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Chocolate: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

Uh oh, looks like the tears are front and center this episode. What happened? I thought they had a drinking night and became friends! Maybe he told her he doesn’t want to drink with her anymore? Sorry, I’m all healed now, catch ya in the next healing drama.

Or maybe she just has her issues and he’s all like, hmm, to talk, or not to talk, that is the question. Perhaps I will just stay over here and look at these flowers until she comes out. Then I can handsomely pretend like I didn’t hear anything and conveniently offer a chocolate. But it has to be Godiva, where is the Godiva!

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We open with Cha-young and Lee Kang starting their drink from the end of the episode. She sits to his left because the right is for his mother. So she sits and awkwardly holds her arms on her lap.

He pours her water instead of alcohol because she is not feeling well. Then he toasts to her birthday and tells her to always be healthy, especially on her birthday.

it is about to be a nice evening but then Te-hyun shows up with his own alcohol and calls Kang, hyung and tells hyung that he really wanted to drink with him tonight.

Cha-young gives his brother “your crazy!” eyes and tells him that Kang is a doctor, not a hyung! But Tae-hyun says that he is taking him as hyung. Then Tae-hyun goes one step further and says that they can add meh (which is in-law) to us. So we are hyun and meh. 

Cha-young is about to bust a gut. Tae-hyun continues and says that his sister used to wear makeup and was a Mrs. Korea hopeful and was pushed so much to do that.

Cha-young tells him to step away for a moment and starts to pull her brother away. But Tae-hyun tells Kang that this is his sisters charm. She always uses good language but is easy to be misunderstood.

She pulls him all the way to the side and smells his breath. he is drunk. She also tells him that he does not even like Kang. But Tae-hyun smiles and tells her that he supports her first love.

She is super shocked that he knows and asks, oh, so you know that now? he says yes and starts to explain all the things he knows. He also tells her to break the rumor that first love will never be realized. Then he says he wants to go back and drink with brother-in-law.

She tells him that she will give him all the money he spent for the drinks and more. He tells her to give him $50 or $100. She sighs.

Meanwhile, the little kids mother shows up and cries as she looks at the hospital where her son is. She remembers what Cha-yong told her about this possibly being her sons last birthday. So she starts to cry and falls to the ground in a kneeling cry.

When Cha-young gets back to Lee Kang, he is already gone.


We find out that Kang slept in the office last night because Hyeon-seok went in to see him. he told him that he remembered his mothers birthday because it was a big event. But people forget due to that big accident. But we should remember and protect the memory. Then he tells him that they should go to a good place for gumul (soup).

he takes him to his office and says that instant soup is just as good as restaurant now a days. he makes him a helping. Kang goes out to wash up and says he will be back. The Chief sighs and mutters that he is handsomer than him before he washes up.

Kang starts to walk back and walks through the yard where Cha-young is preparing dried foods with Seon-ae. They talk about the food and different parts of Korea where a certain food is made and how people don’t really make this kind of food anymore because people make noodles with it. She will make it for Cha-young.

Kang walks up to them and asks if he can also have some. Cha-young fixes her hair right quick. then we cut to the kitchen where Seon-ae makes the noodles or dumplings from scratch.

While she makes it, we cut back to Kangs mother making this exact meal while in her restaurant. We now see her going through all the motions of making this meal from scratch.

Kang watches him making it as a kid and we cut to Kang as ann adult smiling brightly as Cha-young brings the food to him. Although, Cha-young might think he is smiling like a loony as she walks up to him because kind of awkwardly pauses and waits for his eyes to focus on her.

When he sees that she is there, she gives him his soup and is about to leave. But she wants to make sure that Kang knows that her brother was super drunk last night. he does not look like he is drunk, but he was suuuuuuper drunk. 

He tells her it was something that he doesn’t even have to ignore so don’t worry about it. But then he gets a call and has to leave quickly. he tells CHa-young to take care of it please and says that he wants her to tell Emo-nim (respectful term for an older woman that isn’t a grandmother and it also means aunt) that it was good.



