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Chocolate: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 2

Chocolate: Episode 6 Live Recap - Part 2

This is Part 2 for our Live Recap for Chocolate episode 6!

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Kang and the kids walk around the hospital The little boy asks if Kang is still angry. The older brother says, of course he is angry, he brought you all the way here and you ran off.

Kang asks if the oldest is hungry so the youngest tells Kang that he i still angry because he did not ask him if he is hungry. Cha-young shows up and tells the little boy that they should go have a birthday party for the little boy sine it is still his birthday.

So Cha-young and Kang go shopping at the convenience store and buy all the things that the kids said that they wanted. It is all instant food so Cha-young tries to prepare it nicely for them so that they can eat it at the convenience store.

She even makes kimbap and all sorts of yummy food with the instant food. It is pretty amazing. She does it fast too.

Okay, this is insane, all this food looks amazing. She even make a mini birthday cake. Kang is amazed as well, his mouth is basically on the floor.

The kids cheer and say their birthday wish.

Outside somewhere, the mother opens her gift and reads the letter.

Letter – Umma, happy birthday, I really like that your birthday and my birthday are the same. I received your birthday gift. Halmoni said I should wear it next year because it is so big. But I just wore it because I am not sure what will happen next year. When I see you, I will wear it. Umma, I miss you. I want to have a birthday party with you. Your birthday present is a happy sandwich. When appa was still alive, he bought it for me secretly from you and hyung. It taste so good. When you eat it, you just become happy. I am always sick and don’t eat well so appa told me that this was a secret only for me that he buys it. I love you so much, umma. – From Ji-young.

The mother balls her eyes out while reading the letter and clutches it closely to her.

Meanwhile, her kids and Kang and Cha-young happily eat together at the convenient store. But they don’t want him to eat spicy foods. The litle boy says that he is unlucky because of that. But Cha-young says he is super lucky because he has a hyung like this.

Then she starts to talk about her brother MooN taek-hyun and how that is her brother. The oldest brother says that it would be super unlucky to have a brother like that.

They start to one up each other on who is the most unfortunate. the little boy says he is the most unfortunate because he doe snot have his mother on his birthday. She says that she does not also. So the boy says that on his birthday he is in the hospital and gets treatment.

She says that she also goes to the hospital and gets a huge saline shot. It is not a lie. Ii always go to the hospital for a shot after that day. The oldest asks what that day is. She says it is something. A very very scary day. I don’t even want to see it in my dream. But actually, noona’s food is awesome right? they both give her a thumbs up.

All four drive back together. The kids sleep in the back. Kang wonders what happened to Cha-young on that day she mentioned, but does not bring it up. He does remember when she was hugging him and telling him to rescue that person.



Joon is busy in surgery, though it does not look like the surgery is going well. He has to give chest compressions to the patient and then electric shock. But the patient is still flatlined.

It looks like this patient died and it is a big deal.

Joon goes out and tells the family that the person had a heart attack while operating. He gets bunched by one of the family members who yells at him to save his father.

Joon’s father comes up right then and yells at the son for hitting his son. He tells him that Joon is the one that kept your father alive and took care of him even though all other hospital refused him! Even your father did not speak banmal to him.

The son yells at this father so the father hits this son and points at him as he tells him that he did not even come to the hospital to see his own father! You were just drugged in America!

Later on, Seung-hun has to bow in front of the Grandmother and says that he will apologize to the chairmans wife. The Grandmother says that the mother should kneel as well. So the mother does.

The grandmother asks why she has the daughter-in-law as part of the family and says all he things. then she says that she did it because the daughter-in-law graduated from Johns Hopkins with all the money. I thought this smart woman would support my dumb son and would make sure that he was not looked down upon by others.

The father defends his wife and says that he just went crazy today. She is innocent.

The aunt is there as well and tells them that the son just got embarrassed because of the drug comment. The wife should be super angry. You just touched the whisker of a sleeping lion.

They keep arguing.

The problem is that they do not have a top surgeon anymore. The grandmother says that they need to be ready for that families revenge. Joon listens to this on the outside. The Aunt thinks that her brother should be alive in this kind of situation.

Joon starts to walk away and sees Kang. Kang tells him that he heard that chairman Jo died. Joon asks if he came there to see how embarrassed he is? Take a photo, it’s last longer! What does your spy tell you? Does he tell you when I am going to the bathroom?

Kang says that it is not the doctors fault that chairman Jo died. Between you and me, he should have died a long time ago without us. Joon asks him if he has changed his plan now? I want to be impressed and cry for you but I do not have that much room.

Kang tells him that he saw that chairman Jo died on the internet. In the hospital, everyone knows about the crazy son that hit the doctor. I can me here for a personal issue. I need to see the psychologist.

He psychologist comes out right then to meet with him.


The pottery teachers husband makes her a flower ring and dotes on her as the nurses and other women all look at them. They all think that they want to live like that for one day. But one of the women tells the other that she already live like that! That man says so nice to you that you gave birth to a boy.

