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Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 10 Live Recap

This story is getting convoluted with tropes and circumstances that feel forced, but I also think that is the nature of webcomics, sometimes things just don’t translate well to the screen. For instance, it seemed kind of silly for Osol to get fired, hired again, and then quit all in the span of 24 hours? Or maybe 48? And why weren’t any of those apartment people calling law enforcement when the father was being attacked by thugs? And who would hire them in that complex? The complex itself would ban them from working there. Also, wasn’t there a time stamp on that CCTV video? And couldn’t Yong-sik or even Choi have shown up to take care of the thugs instead of the brother?

All these machinations were done in order to get Osol to be Sun-gyeol’s personal maid, so hopefully some hijinks will arise. Or it might be a depressing episode as we find out the fate of the brother. But hopefully it’s a happy one, I mean, it is CHRISTMAS after all.

Speaking of which, Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy New Year if we don’t see you on another recap.

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Osol sits with Gwon in a cafe and asks, so you want me to stay with the CEO in his house? That is what you mean? Gwon tells her that she knows this is ridiculous, but this might be the only way to fix his germaphobia. Osol thinks it is a little…..

Gwon tells her that she heard that her brother is in trouble with a bit of violence, if you say yes then I can solve this for you.


Cut to Osol cleaning or maybe packing in her room. Her father gives her a lot of food to pack as well and tells her to do it. She complains that she is not going to a foreign country. They start to bicker about that. Then they start to fold clothing. Her appa thinks she is staying in Busan for a while to train the new employees for their second store opening.

He also tells her to do her work and not worry about what happened to Odol. 

Cut to Odol practicing.

VO – Maybe your college application will be cancelled. Why did you make this kind of big trouble at this important time?

Joo-yeon shows up to practice and gives Odol some food. he does nto want it. She tells him to think about her effort and take it, otherwise she will feel so guilty. If she did not call him then this would not happen. Those bad guys took hold of your weak point for money. But Odol tells her that she should call him, who else would she call?

Joo-yeon feeds Odol the food and we cut directly to her in Osol’s room. 


They start to talk about what is going on to help Odol. Osol needs to do this so that they can help her brother. But this is a secret, appa and Odol should not know about it so watch your mouth.

She also goes to Choi’s apartment pretty late. he pours her a tea and asks what’s up. She tells him brightly that she is going to Busan tomorrow and wanted to tell him. She asks if he told appa that she quit? He says he didn’t and asks if she is working there again. She says yes, it was a bit cowardly to quit.

Choi asks if she is happy to work there again? For me, people can be cowardly, but if you do what you like then it is the right answer (?). I am happy that you are Gil Osol and don’t blame yourself. If I go to Busan, will you buy me sashimi? I know of a good restaurant in Jalgalchi market. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

The next morning, the family and Joo-yeon walk Osol to Gwon’s car. She introduces herself and says that she is taking her there. They all think she is going to Busan. Odol puts the luggage in the car (he does a bit of wordplay here with “I hate myself”) and they all say their goodbyes.

But then Choi runs out and tells her to take this! He holds out the yogurt but she drives by without taking it.

Elsewhere, the cleaning team is getting checked out by Sun-gyeol. he thinks they did a horrible job and need to clean again. Meanwhile, Osol is dropped off at Sun-gyeol’s place. Just tell him that I sent you here. Don’t tell him about the germophobia treatment. Also, someone wants to meet you, he is out of the country right now, I will give you a call as soon as he comes back.

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Meanwhile Sun-gyeol starts cleaning his hands in that aggressive way that he does and gets ready to go home.

At the same time, Osol rolls her luggage into Sun-gyeol’s house. She wonders if she will do a good job here, then she waits. It seems like she might have waited for a long time until finally there is noise outside. SG is finally coming home.

He goes inside and then sees Osol there. he is shocked to see her.

Osol – From today, I am Gil Osol that works in your house, thank you.

