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Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 15 Live Recap

We are on the eve of the finale! Today I have a feeling that Osol is going to throw away all that nonsense and just go love on her man who is in the hospital after going into an obsessive cleaning germophobic episode.

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Sungyeol sees Osol walking and runs to her. She does not talk to him, she just looks at him shocked. Then she turns around and walks away. he runs to her and turns her around. he wants to talk to her, he is worried about her and wants her to tell him why he is doing this to him. He needs to know the reason. She should be like this! All he wants to do is talk.

Choi walks up and tells Osol that she can take her time talking, he will go back first.


Osol – I told you, I hate you.

SG – Why do you hate me now? You should have a reason. We were okay until yesterday. Until we met, we were fine, right?

OS – I am tired, being with you is difficult. Also, I don’t want to struggle to date you since we are not in the same class. Anyway, I hate everything. Don’t come to me and don’t contact me.

She gets up to leave again. he flips her around again.

SG – What if I say no? I still like you. I don’t think what you are saying is truthful. What if I don’t want to separate?

OS  – whatever you think, I am being truthful.

She walks away. He lets her go this time.

She goes home and sits at the table. Choi makes her something ncie to eat and makes a big deal about how it looks good, lets eat. She isn’t that into eating. He tells her that she should eat, he herad she didnt’ eat anything. Are you going to leave Odol like this? We can appeal in a week, we shoudn’t give up here. Osol is interested in the appeal. Choi tells her that they have to work hard to win the appeal. Your cheeks are all gone so eat.

The phone rings. Osol answers it, it is coach. He says that Odol is not going to school. Odol is arguing with Young-sik and trying to get into the cleaning building. Young-sik is keeping him out. SG walks up so Odol tells him that he wants to see the AG chairman. Ask your grandfather so I can see him. It doesn’t matter to talk to you, let me see your grandfather!

The grandfather leaves his daughters house and heads to the hospital. But SG stops his car and tells him to get out. 

SG – You look good after ruining someones life

Cha – You screwed it up, it would not have happened if you did not see her.

SG – Did you have to touch her family?!

Cha – That is the best this halabogi did for you

SG – the best? yeah, you are like that. You don’t care if someone else gets hurt for your own goal. You grew your company like that. How long will you live like that! Turn everything back, if you do that then I will not give up Gil Osol. This is good. I know why I have to apologize. Whatever you do, I will continue with her.

Cha  – 6 years ago, one of the victims of the accident in the city remodeling incident was Osols mother.

SG – What are you talking about?

Cha – The more you do, the harder time she will have. Your relationship will not work out, so end it quickly.

Cha drives off. Later on, SG also drives around the city. he thinks about what his grandfather said about one of the victims of the incident being Osols mother.

Flashback to a memorial and funeral for the victims of the building collapse. SG showed up to pay his respect to everyone. 

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SG pulls his car over and takes in all his emotions.

Meanwhile, Choi gets home and asks Osol if there was any contact from Odol She says no. But then he walks up to them. They ask him why he did not go to school? They are appealing it and the coach said it would be okay. Odol says that he can just not compete anymore so it does not matter. Don’t do anything unnecessary.  He walks off.

Gwon tells Choi that all the extra people added to the appeal are all AG people. Use this list, it might help. 

Later on Choi tells Osol that they appealed and they gave all the information so we just need to wait. osol doesn’t want to sit at home all day, she wants to do something. he doesn’t want her to abuse her body. She thanks him and tells him that she will see him at home. Then she hustles off to work at her restaurant.

They cleaning friends come to see her to hang out. jaemin asks why Odol went there and then they start to talk about AG group and Odol and the chairman and all that stuff. is the rumor true that the CEO is the grandson of AG group? They also start to talk about how the CEO is not looking all that great, he even tripped on the steps. 

Osol explains that they broke up so she doesn’t know how he is doing now.

She leaves and walks the streets. Sungyeol follows her around secretly.

She trips, he wants to help her, but doesn’t.

She keeps walking and approaches a blinking light, she walks right past it. he follows her.

He watches her walk up the hill.

ANother day, Osol gets a call and asks if it is just for tomorrow? Okay, I an do it.

She keeps walking and sees people fixing the block that she tripped on earlier.

She heads home and sees couples sitting togehter while ont he bus, she tries to put them out of her mind. SG sees her ride the bus by, she might have seen him as well. She closes her eyes. The bus stops and shows Choi waiting for her.