The husband starts to wheel his wife around so they happily watch and talk about how it would be nice to live with a handsome man like that. Seon-ae says that she used to live with a cool handsome guy like that. But she has to hurry off. The nurses wonder what she is talking about.

Nurse Ha thinks that what Seon-ae said means something. Who is that handsome man?

CUt to Doctor Hyeon-seok with a handsome man aura. He is eating his ramen in his office. 

In the kitchen, Nurse Bae asks for kimchi. She says that she saw the chief eating cup noodles so she wants to eat them too, but she wants to eat it with kimchi. Seon-ae asks where he is now?


She goes to his office with samgyetang soup and sets it on the table. He is  not there so she heads out. But he comes it right then and is startled by her. He asks why she is there. She says that she heard that he had cup noodles. So she made him this.

He tells her that he is not eating it. 

She says that she even used sweet potato noodles so he is the only one to eat it. You hate food waste, so eat it this time. But he says that he is not going to eat it! Just do whatever you want.

He turns his back on her. She sadly picks up the tray and heads out. He sadly turns to look at her.

So Seon-ae gives the food to Tae-hyun who is so happy to eat it. He tells her that it is super good, super good. She tells him to eat slower. But he eats it to fast, it took him like less than 5 mintues to finish the entire thing

She tells him that he ate too fast, no one is chasing you. He says that someone is chasing him all the time so he has to eat this fast. Then he talks about how his mother ran away and took someone elses money. But the people follow him and his sister around.

Seon-ae tells him not to do it, just eat slowly. You will have issues later. He says okay and asks if she has anymore gomtang? It is so good! After the gomtang issue is Greece, I never ate it again. It is a long story. So he says all the story that happened.

Seon-ae tells him, okay, I will give you some more, just eat it for 30 minutes. Then he suddenly stands up and says, Ah! I remember! Moon Cha-youngs first love is Lee Kang!

Elsewhere, Cha-young is riding in a taxi after going to the market, but then has a panic attack when she hears about a building collapse and how people are trapped inside.

In the hospital, Kang asks the psychologis about Moon Cha-young and her rocord of getting treatment in the hospital. What happened to her?

Flashback to the building collapse.

In the car, Cha-young has a full on panic attack. The driver asks her if she is okay? Should I stop the car?

Meanwhile, Kang is driving home now. He remembers that the psychologist told him that Cha-young was in the a building when it collapsed. She was only 12 years old. He thinks that his mother was in that building too. She must have been so scared at only 12 years old.

He drives byCha-young who is crouched on the side of the street, but he might not know that it is her.

When he gets to the hospital, he sees the taxi driver helping take the groceries out and giving them to Seon-ae. Seon-ae asks Kang if he saw Cha-young on the way here? She got out of the taxi and left her cellphone and wallet.

Then Nurse Bae comes up and says that someone collapsed. So eh has to run into the hospital to help one of the patients. But then the other halmoni collapses.

Outside, Cha-young is finally starting to feel better and starts to stumble back to the Hospital.

At the hospital, the halmoni’s are both stable. The healthy one passed out because she was surprised that the other halmoni collapsed. They halmoni is very concerned about her friend.

Kang goes to his office and gets a message that Cha-young has not came back. So he goes out looking for her and finds her still walking back along the street.


oH, wait, no. It is Joon that finds her along the street instead of Kang. He asks her what she is doing. She says that she was nauseous, but she is walking back now.

Kang keeps driving around looking for her. He passes Joon’s car as Joon drives her back. 

In the car, Cha-young is holding something. She asks Joon if this was for the patient? He says that it was not intended. He had a bad day and was on his way home. He  saw a fish bread ajusshi and bought goomupbang. But he does not like goomupbang. But it reminded him of his noona who liked it. So I was driving this way like a crazy person.

He drives her all the way. Cha-young thanks him and says that she will deliver this to the patient and put it on his pretty dish. Then she asks him what happened to Lee Kang’s hand? I heard that he had a problem with it, that is why he left the big hospital and came here.

Joon asks her if Kang likes her?

Cut to Kang still driving around looking for Cha-young. But he does not find her and drives back to the hospital. Kang calls the hospital and asks if Cha-young came back? But it looks like he might have called the wrong number.

But then he starts to walk the yard and sees her (or maybe he saw her which is why he said he called the wrong number).

He makes two alcohol cups on a stone bridge. He says that Min-sungn used to prepare it all the time, but now it is just yo and me. It is his mothers memorial so he has a shrimp snack for her and says that he came outside for her. He taps the glass and takes a drink.

Cha-young comes up and tells him that she heard that he was looking for her. He says that if she is done, then would you like to have a drink with me? She sits but he says that it he spot for his mom, you sit over here.

So she goes to the other side and sits. he pours her a drink also, but it is water for her. He tells her to drink water today since she does not feel good. he also tells her happy birthday. Don’t be sick anymore, especially for your birthday.

She starts to tear up a tiny bit. A tear drops. He toasts her water glass.

Fade Out

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