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Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 12 Live Recap

This show continues to be cute, and even though I don’t actually have to watch it, is a nice show to watch after The Crowned Clown, because TCC is so heavy whereas this show is so light and fluffy. So we plan on continuing until the end! Don’t hold us to it, because if they have another hiatus then it might go bye bye from our lineup, but that is the plan.

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Sungyeol is helped back to his room by Osol but he is so heavy so they both end up collapsing on his bed in the perfect sleeping position with his arm under her head. He is still sleep, so she uses this moment to lightly touch his face and rest her hand on his cheek as she whispers, I am sorry that I pretend that I do not know your heart.

But then he startles awake and quickly grabs her hand off of his cheek. 

SG – If you are sorry to me, then I hope you recognize it from now on at least.

Then he slowly moves in to kiss her. She thinks about kissing him but hops up and yells about how late it is! Bye-bye! She runs out and back to her room where she falls on the floor in exasperation as she thinks it is all messed up.


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In the morning, Osol sneaks out of her room and peeks around the corner to see if he is still there. He is standing just off her hallway and greets her with a: whats for breakfast. She is a bit stunned and starts to walk off, but he holds her hand and asks where she is going. I am super hungry.

She embarrassingly starts to make breakfast for him, but it is awkward.

she makes a nice breakfast and tells him to enjoy it as she starts to leave. But he tells her to sit as well. He thanks her for the meal and starts eating happily.

OS – Well, yesterday…

SG – You are attracted to me right? It is true

OS – Maybe a misunderstanding

SG – Lets date, Gil Osol

OS – Date?

SG – From today, we are day one?

OS – What? Day One?

SG – You don’t want it?

OS – It is not that I don’t want it….I told you that I don’t have feelings

SG – It seems like you do

OS – *hesitantly* Why are you doing this to me….If you are joking, can’t you stop?

SG – I am not joking, I am serious. Last night you told me that you are sorry to pretend that you do not know my heart.

OS – *flustered* When did I? you were drunk last night.

She stands to leave but he stands as well and grabs her hands to touch his face. He tells her that he clearly remembers that she touched his face and talked to him. So lets date. Formally.

She pulls her hand away and says no.

OS – Call me when you are done eating!

She gets up and hurries off, but she trips. He grabs her hand and pulls her toward him to protect her which pulls them into a semi hug. he asks her if she is okay and says that she should not avoid him, let’s talk. She says it is not just him, she does not want to date anyone. Sorry for what I did last night. She walks away.

Osol meets with her friend, Jooyeon, outside in her typical disguise and asks how long she will be able to survive. JY tells her that she should not have gone there to beging with and she can’t do anything. But maybe she can tell him honestly, he could help. But Osol thinks that telling him that she promised his grandfather that she would not date him so long as she moved in, fixd his disease, and the grandfather saved her brother….no. It is all messed up. She thinks this all went in a strange way.


the cleaning team is at the aquarium cleaning. They all have a key ring with a mantis. Dong-hyun gets a call and walks off. jaemin wonders if he is dating someone. Youngsik starts to try and communicate with the dolphins.

Elsewhere in the Aquarium, Gwon tells SG that they are all done and can start to leave now, but SG’s mind is elsewhere. He wonders about Gil Osol and asks Gwon about her. Is she in trouble or anything? Gwon says that she does not know. Why? Did something happen? 

They start to talk about SG’s friend from Minnesota, does he want to confess or propose? He says he is not sure if he is successful or not successful. Gwon tells SG to tell him to cheer up. But she excuses herself because she has a meeting.

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His mother calls right then and asks how he can dump the announcer, do you like men?

Sungyeol says he is busy and hangs up. His mother frets. he looks at the whales in the aquarium.

Flashback to hime, SG is there thinking when Choi tells Osol to come see her favorite part. She runs in and watches a person scuba diving with whales.

In the aquarium, SG talks to his team about wrapping it all up. he can actually do it so they can go ahead and go home. Also, eat something nice with my credit card. They thank him and leave.

Osol shows up at the aquarium to meet with SG, she is in her typical disguise. He tells her that he is in the main aquarium area and will see her there. She keeps walking thorugh until he surprises her. het ells her that it is only the two of them so she can take her mask and sunglasses off.

She does and then asks him if this is the one he is looking for? She points to a piece of paper. he tells her that the one he was looking for is her. You wanted to go into the sea, this should be similar to that. She thinks of leaving, but he tells her to spend one hour with him, just one hour. Then he takes her by the hand and leads her away.

Meanwhile, the cleaning crew shoots the breeze as they talk about nothing in particular, but then Youngsik realizes that he left his cell phone? He left something which causes him to run back inside.

