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Chocolate: Episode 3 Live Recap – Part 2

Recap Chocolate Korean Drama Episode 3

This is part 2 of our live recap! Check out Part 1 here.

We used to use one post and update frequently, but Google doesn’t like that anymore so we had to adjust!

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Kang goes home and sees the worker ajumma outside with his bags. She says that she does not know what is going on, but you are kicked out from the house. Do you have anywhere to go? Your friend is almost dying, you should not have anywhere to go.

Kang asks ajumma if she can carry a box for him in his room. Then we cut to him in his car with the box that houses all his memories from the coast. There is a photo of him, his mother, and the fisherman and his mothers cookbook.

He threw it away one day when he was little, but the ajumma told him not to do that. It was your mothers, you said you wanted to be a cook. But he says that he won’t be a cook, he will be a doctor. Ii will be a better doctor than Joon. I do not need this cookbook, burn it.

But he ajumma saved it so Kang flips through it and relives old recipes. He goes home and immediately starts to cook Godinwa stew.

Wait a second, Cha-young might be making the food in the woman’s restaurant because the woman cannot remember how to do it. (So, I’m not clear if Kang is also making he food or if that was all Cha-young). 

The woman lets her make it and gives it to her customers who all love it so much and throw so many smiles to Seon-ae as they eat outside.

The woman goes back inside and pays Cha-young for her work today. Cha-young asks what this is? The woman says it was for the food and washing the dishes. She even gives her a tip. 

Cha-young thanks her for the good food. Seon-ae asks where she cooks? Cha-young tells her that she is a chef in Greece. But she came all the way here to cook as well.

She goes back to the hospice and sees Kwon Hyeon-seok outside. So she asks if she can use the kitchen? The restaurant ajumma said that I can. He says okay, he thinks someone is inside.

So she goes to the kitchen and sees Joon making the mandu stew. She watches him from the kitchen. He is using his mothers recipe to make the dish. Then his uncle calls him. he tells him that there has been an emergency, so come to the hospital. A chairman had an aneurysm that broke. If you can cure the surgery then I will let you work again.

Kang thinks about this for a short moment and then heads out.

Cha-young is hiding nearby on the steps and walks around the corner to see Kang leaving. Then she head into the kitchen.

Back in the hospital, it looks like the case is hopeless so Kang was given the case instead of Joon even though the chairman is Joon’s patient. One of his colleagues tells him to refuse the surgery, the success rate is less than 20%. 



His colleagues thinks that he will be the only one blamed. Kang says he knows that is why he got this job, he will get all the blame. You guys have a choice in this situation, but I don’t. My only choice is to save that person or get kicked out.

He goes in to the surgery.

then ew cut to the father running to see Joon. Joon says that the chairman is his patient and wants to do the surgery. But his father wants to keep him from doing the surgery. he wants to crush Kang with his ability! Why doesn’t anyone believe me!

Joon knows that Kang knows that the family will blame him and kick him out. But what if he is successful? A lot of people saw me, they will think that I am a doctor that avoids surgeries because I am afraid of failure. What will people say! What will halmoni think! If he is successful, then I will be the one in trouble.

His father tells him to let Kang perform the surgery, you can just stand there. You can say that Kang took your surgery to get recognition from Halmoni, just don’t perform the surgery.

Cut to the surgery. Joon shows up and scrubs in. He tells them that he is backup because had a little to drink. This person is my patient.

Kang ignores him and starts to perform the surgery. But before cutting in, he tells Joon that he will be his backup, this is your patient so you can perform the surgery.

Joon says that he had a little to drink. Kang tells him that he does not smell any alcohol at all. Are you avoiding this surgery? You should not lie. If you are worried then we can check your alcohol level to see if you can do it. I am sorry that I misunderstood you, I thought that you ran away.

He holds the scalpel to him. Joon looks around and takes the scalpel. Then he sits to perform the surgery. They both continue talking back and forth with cutting remarks at each other as they argue about their surgical opinions.

But then kang looks like he thinks Joon does not have a good opinion for the patient and says that it is dangerous. Joon tells him to F-off, this is my patient.

So Kang stands to the side. But then blood is shot on Joon’s mask. It is a lot of blood so the patient might have a heart attack.

Kang wants to help, but Joon tells him to leave! Kang tells him that he needs to leave! You aren’t sober yet. If you dont want to kill the chairman, then you should leave!

So Kang steps in to perform the surgery and has the radial artery ready for a bypass. This works. Joon sees that it works and angrily leaves.



Back at the hospice, Cha-young makes the mandu stew slowly and tastes it to make sure it is perfect.

Min-sung’s father is outside cleaning his golf clubs. He has finished and goes back inside to sit with his son for a little bit.

Back in Seoul, Kang talks to Min-sung on the phone and says that the surgery ended so he will be there soon. Min-sung tells him that it is fishing day so be sure to be here.

But then someone runs in and tells him that it is a code black. Kang runs out to help. He goes to the triage area where there are multiple patients that need help. There was some kind of big accident.

So Kang starts to perform the surgeries. 

In a voice over, the Min-sung tells him that he new he would miss their fishing date. But he tells him to be a good doctor and save a lot of people.

Back in the hospice, Cha-young gives the mandu soup to a nurse to give to Min-sung. The nurse says that Min-sung did not eat any of the other mandu stews. 

Cha-young tells him that it is handmade by Kang. He made it with all of his will.

So the nurse takes this to Min-sung. But actually this is the fiancé! Ah, she takes this to him and says that Kang made it with all of his ability.

Min-sung smiles and tastes it. Then he realizes that this is the taste. he tells his fiancé to try it and says that it is the best mandu stew ever. Then he looks out the window knowingly.

She is outside looking at the building and voicing over that she is sorry, she is really sorry. Min-sung smiles and then tells his fiancé that he will eat this. He happily starts to eat.

Back at the hospital, Kang is done with his surgery and calls Min-sung to ask if he is mad? Is that why you are not picking up your phone? If you are still fishing then I will be there.

Then Min-sung calls. Kang tells him to just hit him, I will take all your punches. But it is the father, he says that Min-sung died. He was waiting for him at the fishing site and died.

Kang is lost for words. He just holds the phone blankly.

Back at the hospice area, Cha-young cries softly to herself.

And in the end we see a montage of photos of Min-sung

Fade Out


What a lovely episode! I really enjoyed watching this show today and seeing Kang’s struggle with being a surgeon or giving it all up and being a good friend.

I’m sure that the death of Min-sung without Kang being there is going to haunt him which might be the catalyst to get him to quit his rich family and start a new life.

Now we just need to get Cha-young to do the same!

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  1. Anonymous
    December 6, 2019 / 9:59 am

    That was not the ending I expected! Too soon. So sad.
    Thanks for your live recap V!

    • V
      December 6, 2019 / 10:05 am

      It was way to early! I wanted him to stick around for at least half the show! I really thought that Kang would realize that he was missing out on spending time with his best friend and would quit his job to be with him.

      I also thought that Cha-young might just go on ahead and make Min-sung that soup for a few more weeks. But alas, tis not the case.

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