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Chocolate: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 1

Chocolate: Episode 5 Live Recap - Part 1

Lee Kang is officially working at Geo Sung and is starting his first day. First thing on the list, move in! Moon Cha-young just so happens to be hiding in his closet (you know, as you do) and relived a past trauma so she is all sorts of sweaty and shivering in her sleep. Because what is the reason of sweating and shivering if it isn’t in your sleep, y’all, really.

Let’s see if Cha-young’s love sick self can handle being in the same room as Lee Kang for today’s episode. Also, when is Lee Kang going to find out that she is that cute girl by the sea? Because I am losing patience in that. It is episode 5, throw me a bone!

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Lee Kang walks with his moving in box to his office and clicks on the light. With a sigh, he puts the box on the nearest table. But then he hears something inside his closet, so he goes to it and listens for a second. Then he opens it and sees a shivering and sweating Cha-young.

He asks her what she is doing there, but she is all inside her mind as she relives her trauma. Then she notices him and hugs him to tell him to rescue that person over here. 

Cut to Lee Kang sitting next to her as she sleeps in a hospital bed with an IV drip. He thinks about what she said about rescuing someone and then Seon-ae comes in with a quickness to see how she is.

She tells Kang that she works in the hospital because she has to pay for her brothers debt. Then she starts to dote on Cha-young who is still sleeping.

Later on, Cha-young wakes up slowly. Nurse Ha Yeong-sil is watching her and tells her that she should not be like this. i was looking forward to your chocolate pudding.

Then she gets a call from Nurse Bae Na-ra who always goes home early, but is now staying late because she likes the new doctor. Cha-young asks if there is a new doctor?

Nurse Ha says that this doctor is the one that found her. But he is more like a model than a doctor. He is so handsome. Now let’s go to the party.

Later on, they go to a party that looks a lot like a birthday party. All the little kids have birthday hats on. But it is actually a welcome party for Kang that they made look like a birthday party for all the kids.

Of course the kids get into an argument and runs away. So the adults start to introduce themselves to the handsome doctor. One of the women there is a first wife and the other woman is a second wife so hey greet him. But it gets awkward when one of the kids asks, so you are a doctor but you can’t cure my moms disease?

Kang decides to use this moment to step out and sees Cha-young in the hallway rubbing her eyes. When she stops, she sees him and they have an awkward moment where they stare at each other. Then he walks off by her and does not say anything.

Later that night, Lee Joon drives to a wealthy looking house and thinks about how he told Kang that he lost time because he operated on Moon Cha-young. I saved your life.

So Joon goes to a pottery place and starts to make pottery. We watch him make a piece of pottery literally from beginning to end and even break it into tiny pieces.

The next day he drives his Maserati quickly up the road and stares at a young pretty woman who is helped into the car by a man. The man and this woman drive off.



Cut to Seung-hun talking on the phone to someone who he is tells his son is an heir. kang goes up to them and tells them to reconsider, he became a doctor to save lives.

But the grumpy grandma comes out and says that he us useless! You can’t use your arm. You lost your chance to heal it do to a woman. I thought too highly of you because of your father.

Kang and the grandmother start to argue when the grandmother mentions his mother. He yells that he is not going to die like his mother.

So the grandmother calls for the ajumma  and we cut to a set up at a table where she tells Kang to move beans from one bowl to another. He can’t do it. So the grandmother tells him that with that hand he can’t even move beans. you need to find another job.


Cut to that pretty woman being brought to the hospital. it is the woman that Joon was looking at from his car. The man gets out and gives Hyeon-seok a bow and a hug and then heads off to the room.

Hyeon-seok starts to tear up a bit but blames it on dry eyes and smoke. Kang comes over to him to see if he is okay. The doctor says that the patients husband was his student. he is he one that officiated their marriage. they are the cutest couple ever.

Kang tells him he can blow his nose, so the doctor blows his nose really loudly and tells Kang that he is a surgeon that should operate. He also looks at Kang’s hand and says his son will be sad that his hand hurts. But Kang says that he will like it. He hated me being a doctor.

HS says that his son bragged about him a lot. he said that his best friend was the best neurosurgeon in Korea. Kang is surprised and happy to hear that.