Inside, Osol and SG walk around looking at all the fish as he asks her if the documentary was really good. She says it was good and there was free-diving in it, which was her favorite part. She wanted to learn how to do it. She has not learned though. She says that you can’t live doing everything that you want to do and sometimes you have to give up what you want.

They share a moment, but then she walks away to look at a turtle.

OS – Before, I saw this in a documentary. Sea turtles hatch and follow the stars to go to the sea. they become prey for hunting animals so only 3% reach the sea.

SG – That is the law on nature

OS – But, now those little turtles follow the light from people and go the opposite way of the sea and die. CEO, have you thought about that? Am I moving toward the stars or artificial lights? If it is artificial lights, can I go back to the sea again?

Their moment is ruined when they hear Young-sik complaining about his cell phone and how he left it somewhere around there. The other two cleaning guys are with them. Donghyun sees OS and SG. Then Jaemin thinks he sees Osol, he goes to findo ut. DH tries to pull him away in order to protect OS and SG.

OS and SG are saved by a security guard who tells the three cleaners to leave.

They are actually hiding in a tiny area and holding hands. They let go of their hands and apologize. he helps her stand up adn they continue walking, though it has alread been one hour.

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However they walk upon a really beautiful area of the aquarium that looks like they are under the sea. Osol thinks it is so pretty.

SG – With stars or artificial lights, whatever, can you go with me? We can find it together and it will be easier to reach the sea. If you can’t then I can take you there. Trust me. With you, I can go anywhere.

Later on, Osol lays in bed and thinks about the aquarium as she turns her light off and on.

The next day, Osol joins all the other cleaning guys out for a drink. They are so happy to see her and get to drinking. Jaemin asks her if she is dating, you can’t trick this Oppa, who was that guy you were walking with in the aquarium? You hve makeup on and you wshed your hair. Show him to us! She denys it.

They also say that Donghyun is dating as well. Osol is all like really? JM imitates Donghyun when he answers the phone. Then he ansers Dong Hyun’s phone and finds out that his halmoni is in critical condition.

They all run to the hospital. SG is there also somehow and says that his halmoni went to critical care. JM mentions that they were with Osol, you haven’t seen her in awhile. They pretend like they are greeting each other for the first time and then the camera cuts to Dong-hyun’s grandmother in critical care.

In the hallway, YS tells the others that halmoni is not Dong-hyun’s halmoni, it is his friends halmoni that died during that violent thing (fighting?). So it was a wrong accusation for Dong-hyun and all the nurses know this. DH comes out looking sad. Cut to Sungyeol paying all the hospital bills.

DH tells them that he did everything after he came out of jail. It is difficult to have a good job for people with a violent crime history. I did everything I could and then worked at the cleaning company. He heard my story and hired me and treated me with no prejudice. He is the first person on my side and my savior. 

Osol heads home and waits at a bus stop. Sungyeol drives up and tells her to get in if she is going home. She looks at him apprehensively but ends up getting in.

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In the car, he asks her why she is looking at him like that. he says he had something to take care of that would make the others uncomfortable. He asks how everything went. Osol fills him in on the surgery and how it all went okay. SG says that is great. Then they talk about how SG has been helping with halmoni. SG modestly says he did not help a lot, Donghyun is the one that helped.

But he also tells her that she looks good with makeup and prettier without makeup.

they get home, Umma is there and asks why they are so late and why did they come together? She is pretty happy to talk to him and tells him that he should look at this over here. On the counter are all the photos of woman from good families for him to date.

SG is a little embarrassed to talk abot this in front of Osol. Umma asks if he likes a woman, is that why he is like this? he says yes, he likes someone. Umma asks who this person is? WHo is it? Then she asks Osol to give her juice with ice.She runs off to do it but SG stops her by grabbing her arm and tells Umma that Osol is the one that he likes, so I hope you don’t ask her to do those things anymore.

Umma is all like, what are you talking about?

SG repeats that this is the woman he likes, Gil Osol.

Umma’s mind is about to be blown. The person you like is her? Gil Osol?

Osol tries to say that this is not like that.

Umma tells her that she is there to work, not to like him. Is your job seducing SG? When did this start?

Osol has a hard time saying when it started and mentions that the CEO is doing this all by himself.

SG tells his Umma that it is true, it is a one sided love???

She mets with Osol in a nice restaurant to talk. Osol asks why she wants to meet her. Umma says that she is trying to understand but she really can’t understand. WHy don’t you like Sungyeol? Is that even possible? He is handsome, but it is one sided? Is it a personality thing? He is my son so I acknowledge the attitude. you also know that he is germophobic. But a clean man is a good thing. it is better than a man who smells when he gets old.

Osol agrees with it all that but says that it is not like she does not like him, it is just the level difference. You know, poeple in the same class should meet each other. Umma asks why young girls think like that? I actually like you, I like that you can say things and aren’t that politce.

Osol mentions that she is actually very polite and does not say what she wants to say.