SG is secretly watching them.

Choi and Osol end up walking home. Choi tells her that he told her not to try to hard working all day and then studying. Osol looks at the street light and says that it was broken. But it is working now. Choi thinks that someone might have complained about it.

SG keeps following them.

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Sungyeol signs a lot of paperwork at work, his hands are all bloody and he wears his gloves. he is cleaning his hands like crazy now. he has wounds all over them.

Gwon tells his mother that Sungyeol is much worse now, he is in a dangerous situation now. She starts to head out. Her father asks where she is going. She yells at him and says that if something happens to Sungyeol then it is all his fault.

Sungyeol gets home. Choi is there, he tells him that he is late. They start to talk about doctor things and treating germaphobia and how Sungyeol is not doing it anymore. Choi asks why? Will you just live your life like a little kid with your emotions? How long will you live like that?

Sungyeol thinks about it, but asks him to leave. He does not even know why he wanted to fix this disease.

His mother meets with Osol to apologize. She says that she knows she is selfish, but can you meet Sungyeol at least once? It is all my fault and my fathers fault, but Sungyeol is innocent. If something happens to him…

Osol tells her that the CEO is not that weak, it is a difficult time for him, but he should be okay. I am sorry. 

She leaves.

At his home, Sungyeol comes out of his room to Choi preparing a tranquilizer for him when things get to overwhelming and also ointment for his hand. He also bought him batteries for his clock. He tells him that he will be back again. Choi leaves and walks away.

he sees Osol looking up at Sungyeols condo. They both catch eyes and then sit to talk.

OS – you still go to his house….how is he? is he okay? I met his mother. The CEO is not doing well.

Choi – Dont’ worry, I will watch him.

Osol puts her head in her hands. Choi puts his arm around her to comfort her.

Later that evening, Choi looks at his arm and thinks. he meets with another woman and talks about his heart. You think you can do anything for that person, but now I am looking for a little weakness. 

Choi – after they broke up, I thought about whether I could go to her again. I thought about that that was bad right?

Woman – What is so bad about that? You are not a god. you are a human. ou like her so much and would not give up easily. You are so stupid.

Choi – Who said it was easy? It was difficult and I am still having a difficult time. Her smile was really nice so I wanted to make her smile again. But he can’t do that because he is not him.

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On another day, Cha looks at his tumor and then goes to meet his son. He gives him a hard time about having his cleaning job and tells him that he should take over AG Group. But SG says he does not like dirty things, he does not want to inherit that dirty company. Use one of your hidden kids, don’t you have one? Use them to inherit it. Just think of your grandson as dead to you. Cha tells him, how dare you? Do you think you made this company by yourself? really? Do you really believe that? No one would invest money in this kids play time. All the biggest share holders you wondered about. To you, if this space is so important then come back to AG, at least I will not remove it.

SG looks at gwon who has a hard time returning his gaze. he talks to her afteraward. Gwon tells him that many companies get early investments. He asks if she knew. She says that she knew so he asks her how she can’t tell him anything. How did you know that Halabogi was behind them? She apologizes and says that she did not want to hid it from him to begin with. She did not want to hide the relationship. Whatever I say, you won’t believe me.

he tells her to leave, then he trashes his desk. His hands starts bleeding again.

Osol gets a call, they will have a board meeting to fire Sungyeol. Osols friends called her to let her know.

Sungyeol starts to drive home thinking about all the things his grandfather told him. He is not focusing on the road and only thinking about all these things. With Cha, Gwon, and Osol. 

He stops looking at the road and gets into a big car accident. 

Osol hears about the accident from Choi. She thinks that she shouldnt’ go to the hospital. Choi tells her that SG is also a victim by chairman Cha. He blames himself and suffers due to abuse by Chairman Cha. Are you going to abandon him? You are the only one he can rely on.

She runs to the hospital.

VO – Wait for me, I am going to you, just wait a little longer.

Sungyeol is in surgery. he lost a lot of blood, his vitals are decreasing.

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Osol gets to the hospital, but is basically turned away by grandfather. However she stands her ground and tells him that he should not be here. He is the one that made his only grandson like this, he pushed him to a cliff and destroyed this innocent life. She will not run away or hide because it is scary. She will not turn back either because he is the one that should. He is the one that should suffer, not the CEO.

She walks by him and heads to the CEO’s hospital room.

She sees him all bandaged up and hooked to all sorts of instruments. She cries right away and sits next to him.

