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Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 11 Live Recap

Clean With Passion for Now Recap Episode 11

This show is f-i-i-i-nally back on the air! So much time has gone by. Hopefully that doesn’t mean they will make each episode 1.5 hours long, because I really want all dramas to be 45 minutes. So far, this drama is good with keeping their 60 minute format, for that I am grateful. Now I just need to remember where the story left off…

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Osol comes out of her room to find Sungyeol sitting on his couch reading a book. She is startled. He puts his book away when he sees her and greets her, good morning. She asks if he is going out so early? He says that he is wearing his normal clothing.

he stands up and tells her that he will make her breakfast. She tries to say that she is okay, but he insists that he will make her breakfast and lightly puts her on the couch in his seat and then proceeds to the Kitchen where he showcases his horrible chopping skills.

She asks if he needs anyhelp but he says, Just Stop! Make yourself comfortable! Brekfast will be done soon!

He makes pasta for breakfast(???) and sets the pan on fire in the process, but that might be on purpose. Then he looks around the kitchen and opens one cabinet to reveal that a chef already made a specially made dish. He secretly grabs that dish and puts Osol on the table to eat it.

She is pretty nervous and shocked and startled by everything. She is especially startled when he puts her napkin on her lap for her. She starts eating  the food with him watching, so it is amazingly uncomfortable. She also coughs a bit while eating because she is eating too fast, so he tells her to eat slowly.

Then he tells her to stop for a moment and reaches over to clen her mouth.


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Cut to the sidekick friend who is at a restaurant with osol. But Osol is completely covered from head to toe as if hiding. her and her friend end up eating so her friend asks how things are going. Osol says that it is so suffocating. The CEO is torturing me, maybe he is about to kill me. Jooyeon thinks it has to do with his germophobia.

A flashback shows the pasta breakfast. Osol didn’t want him to clean her mouth with his hands because she is dirty, she just woke up. But he says that he is fine and she is fine. Then he cleans her mouth.

Jooyeon is surprised that he said that. Osol is all like, for real, for real.

Another flashback shows Sungyeol reaching over Osols back to get a plate. he tells her to ask him whenever she need something like this. Then we see him cleaning a window and forming a heart with his arms as he cleans it. Lots and lots of hearts. But it could be Osols imagination.

Jooyeon thinks this is Bravo, Bravo, it happened so just hook him. She gives him a love potion. It is a man power drink that made her father come back from life on the mountain. Share it with your CEO. osol doens’ think she should, but Jooyeon thinks it would be great. Then they start to complain about other things.

Elsewhere, Gwon meets with Choi, she is happy to meet with him and knows of him as a doctor. he asks where our Osol is, you took her to Busan, so tell me where she is.

Meanwhile, Sungyeol reads about how to seduce women. The internet says that he should read books and cook and do things before she has to ask and be a black knight when the woman is in trouble.

Then the doorbell rings. Sun-gyeol thinks it must be Osol. Why didn’t she use the Key? He runs to open the door and says that he was waiting for her! But it is Choi at the door. Choi playfully says that he shouldhave come earlier if he was waiting for him. Sungyeol kind of freaks out a bit about why he is there. But then he tries to pull himself togeher and tells him that he shuold not use the patient information like that.

CHoi tells him that his address is in Minnesota. Then he starts to talk about how this is a nice how and he always wanted to live in a place like this. 

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Choi ends up formally telling him that he is his dedicated doctor Daniel Choi and he will formally take him on as a patient. Sun-gyeol is all like, my doctor?

Cut back to the meeting with Choi and Gwon. They talk about Sungyeols condition and how it needs to get better, so that is why Gil Osol is in the house? gwon likes that, but Choi thinks that is not the best decision, they need to think about this. If there is no will for the patient and help from a doctor, do you think it is possible? Gwon mentions that they had to try anything. he is worried about someone being hurt, she thinks it can benefit both, but he mentions that that only happens when you succeed.

Gwon goes to tell Cha that Daniel wants to take Sungyeol on as a patient and visit him in hi house. The father likes it. But Gwon is not sure if the CEo will accept it.

Back at the house, Sun-gyeol wonders if Choi is a good doctor or not. Choi says that if the patient thinks he is a bad doctor then that means he is a bad doctor. But lets stay together and find an answer to your germophobia. Sun-hyeol wants him to leave, what does he mean stay together?

Choi just asks for something to eat and goes about looking around the house and then tries to open the bathroom door. SG uses banmal so Choi asks why he is. Then he says that he could do it to since they will see each other often.

But then, Osol unlocks the front door. Sungyeol runs to the front and tells Osol that he can do everything, can you go somewhere, when you are done then i will come back. But then Choi comes out and pulls Osol in.

osol wonders what is happening, how did you know that I am here? SG asks if she told him that she was there. Osol says no. She asks Choi if appa knows that she is there. Choi mentions it would be big trouble if he did, he think you are in Busan.

