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Chocolate: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 for our Chocolate live recap!

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open on Cha-young who is putting makeup on the pottery noona. But she is a bit awkward with it and asks to maybe call the nurse to do it. But the pottery noona says that it is okay. Light makeup is better. This is the first time he has seen Joon since she got married, so she does not want him to see her as a sick person.

She also asks Cha-young to pick out nice clothing for her. Something pretty that she can wear while traveling around the hospital. she mentions a lake by the hospital. She wants to go there today.

Joon shows up to the hospital looking miserable. he has a pastel bouquet of flowers for her and looks at them longingly.

The pottery ajumma is at the lake now in her nice clothing. Cha-young is with her. The pottery noona talks about how Cha-yong’s food was so good. It comforted her. So even if she leaves this place, she will be fool and happy.

Joon shows up and says noona, so both their heads turn to him. he is holding the flowers.

CHa-young leaves them both alone as he gives her the flowers and they talk about them and his plate. She says that she was really impressed with his plate.

Joon tells her that he heard that Cha-young’s cooking is really good. Noona tells him that her food is the most delicious cooking every, you should try it. She also apologizes to Joon. 

he asks for why. She tells him it is for everything. Just ignore what you think about me. You are lucky that you avoided me. After marrying me, my husband suffered a lot taking care of me. 

Joon is quiet so she asks why he does not say anything. he says that it is embarrassing and hurts his heart. he says that she knows that he secretly loved her so it makes him embarrased and hurts his feelings. he says this in kind of a light way but it is the truth.

She apologizes so he tells her that when she apoloizes, it hurts his pride even more. She starts to shiver so he gives her his jacket. She tells him to meet a healthy and good person and live happily for a long long time.

Elsewhere, Cha-young pulls plants for cooking and thinks about what the pottery noona told her about wanting to wear pretty clothing just in case she goes on a trip, she did not want to have any regrets.

She stands up, feeling something, and looks back to where the woman is.

Joon is walking away, but also feels something. he turns back.

Inside, Nurse Bae runs to Kang with a lot of hidden sleeping pills and says that he thinks that the pottery noona might try to commit suicide. Another patient did that before.

Outside, the woman is trying to find her way to the lake while everyone looks for her.



the search goes outside as Kang calls the pottery noona’s name. He sees Joon so Joon asks him why he is looking for noona.

Cut to Cha-young who has found the noona walking into the water. She runs into to get her and has to swim pretty far in.

Kang sees this to and runs into the water to help. He wades all the way to were Cha-yong is and helps her back in.

But it looks like she has breathed in a lot of water so Kang has to do CPR on her. Joon has gotten there by now and watches as they try to revive her.

Kang is able to save her so we cut to the hospital room where the Chief is so upset that this woman tried to kill herself. He thinks she is so selfish and wonders what would have happened if Cha-young had not rescued her.

Meanwhile, Cha-young walks back to the kitchen freezing and shivering as if she jumped into ice. Seon-ae is there and quickly gives her a nice blanket and puts a pot on for her. She tells her that she is not an EMS rescue worker.

But Cha-young says that she is alive today as well because people rescued her.

Somewhere in the hospital, Joon is told that the pottery noona is fine. So he goes in to her room to see her. She is awake and thinks that Joon is her husband. So she apologizes to him and says that he could not be an exchange professor like he wanted to be. So she wanted to leave a bit earlier to let him go a bit earlier.

Joon tells her that she is poor so it moves him. She sits up and asks if this is Joon? He says that he did not say his last goodbye properly. So he is there to say farewell. He tells her that he regrets that he liked her. When he hears that she is dead, he will not go to her funeral and he will not cry.

He tells her not to be reborn as anything else if she ends her life like this. Goodbye. He holds back tears as he tells her this and quickly walks out.

She is also sad and starts to cry. (good Lord, possibly the worst thing to tell a person that just tried to kill themselves? I’m just saying.)



Elsewhere, Cha-young gets warm soup from Seon-ae. She tells her that sometimes good food is better than medicine. Then she leaves to let her enjoy it.

Cha-young eats it happily and thinks about Kang running into the water to save the patient. She smiles as she thinks about it and then gets up and walks off somewhere.

She ends up going to someones door, maybe Kang’s door. But it does not look like he is there. So she leaves.

While walking away, one of the nurses tells the Chief that Kang should at least take saline or something since he also jumped into the water to rescue the patient. But he is not there and is not picking up the phone. But his car is still in the parking lot.

Cha-young goes out into the yard to look for him.  She looks all around for him. he watches her from a bridge as she looks for him. then one of the little boys finds him and sys that Cha-yong noona has been looking for you a lot.

Kang tells him not to call for her. He is just thinking what is going on. The boy asks what. Kang says that someone keeps bothering him. He wants to avoid them, but they keep making me worry about them and care about them. What do you think it is?

The boy says it might be a virus. Kang asks, if this is a virus, then what should I do? The boy tells him to get a vaccine. Or if you are already sick, you need to get cured. You need to kill the virus. But why are you asking me? You are the doctor. Kang nods, yes I am the doctor.

So he goes to find Cha-young who is sitting in front of his car. he asks her why she is there. She says that she worried about him because no one could find him and Nurse Ha said that he was sick.

He asks if that is why she was waiting for him this late? She asks if he is okay. he says she can see that he is. Then he asks if she wants a ride this late? She says no, her brother will come.

So he leaves. She watches him drive off. He also watches her through his rearview as he leaves.

Kang starts to think about seeing Cha-young in Greece and we hear a voice over from her saying that she made Min-sung the soup he wants. He ate it and left.

We see a lot of memories and flashbacks of Cha-young and Kang as they worry about each other and think about each other and cry in the rain.

While he is driving away he says – Min-sung, I think I lost again.

Fade Out


Okay, I want this relationship to progress a bit more. These two are barely in the same room together and we are already on episode 7 going into 8.

Plus, we need things to start to make sense. Why in the world would Joon leave the blind and dying woman he loves at the lake by herself? Was he all like, okay noona peace out I hope you get back safely with Cha-young, wherever she is.

And, is Cha-yong taking people from the hospital randomly again, because no one knew that this woman was heading to the lake and looked thoroughly confused that she was not in her room.

I can almost give it a pass that the noona somehow found her way to the most remote part of the lake even though she is blind and hasn’t been at this hospice for all that long and it is also her first time to this lake. But even so, where are all the fishermen? Did she know it was empty? I have so many questions with that.

Then when it is all said and done and failed, Joon is going to basically completely crush a person who just tried to kill themselves and leaves her alone again? Come on now show. I know you are a melo but that is pretty harsh. And wouldn’t there be a nurse in there with her anyway? So many questions.

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  1. Jammmm
    December 20, 2019 / 10:18 am

    V! It’s so frustrating to see Kang and CY’s relationship!!! Since Kang was thinking back on him feeding her and telling her to come for lunch as well means he know she is finally?!

    Thanks V!

  2. Julia
    December 20, 2019 / 3:28 pm

    So much yearning in this drama.
    I hope Kang somehow learns that his buddy is ok that he likes Cha Young. Someone show him that letter.

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