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Chocolate: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 for our live recap of Chocolate Episode 5!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Seon-ae makes the dish in the kitchen with Cha-young watching and then yells at Cha-young for having her make this right now. Cha-young tells her that the ajumma is fine now. hen she eats a bit of the food an tells her that she is not he one that made the food.

But the ajumma yells at her and says that she does not remember! She starts to chug a bottle of soju.

Cha-young tells her that she does not use fish sauce, she only uses another sauce, so you did not make that dish. The ajumma starts yelling that they shuold just leave this place.

But Cha-yong continues talking to Seon-ae and says that she has muscle memory from physically making this dish over and over again. it has nothing to do with your brain remembering it.

So Seon-ae tries it and the other dish and realizes that the other ajumma made the dish. The other ajumma is angry and denies it, but then she says that she is the one that made it. She didn’t check the list because she was too busy with this low salary.

What are you doing here anyway with your low salary! Everyone says you are crazy. If you want to go to Heaven, then go there by yourself. I will go and make my own food!

She storms out. Cha-young is about to run after her but Seon-ae tells her not to, she tortured her a lot. You can also leave if you want to.

Elsewhere, a little girl presents Lee Kang with Godiva chocolate and thanks him for saving her mother. But he is a grumpy dumpster and says that he did not save her, he just treated her allergy. He also says that he does not like chocolate.

He starts to walk away, but then he comes back and tells them girl that he wants to eat the chocolate. It has high calories and I need the sugar. He grabs it and puts it in his mouth then walks away happily.



In his office, the doctor starts to make ramen in tiny office kitchen. It looks like it is japaguli (half spicy ramen and half jajangmyun ramen, they made the same thing in Parasite).

He eats it and thinks that it is lovely but he hides his food behind a shade when someone knocks on his door. It is Kang who has come in after Hyeon-seok called him.

Elsewhere, Cha-young cooks a lot of food as she talks to Seon-ae and asks her if she wants to go back to her restaurant? Seon-ae shakes her head and then they both happily deliver all the food to the patients and family members in the cafeteria.

In his office, Hyeon-seok tells Kang that they should eat together and starts to eat his food. They talk about how no cooks wants to work here. Kang asks if it is because he does not pay well enough? 

Hyeon-seok says that he heard a rumor that people want to remove their hospital because their hospital does not make any money and to put a silver town (retirement community). That is why we had a salary cut and that is why all the cooks left.

He wants to know where Kang will go if their hospital disappears. He says that he is just like the hospital since he is hated by Geo Sung Group. Kang chuckles.

Later on, Kang grimaces and has a skeleton glove on his surgery hand as he works out painfully.

Cha-young rides her bike to Quiznos and starts to eat. then she takes some with her and heads back. But she sees Joon staring off like a sore thumb and stops. She sees him looking at the couple in the distance.

He notices her so she asks him why he is here? he says that his patient is here and asks what she is doing there. She says that she is a cook for the cafeteria. he starts to look at the patient again.

Cha-young asks him if he ate? He says that he ate and starts to head out. But he stops and looks back at the woman and the man. then he walks over to Cha-young and asks if she can deliver this to that patient. it is something that he promised to give to her before.

Cha-young looks inside and asks if he made it?

Later, She takes it out and puts it on the patients bed. it is a long rectangular dish with her name on it. Joon asked a request which was to text him when she passed away. She asked his relationship with her. He says she is the noona that taught him how to make pottery. he liked her for a long time, but she does not know.

Even later on, the halabogi comes out to ask Cha-young to take him to eat jajangmyun. But she asys that she can’t because the new doctor really hates her.

Elsewhere, Tae-hyung ets a lot of messages from people to ask to see the inside of the car. But he can’t really show it so the people think he is posturing.

However, Kang drives up right then and walks his lovely car then walks inside. So Tae-hyun hides a bit and hen wonders if he should ask for the keys to the car as he looks at it closely.

Then the halabogi comes up and asks if he can take him to the jajangmyun place? The brother says no he will won’t take him but h will take him to his hospital bed. the old man hits him on the back with his cane.

