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Chocolate: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 1

Chocolate: Episode 8 Live Recap - Part 1

Here is our part 1 recap for Chocolate episode 8! It is the holiday season so we have a strange schedule and are trying to get in recapping when we can! Part 2 is coming up. Happy Holidays everyone!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Kang walks around the yard of the hospice. Cha-young looks at him from the rooftop or some elevated position and sighs. She thinks back to him driving away last night and telling him that she worried about him.

He asked her if that was why she waited this late. She also thinks about the many other time she saw him over the times that they have met as adults.

CY – (I don’t know when it started that I feel soleda. I don’t exactly remember it.)

Cut to her brother who is taking an online match for Lee Kang and Moon Cha-young. it is a 98% match so Tae-hyun happily says, YES! Then sings, my lovely brother in law and me. When will he bring us money?

He puts his name in with Lee Kang and it comes out as 0% match. Tae-hyun thinks that is super wrong. Who made this app? By then someone sends him a text asking if he really brought those shoes.

He texts back that he really bought it for his girlfriend who still loved him after going to the army. He has had it from the military until now. The woman asks if she can have a discount.

He scoffs, how can I? As I said, when I bought these shoes, I was dumped. They have never been used. I will buy soju and fried calamari only. 

She tells him that they can met, let’s decide a time and location. Tae-hyun happily says that she can decide.

Cut to an old ajumma who hits all of her food away and asks for her shoes.

Then we go outside where Tae-hyun is actually meeting with Nurse Bae. She is surprised that it is him and calls someone to say that she has found the robber!

So then Tae-hyun has to sit in front of Nurse Ha. She asks him, didn’t you know that it was stolen? You knew it was stolen, but you still want to sell it? That halmoni’s son gave this as a gift so you bring it as a gift to halmoni and don’t say that the other halmoni stole it from her.

Tae-hyun thinks that is unfair! But he still grabs it and leaves. Nurse Ha tells him he will buy him food if he does it. So it looks like he is on his way to do that.


Elsewhere, Joon looks miserable. he thinks about pottery noona needing to be revived at the lake and he also remembers telling her that he regrets liking her and that she should not be reborn.

He locks the pottery school door and throws the key inside the pottery fire. But then he gets a text from Cha-young showing him the pottery noona’s food and telling him how much she ate.

He texts back to not tell him about her anymore and to throw away that dish he gave her. He also thanks her for all she has done until now.

Cha-young texts him back and tells him that when his regret goes away, stop by my restaurant, I will make you a nice meal.

Later on, Cha-young is outside drying food. One of the halmoni’s comes up to her and eats a bit. She says that her Hang-nim does not eat because she is mad at me. Cha-young says that she will make something for her. She can make wild raspberry cake for her.

The halmoni says that she will find it right now. So she goes to a mountain by the water and starts to try and pick wild raspberries with high wind. Cha-young follows her so they pick the raspberries together.

They small talk about things like not being dumb and the handsome doctor who said Cha-young is dumb, but the halmoni said that she won’t tell anyone.

However, a snake comes up right then and bites the halmoni. Cha-young quickly calls 119 and tells them that they have an emergency. But Cha-young falls off the cliff while she calls them.


Back at the hospital, the halmoni has ben carried in and gets treated for her snake bite. Everything looks okay as the chief gives her first aid. But a hiker found the halmoni so Cha-young is still lost on the mountain.

Nurse Ha and the CEO tell Kang so he goes out looking for her. It is night now so he has his flashlight out as he searches the mountain for her.

Back at the hospital, the halmoni gives her friend fresh raspberries. The other halmoni eats it. But the younger halmoni tells her friend to not eat it all, wait for Cha-young to make the wild raspberry cake for you. The older halmoni tells the younger one that if her son asks to take her home, just go. He does not hate you, he likes you a lot. He just does not know how he feels.

The halmoni continues and says that he likes her so much even though they are not biologically related. But you are biologically related to him. When I was young, I gave you a hard time and envied you. Now you are following me everywhere, you are so nice. Because of you, I am still a good person.

