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Chocolate: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

Happy Holidays Everyone! We hope Santa was good to you and that you got some caroling in. Here is our part 1 live recap for Chocolate episode 8! It is the holiday season so we have a strange schedule and are trying to get in recapping when we can! Part 2 is coming up. Happy Holidays everyone!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open on a flashback to the day the department store collapsed. Kang watched it on the TV and asked his Grandmother about it while they are eating. But the family is pretty cold about the entire situation.

the maid ajumma starts to pack up the mothers things and kang eats alone but with the maid with him.

In the present, Kang goes to meet his grandmother at the mansion. The grandmother asks to see his hand so he gives it to her. She asks if this is the had that does not listen to the owner?

He says yes. So she tells him to sit down and asks how his rehab is. He says he is trying. She tells him that he saved the doctors wife so we have a favorable public image once again. The hospice became a bad place from crime so all those activists who were stopping us from the removing the hospice, will be quiet for now.

She tells him that she wants to remove the useless hospice and build a membership only silver town. She wants Kang to do it because she does not trust anyone else. If you close the hospice and realize what I really want now then I will trust you and give you KoSung.

Joon’s mother eavesdrops on this conversation and calls her husband quickly. But he is not picking up. Her husband is actually eating with Hyeon-seok. It looks like they are good friends. HS tells him not to wear sunglasses indoors. Just take them off.

So Seung-hun takes them off and complains about how the spoon is so dirty and then sees a fly in his soup. Hyeon-seok takes it out and keeps eating.

Seung-hun tells him that they meet each other again after 30 years yet you want to meet in this filthy place. Hyeon-seok asks him why he called him after 30 years. You did not want to talk to me at all before.

They talk about how they interned together in KoSung and why he wants to meet with him now. Seung-hun says that he looked into everyone around him and it looks like you are the most miserable. I want to gain comfort from you. Someone like you is living your life so I can live my life also. It is rare for someone like you to have 1+1 misfortune. You divorced first wife, the second wife died after giving birth, and your son~.

Hyeon-seok tells him to just go to a restaurant to eat at that fits his class. Then Seung-ho continues and says that his first wife that left him came back with dimentia. Hyeon-seok yells at SH and tells him not to talk about her with you dirty mouth!



Cut to Cha-young at a boutique dessert cafe. She sees a kid with a spaceship helmet and thinks about the boy from her hospital. 

Back at the hospital, the little girl is back and looks after a turtle that the brothers had. kang sees her and asks about her mother. The girl says that she is in he ICU, she collapsed. So she is sleeping with a lot of tubes. We enjoyed our time together when seh was awake.

Then the big brother comes up with pancakes and tells Kang that he put his pancakes in his room. He gives the girl pancakes and they start to eat on a bench. The brother then tells them that his brother went back to his star well. He was in Omma’s dream and enjoys his life over there.

The little girl starts to cry and says that her mtoher likes this food too. I want to take it to her but she is in critical condition and can’t eat it.

Kang goes to his office and sees his pancakes and juk saved for him.


Cha-young and Seon-ae continue preparing clam pancakes and juk. The boys mother cleans and peels other ingredients.

Seon-ae makes pancakes but can’t remember everything so Cha-yong tells her to keep trying to remember. Don’t give up. So Seon-ae tries to remember. She recites all the steps ut does not remember the last. So she gets upset and leaves.

Hyeon-seok was sneaking in on them and runs away so that his ex will not see him. Nurse Bae asks him what he is doing as he hides. He makes up an excuse that leaves.

Nurse Bae takes what she is carrying into the kitchen and says that the smell is so good. She starts to eat one of the pancakes and mentions that it is so good. If I gain weight then it is not my fault, it is the ches ault.

Then Seon-ae comes back in and says, I REMEMBER IT! She starts cooking the pancakes happily and puts clams inside as she talks to herself happily. They all taste the soup and keep working

Then Cha-young opens he package and sees all of Joon’s pottery.



Cha-young ets a call from her brother who drags her outside to show her his dream car in the parking lot. She is super annoyed. He keeps telling her how much he likes this car and all that.

He asks Cha-young to ask Kang if he can take a photo inside the car and will not stop bothering her about it. So she has to cover her ears and walk away.

Inside, Kang taps his foot as he thinks about something at the window. he has not eaten the food yet. 

VO – I will remove the hospice that is useless and put a silver town there.

Kang thinks about that and what the chief told him about how there are doctors that save lives, but he thinks there should also be doctors who take care of the end of life as well.

Kang thinks about saving Cha-young and then saving the woman in the water. and spending time with all the people at the hospital.

Kang walks outside but runs into Cha-young near the building and a random white sheet falls on thier heads. 

VO – I want to avoid her, but she is always in front of me.

They stare at each other with this sheet on their heads for a moment, then Kang removes it and looks up at the rooftop. Joon runs to the edge to see where his sheet went and sees Kang an Cha-youn. Kang sees him.


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