Osol wonders how the two of them know each other. Sungyeol tries to say that he does not know him, but Choi mentions that they spent so many nights talking together. SG tells him to tell Osol that they have nothing between them! Deny it! Deny it! Don’t look at me like that!

later on, they all sit on the couch to talk about how SG and Choi knew each other as doctor and patient. Osol thinks it is like fate. But SG denies that it is. Choi tells him that he is a super good doctor. They also start to complain about the use of banmal. osol breaks it up and tells them both that she worried about it. She thought the CEO’s condition would get worse due to her. She also knows that he cleans like a mad man at night.

Choi mentions that there is a bug on the floor. SG tries to say that there are no bugs here! But Choi says that he saw a big thing moving. SG hops up and yells for him to catch it! Choi just smiles. SG thinks that no other person can stay in his life which leavs Osol to wonder why she can stay, is he thinking about dirty things with her? Choi mutters, pervert. Sungyeol says it is not like that.

SG ends up accepting Choi into the house in order to avoid this embarrassing situation. Choi accepts and tells SG that he will not regret it.

Elsewhere, Young-sik and Jae-min eat at a cafe. JM was kicked out of his house so it looks like Young-sik might be buying him something to eat. JM was kicked out because his parent saw a movie he was in and disapprove. He says that he is really okay.

Young-sik ends up taking him into his place, but it is only a very small room apartment. It is like a walk in closet and really only enough space for one person. They accidentally make a lot of noise so Young-sik has to tap tap the wall to say sorry to them.

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Back at the condo, Choi and SG complain about him still being there. Choi said that he has to say goodbye to SG. SG just wants him to leave. Choi starts to make motions like he has diarrhea and runs to the bathroom. But he comes out soon after and starts to leave with osol. 

Osol asks what really happened. How do you Know I am really here? Did you meet secretary Gwon? Choi asks if she thinks this is the right reason? You can’t even tell your family. I think you need to find another way if you are doin this to help Odol. Osol thinks that lying is sometimes better than telling the truth. Choi thinks she will regret it. Osol says that she won’t, but even if she does, that is her responsibility. he agrees to help her becuase he thinks that is better than her doing it herself.

In the super small apartment, jaemin can’t sleep due to the cramped space and that Young-sik passes a lot of gas so he has to leave to get fresh air. But he runs into the manager/landlord and they both are kicked out. They both go to sleep at Dong-hyun’s place, DH tells them that they can stay as long as they need.

In the condo. Sun-gyeol freaks out about Choi, who is sleeping lounging on his couch and wearing his slippers.

But then SG has to leave to met with his father. he goes to his fathers place and asks him if he thinks his germaphobia will be cured by this? Appa thinks he is complaining now, but will thank him later. SG thinks that nothing has changed from when he was a kid.

Meanwhile, Osol goes out with Sun-gyeols mother, they are best friends now. mae-hwa asks a favor, she wants Sungyeol to go to a certain location for her. It is announcer Kim Hae-won’s book signing. Osol likes the announcer and asks if Mae-hwa knows her well? Maewell says that she knows her! I picked her as a daughter in law! SO can you tell Sungyeol to go there and apologize about what he did before? Osol says that she can.

At home, CHoi and Osol talk about the treatment for Sungyeol. He needs practice to be exposed to the regular environment. But Osols mind is preocuppied with her conversations with Sungyeols mother. Choi asks her if anything is wrong. She says no.

Sun-gyeol gets home, choi smiles and says that he is late. SG walks to his coffee table and sees a lot of books there. He tells them that he said they should not touch his thinsgs. Osol apologizes, Choi says that he is the one that read it. So when should we have our discussion?

Later on, Osol quietly tries to give Sun-gyeol the invitation and mentions his mother. He tells her to throw it away. She mentions that he should go there and apologize. He tells her that it is not just an invitation, do you really want me to go there? I should go there and meet her and eat and date? Do you really not feel anything?

Osol – I told you, there are no feelings. I will leave this here.

She leaves the invitation and then leaves the room. Sun-gyeol looks at the invitation.

Choi takes a walk outside with Osol, she asks if he heard about it all. Choi tells her yes, that place is expensive but does not have good sound insulation.  he also tells her that he knows that the one she likes is Sun-gyeol. 

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Choi wonders if lying is a good thing. It seems like a disadvantage. They don’t elaborate on this further and continue with their walk.

Mini time jump to Osol cleaning. It might be morning. Sun-gyeol comes out of his room and says that he will be late due to the book signing. She smiles and says okay. he heads out to the book signing.

Cut to the book signing at the Hwayugi library, for some reason everyone looks at him. The anchor comes out smiling and greets him.

Back at the apartment, Osol thinks that Sungyeol is probably meeting the anchor now, why am I so sad about that? 