Cha-young and Seon-ae are in the kitchen together talking about Kang. Seon-ae says that doctor is famous,  why did he come here?

Outside, we see Cha-young’s brother doing the same instagraming that he always does to make his life look way more fabulous than it really is (which is really the point of Instagram 😜). So he lays along the maserati and puts a fake shopping bag on the car as well.

Everyone likes his image, though Cha-young comes out and tells him that this car is not his! they argue as Cha-young tells him togo find their mother before she kills him and that she also wants to abandon him! he just chuckles and says that he is such big trash that he can’t fit into any trashcan.

So Cha-young relieves her angery by pulling vegetables in the garden. An old man comes to her and says that they should eat jajangmyun together. She tells him tomorrow, but he lays the guilt on strong and says there might not be a tomorrow for him. So she goes to eat jajangmyun with him at a tiny restaurant.

He happily eats jajangmyun and says that he loves it and Cha-young is not a cook if she can’t make it. She is all like, what makes you think I can’t make it? She eats some of it and says that this jajangmyun is n ot good, I can make it 100 times better~. But she sees the owner and ha to bite her tongue and change the subject.

The halabogi asks for a drink as well so she has to go to the owner for a drink and tells her that her jajangmyun is really good, thank you. But she goes outside to talk on the phone after that so that she can provide all the orders for cooking.


The halabogi comes out and asks for his drink, she says that she will not give him a drink. Just hit me, hit me! She puts her head in his chest. But he is more worried about his hat that he lost somewhere. So she says that she will go get it.

Then the scooter of death almost drives over both of them so the grandfather falls and gets a scrape on his head.

Cut to him getting treated by Kang who thinks about his grandmother telling him that he might not even be able to dress a person’s wound with that hand.

of course, this is the perfect moment for him to yell at Cha-young for taking the halabogi out of the hospital. But the Halabogi snaps back yells at Kang. He says that he has to eat jajangmyun.

Kang tells his quietly that if he does not listen to him, then he will have to leave the hospital. Cha-young runs after Kang in the hallway and says that halabogi has reasons. She will be responsible and always hold his hand as he walks around.

But Kang is not hearing it and telsl her that he does not know why she is still here, but please at least don’t make any trouble. He storms off to another room where a patient is in shock after eating her meal. She has a crab allergy and might have eaten some crab.

So Hyeon-seok goes and yells at Seon-ae for the crab and says that you can’t just say sorry about this! he then softly tells her that he heard that seh has problems with her alzheimers. You made a mistake today! Our patient has an allergy to shell fish and you put in shrimp sauce!

Cha-young is strying to run into thr room at this point, but nurse Ha holds her back.

Seon-ae says that she does not remember that she put in shrimp sauce. Kwon tells her that is why she is a serious patient. You should no longer cook ajumma. She leaves and sees Cha-young and Nurse Ha outside.

The doctor tells Cha-young that she has to leave from his clinic right now!

he goes back to the patient and we see that the patient is getting worse so they think they need to intubate her. Nurse NR says that they need to go to a big hospital, but Nurse Ha says she can do it.

So they dramatically intubate the patient with Kang’s unsteady hands as the music escalates to a climax.


Later on, Cha-young tells Seon-ae that the patient should be okay. Kang is a great doctor. Then she asks and ajumma what the side dish is that the patient ate and tries a spoon of it.

Her amazing palate gets to work. This ajumma tells Seon-ae that they should go back to Seon-ae’s restaurant. They make ten times more money there.

Cha-young asks Seon-ae to make her dish for her. A new one, okay?

Cut to the patient who looks stable. So they remove the intubation tube. Hyeon-seok thanks Kang and Nurse Ha tells him that he is a great neurosurgeon and good at other things too (a multiplayer).

Hyeon-seok leaves and almost falls from nerves. Nurse Ha comes up to him and says that he is always the most nervous out of everyone. then she tells him that he should give Seon-ae a break since the patient is fine. it is hard to find that good of a cook and the only thing the family members like about this place is the cafeteria.

But Hyeon-seok does not want to. he thinks they can make it better. So Nurse Ha curses at him and uses banmal and calls him oppa and sys that they can’t do this better! She also tells him to use his manners with the kitchen ajumma! She was once your wife!


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