Kang goes to a ptients room where the husband is packing up her things in order to go to an expensive alternative medicine place that might be able to cure her. But the nurse whispers to kang tha this place is a fake place.

kang tries to politely tell this man that this other place is all fake. But the man tells him that this fake place is better than this one! All you do is give her morphine when she is in pain and wait. I heard you were a doctor in a big hospital! Why dont you do anything as a doctor!

kang lets him yell at him. The chief comes in and tells eveyrone to let them go. So the husband continues packing up his wife as his hands tremble. kang turns to leave and sees one of the kids looking at the him from the door. Ah, this is her mother. So she runs to her mother with tears in her eyes.


the father is eating food and says that it is good. The mtoher mutters, he can still eat, he is so great *sarcastically* in another language. So the father asks Joon to tell him what his mother said about him. Joon tells him that she cursed at him.

The father tells the mother that he is only eating fish, not rice *jokingly*. The mother tells Joon that the newspaper will break the news about his fathers weakness. 43 years ago he illegally entered medical school. They forgerized his grades and someone else wrote his papers *in another language*. 

The father tells his wife to say all of this in Korean. The mother continues speaking in this other language and asks Joon what they can do, they are all destroyed.

The father stands up and says that he is going to tell his mother that the both of them are ostracizing him. So Joon tells him that grandma’s family is looking down on them because Umma’s family is poor.

That makes father happy, he tells her that $10 million sales is a chaebol family. She sighs and tells him that he is killing her. She leaves. The father asks Joon which French hagwan is the best.

Joon gets a call from someone right then and heads out. It is a call from a noona he knows. It might be the pottery noona at the hospital. She says that she got the number from Cha-young and asks him to see her once if he can.

Cut to a flashback of the pottery noona making pottery at a highschool. Little high school aged Joon watches her secretly from the doorway. But she spots him and tells him that she saw him at her shop before. She asks if he is there to see her.

he says he is there to see how to make pottery. So she tells him to come in and see it, don’t sneak peak. He mutters that it is just in case he likes her, but then corrects himself and says that it is just in case he likes her pottery and says that he has to study.

But he ends up going in to her pottery class and looks at her more than the pottery. She smiles.



In the present, Cha-young starts to prepare food. But thinks back to Kang asking her if she was telling hi these things because of what Tae-hyun said about being in-laws? Dont’ worry, I barely noticed it.

She is so embarrassed thinking about it that she cuts her finger. Bu then the kids mom shows up and says that she can help. She is good at doing this job. Cha-young smiles.

Cut to the son dressed in a space uniform and talking to Kang. he asks Kang if his noona really left with her mother. then he says that his mother bought this space ship for him. he mentions that he will not go to Heaven, he will go to the universe.

Then he reaches in his bag and pulls out a Quiznos for Kang. he tells Kang that he does not need it anymore because he is happy. Kang asks if he is giving it to him because he does not look happy? The little boy is all like, yep, a little bit. Kang thanks him.

Later on, we see Kang eating the Quiznos sandwich and thinking about Cha-young as a kid telling him that his food was so good and how happy she was eating it. he told her to come to lunch, he would make her chocolate.

His mother saw him making the chocolate and asked if he liked her. he said it wasn’t like that, he just wanted to make her happy eating the chocolate.

Kang thinks about this while eating.

Meanwhile, Nurse Ha shows off a hanbok that a halmoni have to her becuase the mother left. She says that people feel depressed that she left so is trying to change the mood. She does a little dance with the hanbok on.

She tells the CEO to wear it and starts to take it off. He covers his eyes and tells her not to change in front of him! She tells him that he saw her diapers being changed when she was little. YOu have no fantasy and dont look at me as a woman. Look at me, look at me, I am a woman also!

She flips him around, his eyes are still covered. When he opens them he sees that she has her nurse clothes on under the hanbok and is all like, what is wrong with you. then they talk about how he is her oppa’s friend and all that.

But she still tell him that he is pretty. he is just like Go Soo. they start to joke about that. Seon-ae is at the door looking in with snacks she brought for the Chief, but decides to leave without making herself known.

Outside on the yard, tae-hyun talks to one of the halmonies about hanbok clothing and shoes. He thinks she stole it and asks why she stole it. She says that she did not steal it and runs off. So he sits back down and mutters something about a money game and how he will solve this problem between these two halmonies.


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