Umma says that she is not sure why Sungyeol likes her. Osol quietly agrees. Umma wonders if her father told her something. Did he says that you should not date him? He would do something if you did? Osol does not deny it.

(It looks like Umma is all for this pairing)

Umma goes directly to her appa and asks her how long he will behave like this. I am almost 50 so I will say what I want. Don’t get involved with Suneyols dating life! I do not want him to live unfortunate like me! He is already unfortunate, you know that. He likes Osol! He is dating Osol. Like when you seperated me from his father when I was pregnant with him. DOn’t try to separate him! If you do that then I will not stand by this time. Promise this to me. If Osol cures Sungyeols germophobia, then just let them do what their heart says, okay. Appa tells her to stop talking nonsense and leave. She yells, Abogi!

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Umma then starts to leave her fathers place and runs into Dr. Kim. They end up talking. It looks like they are talking about a shocking method to use. The doctor says that you need a safety mechanism.

Elsewhere, Gwon gets a call in a meeting and excuses herself. She talks to the chairman who asks her to find out more about Gil Osol. Find out anything and everything about her. Everything. Gwon agrees.

Cut to Umma asking Osol if she can go to her house today. Go there and don’t come back until I call you, also, don’t pick up Sungyeols phone call either, I will explain it to you later.

Osol is all like, huh?

Then we cut to Jooyeon asking a halabogi why the CCTV is erased. he pushes her to the ground. JY tells him that he is all together with the thugs. They hit first so why isn’t it there! She turns around and sees Odol there lookiing upset. He wants to talk to that old man for pushing her. But she stops him so that he will not get into any more trouble. She does not want him to give up his scholarship. JY tells him that she feels like this is her fault, she can’t see Osol and ajusshi if something happens to him. He says it is his fault, he is the one that hit them. 

Jooyeon says that there is a committee meeting because of him, what are you going to do? She starts crying, he tells her not to cry and gives her a hug. They end up going somewhere to sit on a bench. She says it is so embarrassing and then tells him that she is hungry, lets go. He gives her his jacket and says to wear it, her skirt is too short. She tells him that it should be short, that is pretty. he ties his jacket around her waste and then heads out to eat with her.

meanwhile, Appa and Choi eat japchae at home. It is Osols’ day off so she is coming back all of a sudden. Osol gets back with a bag of gifts. Choi knows that something must be up. Appa is clueless and just happy that his daughter is back so soon. Appa takes off to put the food away so Choi asks if it really is a vacation?

Meanwhile, Gwon looks up Osols background. She finds out about her mother, but then SG comes in. He tells her that she shouldn’t work so hard, her son is waiting on her. She smiles and says she will go home after she finishes this up.

SG heads out and calls someone. But they don’t pick up. He then texts.

While eating at home, Osol gets a text. He says that he is on his way home, do you need to eat anything?

Osol thinks about this but cant think for long because her appa asks her about how long her vacation is. Her brother, Choi, and Jooyeon are also at the table.

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There is a huge party at Sungyeols house that they are using as a shock factor. This party is a huge mask party. Umma asks her secretary how it is going and if there is a hospital team on standby. She looks worried.

Sungyeol gets home and opens his door to the huge party popping inside. bUt he can only hear it right now. he has to go through another door to actually enter his apartment proper and this party. As soon as he opens that other door, he sees the huge party going on in his place.

he drops his groceries and asks what they are doing there! A woman comes to him and gives him a glass of wine, he drops it on the floor and the party stops. But then the secretary gets it going again. Sungyeol tries to walk into his place but it is difficult to focus with all these people in his house jumping around him. He has a hard time breathing.

At home, Osol gets a phone call but she does not answer it.

In the party, Sungyeol tries to call Osol in the middle of all this noise. he is finally able to go to the bathroom and take a breath, but it is a belabored one. He tries calling Osol again. She still does not pick up.

At her place, she looks at the phone ringing and tries her hardest not to answer. Choi comes up to her to help with the dishes and asks why she is not taking the phone call.

At the party, Sungyeol is barely able to hold it together. He passes out while saying Osol’s name.

Meanwhile, Osol looks distracted so Choi asks her if there is anything wrong? Shs ays nothing. Choi tells her that he can wash the dishes so just answer the phone. he is calling you.

She answers. She starts talking but Sungyeol is basically passed out. He hears her but he is not able to grab his phone or respond in any way but to whisper her name again and again.

Osol runs out and says that this is work related. Chi runs after her and tells her that they can go together. They arrive at the party and look for the CEO right away. The party is still going strong. Osol yells for them all to leave but they can’t really hear her. So she runs to the power strip and pulls it out. All the music cuts off.

Then they find Sungyeol passed out in the bathroom and are about to revive him. He wakes up muttering her name and gets a good long look at her before passing out again.