At the library, the anchor tells Sungyeol that sh was courageous to give him the invitation. he apologizes about his manners that day. She accepts it. But then he says that he has no interest in her and he does not think that he will ever like her. It is not because she is not good or that she is not attractive, it is because he is in a one-sided love now. I also thought about using you to hurt her. I am not a good person.

The anchor realizes that she is perfectly dumped. He apologizes. She tells him to stop apologizing to her, it is embarrassing. There is also a person taking a photo in the distance.

The newspaper article comes out and says that Sun-gyeol and the anchor are dating. The people at the company read it and think tht is amazing. But Sun-gyeol comes in talking on the phone about how he does  not like Kim Hae-won! I don’t like her! Can you change the article! Hello?! Hello?!

Jooyeon is on a date and sees that the CEo of the cleaning company has a dating scandal. She starts cursing a lot.

Joo-yeon then calls Osol to talk about the article and tells her to come out to drink. Osol says she doesn’t want to drink, she is really okay, she is working, she is the one that told him to go there. The friend starts cursing a lot. osol is all like, whatever, whatever, and hangs up.

Choi comes in and throws the newspaper on the counter with the article. Bit he has a time limit sale on poster on top of it that says there is lobster that will be on sale soon! They end up going to the grocery store to wait for this time limit sale. The person announces that it is starting! Choi starts running to it with his shopping cart along with Osol. But a lot of ajummas run to it as well. One of them is the fortune teller.

Cut to the fortune teller and osol talking. The fortune teller says that she is sorry and will refund her the money. Osol says it is okay. At least I got a job. The fortune teller is all like, are you Gil Osol??? is she the girl that you were looking for so much???

Osol is all like, huh? You were looking for me? She looks at Choi. The fortune teller starts to talk about all Choi’s business so he stops her with a shish-kabob. 

Cut to Choi driving them home and hopping out of the car in the garage. Osol asks what she was talking about. Choi tells her not to misunderstand, he is not a stalker. Osol asks if he did something wrong to her? Is he sorry to her? Are you hiding something?

he says that he is not hiding anything…..

She says that if it is difficult to say, then you don’t have to tell me. I don’t know why you are sorry to me, but I thank you more. I know that you took me out on purpose, I didn’t feel good, but now I am refreshed with the upstairs doc. You are like this yogurt. Comforting whenever I have a hard time.

Choi – What if that person is me? You know, that person that gives you comfort every year?

A car honks its horn, it is the CEO.

Choi – Good timing. 

Osol – huh?

Choi – Nothing nothing….lets go up

Sungyeol sits in the car and thinks that he is so childish.

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Upstairs, they start to prepare the Lobsters. Choi tells Sungyeol that Osol became Husain Bolt and got the lobsters. They start to prepare it to eat.  Sun-gyeol is jealous. He tries to sit and read as they cook, but he is to jealous to do it. So he turns on the TV but the dating gossip is on so he turns it off right away. osol runs to him and asks where the butter is, Sun-gyeol starts to say where it is and also asks if she saw the news article? But he couldn’t really get it out before Osol had to run back to the kitchen area with the butter.

Sun-gyeol ends up going to his office and says that he won’t eat lobsters. But in his office he thinks that he should eat the lobster. he is about to head back out, but he sees them cooking and grows jealous

When the food is ready, Choi set up the table to look very splending and they start to eat when Sun-gyeol comes out in a hurry and ests at the table. They both look at him but then they start to eat it and talk about all that they did to get the lobster.

Sungyeol starts to complain about the food. Osol asks him if he needs the wine opener? Choi says that he knows where it is and goes to get it, leaving Osol and Sungyeol alone. It is pretty awkward so Osol wants to leave too, but SG blurts out, did you see the news article? Osol mentions the dating, he says that it is not true, she says she is her fan can I get a signature? SG sadly mentions that he can get it.

later on, he goes to his room to freak out about the situation. he starts to text that the scandal is not true, he dumped her and told her that he liked someone. But he deletes it and then writes, “You don’t know my heart.” and accidentally sends that.

Osol comes in right at that moment to ask for the dishwashing detergent. SG asks if she knows where her cell phone is? She says that it is charging, why? SG starts to talk blibber blabber about cell phones until Osol leaves. Then he sneaks out and finds her cell phone in her messy room. However, he does not know the password. he tries a few numbers, but it does not work.

So he thinks and tries some other ones. They don’t work. Then Osol comes in and sees him. 

OS – Um, what are you doing in my room?

SG – Um…well….

She sees the text message “you don’t know my heart”

OS – Maybe you sent the wrong text?

SG – No, I sent it to you, the scandal was all a misunderstanding. i asked the newspaper company to change the article. I also told the anchor not to misundersand anything.

OS – Why are you telling me? 

