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Chocolate: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

Chocolate: Episode 8 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 for our recap of Chocolate!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In the hospital, Cha-young makes a lovey lotus fruit dduk for the pottery noona. But she can’t give it to her because the pottery noona is in too much pain right now. So she hobbles it away.

She sees a woman crying in he hallway as she hobbles away. Seon-ae comes out and tells her that she is not crying, the kimchi was just too spicy. So she gives her milk. The woman thanks her and drinks it up.

Seon-ae mentions that this person came from New York with her son Michael who was adopted to America when he was 7. They start to cook the food and talk about Michael and his terminal illness. They are making him various kimchi chigae to enjoy.

He gives some to his adopted mother and actually remembers the food he ate when he was 7 years old. This is way to spicy for his adopted mother though.

Cha-young tells Seon-ae that she has to tell her something, I will go back to Greece. Seon-ae tells her that she was actually going to send her off. Then she tells her that they should probably quit here after finding Michaels Kimchi chigae.


Seung-hun learns basic French when his wife comes in angrily and asks if he saw the report! She throws her phone at him. he looks at it and says this was an interview he gave.

But it looks like this interview is not that flattering to him? Not sure, but this article is not flattering and mentions the corruption to get him in medical school and to get him to graduate.

Cut to the Grandmother at her home who tells some of the other relatives that Seung-hun will resign from the medical school. But the other elders say that he causes so much trouble so he needs to resign from everything to do with the family business. They have plenty of other people in the family to take those positions.

Grandmother and this other elder start to argue about that. The older sister also argues with them about it and says that she knows that these elders want to take over the hospital! She yells about them and how they were miserable to her father and all that and killed himself because his own brothers were horrible to him!

The grandmother tells her that she does not know what she is talking about and then yells at the brothers some more about what they will do.


Elsewhere, the mother kneels in front of some other mothers to beg for their apology, but they walk right past her. Then she gets an urgent call about the situation they are in and yells about how they need to fix this.

Kang also gets a call to go to the police station because Joon punched that professor in front of the police and everyone. So he goes there and sees Joon looking miserable while a cop yells at him about how he is not a gangpae (gangster). That doctor has sued you for abuse!

At the hospice hospital, the pottery noona is leaving to get surgery. It might be the surgery that she should have gotten a long time ago. Everyone sees her off. The Chief starts to tear up.

The chief goes to have a smoke on heir bridge. Kang takes it away and mentions that he gave up smoking. The CEO starts to curse that professor and his dirty plan with the doctor. He thinks they are not human and to make matters worse, he was his student, and to make matters worse he married them! 

The CEO is so upset because he also almost helped them kill that woman by having her at his hospice so he thanks Kang for saving him.


The little astronaut boy comes in to the kitchen and tells Cha-young that he has a super secret. The villain from mars will send his troops if he knows that I am here. Cha-young says that she will not tell anyone. You are Iron Man saving the world.

The kid says that he is not Iron Man, he is Iron Ranger #3! He then tells her about a signal from a planet at night and how that plant is ION 1302. It is a come back signal. It is not that easy to save Earth.

Cha-young tells him to tell those people that you will stay a little longer since you have a hyung and halmoni and mom and you want to live with them for a long long time.

He says that he wants to, but he is sick so he has to go back. When the space ship comes, I will go back. But before that, the safety of the earth should be ensured.

Later on at night, Cha-young takes the older brother outside to look at the stars and asks if one of them is the star that the kid came from ION 1302. The older brother says that is all lies. Appa lied to him and told him that he was a space soldier that came there to save the earth. Appa is lying because when Ji-young was young, appa told that lie to him. He is here to save the earth from the alien planet but he is not listening to his parents and causes problems. From that point, he became a good boy.

Cha-young says that she does not think that his father lied. He could be from that planet. The older brother tells her not to tell anyone that, they will think that you cracked.

Kang watches all of this.

Cha-yong keeps looking at the stars and wonders if the older brother thinks that the space ship will really come and find him? I hope that the space ship gets lost and comes here 100 years later.



Joon gets out of jail at the police station. His father happily picks him up and gives him tofu at a park. He also tells him this is not his fault. Our family  has bad luck after 10 years. This is the 10th year. How can we stop fate? So go ahead and eat, I even got a ticket to buy this.

He also mentions that he will get a hotel. Your mother does not want to see you or me. Why didi you do that? Why did you hit someone else? You are an educated man and you can even speak French. Did I raise you like that? I know, he deserves it if you did it but why did you do it? He was a doctor right? What did he do? Did he take your girlfriend?

Then the pottery noona calls so he answers it while his appa is still talking to him.

She says that this is Hee-joo, I will be in surgery soon. I am sorry Joon, I am really sorry. See you later.

He father is still talking to him and asks why he is not saying anything. Joon looks so deflated and pale.

Elsewhere, Kang drives is bike frantically and Cha-yong ride her bike urgently until they get to the hospital where we see that the older brother is peeking in on his brother who is in his room.

He asks Kang to save his brother, he wants to do a lot of things for his brother that he has not done! 

Kang goes inside and we see that the mother, CEO, and nurse Ha are standing around his bed asking him to look at his mother. But he does not look at his mother. it is almost as if he can’t look at his mother?

She asks what happened to him, what is going on? The CEO asks him if he can hear him?

The older brother is still outside crying as he looks through the window. Cha-young gets there and hugs him.

Inside, Kang asks him, so what did your star tell you? They want you to come back? 

The boy looks over at Kang. Kang walks to the bed and asks the little boy what he thinks, does he also want to go back early? The mother starts to cry. The brother continues crying. Cha-yong starts to cry.

Kang tells him that the space ship did not come yet to pick him up. The little boy tells him that he did not complete his mission yet. But he only barely whispers it. Kang asks him what his mission is. he boy says it is saving Earth.

Nurse Ha sits next to him and tells him that a lot of pieces of Earth were saved due to him. Halmoni’s back was cured and your mother is here and the hospital members where happy due to you. You were our guardian of the hospital. We are all thankful to you.

The boy asks, is that all real? Everyone is happy because of me?

Everyone nods and tears up. 

Ji-yong dies right then and everyone cries.


The camera cuts away and then cuts back to the boys room with the space suit hanging on the  shelf.

Int he kitchen, we see Cha-yong making a rocket ship cake for Ji-yong.

She makes the sponge cake and carves it and puts on the fondant and decorates it lovingly. She makes stars and an astronaut and everything. It is an adorable cake. She even puts Iron Ranger on the cake.

Outside, Kang looks at the sky and imagine a rocket ship taking off.

VO – Don’t get lost Ji-yong, we will keep saving the Earth Iron Ranger #3.

Fade Out


We had three guest send offs today. One who left to get surgery to save her and two who went on to the other side. I actually really love how Cha-young made the two peoples their favorite things to eat in the afterlife. The halmoni got a wild raspberry dduk cake that looked so lovely and the little boy got a rocket ship.

I actually loved that so much that I kind of want to watch a drama with a chef who specializes in making absolutely well thought out and amazing memorial food for people who have passed on. I don’t even know if this drama would be a Hotel del Luna type of show or a melo or what genre it would fit in, but if done right I think it could be really lovely.

I will say that they went a bit too far with the rocket ship at the end. It was nice to end on the cake and kang looking at the stars at the end. Why did they put in that super fake looking CG rocket ship shooting off? Just why?

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    CrashLandingOnYou Live recap. If the episode goes over into the 1:20-1:30 hour range, should we delay posting part 1 to account for it, or delay posting part 2, or split it into 3 parts like we did today? Any opinions? Or does it not matter?

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