SG – What is going on? Why are you here? What is your luggage doing here?

Osol – As I told you, I am your new house maid.

SG – Stay at home maid? This is my house.

Osol – I know

SG – That is not the problem, what is with your luggage?

Osol – I know you have a lot of questions but I will tell you slowly..um….I saw a tiny room over there I will stay there.

SG – I dont’ see you as a helper, I already have a helper…but she quit…did secretary gwon send you here?

Osol – Yes, talk to Secrtary Gwon, I need to unpack.

She runs off to her room and SG calls Gwon. She explains that she sent Osol to him becuase all his people quit. I asked Osol. SG wonders why she did not talk to him about it. He says that she always took care of his house helpers. SG wants to know why she is there. Gwon explains that his level of cleanliness requires a stay at home helper. I have a lot of things to do right now though, I will talk to you later.

She hangs up. Osol peeks in on him and then closes the door quickly. But then SG comes to find her and asks if they can talk for a moment. He is a bit embarrassed. They go outside to talk in the kitchen.

SG – Well, um I heard abotu what is going on. you shuold go home tonight. i need to talk to secretary Gwon and think more.

Osol – I don’t want to.

SG – Why not?

Osol – I signed the contract and it looks like you are firing me.

SG – It is not like that! I just need time to think! How come you would stay here and work?

Osol looks a bit sad-cute.

SG tells her that she quit and now she is back, she is the best at surprising people. Then he asks her how she was. This is not the best timing to ask you this kind of question, but I did wonder about you, I couldn’t’ contact you.

Someone comes in right away, the mother. She is shocked to see that SG is at home and also doubly shocked to see Osol there. The secretary is with the mother and is holding clothing for SG. Osol explains that she is the new stay at home house helper.

Umma is so shocked, he doesn’t even want to be with the mom so who is this? The secretary explains that the girlfriend and mom are different. But then he has to apologize for that insight. Umma wonders why Osol is there, is it because you like him that much? Osol explains that she is there to work. 

She tells her secretary to drag her out. The secretary is all like, huh? Me? No. Why? SG ends up telling the secretary to take his mother out. The mother keeps arguing about Osol being there, what if she does something bad to you?

No one is leaving. SG tells them that if no one is leaving then he is the one that will leave. He leaves.

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SG ends up going to a very nice hotel but he thinks the place is so filthy, how can he sleep there? So many people have come through here. Should I just go home? He has his gloves on and tries to sit but it disgusts him.

At his place, the mother frets about where his son is since he is not picking up the phone. Then she vents and yell-asks Osol why she is there messing up someones home. gwon ends up talking to the mother about it over the phone and explains why Osol is there. It has something to do with Chairman Cha. So the mother understands and also wonders what her father has planned.

In the hotel, SG asks the consierge what company they use to clean there place. He continuously calls her and asks how thinks can be so dirty, what temperature do you use to sanitize the glass cups? did you steam clean the sheets? What company do you use? There is dirt behind the bed! Is this hotel first class? how do you clean this? There is dust on the towel! When did you check the drainage? I see a lot of water marks. Someone else used the toilet! how do you clean it!

The concierge tells him that she is sorry, she will talk to the room manager. She hangs up and starts cursing a lot at her misfortune to have this guest during her work hours.

Osol ends up calling the CEO and asking where he is. Why aren’t you picking up your mothers phone? She is still here. He tells her to go home, don’t be uncomfortable like this. he hangs up. The umma asks Osol to bring her water quickly so Osol runs to her with the water.

Umma frets about Sun-gyeol, he can’t sleep outside his house. 

In the hotel, the cleaning team shows up. They walk like super models through the hotel lobby and wink at the consierge. They go into the hotel room and do their best to clean everything thoroughly for Sun-gyeol. They know what he likes best. But then the security team comes and kicks out Sun-gyeol. 

VO – sorry, we can’t meet your expectation.

SG – I did not ask for too much.

He walks off, upset.