Tae-hyun tells him to just not eat jajangmyun in that place. You eat there because you think your son will pick you up, but that is not happening! If he would pick you up then he would not have abandoned you here!


Inside, Nurse Bae Na-ra happily talks to Kang with two pretty head bands in her hair. Kang mentions that he needs to go back to his car for something.

Outside, the brother yells at the old man about how he knows what is going on with his son because he also abandoned his sister and they were abandoned by their mother! 

Then he starts to yell about how he knows all about his son and things. the old man starts to beat him and says that his son is not a son of a B! 

So Cha-young runs up and protects her brother from getting hit which makes her get hit and the halabogi passes out. Kang sees all of this and runs to his side.

Inside, two kids talk about jajangmyun halabogi. the girl thinks that the son will not come back but the boy thinks that the son will come back. Then the other little boy comes up and asks why he is yelling at noona!

He sees that his brother is eating the Quiznos sandwich and says that he gave that to noon! Noona says that she gave it to him because she was full. So the little brother takes his sandwich back and runs away.

Cut to the halabogi laying in bed. Nurse Ha asks him if he is okay. he nods and says that he wants to eat Jajangmyun. Hyeon-seok says that he can take him, but they closed today. If your son comes, we put a post up saying that if he comes there to come to them. So don’t worry.

So the halabogi says that he will take a nap. if my son comes, let me know. Hyeon tells him okay. So the old man says that they should eat Jajangmyun tomorrow and puts his finger out to pinky promise (uh oh, not looking too  good for halabogi). Hyeon-seok pinky promises.

In the infirmary, TH yells about how he is so hurt and needs an x-ray! Kang comes p to him and asks if he knows him? From Greece? TH protects himself with a pillow and says that he did not know he was that guy.

Kang sighs and tells him that his sister is more hurt as he starts to treat TH. 

Meanwhile, Cha-young cooks a lovely meal of jajangmyun, probably for the halabogi. We literally watch her make the entire thing from chopping onions to boiling noodles, so take notes!

She makes it into a beautiful presentation and takes the dish to the halabogi’s room. But Kang is coming out of the room. She says that she made it for him since he can’t leave and tries to go inside to eat it.

But Kang stops her again and then Hyeon-seok comes out and tells he that he will say it is not good. the jajangmyun at that restaurant is the best for him. This halabogi is done going on a picnic int his world.

She is stoic as she hears about it and walks to the jajangmyun place. Then she goes inside and tells the ajumma that she is there for halabogi’s hat. The woman says that she was waiting for him. 

She runs off to get his hat and mentions that she does not see him often anymore. Cha-young says that he went somewhere. She asks if it is a good place? Cha-young sniffs back a few tears and says yes.

As she turns to leave, she sees Kang who has come in. She starts to walk around him, but he asks if she ate dinner and if he would like to eat jajangmyun with him?

He just found out that Tae-hyun is her brother and not a thug in Greece so it looks like Kang is a bit softer towards her.

They both eat the jajaegmyun together. Cha-young asks the ajumma for a bottle of alcohol. it is delivered and Kang pours soju for them both. Cha-young takes a sip and sees that it is raining hard.

Cha-young starts to imagine the three of them eating jajangmyun and drinking soju. her, the halabogi, and Kang. The halabogi happily drinks his soju and eats the jajangmyun and chuckles with Kang and Cha-young.

Halabogi – Just tell my kid if he comes, that because I enjoyed he jajangmyun so much, I forgot all that they did to me. they don’t have to be sorry to halabogi and they can just have a happy life. I will be looking at them from Heaven….tell them to have a happy life.

Fade Out


I basically expect someone to die every episode of this show and kind of saw the halabogi death coming a mile away. Not only did he not get to go to his jajangmyun place, he also had to try and go and then beat up someone about it and pass out, and then pinky promise about it to the chief. That is foreshadowing with a batman signal light.

But at least Kang finally found out that Cha-young did not run away with a thug to Greece because that thug is actually her brother and this is not that kind of drama. So they had a nice imaginary jajangmyun meal with the halabogi that I guess Kang could see to, or maybe Cha-young was just happily smiling and looking at halabogi and Kang was letting her live in her strangeness.

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