Later on, they put him in bed and stay by his side. Choi tells her that he should be okay, don’t worry. She keeps looking at him sleep.

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At work, Gwon calls someone to see if they found out what she asked them to find out. It looks like she is about to find out that Gil Osol’s mother was one of the victims of that accident. 

At SG’s house, SG is still asleep. Osol is still sitting by his bedside and dabbing his forehead with a wet cloth. She feels bad for not being there earlier and apologizes to him. Choi walks back in and sees her sitting over his bed. He closes the door so they can have privacy.

Osol holds Sungyeols hand and lightly touches his face.

Time passes, maybe it is early morning. Osol is sleeping while still holding SG’s hand. Choi comes in and sees them like that. He covers Osol with a blanket and leaves.

When the sun comes up, SG wakes up. Osol is not next to his bed. But he remembers her being there. He gets up calling her name. She is in her room and comes out to see how she feels. Are you okay?

He hugs her right away and says that he was worried in case something happened to her. he was so scared. He looks at her and tells her to stay close to him all the time, for 24 hours, just stay next to me only. She agrees and says that they can stay next to each other for 24 hours.

A tear falls as he touches her cheek and leans in to kiss her. This time she lets him kiss her. they stay in this kiss for for awhile, though it looks like she has a hard time turning her head up to kiss him (he is so tall). He tells her not to go anywhere, you promised me. She says that she will not go anywhere, I will stay next to you.

They kiss again. She wraped her arms around his neck as they continue kissing. This time it is a pretty big kiss.

Fade Out

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OS – I can go there by myself

SG – Yes abonim, let me date your daughter! (please allow me to date your daugher)

OS – Mom, he is the one that I love

OS – When I think About Odol, I should not do this.

SG- Gil Osol’s brother is under the disciplinary hearing

SG _ Your brother thing should go okay

Cha – Sungyeol will inherit AG group, they don’t match each other. Find out who I can put in the disciplinary hearing.

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  1. bwv232
    January 15, 2019 / 10:53 am

    Sadly, all the zaniness of the first few episodes has long disappeared, so we’re now left with pretty standard material.

  2. bwv232
    January 15, 2019 / 11:05 am

    [“…because TCC is so heavy…]

    True, but what I really admire about the production is how it adds *light* touches of comedy to give the viewer some relief, e.g., some of Jo’s reaction shots, or Kyu beating up on Ha Sun in ep. 2 after he rescinds the execution order of the Queen’s father.

  3. Megan
    January 16, 2019 / 8:50 am

    I like this show, actually. I agree with the first poster that some of the zaniness (which I also saw as positive) has toned down a bit, but there are some elements of the story that I really appreciate.

    First, a drama mama who doesn’t think that a poor, underemployed girl isn’t good enough for her perfect, rich, poorly behaved son. FOR ONCE. And despite the fact that she also thinks he’s “perfect” she even admits that his behavior isn’t always great.

    A lot of people, all from different walks of life with different personalities, who support each other despite their flaws. Disappointment in others rarely lasts long here.

    Someone with a clear mental illness that isn’t swept under the rug, but also isn’t treated like a damaged pariah (except for halabogi, who’s clearly the villain because of that). Also, it’s becoming clear that the villains (for the most part…aside from the thug cleaners) aren’t as much bad as they are incompetent and themselves damaged.

    There are some things I am not liking so much. First (and most glaring)…the backstory of Osol’s mother’s death. So unnecessary. There’s plenty of conflict already.

    Yoon Kyun Sang’s performance. I usually super love him in general, and I thought he was phenomenal in the earlier episodes, but I think his performance has gone downhill in recent episodes. It’s partly the writing, but not entirely. I think they are trying to write the roles to override the age difference between the real life actors, but it’s making him seem whiny, and all of the stuff that made him interesting (especially the dichotomy between his super particular, somewhat cold CEO persona and the warm, generous person he actually is underneath) is kind of giving way to this mushy amalgam of helpless neediness. Yes, he was always mentally ill before, but he had confidence in what he was doing and had found a way to work with his flaws to be productive instead of against them, and that came across as, honestly, kinda hot. Now he’s just a blubbering mess. YKS needs to get back his self-assured, nerdy smoothness for this to work. I have faith in him as an actor, though, and I think he can pull it together for the remainder of the drama.

  4. Makino
    January 17, 2019 / 6:01 am

    honestly, this couple just does not go. The best moments are when they hated each other, teardrops and kisses know strange, almost sick. He looks like an old man who likes a girl, it’s not good. And Kim Yoo Jung, whom I had loved in Love in The Moonlight, have not good acting for me here. Maybe it’s true that it said, if the partner is acting badly, it will drag you along. As in the post above Young Sang was perfect when he did the part of the fixed, as a man in love does not go right.

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