Gwon calls the mother and says that he was kicked out of the hotel, he is at work now. But you don’t have to come, if you come then he will feel more uncomfortable. Umma and Osol continue hanging out at his place. osol cuts apples for Umma and herself. Umma wonders what she is doing, she is worse at cutting fruit that she is. Umma ends up cutting the apple for Osol. She says that she never learned how to cook but she does know how to plate fruit.

She cuts one of the apple slices to look like a rabbit. It looks like they start to get along as Osol feeds her a bite of the rabbit apple slice.

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Meanwhile, Young-sik talks to Odol about his predicament. If he can’t go to the competition coming up then he might get kicked out of college and wont make the national team and all that.

YS ends up calling Osol and asks what happened? is there really a second office? Are you there? it seems like Odol told Young-sik all of this. Osol tells YS not to tell Odol anything and she will explain everything to him.

Cut to SG trying to sleep on the couch at work in his work clothing. But then he starts thinking of Osol and gets flustered. he tells himself to just sleep. however Osol comes in right then. She tells him that he should go home. But he says he is not going to his home until the two of them leave, and he does not need a stay at home house helper.

osol kind of explains that she is in a little bit of trouble so she needs to stay at his place, can you give me a bit of a break. He looks concerned but also tells her that she needs to say things that make sense. Can I help you? What happened? Osol tells him that it is not really big, can you just come with me? That is the best way you can help me.

She gets a call and tells the person on the tline that they are together now, you don’t have to worry. What? Okay…wait a second please. She hands teh phone to SG. It is his mother. She frets about whether he is okay or not. She is pretty worried and says that seh knows he hates her doing things like this, but come back and sleep comfortably. 

He tells her that he will call her later. Osol asks if he is really not going home? SG stands up and tells Osol that she told him that he should go home so what are you looking at? Osol is so happy. She tells him that her mother worries about him a lot. it is really true, she could not eat or sleep after you left like that. SG thinks she shouldn’t have left him from the beginning. Osol asks what he is talking about, he does not reiterate and just says lets go. 

But he does ask if Osol worried about him. how were you? Osol tells him that she did worry about him, that is why she came all the way there. He asks if that is so? Okay, let’s go.

They head off, Osol smiles as they ride the elevator and says that she had a lot of fun experiences there. SG tells her that he did not process her resignation letter and the law office will cancel the lawsuit so you don’t need to be guilty about what happened. 

They head home, his mother meets hima nd tells him that he is so skinny now! He tells her that he was only gone for one night. Then she tells Osol to take care of her Sun-gyeol for him. SG tells her that she can stay there only for tonight. Umma is suprised, you just told me to sleep here? She is so amazed that he told her that. SG tries to pretend like it is not a big deal and walks off. But Umma knows that is a big deal and is so happy about it.

Sun-gyeol ends up sleeping, but wakes up to ext Osol. he asks if she is sleeping and if the couch is comfortable. She thanks him and also apologizes. He asks why. She tells him goodnight.

He lays back in bed, content and happy. osol looks at the last text he sent that is goodnight. Then curls up to sleep on the couch. Sun-gyeol goes outside and checks on Osol sleeping on the couch. he smiles a moment and then sees that she is not covered up by the blankets so he pulls them over her. However his mother comes out of her room so he falls onto the couch to hide.

Osol stays sleeping but kind of wakes up. The mother fixes herself a drink. Osol and SG look at each other deeply in the eyes. Umma takes a selfie in the kitchen and Instagrams that she is at her sons place.

SG keeps hiding and osol kind of goes back to sleep? But then she wakes up again. he tells her that her sleeping habits are so bad as a woman. This is an expensive couch so be careful with sleeping. he brings out a heavier blanket for her and tells her to use it or throw it away.

She smiles and tucks herself in with it a little tighter.

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Chairman Cha comes back into the country and is met by his daughter and her man as well as his secretary and bodyguard/driver? Umma is so happy to tell Chairman Cha that she slept at her son’s house tonight! The house maid is so great. Chairman Cha pauses for a moment but then keeps walking.