SG – Just in case it bothers you? Well….I….it bothers me. The person I like is Gil Osol.

OS – *flustered* I told you I don’t want to date

SG – I don’t care, I am not asking you to date me. I just wanted to confess my honest heart to you. 

Scroll to Choi looking at the internet about articles on Sun-gyeol and his father.

the next day, Sun-gyeol gets to work and sees Choi lounging. SG asks him why he left without saying goodbye. Choi mentions that he told him not to bother him. he got in because he is his doctor.  SG mutters that he listens so well. Choi says he should, he is his doctor. Then he says that they should do the consulation. SG mentions that he does not know how much his father gave him, but he does not want to talk to him.

Choi mentions that he should get the treatment. SG says that he can tell his father that he did his work even though he did not. however Choi is not having that. He stands up and tells SG that he looks so similar to his grandfather. That is why they push each other. The same polarity cannot go close to each other.

SG tells him that he doesn’t know anything. He does not want to change, so don’t bother with my life. Choi says that he doesn’ want to matter in his life, but it is so screwed up so he has to. Lets negotiate as adults. you hate me being here, but I have to fix you. If you don’t want to live with me forever in your house, why don’t you get the treatment. if it does not work then I will leave. It is a good suggestion right? 6 o’clock you leave work. You are home by 7pm. I will wait for you, dressed nicely.

Choi heads out and runs into Gwon who smiles and asks how his discussion was and how Osol was. Choi asks Gwon whose side she is on.

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Choi says that he does not like sides, but he has to know if she is the enemy or on their side. Then he walks off. Gwon looks like she thinks about this.

Elsewhere, Osol meets with her cleaing crew in a fun reunion.

At the condo, Sungyeol wonders where Osol is. Choi says that she sent her out becuase it would be a hard time hearing an honest response from him if someone he cares about is around. He tells him he would close his arms and his mind.

they keep arguing about the session. Choi tells him that he is a good doctor, so lets try.

Choi tells him that he was surprised that he let outsiders inside his private area. It looks like you are cured, but this is only for Osol. SG asks what the real reason is that Choi came there. He saw him confess to Osol, so are you afraid you might lose the one you love? that is why you came. Choi tells him that he saw it so he should know, I was dumped that day. So, if you are done asking, can we start again today?

Outside, Osol says that she should go back. Her cleaning team says that she has to go back, so she goes back to the condo and meets Choi first. he says that the session was good. Sungyeol comes out so Osol tells him that she is sorry she smells like Barbeque, she will wash up. But he tells her that she can take her time, then leaves.

Osol is all like, huh? CHoi tells her that she did a good job. But then Choi gets a call about his girlfriend. Choi is all like, huh? Cut to Osol’s father telling Choi to come to the house! There is a crazy woman attacking them both!

Choi has to run out. Osol asks what is happening, CHoi says he will tell her later! later!Then takes off! Osol wonders what is going on. She tells Sungyeol that Choi had an urgent matter to attend to. SG asks where she went so she says that she went to see the cleaning guys.

But then she starts to stutter and stamper when she says that she was worried about him with CHoi about Choi and SG fighting and how she has to change right now! She runs off. SG is happy that she said she was worried about him. 

They both think about this in their respective spaces.

Osol comes back out and is startled to run into SG again. They kind of talk in a flustered way to each other about drinking water. You go first…no you go first….. He ends up drinking first. She looks at him drinking. She tells him, wait! that is….no….your throat should burn, that is very strong….are you okay?

He drank the man power drink that her friend gave her, lol. He was only supposed to sip it but he chugged it. He feels so hot and wonders what that drink it. It has the ability to make him pass out, so he almost passes out but she is able to get him in bad. However, they fall in bed together i nthe perfect sleeping position with his arm under her head. He is also passed out.

She looks at him sleeping and lightly touches his hair and cheek.

OS – Sorry, I don’t accept your heart. No, I try to ignore it your heart.

he wakes up as she touches his cheek. Then he grabs her arm dramatically and looks deeply in her eyes. She is taken aback as her heart starts to pound.

Fade Out

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Sungyeol reads the article with Choi . The article says that Sungyeol actually lives with a man. The other article was a trick. Then it shows a photo of Sungyeol walking with Choi. SG throws the article away. Choi looks at it and thinks, wow, this is me? Should we really? Choi pretends to kiss Sungyeol as he screams. Go away!


SG – You fall in love with me (or you are attracted to me?)

SG – Lets date, Gil Osol

SG – trust me

SG – For me, when I am with you I can go anywhere

Cha – Sungyeol-i is dating someone?

Mom – Sun-gyeol loves Osol!

Gwon – One of the victims, was it Gil Osols mother?

OS – All of you, leave!

SG – Don’t go anywhere, just stay next to me.

OS – Okay, I won’t go anywhere

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