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Chocolate: Episode 4 Live Recap – Part 2

Chocolate Recap Episode 4 part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap! Check out Part 1 here.

(We used to use one post and update frequently, but Google doesn’t like that anymore so we had to adjust!)

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Cha-young walks though the hospital and we hear her voice over.

VO – I heard that you went back to work. I wanted to visit you but I didn’t’ have the courage. By love for you is not over yet, so I tried hard to run away from you so you do not see me.

She walks outside and sees a woman fall to the ground so she runs up to help her.

VO – I will go back to Greece in one month

She thinks about telling him that she is going back to Greece in the car. He told her to have a nice trip and they should not see each other ever again.

VO – When time passes and my love to you ends. Then I will come back and thank you. Do not get hurt and do not get sick. Always be happy.


Joon’s mother and father talk about how a chairmans wife is hospitalized and wants Joon to perform the surgery, not Kang. She also wants her daughter to marry him after the surgery.

If he becomes the son in law of the chairman then he will be the winner.


Cut to Cha-young who is filming herself YouTube style. She says that she bought a ticket to Greece and thanks whoever this video is for. She tells them, the recipes you taught me, if you do not remember them, I saved them in this video. 

She starts to tell her about the sea food jongol and all the details about how to make it. She goes on to the next dish and explains it all and then movs to the next one and explains it with instructions.

This soup looks so good when she finished it.

But then we hear a little boy crying outside and see that Cha-young is at the ajumma Seon-ae’s place. So all these things must be for her. The little boy is crying because the ajumma does not know how to make what he wants. He might also be a patient at the hospice.

Seon-ae tells him what she can make and kind of yells at him about it and then goes inside to make something for him. She complains to Cha-young about how that kids mother ran off with some guy. Then she asks her if she heard of banana deok?

Cha-young tells her that Seon-ae actually made banana duk for her when she was sick. So it appears that the woman’s condition is getting worse.




The chairman’s wife comes in for emergency brain surgery. All the other doctors watch from an observation room. The mother and father are not happy that Kang is performing the surgery.

Kang starts to perform the surgery, but his hand starts to shake a little bit. however, it does not shake during the surgery. In the observation room, the chairman asks if this is the best surgeon? The father says yes, he is the best surgeon in the hospital.

But Kang’s hand does not work properly and starts to seize on him. He has to hold it with his other hand. All he other doctors see this so the father tells the chairman that the surgeon has a little bit of trouble and calls in to the room to ask what is going on with Kang.

Joon watches alertly as well. His father tells him that he needs to go in. So Joon walks to the room to prep. the father tells the chairman and daughter that they are changing the surgeon.

Kang holds his shaking hand in the surgery room and then hurries off as Joon preps. he keeps holding his hand as he walks out.

Elsewhere, the little boy from earlier gets rushed to the hospital. Cha-young gets word and runs to the hospital as well. She sees the brother and asks what happened.

the grandmother is there and screams, you gave him banana dduk! Why did you do that!

In the surgery room, the surgery goes well with Joon at the lead.

Meanwhile, Kang is still walking around the hallway, it looks like his hand has stopped trembling now.

He walks up on a huge altercation where the grandmother is hitting Cha-young do to her grandson and his banana allergy. Lots of people are watching.

Kang walks up calmly and pulls the grandmother away and then asks why no one stopped this. 

The grandmother gets pulled away by the hospital police while yelling at Cha-young about how her son is already terminal and now you gave him dduk! I will kill you!

So the boy might have an allergy or he might have stomach issues of something.

Cha-young hides her face from Kang and thinks, I changed my wish. Until I die, I do not want to see him anymore.




Cha-young pushes her brother against the wall of Seon-ae’s restaurant and asks him how he could do that! You are not human! Then she starts coughing.

He asks her if she is okay? And offers calming medicine. She tells him to eat it and then keeps hitting him.

then Cha-young goes inside and tells Seon-ae not to eat that Alzheimers medicine her brother sold to her. It is all fake and is only digestion medicine. She takes it anyway and says that is why her stomach felt good.

Cha-young says that her brother said he was tricked by someone else, but she does not believe him and tells Seon-ae that she will repay her for all the money she spent.


Kang goes to a computer and looks at an image of his brain. then he gets highly upset and storms into Joon’s office. He pushes Joon agains the wall and asks what he did to him! 

Joon says that he saved his life. Kang asks if he actually tried to kill him? Joon tells him that because of Cha-yong, you lost your golden opportunity. Kang asks why he did not move the edema! it has nothing to do with Cha-young!

Joon says that his surgery was good! it was his best decision! Kang pushes him away then walks around the hospital outside.

He looks at his phone and sees that he is being sent to Gyosun hospice to work.

Cut to Cha-young who is making food in a food montage. She smiles happily to herself and continues cooking.

Seon-ae plays hwatu at the hospital with the other patients and Cha-young’s brother. the ladies look like they are having a fun time with him.

But it looks like he i still a swindler so Cha-young comes up to set everything straight and shows the women that her brother actually lost and is a conman. She puts her brother in a head lock and tells the ladies that they can do with him what they want.

So they start to hit him and hop on his back. the brother says that it is a misunderstanding.

then the boy that was sick comes back in happily. Cha-young and he go outside where she feeds him and asks where his big brother is. The boy sys that he wasn’t sick because of the banana dduk. I am okay. I am going to live 10 more years. Cha-young tells him to live 100 more years.

then a girl runs up to him and tells him that the kids are waiting. The little boy asks if Cha-young can be part of this? She is always alone.

So they pull Cha-young along to play hide and seek with a lot of other kids in the hospital.

Cha-young hides inside a closet.

The little boy finds every other kid. 

Cha-young keeps hiding happily.

The kids forget that Cha-young is playing with them and head out to play something else.

Cha-young falls asleep inside the closet.

Elsewhere, we see Kang driving to the hospice. Kwon Hyeon-seok and two nurses, Yeong-sil and Na-ra welcome him.

Night comes and Cha-young is still sleeping in the closet. Outside, workers are hammering away on the cement which sends Cha-young into a nightmare. She grips her legs closely and starts to sweat in her dream.

At the same time, Kang walks to his office with his box of things.

Cha-young continues to relive the workers trying to get the people out of the department store collapse and grips herself closely when the door is opened to the closet and we see Kang standing there.

She looks up at a blurred Kang’s image.

Kang- Excuse me, what are you doing here?

She hugs him tightly

CY – Someone is down there, you have to save her!

But then she passes out

Fade Out


Poor Kang and Cha-young, their tragic melo story continues. Hopefully they can get some happiness going at some point.

I must say that I really dont’ like how kang had to be sent to the hospice to work and that it wasn’t his decision to go there. I thought making it his decision to work at the hospice was so beautifully set up in the last episode with the death of his friend.

But then he goes back and works for his family after a year of rehab, realizes that he can’t actually work as a surgeon anymore, and then gets sent there. That is kind of womp womp to me.

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