He tells his driver to call secretary Gwon and then drives off. Cut to Gwon telling the chairman that she will make sure. She heads off.

Osol gets a call and says that she has time, she is available at any time. She hangs up and then continues to prepare a shake for SG. he comes in and they tell each other good morning. he drinks her shake. She tells him that she can make dinner so tell me what you like.

Their conversation is pretty awkward and stiffled, it is filled with umms and uhhs. He tries to do everything himself but she tries to help him with things. He hopes she is not uncomfortable and says that he put all his tips on how to operate the household on the counter. he also tells her that he will be home late….in case you wait for me. His face flushes as he tells her that he will see her in the evening. Her cheeks also start to flush.


Dong-hyun takes another phone call and leaves. jae-min thinks he has so many secrets and then sits in the breakroom. YS thinks their mood in the break room is like dust. It looks like Jae-min and Dong-hyun aren’t really talking for some reason.

At home, Osol reads all the list that SG left. It is about the remote control and using the fridge and how they have a company that sanitizes the bed sheets so she does not have to wash them.

osol opens the manual for the household appliances and sighs. Then she starts to looks around the house. She thinks he must read a lot of books as she looks at the bookshelf and thinks he must take showers in his bathroom and then  sees the bathtub and thinks it is pretty. But that makes her flush so she slaps some sense into herself.

The vacuum is fixed and is rolling around the house. Osol greets it and thinks that SG must be lonely to give his vacuum a name. But then Jae-min texts her and says that she is lying to them! who says you are in Busan! Dont’ you miss this oppa? I really miss your oily head. Let’s meet, i miss Osol!

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Gwon goes to check with SG in his office to talk business. But he is already gone and already signed all the documents. His note says that there are no problems.

At home SG is super messy as she eats a lot of snacks and writes in her diary. But then she gets a video call from her father and has to find a neutral location to take it. But in doing so she flips all her mess onto the floor.

SHe finds a blank wall to take the video chat with Choi and Appa, she tries to tell them that she hears waves and it is really nice, don’t you hear it? I have to hang up though, it will cost more to talk outside of Seoul! Goodbye!

Appa and Choi think she must be happy at her job. Appa runs off to check on his soup, but then Choi sees that there is a thunderstorm in Busan on the news. He turns it off and thinks.

meanwhile, Sun-gyeok gets home right at that time as Osol tries to clean up. SG does not know if he should go inside or ring the bell though. He decides to ring the bell. osol can’t believe that he is already home. She runs to the door and opens it brightly. 

That is when SG sees how messy his house is right now. The kitchen is messy and the living room is messy, everything is messy. But the table looks really nice with his dinner. SG wonders if there was a war that happened in the house? Osol tries to tell him that there is nothing! I will clean it all! Just eat! 

SG tries to tell her not to work to hard, it is good, it is natural, it is a place people live. Did you peel onions? I am crying…

Later on, everything in the living room is clean but Osol is still looking for her diary.

SG comes into the kitchen and sanitizes everything with his eye mask and face mask on. he wonders if he has a house maid or if he is becoming the house maid. Then he continues cleaning.

Flashback to Osol thinking about what her work is with Gwon. Gwon told her that she actually does not need to do anything, she is going there to treat his germaphobia. You can make a big mess. It might sound strange to you but you can live your normal life. That is your work. (Ah, so she made that mess on purpose).


SG goes to work and meets with Gwon. He asks what a woman needs to stay ouside their house. Gwon tells him that they need body products, but why are you asking? He says that his friend in Minnesota asked him!

he goes home early and gives Osol a bag. Shea asks what it is. He just tells her to put them on. Osol opens the bag and sees a pair of rabbit slippers inside. She smiles, she also has pink slippers for the bathroom and new anti slip tile was put into the bathroom? She also has a toothbrush holder? And cosmetics.

