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Chocolate Recap: Episode 2

Okay, this episode was way better than the first. Though the biggest problem of this show could be that the second (third?) male lead, Yoo Teo, is stealing the show from the lead, Yoon Kye-sang. We shall see if the writer also realizes this and does something about it or lets it ride!

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Cha-young makes a chocolate cake while at home. We watch her doing this.

VO – After that day, I developed a habit, ajumma. When I cannot breathe, if I want to give up everything in sadness, then I eat chocolate. Did I tell you about my first love that I met again?

Flashback to her meeting her first love again in the hospital and then seeing him as a kid for the first time.

VO – It wasn’t first love then. He was just someone that shook my heart when I was young. I forgot about him for a long time. I did not even remember his name. After leaving the hospital, we wont see each other again.

Her brother helps her out from the hospital and then tells her to drink some holy water her brought. She tells him that he just made her have to go pee again.

So she goes back inside to use the bathroom and sees Kang in an argument with Joon.

VO – Someone called him a devil guy. The one who was like an angel when I was young. Now I wonder, what happened to him? Is he not that guy I met?

Cha-young sits in her friends car as she is driven somewhere. They have to wait int he car because there is an accident. Cha-young wants to help. But her friend says it is rainy and no one is helping.

But then we see Kang get out to help the man pick up all his things. Cha-young then gets out and helps as well.

VO – I wasn’t mistaken, he is the boy that was my first love. If that boy became an adult, he would be like this. He became the exact adult I was imagining. I wanted to be honest to my heart. I will not lie anymore.

She goes to the hospital and tells the receptionist nurse that she has a headache. She would like to see Lee Kang. The nurse tells her that he went to Libya.

VO – After he went to Libya, six months has passed. This morning I heard about him again. Ajumma, he is very injured. So injured that he cannot even come back home.

Cha-young walks around the hospital and sits on the bench where the left over food was that she ate. While sitting there, she imagines that he is sitting next to her.

CY – Hello, I heard that you were injured a lot.

LK – *looks at her and looks away*

CY – I was wondering what kind of life you had and if you remember me. the chocolate that you wanted to make me. I wonder about that as well. I want to know about you.

LK – *looks at her again*

CY – So please come back alive and tell me.

He disappears and she stays on the bench.


In the hospital, Joon runs in to his fathers office and asks what he is doing, why are you taking Kang’s life support off? Who decided it! The father says that grandmother decided it. 

Joon yells at him to not do anything to Kang. If you did not do that cowardly thing and send him to Libya then I could have won! I can win with my ability! You are no match to Kang’s father. I am different. I am not dumb like you!

He storms out.

In the lobby, he sees Min-sung who says that he came here to beg them to save Kang. He and Joon get into an argument. Joon tell shim to just go beg his father and leave. the friend asks what he did when Kang’s mother died! You did not even have a funeral!

Joon says that they probably did it because Kang’s mom is so shameful to their family! Both men stare at each other in pain as the friend says that they should have at least given Kang a place to visit his mother.

Joon storms off as the friend cries buckets of tears in the lobby.

The friend sadly walks off and ends up walking right past Cha-young who is still sitting on the bench. It is night now. He sits on the bench next to hers and starts to try and calm himself down.

She looks at him whimpering and wiping his tears and decides to give him tissues. Then she walks off. He looks at the tissues and then at her walking away.

In Libya, Kang is barely hanging on. But it looks like his finger might have moved? A doctor runs up the hallway and checks on him. He might be turning a corner with his care.

In Korea, Cha-young works at the restaurant when her brother comes to eat there. Her brother brought a blind date for her to meet. he is one of the biggest chain restaurant owners in Korea.

CY smiles and then leaves, but the man says that it will be difficult to run your own restaurant and make all your food. So she comes back. Her brother tells him that so many men want to have his sister, but you are the best man for her.

He runs through a list of all her good traits though most of them are all lies. His sister hits him over the head and tells the man that her brother is a conman. He will ask you for money soon and will never pay you back.

