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Chocolate: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 2

Here is our part 2 live recap for Chocolate episode 8! It is the holiday season so we have a strange schedule and are trying to get in recapping when we can! Part 2 is coming up. Happy Holidays everyone!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Hyeon-seok plays basketball and talks to Kang about Lee Joon. Joon is there for social service because he punched that bad husband.

The chief then tells him that a patient wants to play basket ball with him, but he isn’t so good to play a national team player. So you play with him. The winner gets ramen, fighting!

The Chief throws the ball to Kang to practice. 


Inside the kitchen, Joon angrily breaks vegetables or something. Seon-ae tells Cha-young to take him away otherwise they will not be able to use any of this food.

Cha-young sits next to him and telsl him that he should not just break it, you need to cut it and get the intestines out and then the head. This is for anchovies. So she tells him to show her. He starts to do it so she tells him that he is doing a good job and also thanks him for his pottery and says it is nice to see him.

She asks if it is okay to say that? He says that saying that she is happy to see him is better than pitying him. They shake hands. But she has to tell him that she really is not pitying him. Also, pity is not a gad thing, it means that you mean something to someone else.

Cha-young goes back to work. Nurse Ha comes in and tells Joon that the Seoul branch called them to take care of him well. She is pretty sarcastic in what she says to him and tells him that what he does does not work with her so she will do everything following the protocol and tells him that his schedule has ended.

She continues and tells him not to forget to check his time stamps and to clean clothes tomorrow and in the afternoon he will be kitchen help. He angrily shakes out his apron and leaves.




Kang practices and Joon comes out to talk to him about what Grandmother said. He asks if the people in the hospital know about what evil plan he is up to with his innocent face.

Kang tells him that people should not know. Joon asks, what if I stop you? Kang tells him, if you can stop me then stop me.

So Joon takes the basketball and they start to angrily play together.

Cha-young and Seon-ae keep working in the kitchen and hear rain. They talk abotu how they heard it would rain.

Back outside, Joon and Kang keep anger-playing basket ball which turns into a fist fight in the rain that has a flashback to them fighting as kids.

Teh chief comes out and yells at them both, so they angrily let go of each other.

Inside, Joon has to get his wounds dressed by Nurse Bae. He angrily lets her as the chief sits there as well. The nurse mentions that Kang punches really well. Joon says that his punch is harder. I hit him more.

The chief tells him it is great that he brags about that. Do you want a prize for punching our doctor?

The the chief goes to Kang and tells him to hurry up and take a shower. You are not a teenager anymore. Kang tells he chief that he and Joon’s fate is to fight until someone loses. The chief asks, so whoever wins the fight wins KoSung? Fine, if you goal in life is that then fight until you die and take KoSung with you to Heaven!

He is about to angrily leave but then tells Kang that people have died there and taught him the lesson about life, but you only learned this much? He walks away disappointed.

Elsewhere, Cha-young starts to walk out to his car and Joon runs out to walk with her. He is all of a sudden lively and happy as he walks with her and looks very innocent. He asks her where her car is. She says that she will take the bus.

He tells her that she can ride with him in his car. He will give her a ride home. He happily and playfully pulls her to his car. SO they ride back. She sees that the rain stopped, he says that he will not let her go now, it is too difficult to catch a bus.

She thanks him. Then we cut to Kang who is driving behind them and honking loudly for no reason.

Cha-young wonders what is going on. Joon says he doesn’t know and he does not care, he will not let that car pass.

So Kang stays behind him and honks, Joon keeps cadillacing his car as he looks at him in the rearview. His hand hurts so Cha-young asks if he is okay. Joon says that he punched Kang a few times but he also got punched.

Kang keeps honking and speeds by them. Cha-young asks why they are fighting. Joon says that they can stop talking about it.



Kang gets a call while angrly driving off. It is from one of the patients.

In Joon’s car, Cha-young tells Joon that Kang saved the pottery woman. Joon pulls over the car and tells him to stop talking about it You do not know what kind of guy he is, he is evil and ….~. Cha-young tells him that she knows, but he does not deserve to be talked about by you.

In Kang’s car, he pulls over and listens to this man tell him that he was stupid. He took her from the hospice. Kang tells him that he cannot decide that, you need to talk to the chief. Then he hangs up.

In the hospital, the American mother is crying as the boys biological mother shows up to cry with her son about things. She asks if the Americans gave him a hard time, that is why he has this disease.

The boy tells her that he was happy in America, my parents loved me. His brother is there too and tells him, good for you for meeting rich parents when we don’t even have a house. It really looks like they are fake crying.


The Korean mother goes to the kitchen and starts to prepare food for the little boy. It is the food that he wanted. It looks like this mother put pork in the kimchi and then made the soup, so that is why it tasted different.

Cha-young and Seon-ae watch her make the kimchi chigae along with the American mother. 

The American mother asks to taste it as well. So the Korean mother angrily gives her some, but Cha-young says that it might be too spicy. It is and the American mother has to drink milk to tame her tongue.

Cha-young and Seon-ae have it as well and nod heir heads at how amazing it tastes.

They all gather around the boys bedside as he eats it. But it seems like something might be different? Maybe it is perfect, not sure. But something is suspicious. he brother asks what he will do to repay it. The brother keeps eating and ays it is pretty spicy. Nurse Ha looks on as if she notices something is not right.



Elsewhere, Cha-yong takes the brother to Quiznos. They see Kang there so the brother starts to chat with Kang and says that he told CY that Kang dumped him yesterday so she took him to Quiznos.

But it looks like Kang thought today was the day. So the three eat together.

Back at the hospital, Nurse Ha tells Joon that he has to clean the clothing. So Joon has to angrily stomp on all the clothing to wash it. She leaves and Yae-hyun shows up to tell him that he can do all of this manual labor for him.

He tells him that his sister is a chef here and then mentions that whenever he needs help to call him. But Joon is just annoyed and waves him away as a crazy guy.

Tae-hyun turns around and asks why he is speaking in banmal to me? Do you know me? Are you going to look down on my noon? If you are rich then how rich are you? I know that all your clothing is fake from top to bottom. Clean everything well, okay? he gives him instructions and then leaves.

Joon is happy to be rid of him. TH comes back and tells him that his name is Moon Tae-hyun! Joon asks what his sisters name is? Do I know her?

Cut to Quiznos where the brother, Kang, and Cha-young are eating. The brother mentions that Kang has chica virus, it has no cure. Kang tries to wave off what the kid is saying and tells everyone that he does not have a virus.

Outside, we see that Cha-young has a thermometer in his mouth. The kid says he is going to school. Kang shows the thermometer to Cha-young and says that he has a normal temperature and no fever. He has no sign of chica virus.

She is all like, okay. So he opens his door to give her a ride. She says she can take the bus. Kang tells her that she took Joon’s car yesterday. Why not take my car? Is it because I have chica virus?

She gets a call and then happily hops in and asks, let’s go! She tells him that she was not worried about herself but was actually worried that he might get chica virus and tells him to hop in, let’s go!

In the car she tells him that she rode with joon because it was raining. But when it stopped she got out and walked to the bus station. She hesitated riding with him so much. Kang starts to smile and then stops himself, but he smiles again.

They get to the hospice, Cha-young thanks him for the ride and hops out to run inside. He watches her running and smiles. hen he looks at his seat where she left an origami swan. She was making it on her way there.

He thinks about all she just told him from Quiznos and to the hospital and also thinks about other moments he has spent with her worrying about him.

Fade Out

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