SG wonders if he went to far with all the new things he added to the house, but then he finds her diary.

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he flips through this book and sees that it is Osols diary but it is a very simple diary that is filled mostly with cartoons and little happy phrases like “you can do it!” and all those things. Osol walks back in from the bathroom so he hides her diary in the couch and he heads to the bathroom.

She sees the diary and wonders what it is doing there, she was looking for it so much. Did he perchance see it?? Of course not, how can he see it?

In the bathroom, SG turns on the steam and sees a heart show up on the mirror. It looks like Osol maked it while she was in the bathroom.

Cut to the grandfather talking to Osol in private. SG asks where Secretary Gwon is, she is with Osol and the grandfather, but she is outside. SG asks Gwon about his friend that is about to confess and needs advice, he does not want to wait too long anymore. Gwon smiles and tells him that he made up his mind so he does not need any advice, she wants to cheer him on, not give him advice. SG says that he will tell him that.

Then Gwon walks back and sees osol walking out of the meeting. She asks how it was and if anything happened? Osol looks a bit flustered so that causes Gwon to look worried. Osol tries to play it off and says that the CEO will be home soon so Gwon says she will give her a ride. They walk off. The Chairman looks at them leaving.

Elsewhere, SG is in his car with a bouquet of roses. He grabs them and heads inside from the garage.

inside, Osol thinks about what Chairman Cha told her.

Cha – Since you heard about this from Secretary Gwon, i will cut to the chase. never give your heart to Sun-gyeol. If Sun-gyeol start first, don’t accept it. Do you understand what I am talking about? That is the only thing that you should do. As promised, I can support your brothers college and athletic career, I can guarantee everything.

Osol pulls herself from her thoughts and starts to put the dishes away. But then she sees her cup. She takes it out to look at it just as Sun-gyeok walks in with the flowers. he hides them behind his back.

he walks in and calls Osol’s name a few times. She comes out. She asks if he ate yet? She can make his dinner. She is about to leave but he tells her that he has something to tell her.

SG – What I want to tell you is….

She sees the flowers.

Osol – Good, I also want to tell you something, my cup, why is it in your place?

SG – Oh, did you see that?

Osol – CEO, do you…like me?

SG – Well, that cup, I needed to research something.

Osol – Just in case there is a misunderstanding with us living together, I am not planning on dating you. 

SG – W-what?

Osol – I don’t have any feelings toward you, so you should not do anything to cause a misunderstanding. Please.

She walks to her room.

Sun-gyeol is crestfallen in the living room. 

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Osol comes out of her room and tells Sun-gyeol to have a nice day. The flowers are in the trashcan.

But then he spins her around in the kitchen.

SG – You don’t have any feelings? I can make you some. I am going to make you fall in love with me. Definitely.

Fade Out

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This show is like Trope Avengers. How can they have enough story for 6 more episode?


No Preview

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  1. bwv232
    December 25, 2018 / 9:09 am

    Your opening summary outlines exactly how I felt about the episode; a very clumsy episode, indeed.

    • V
      December 26, 2018 / 7:17 am

      Yes, and their story is all but gone. I wonder how much more story they can squeeze out of these last 6 episodes?

  2. Anonymous
    December 26, 2018 / 7:31 am

    The last 4 episodes have felt hollow and also rushed. I think episode 7 was almost all flashbacks of previous scenes? Or was that episode 8? Episode 9 had a lot going on, but it all felt a bit manufactured and like none of that would happen in real life. I know this was a drama but it was way too hard to suspend my disbelief.

  3. Anonymous
    January 4, 2019 / 12:19 pm

    dear lord just shut up haha its a good drama, i swear no one is never happy with a drama! just scroll by and stop watching if you dont like it! bye bye!

    • V
      January 4, 2019 / 1:29 pm

      All constructive comments are welcome here, raves and rants alike. If you love it, let us know why! You might change someones mind.

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