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Chocolate: Episode 4 Live Recap – Part 1

Chocolate recap episode 4

Get ready for the tears to come y’all. This might be the episode where everyones eyes are red the entire time because of so many cry fest shooting scene. Or maybe they will save the crying for later? Who am I kidding, this is a melo. Get your tissue boat ready to wade through this river!

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Cha-young lays a flower for Min-sang at his funeral memorial and then goes to grab a bus out.

She sits at the busstop quietly and rides the bus quietly as well. Then she pulls out an envelope that the fiance gave to her. The fiance told her that Min-sung wanted her to have it. He wanted to deliver it to the person who brought the mandu stew.

Cha-young starts to read it and we hear Min-sungs voice over.

MS – Cha-young, thank you for the mandu stew. Your food is super recognizable.

Cut to an image of Kang at the fishing spot

MS – You went to Greece because of kang, right? The Peter pan you talked about, that is Kang right?

Cut to a rainy day with Cha-young and Min-sung eating happily. But then she thinks she might have left her wallet at the movie theater and runs off in the rain. However, it had fallen on the floor so Min-sung opened it and saw a photo of the three of them.

MS – I saw that picture on accident in your wallet. We were not focused but Kang was clearly focused. I will go fishing with kang and I will tell him that Cha-young remembered Kang for a long long time. Actually I wanted to tell Kang many times. But, I didn’t get a good chance. Sorry. kang-you lost because of me. Just catch him this time. Life is not that long to liek to yourself.

MS drinks by himself.

MS – I thank you again. Moon Cha-young’s mandu stew was the best food in my life. Please take care of Kang.

Cha-young takes a taxi to the lake and gets out in the rain. Kang is still sitting on the lake in their fishing spot. He is drenched but doesn’t care.

Cha-young walks toward him and looks at him from a distance.

CY – I made him Mandu-jongul (mandu stew)

kang looks at her.

CY – He enjoyed it and left.

A song starts to play as Kang lets a few tears fall in the rain. Then he starts to cry and hangs his head. Cha-young nods a bow to him and turns to head off.

He looks at her walking away. She continues to walk away but then stops and bends over to cry herself. She kneels and holds her legs as she continues to cry.

He looks at her from his seat and cries some more.

Inside the funeral service, the father sits solemly and looks at his sons image amidst all the flowers.

HS – I understand that you don’t want to accept Min-sung’s death. But you should send him off. Don’t make Min-sung wait too long.

Kang drives in the rain to Cha-young who is still walking in the rain with her suitcase. he tells her that there are not taxis here, especially not while it is raining. And puts her luggage in his car.

They drive off together quietly. He hands her a small dry towel and she takes it. then he asks her where she is going. She says anywhere she can take a cab. He asks if she is going back to Greece? She says yes.

He tells her to be careful and that they should not see each other, ever.

She looks at him. He is looking ahead, blankly. She tells him, okay. Then she starts looking out the window.

But then Cha-young falls asleep while driving and has to swerve away from an 18 wheeler when he crosses the lane. Cha-young does not look that alarmed at all.

Kang stops at a closed rest stop and says that they should take a little break there. Then he falls to sleep.



Cha-young turns off the windshied wipers and thinks about telling Min-sung about her Peter Pan that she met once as a kid and one more time when growing up. But she is still soleda for him. He does not even recognize me. i am super dumb right?

She looks at Cha-sung sleping and sees that he is crying in his sleep. She is about to wipe a tear when he wakes up and looks at her. they stare at each other for a moment, but then a huge truck comes up from behind them and hits their car hard. they are both sent jerking forward and gass goes everywhere.

This sends Cha-young back to the department store collapse. Cha-young talks to the ajumma that is next to her even though she can’t see her. This ajumma is Kang’s mother and continues to talk to Cha-young so she will not give up living.

The driver sees what he has done and drives off.

Cha-young continues dreaming about the department store collapse. the ajumma told her to stay awake, she needs to survive.