I am not the owner of this restaurant, I am a salary person and have a lot of debt to take care of all his misdoings. I already gave up Miss Korea because of my height and face and everything! She walks off angrily.

Min-sung just so happens to be at this restaurant and sees everything. After the show, he goes outside to talk to her.


He is a bit hesitant to talk to her and says that he wants to return this to her. It looks like she might have left her wallet on the bench which is how he found her. He says he saw her business card.

She is about to give him a reward but doesn’t have that much money inside so she asks for his bank account. He tells her that he heard very good news when he came there. The guy that he was crying about had a miracle.

Your restaurant name is first miracle and you are a miracle to me chef. You lost your wallet and made me come here and gave me my first miracle.

He smiles and walks off. She looks at the sign to her restaurant Primo Miraculo. Then she says a prayer for Kang to have a first miracle.

Meanwhile, Joon is flying to Libya to see his brother. Kang still looks unconscious. His brother sits next to him and looks pretty concerned.

Back in Korea, Min-sung continues to visit Cha-young at her restaurant and they start to grow closer.

While they are getting closer, Cha-young continues to think about Kang and how his family went to Libya. She thinks they might have gone there to collect his body.

Thinking about this makes her burn the food she is cooking. Her team tells her that she has a fever and should go to the hospital so she leaves to do just that.

But outside, while she is flagging a taxi, she starts to grow a bit faint. Min-sung shows up in his car and asks if she is okay. he ends up driving her to the hospital and sitting with her as she recovers.

In Libya, Kang is being given CPR as his heart has stopped.

He is sent to the other side where he sees his mother. His is sitting in his sea side restaurant where his mother asks if he would like to stay with her. It is difficult right? You can stay with me.

Flashback to LK asking his grandmother to save his  mom, but she ignores him.

In the other place, LK tells his mother that they did not have her funeral. The mother says it is a pity that she was never their family member. He tells her that he misses her so much and wanted to be next to her. She gets up and walks to his side and hols his hand.

In the hospital, the doctor gives up doing CPR.

In a flashback, the grandmother tells LK that they will not have a funeral. That will only be good news for the people that talk badly about them.

In the other place, Cha-young tell his mother that he will not see her now. He has something to do now. You should be lonely, but let’s see each other a little later. I am sorry, Umma. He softly lets go of her hand.

In the hospital, his heart starts to beat again. The doctors are amazed.


Cha-young sits in one of the seats at a restaurant as she watches Santa Clause playing with a kid. Christmas decorations re all around. She gets a text to look outside and sees Min-sung showing her a tablet that says Merry Christmas. 

He then writes that today is the 100th day. I was ruthlessly dumped by you. But I am doing this again with my courage. She looks around embarrassed.

He writes for her to please receive his love and then turns the screen to say that it is Christmas. She tells him that she is not a good enough person. He says, me too. Love is something where incomplete people get together and complete each other.

He keeps scrolling his message on his tablet to show It – Is – Christmas! – ❤️

She smiles and sends him a text. He is shivering outside when he revieces it. She then goes outside and tells him that he can stop. He says that he is almost done.

She warms his hands with mittens and tells him that she is a very incomplete person and has a bad sleeping habit and a temper. Cooking is the only thing I can do well.

He hugs her and tells her, it is okay. I grew up underfed so the only thing I want is someone who can cook well.

She tells him that someone is watching them, stay there, maybe he is envious of them. Super envious, not even moving and just watching them. She thinks it might be a strange person?

Min-sung says yes, he is also bringing flowers. Maybe he was dumped. What if that guy that was dumped is going to take you from me. Ah, he is walking toward us.

Min-sung walks to the man and hugs him. It is Kang. Cha-sung cannot believe that this is Kang. They both stare at each other.

Kang asks if they have seen each other before? Min-sung tells him that is an old fashioned thing to say. Plus, she has a boyfriend.

Kang gives her the flowers and telsl her Merry Christmas, please take care of Min-sung well. Min-sung tells her that this guy is his best friend. He is back from death.

It starts to snow so Min-sung puts his arms around both of them and smiles as he says that it is a white Christmas. The two friends then have a playful snow ball fight. Cha-young painfully looks at the two of them.