The halmonies go back and forth about which one s the best. They are wife and second wife who both liked each other because the younger is a good person.

All the while, Kang keeps looking for Cha-young in the woods.

He finally finds her at the bottom of a small cliff and runs to her.

VO – In the next life, we should see each other in a different relationship.

Cha-young wakes up.

VO – Like as siblings or partners. I will do everything I could not do in this life in the next life. I will like you a lot.

Kang walks off with Cha-young.

VO – Let’s see each other in the next life.

Back at the hospital, Kang mends Cha-young’s ankle. Then he tells her that she might have problems in her bones or tendon, so they should take an x-ray. But they do not have one in the hospital, so they can go to the emergency room.

He kneels to let her hop on his back to go. But she says that her leg does not hurt so she is okay. he tells her to stand up and walk if it does not hurt.

So she stands up but it works. So he yells at her and tells her that she is too stubborn. A doctor told you that it will hurt and it does hurt. Are you looking down at me because I am kicked out of my last hospital and work in this hospital? You are a chef! Why don’t you just cook! Why do you follow all the patients! I worried about you so much and walked all over the mountain!

He sighs and says that he will stop caring if she lives or dies so do everything that you want to do.

He storms out, but then he sits on the bench right outside.



Kang meets with the pottery noona. Her husband says that she just threw up a little bit. he also thanks him for rescuing her. Kang checks her eyes, there is no response. The husband tells him to stop there, she needs to rest.

Kang looks like he wonders something, like something might be going on here. So when he goes back to his office, he asks to see the patient chart to check something.

In the kitchen area, Cha-young eats a Godiva and then starts to make the raspberry cake which is a dduk cake made with no eggs or butter. it looks gorgeous and delicate.

Cha-young walks out with the cake and sees the younger halmoni sitting on the bench wearing all white. It might be that the halmoni died. Cha-young gives the cake to the halmoni and says to give it to the other halmoni.

The younger halmoni says that this cake is warm, if she eats this, she won’t be cold in her grave. She also got to eat the fresh raspberries and was very happy that this halmoni picked them for her.

Later on, Cha-young cries about it all while on the rooftop. Kang is on the rooftop as well and hears her bawling out of control. he peeks through the sheets that are hanging to be dried. But he does not go up to her, he just lets her cry and looks on with a pretty blank face so it is not clear what he is thinking.

Cha-young gets all her crying out and then hobbles over to a couple fallen sheets and hangs them back up. But that is when she sees Kang and gasps. He asks if she is done crying. She asks how long he has been there? He says before she came up here.

He asks if she is crying because her ankle hurts? Did you roll off another hill? She says no and thanks him. He mentions that she has already said that 37 times.

He sighs and walks up to her and asks her if she is going back to Greece? He thought she was. She says that she will. He asks when. She says soon. Soon-soon.

He tells her to hurry, this is not a good job anyway. Then he leaves.

He walks down the steps and thinks about her saying that she is going back to Greece. He turns back and looks up the steps as if he regrets asking her that.

Then Kang gets a call from Pottery noona’s old doctor. He meets with her, she tells him that she was nauseous all of a sudden. He interrupts her and asks why they did not do a second surgery.

The doctor says that they could not remove all the cancer. So they gave up the second surgery. Kang asks what the reasons where to give it up? The doctor asks why she has to tell him that, her husband understood it.

Kang tells this doctor that he does not understand why the husband understood why you did not do a second surgery. You could have done it and you could have done the surgery on her eyesight also.

The doctor looks upset as if she is a bad doctor. She tells him that she will leave now for surgery. Kang tells her that she is letting a murder happen. The doctor looks caught. She turns back to Kang.

Kang stands and tells her that she is an accessory to murder. She does not know what to say to this.

She hurries back and calls her honey and says that the doctor noticed it. Her honey is the pottery noona’s husband. So this woman is his mistress! He tells her to come out right now.

So she comes out and they get in a car together. But the police show up right then and stop them. he tells him that his wife’s family is accusing you for murder. lets go to the police station.


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