Kang wakes up first from the car crash and checks on Cha-young. Then he turns on his car and races to the hospital.


kang runs into the hospital holding Cha-young and asks his friend if he can treat her first.

The friend agrees and later on tells him that her lungs are in critical condition. Kang asks where the neuro surgery team is. this man says that they dont’ have a neuro team here. It is gone for a year after the professor retired. it is the countryside so it happens.

His friend tells him that he should take his CT as well since Kang has a head injury. The closest big hospital is one hour away. kang asks if they still have their surgery tools? I will operate!

kang starts to give himself his own treatment after locking himself in a hospital room. The other doctor and nurse bang on the door and tells him that pain killers wont work. But Kang just keeps on performing his own treatment on himself.

Elsewhere, Joon is making pottery when he gets a phone call. It must be about Kang because he looks alarmed and asks, how is he?

Back in the hospital, kang looks all kinds of wrong and tired and drained of blood when he tells the surgery team that Cha-young is in critical condition so he will perform brain surgery on her. He starts to prepare.

Cha-young is dreaming about the department store crash. She remembers the name of the woman as Jung Su-hee, which is kang’s mom. The mother asks if she is scared. Cha-young says that she is not scared because Ajumma is there now. But she is sleepy.

Ajumma tries to move and tells Cha-yong to give her her hand through the hole. they are able to grab hands. The Ajumma givs her a little chocolate.

Kang continues to perform the the surgery and continues bleedng from the head as he does it. The nurse pats it away.

In the department store crash, the ajumma says that her son loves chocolate so she bought it to give to him. But not today. then she tells Cha-young, even though it is difficult, just survive. Eat this and survive.

Cha-young tells her okay, then the building continues to collapse on the ajumma.



In the surgery room, Kang is barely hanging in there. He asks how Cha-young;s vital signs are. The team says that she is  normal now. Kang tells him a bunch of medical things and then stumbles off to rest a bit, he will be in to operate a gain afterwards.

he stumbles out and throws his garments into the dirty clothes bin and holds his side that is bleeding a lot once again. Or maybe all through the surgery.

Then he sees his cousin walking up the hallway and passes out on the floor. His brother does not look alarmed at all.

So now Kang is on the operating room to have brain surgery by his cousin Joon who has bleeding in his brain.


Cha-young wakes up one year later and lost her memory (bwa ha ha!). Her brother in in front of her and asks her if she knows him. Ii am your brother Moon tae-hyun.

But Cha-yong says that this is driving her crazy and asks him to leave. Okay, I think she is messing with him now. He starts to walk away and then comes back and tells her that he is her brother. How can you not know me? 

She walks away and tells him not to bother her.

She goes to Joon who starts to talk about her case and how it is one year later but she should be okay. Then Cha-youg breaks her act and says that her rother showed up 10 months later! We went to the department store because Umma said that seh would buy me a gift and to wait there. Umma never contacted me and my brother has come back after 10 months, he is not my family.

She starts to sniff and tells the doctor that she does not want to recognize him until she dies. So can you tell him that doctor? Tell him that it is a side effect and I lost my memory?

But she apologizes and tells him to ignore what she just told him. Sorry. I went momentarily crazy.

Joon asks, why don’t you ask me about Lee Kang. You were together in the car and he even performed surgery on your brain with his injured self. If he the another one you want to ignore until you die, like your brother?

Cut to Kang who is getting treated at his desk by his doctor friend. His friend tells him that it is dark blood and he does not think he is 100% yet. But Kang tells him that he was cured a long time ago. I will show you how to get the artery.

then the camera scrolls back and we see that Kang is actually a teacher to other doctors. He shows hem how to get a proper vein for a syringe. But Kang’s hand trembles. He says that eh is nervous and tries again. he gets red blood from the doctor. 

he shows it to everyone and bops the other doctor on the head and then leaves.


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  1. Henna
    December 11, 2019 / 11:23 pm

    Do you know what that song was that played when Joon started prepping for the surgery on Kang?

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