On another day, Min-sung tells ha-sung that he has an important client and can’t meet to watch the movie, can you sit with Kang instead? He will meet them afterwards.

She is already at the movie when she gets the text and tries to sneak out. But Kang sees her and asks where Min-sung is. So she stays to watch the movie.

Later on, she tells her boss that she wants to go to Greece so that she will not see that guy again because she is soleda to him. Cut to her boarding a plane to Greece.


Joon looks at the news, a famous English rock group person fell during a performance. he went to the hospital. 

It looks like this super famous person is going to Joon’s hospital. It is a big deal. Kang is going to conduct the surgery.

Joon’s mother is upset that Kang is doing the surgery and not Joon. This is a big event, it should be Joon. The father has to say that the people asked for Kang because he saved a lot of lives in Libya without a lot of support.

They argue about this for awhile. The father says that Kang used to be a tiger but now he is a lion.

Cut to Kang who gets a phone call and quickly hurries out of his office. His friend is in the triage area unconscious. His new girlfriend is crying and by his side. Kang asks her what happened, why didn’t he tell me and became like this?

Another doctor tells Kang that he has to go under surgery. So it looks like Kang has to decide between surgeries. Kang asks one of the doctors if he thinks he can save his friend? If you are not confident, then don’t do it. I will kill you if anything goes wrong with him.

Kang ends up deciding to perform his friends surgery and the brother, Joon, does the famous person’s surgery.

Montage of the surgeries. We also see Min-sung’s father, Hyeon-seok who is a doctor at Geo Sung hospice.

After the surgery, Joon becomes famous for successfully performing the surgery. Kang cries in the hallway because his surgery was not successful on his friend.

Min-sung’s father shows up and tells him good job. Kang is too sad to respond. Min-sung’s father asks him if he ate? Kang says that he thought he could save him. The father says no, Min-sung knew that is was terminal. I also knew. That is why Min-sung didn’t want to tell you.

Kang tearfully apologizes. Hyeon-seok sits next to him and tells him that he wanted to believe in miracles. But that is why they are miracles, they don’t happen that often. They continue comforting each other over the loss. The father says that he will take his son with him and walks up

Kang balls his eyes out in the hallway.


A car drives through a countryside town, Kang gets out of the car at the Geo-Sung Hospice.

Inside we see that Min-sung is still alive, yay! Though it looks like he is living out his last days with his father at the hospice. Kang puts up The Avengers statues in Min-sung’s room and the two of them joke.

Min-sung jokes with Kang about how he should quit being a doctor since he could not even cure his best friend. Kang tells him that he should have come to him earlier, you are the stupid bad one.

Min-sung then starts to talk about how he should not take vacation to look out for him, he should quit. the nurse comes in with his food and they joke some more about how Min-sung will sue Kang.

The conversation changes to Cha-young because Min-sung says that her  dumpling soup was the best. LK tells him not to talk about her, she dumped you, besides, you have a fiancé now.

Kang asks what he wants, he will buy it for him. Min-sung says that he wants Cha-young’s Mandu stew. that is the only thing I want to eat before I die.

So Kang goes to Greece to find her. Cut to Cha-young performing her daily activities as a chef. She goes to the coast to collect a large fish and then carries it back to her restaurant to prepare to cook it outside.

But then she gets a call and hurries to the local police station where he brother is happily hitting on two Greek women. Cha-young sighs as she stares at him angrily.

As they walk off, we see that he posted an image on instagram about how he drinks wine everyday. He is so happy that he got 20,000 likes and does the floss dance on the beach.

Cha-young wants to jump in the ocean and die. She tells him that she does not have money to pay for that wine bottle! I will die and you can collect my insurance money to pay for it! 

Then she cries about why he came there to cause so much trouble! he tries to make her feel better and says that it is her Karma she must have killed him in a past life so he is affecting her a little bit in this one.

She starts to pull him to the ocean to die together and says that they should never see each other in the next life. He tells her he actually likes his life here so….can you just give up?

