reason he called them is for a new business. he hands them his proposal. they all say that they missed this and were waiting for it. But Jaemin is all like, well, actually…. ~. Sungyeol tells him that he understands, he should act.

Gwon shows up and asks if she can join. She would like to do this again with him. they are all happy to see her as well and invite her to eat and drink with them into the night.

the next day, Gwon stands by Sungyeol as he starts to get his cleaning company up and running again. they all look at a small building happily. It looks like this is either their first job or their new office building. they all run inside and start to paint the walls. jaemin comes in looking like an actor and brings them all snack food and coffee.

He even helps them clean a bit. But his manager calls him and says that he has a meeting with a movie company, he tells his manager to tell them that he can’t make it today. then he tells all his friends that they have to keep cleaning as the place for the new cleaning fairies. they all keep cleaning happily.

Gwon leaves that night and happily tucks Sungyeol in after a hard days work. He fells asleep at the cleaning company.

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On another day, Gongtae appa talks ont he phone. Sungyeol still helps him out every day even though he doesn’t want him to, but it looks like he lets him do it now. he tells Sungyeol to pack his equipment and then come with him to eat.

they go to a place to eat, but it is awkward as appa does not want to acknowledge Sungyeol at all. he tells him that he heard he was starting a cleaning company again. Odol’s sunbae told me. You have so many jobs you can do, so why are you joining a cleaning company again? SG says that he still likes the positive power of cleaning and making people happy. he is also the best at cleaning. Appa tells him that he heard it from Osol. You cleaning that place were Osols mother is, thank you for that. I was concerned about it whenever I went there. 

Sungyeol tells him that it is nothing. Appa says that Osol grew up difficult, but he appreciates that she grew up okay. She is like a hurt finger to him. Appa lets that sink in a bit and tears up a bit and has another swig of his alcohol.

Cut to the family seeing their mother and wife at her resting place. they all look good as they great her. Osol happily asks her mother why appa brought them all there. Maybe he did something bad. Appa says that the side dish ajumma is just his friend. Odol tells her that he is on the National Team now, he is so cool right? Appa tells his kids to leave, he has something to tell their mother. Osol and Odol walk out and tells appa to have a nice chat.

Appa tells his wife that their kids grew up a lot. Odol is just like him and Osol is just like her. he tries to get the words out but it is all difficult to say. He kneels and tells her that he will forgive them. You know, it is nothing for me to forgive or not, that is actually your job. I wish Osol is loved by the one that she loves without any regrets. I hope she receives love and loves that person, I wish that she lives like that. Do you agree with me?

He sniffs a bit and then chuckles. Outside, he stands  with his kids and tells them that he had a nice conversation with their mom. he says that he can acknowledge one thing and will stop giving that guy a hard time. that guy sungyeol, he is a good guy. I felt that before as well, he is a good guy. So you can go.

Osol asks him what he is doing? Appa says that he told her mother also, so you can go to him. Osol says that he will not see him SO appa is all like, okay, if you think that way then I can take my word back. Osol is all like, no! Appa tells her to go, don’t make him wait too long.

Osol happily looks at her brother and appa and then turns around to run and find Sungyeol.

She runs all the way from the memorial and to the streets of the company building. It is dark outside as she gets to it. Sungyeol is shocked to see her.

SG – Gil Oh sol? Why are you?

She runs and hugs him. He says he is dirty from working all day.

OS – Let’s start over from the beginning, one more time.

They kiss and it starts snowing. He pulls her close to him as they keep kissing. It is a long kiss in the snow. They smile at each other and then kiss some more.

Then we see everyone in the company waiting outside to see their company name. The new name is Clean with Passion for Now. They all look at the name on the building and each other.

SG turns to the screen

SG- For Now (Clean With)

OS – Passion (Passion)

Everyone – Clean! (For Now!)

They all jump!


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This show pretty much ran out of story around episode 6 which is their main issue. But that is sometimes a problem with web drama to Screen adaptations. Watching a show like this one really makes me appreciate What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. Even so, we are glad that we made it to the end and didn’t drop it!

Clean with Passion for Now Cleaning Group Photo

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  1. Megan
    February 4, 2019 / 11:27 am

    A time jump that fixes everyone’s mental illnesses. But of course. Lol! Sigh…

    The actors were awesome, and I liked the cinematography. I’ll give the drama that.

    • V
      February 4, 2019 / 12:56 pm

      The cinematography was good. And yes, the magical time jump that fixed his illness in America. 😁

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