OS – CEO, I am here. Did you wait for a long time?

She sits with him.

Mama runs to talk to her father who just got back and yells at him. He is the one that made Sungyeol like that. You ruined my life and now you are ruining his life as well. Are you happy? If Sungyeol does not wake up then I will blame yo forever until you die. Okay!

She leaves.

In the hospital, Osol tells SG to open his eyes, she is there with him. She continues crying and asking him why he is there like this. She holds his hands and tells him that it was not true that she wanted to break up. She does not hate him, those were all lies. I miss you so much. After breaking up with you, I wished ever night and every morning was a dream that would disappear when I opened my eyes. I know this in not your fault, I know you couldn’t help it. But if you lay here like this, what should I do?

She continues sobbing by his bedside.

Gwon is outside and gives her space to be with Sungyeol.

OS – I am leaving now, when I leave this time, I will not come back anymore. If you want to see me, then look at me now. Wake up and look at me.

She stands to leave but tries to touch his cheek one last time before going. After she leaves, he kind of starts waking up.

Outside, OS talks to Gwon about what might happen to the company. Gwon says that the meeting is delayed due to the accident. But more than half the shares go to AG group, so things will go the way Chairman Cha wants. Osol wonders why he has to do this much. Gwon apologizes and tears up as well. She is sorry she gave Osol and CEO that incurable pain. It is all her fault.

Osol tells her that she should apologize to the CEO, not her. Because the CEO trusted her the most.

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Sungyeol dreams about kissing Osol. She asks him how his sleep was and to wake up, how long were you sleeping. He asks if she is back now? he says for her to wake up. Then she walks away. he hops up and is at home. He tries to follow her out, but she is gone. he screams her name.

In the hospital, he looks a lot better though he still has scratches on his face that have not healed. A tear trickles across his cheek. He wakes up and sees his mother and her boyfriend waiting for him. The boyfriend notices thta he is awake and runs over to him to check, then he gets Maehwa and runs to get the doctor.

Umma touches his shoulder and tells him that he has been in bed for a week. SG thinks back to Osol on the night she came to see him.

All the doctors come in but Sungyeol tries to fight them off to go find Gil Osol. He is not able to. gwon shows up. He asks about the company, but t is clear that he is not the CEO so he tells her that he is not the CEO anymore and she is not the person he thought he knew so they don’t have to see each other anymore.

Gwon leaves and sobs in the car. Her son gives her a handkerchief. 

In the hospital, Maehwa tells Sungyeol that Osol came by, though she wanted to keep it a secret.

Flashback to Osol coming to visit Sungyeol in the hospital. It looks like she visited him more than once.

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It looks like she came everyday that week. The mother later confirms this by saying that she came everyday and would look at him quietly and leave. She would sit with the mother and tell her that she would not come back, but she would come back the next day.

MH – She was next to you everyday.

Sungyeol starts to tear up in his hospital bed. His umma is happy sitting next to him and tells him that it is time for her to come. He looks up expectantly.

At home, Osol starts to prepare to leave. But then she overhears her appa talking to Choi about Sungyeol waking up. They talk about how she cries all the time and how difficult it is for her. They understand how she feels but this is not a fateful relationship.

Osol closes the door.

Sungyeol waits for her to show up. He paces his room as he waits.

Osol is at home doing the laundry. Choi asks her if she will go tot he hospital? She says she will not go anymore. Choi realizes that she heard them talking. Osol thinks appa probably felt bad watching her go to see him, so it is good that he is awake at least.

Maehwa looks in on her son, but he is not there. her son actually drove himself to see his grandfather who is overlooking a garden river. Cha tells his grandson that he looks cured. SG tells him to let Osols family go. Cha tells him that Osol has determination that is different from a weak guy like him. Come back to AG and I will listen to your wish.

SG mentions that he said the same thing when he came back from America. Everything he loves is just a tool for him to control him. He had a little hope, at least this time he could listen to him without any conditions since his grandson is still alive. Si years ago he went to the accident site to apologize to everyone. he thought his sin could be forgiven.

But back then he never thought that the family of someone he would love would be there.

Cha tells him that it was an accident. it was not avoidable. But SG tells him that it was his fault. It happened due to his wrong decision. Cha says that he just wanted to keep the date. He followed the proper steps and gave them money. SG tells him that that is his standard, just how he treated him until now. It is late, very late, but you shuold apologize to the victims and ask for forgiveness, this is my last request to you as your grandson.