She keeps crying angrily and he keeps telling her about how she should like nicely and not harm people (this was a phrase in an old drama).


Cha-young goes back to work getting fish. Her seaside friends tell her that they heard that her brother broke that expensive bottle of wine. Then they tell her that there is a cooking competition. If you participate in it then they will give you that bottle of wine! You should compete in it!

Cha-young happily rides her bike off to find out how to be in this cooking competition. Then she goes to her restaurant and starts preparing for it. The goal of the competition is to make a dish that fits 3 different wines the best.

She works on her dish all day and into the night. She ends up making a boiled brisket dish.


All the chefs start to cook their meal outside during the competition. Cha-young is one of the chefs. her brother is there happily and embarrassingly cheering her on.

Montage of the food that all the chefs are cooking. They all look really good but some are successes in their presentation and some are fails.

The competition ends and now it is tasting time. The MC asks for a person from the audience to taste it. So Kang raises his hand and comes out.

Cha-young looks at him in utter shock.

Fade Out


Okay, this episode was so much better than the first for me. But I have to admit that the main draw is the second male lead who they gave a lot of screen time to and the best romantic scenes of the episode. 

I think that the biggest problem with this show is that the second male lead is so wonderful as a lead! He is beautiful to look at, can act well, and is so tragically painfully pretty as a patient. I mean, how can you not fall in love with him? 

I have a feeling that his might be his first and last second male lead role as he was made for lead roles. His other roles were in Arthdal Chronicles as one of the NeAnthal people and in Vagabond as the first assassin.

So, let’s see if they keep him around for the duration of the drama or if they kill him off early after he gets his mandu soup. 


Translation for preview

MS – Cha-young’s mandu stew. That is my last wish before I die.

LK – Why did she want to break up with you?

MS – I think she has another man.

Woman – Greece? Why did she come all the way to Korea from that far away?

CY – To cook a meal.

CY – Why did I run away all the way here?

CY – Where should I go now?

CY – I like someone else now.


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  1. kkani
    December 1, 2019 / 10:15 am

    I need a list of the ost and the background music used :(( especially in the episode 2 someone please help

    • V
      December 2, 2019 / 12:03 pm

      I’ll look around for the OST ☺️

    • SS8
      December 6, 2019 / 2:33 am

      Will there be live recap for tonight?

      Can’t wait to watch this tomorrow, I’m so hooked already on Cha Young and Kang’s connection. They both had an impact on each other’s life when they were kids. They will make an even deeper connection now that they are adults. Isn’t it funny though that they only meet again now? When Cha Young go to their hospital every year on her parents death anniversary? Heh.

      I’m most intrigued with Kang’s character. He had grown to be a distant and aloof person because of his family history. He was such a cheerful and sweet kid! I can’t wait to see how Cha Young will bring that back and transform him.

      • V
        December 6, 2019 / 7:59 am

        Yes, we have a recap coming up!

    • Anonymous
      December 6, 2019 / 3:19 am

      OST part 1 by Seventeen “Sweetest Thing” was already released. I heard two other songs in the show. One by Ailee. Another by male singer. The songs are usually released one at a time each week. The background music are released after the drama ends.

      • V
        December 6, 2019 / 10:03 am

        Oh good! I’ll try to start posting links for them oneach post. Thank you! 😘

  2. ben1090
    December 3, 2019 / 5:21 am

    I dont think anything will change with the plot and the second male lead. I like him too, and his chemistry with HJW is so beautiful. Unfortunately, this drama is a post production drama, not like the one in kbs or mbc or sbs which is almost a live production drama that can change according to the viewers reactions.

    • V
      December 3, 2019 / 7:10 am

      That’s good to know. I didn’t know that this was already filmed.

  3. a
    December 4, 2019 / 12:16 am

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but aren’t Joon and Kang cousins?
    (also, I love your recaps!!)

    • V
      December 4, 2019 / 5:52 am

      Yes, they are cousins! 😘😘😘

  4. Tutti
    December 6, 2019 / 8:07 am

    I wonder if Min-Sung knew about Kang and Cha-Young’s relationship and he is trying to connect….

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