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Chocolate: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 1

Get your tissues ready because this episode might have the most tears of all. Though hopefully it does not. But I think it will. If you need a good comedy after watching this one then check out Crash Landing on You. The first episode was pretty funny.

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Lee Kang drives around town and looks out his window as he thinks about eating with Cha-young the previous evening. It was raining that night so the owner gave them an umbrella. Moon told him to take it because she had to leave.

But he stops her and tells her that it is acid rain so they should use it together.  So they walk off together under the umbrella.

He thinks about this while driving off. But then he sees a little kid that looks like a patient sitting alone outside by the street.

The little boy keeps sitting. Then kang comes driving back up and tells him that he is in their hospital right? So why are you here? The little boy starts to run away so Kang holds him by his shirt.

He says he is off to see his mother, don’t tell my hyung. He shows the address. Kang tells him that he cannot go there alone. You need to tell your mother to come here.

He says that his mother does not want to see him.

Cut to kand driving him somewhere, probably back to the hospital. The little boy says that his mother sent him a present for his birthday so he wants to send something to his mom as well!

He says that he can’t go there until he is all cured. But the little boy tells him that he will not be cured in the future also. I dont’ want to go to the hospital, I want to go see my mom! You are bad doctor!

So kang backs up and tells him that it will take him 3 hours to drive there. Take a nap, I will wake you up. And he drives off.


At the hospital, Cha-young makes juk from scratch. It looks amazing. After preparing it, she walks it over to Tae-hyun. He is all sleepy and says that he does not want to eat it.

She tells him that he did not eat anything since last night. He says that he just does not have an appetite, leave me alone. Cha-young says that it was not his fault that the jajangmyun halabogi died.

The brother might think it actually is his fault as he covers his head and says he knows that it was not his fault! He was in a hospice! But he looks sad about it. So she leaves the juk there. She tells him he went to Heaven to eat jajangmyun

He sits up after she leaves and yells that he is not blaming himself! I am not you! There is no jajangmyun Heaven! He complains that she still believes that a rabbit lives on the moon and all those things and how naive she is all all that.

But he still posts something on Instagram. His instagram says, #Iamsorry, #whenyoueatjajangmyuninHeaven, #makesure #youaskforeggs #whenIseeyoulate #iwillbuyyoudoublejajangmyun. And he posts a photo of the jajangmun.

Cha-young rides her bike back to the hospital along a beautiful small road. But she has to stop and take a few deep breathes. then she puts in her head phone and listens to something and keeps biking.

When she gets back, she starts to make something with beets. She blends the beets into a sauce and pours it on rice. Then she starts to make really pretty kimbap out of it.

She takes this kimbap to the pottery teacher who Joon loves. Cha-young tells her that this isi plum blossom Kimbap. So if you did not see plum blossom, you can eat it like that.

The woman asks what it looks like and says that she actually cannot see due to her disease. She feels it though and takes a bite and mentions that it tastes so good. She can imagine what it looks like after eating it.

Cha-young gives her flower tea and tells her to drink it with the kimbap. The woman tells her that it has flower smell. Cha-young tells her to tell her what she wants. Whatever you want to eat, I can make it. Joon made you a nice plate. He wanted me to delive it to you, so I put food on it.

The woman chuckles and says jashik. Ii thought he broke everything, but he still has one.


Cha-young sends a couple photos to Lee Joon. He is happy to see it and thanks her. Cha-young goes back and washes he dishes. She remembers asking why Kang is not at their hospital anymore. Joon says that she should ask him.

Meanwhile, Kang has driven all the way to the country side. The little boy slept the entire way. Kang gets his present which he wants to give to his Mother. His friend actually wrote the note or him since the never learned to write.

Kang wakes him up and tells him that they have arrived. So they start to head inside. But the little boy looks a little strangely at the house. He asks if the doctor is coming in also? He says yes.

Kang gets a call about a problem with a patient. The little boy runs inside while he is talking on the phone. Kang tells the man to tell him what is going on.


Cha-young goes to the other hospital and meats with one of the nurses she knows. She says that she wants to get her medicine just in case it is difficult. The nurse mentions that Lee Kang went to the hospice hospital. Cha-young says that she saw him there.

In the other area, the little boy has completely disappeared. This building is also not a house, but a huge restaurant. He starts to look everywhere for him and has to tell Hyeon-seok that he lost the boy.

Kang says where he is and that he will call the police.

Meanwhile, Cha-young is on the way back to her hospital and remembers what the nurse said about Kang. His hand shook during surgery so he could not finish the surgery.

While walking back, she sees the big brother crying at a bench. So she goes up to him to see what happened. Dis something happen to your brother? She starts to cry as well.

But the big brother says that she has to find that stupid guy! I have to find him! Can you lend me money? So she looks up at him and then we cut to a bus stop.

At the restaurant, Kang is still looking around. One of the women remembers a little boy with a huge t-shirt. She thinks that their dish lady might be his mother. She disappeared all of a sudden. She does not have her contact information, but she knows where her home is.

Kang starts driving there. Right when he gets to the town, Cha-young get out with the big brother. The brother says that he knows the address. But he promised their mother that he would not visit her anymore.

Then they see the little boy eating at a street cart. The big brother runs to his side and cries as he tells him not to leave his side again!


The little boy says that his mother gave him money to get food and said to eat something delicious and to never come back and then he says that some ajusshi hit his mother and starts to cry.

Kang takes them to the local hospital because the older brother passed out. But the little brother is okay. Cut to both brothers sleeping in a hospital bed together. They talk really cutely about how the little brother should not disappear and should just stick to him.

Kang comes up later and check on them both. The littlest one pretends to be sleeping and says that he is not sick at all. So don’t give me a hard time. The big brother asks Kang to forgive his brother. Kang asks where Cha-young  noona is.

We find out that the little brother forgot to deliver the present to his umma, so Cha-young is delivering it. She sees the mother crying outside and thinks about her own mother leaving her at the department store. She waited outside for her for 3 hours and said that she would wait inside.

In the present, Cha-young walks to the mother and asks if she is at the right address. Does yang Seung-hee live here? 

The woman looks up. Cha-young asks if she knows the two boys and says their name. She tells her that Ji-young prepared this for his mothers birthday. If you know his m other, then please take this to her. 

Then she asks if this is happiness, abandoning her own kid? If you see Jee-yong’s mother, then tell her happy birthday and ask her if she knows that today is Ji-young’s last birthday.

They both cry.


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