He walks off. His grandfather calls his name a few times and then tears up.

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At home, Osol tries to convince Odol to not give up to keep competing and to appeal the case. odol is upset at her and says she is doing this because she wants to see that guy. She says it is true, it is a guilty feeling, maybe she is using him for her dream, but she is not seeing him anymore. she will not see him. She quit competing and she regrets it. She said it was okay, but it was never okay. 

OS – I thought I could try hard and live like other people, but I couldn’t do it. Back then I ran away. When people run away, they cant move forward, the only thing I can do is survive, I don’t want you to be like that. I hope you dont’ give up and run away like me. Noona will do what I can do before I regret it. I will do it.

Meanwhile, SG talks to someone about the extra list for the appeal and how they are all AG people. You think it is a coincidence but this is evidence that it is not. The man says it is all circumstantial evidence. SG says that this circumstantial evidence will become true, you will see.

Osol goes to submit the paperwork. She bumps into SG outside. They stare at each other longingly and also in a bit of shock.

They go somewhere to talk. 

OS – I heard you were discharged from the hospital, are you all recovered?

SG – No, but it is all okay for day to day life…..How have you been? You look skinnier

OS – Am I? …. CEO, why are you here?

SG – It’s just, I couldn’t just let this happen.

OS – It will be difficult, your grandfather is a scary person

SG – I am sorry, it is all because of me.

OS – I have to leave.

They both stand.

SG – Thank you so much. For all the time I had with you, it was all a miracle. In the future, when I think about it, it will be the same.

Osol extends her hand to shake.

OS – It is time to say goodbye. We didn’t do it properly.

He is hesitant to shake her hands due to all his scars. he covers his hands. She takes her hand away and tells him to live well. She hopes that happens.

She turns and walks away.

Fade Out

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Okay, we had several ridiculous things happen this episode. The most ridiculous is the truck of doom head on collision accident that lead to serious emergency surgery were his vital signs were diminishing and he lacked proper blood supply. Was in a coma for one week. Yet woke up fully recovered then promptly drove a car to yell at his grandfather and was in his home by the end of the day. Umm…no. Did this show just give up on logic all together?


SG – I was sorry because I liked Gil Osol and gave her a hard time

Choi – No, you wanted to save everything, your company and Sun Gyeol. So, what did you save?

OS – No one talks about him, I am also not mentioning his name, but sometimes ….

Choi – He wants me to give it to you. If you go there now then it won’t be too late.

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  1. Megan
    January 29, 2019 / 12:48 pm

    Sooooo cliche.


    This drama could’ve been so good…great cast (although maybe not together as a couple), great premise, bad writing.

    *sigh again*

    • V
      January 29, 2019 / 2:58 pm

      Yes, so cliche, but with no extra thing to either have fun with it or spin it another way. They are basically playing the cliches straight which makes me feel like I hoped in a time machine to 2006.

      • Rose
        January 30, 2019 / 8:48 am

        Actually i kinda lost interest in it. I’ll just binge the episodes that i missed. But still, thank you V for sticking to it for the pips here who loves this show. ☺

        • V
          January 30, 2019 / 10:10 am

          Definitely lost interest in this show, but trying to finish since there is only one episode left!

          • bwv232
            January 30, 2019 / 11:15 am

            Dropped it a few episode ago. I’m at a loss as to understand how the person that wrote the first two episode is the same writer that perpetrated the recent ones. I guess I’ll watch Best Chicken, instead.

            • V
              January 30, 2019 / 5:06 pm

              Oh, what’s Best Chicken?

              • bwv232
                January 30, 2019 / 6:39 pm

                It just started airing. A modest little drama about a young guy who works at a prestigious company that decides to give up the corporate life in order to open a chicken restaurant.

              • V
                January 31, 2019 / 11:37 am

                That sounds fun!

  2. E
    January 30, 2019 / 6:16 pm

    thats why I decided to stop watching the show and just read your recaps to find out what I have not missed. This is the first time I gave up on a show …there were so many that were hopeless but I persisted til the end

    • bwv232
      January 30, 2019 / 6:48 pm

      I’m the opposite. I drop more dramas than those that I watch to completion. Dropped Memories of the Alhambra after Ep. 14.

      • V
        January 31, 2019 / 11:38 am

        I drop shows so easily, too. But I try to stick with shows that we are recapping. However, sometimes it is so hard to stay with them!

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