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Chocolate: Episode 3 Live Recap – Part 1

Recap Chocolate Korean Drama Episode 3

I enjoyed episode 2 much better than episode 1. I hope they can continue with it. Though I know that the best friend’s impending death is going to bring buckets of tears, hopefully it will also help melt our leading mans ice cold heart!

We are going live with today’s recap which means two posts! Part one will go up first and then part 2 will go up as soon as we finish! We used to use one post and update frequently, but Google doesn’t like that anymore so we had to adjust!

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Lee Kang is on the plane to Greece in First class wearing his blind as he tries to sleep. But then he removes it and looks out the window. He starts to think abuot his best friend and when they were both in Korea after his friend started to date her.

They are looking in the restaurant glass happily as Moon Cha-young working. Kang is happy that his friend likes someone so much. He can’t believe that he fell in love he can’t believe that he forgot that his best friend did not eat at all today.

Min-sung feels momentarily bad about that an then chuckles. Kang tells him that he told him he could not eat anything because I hd to eat your girlfriends food. His friend tells him, if you eat her food then you will be attracted to her.

Kang jokes that he is leaving, so they kick each other and start to playfully banter back and forth about being jealous and running away.


Kang is driving in a rental now as he head to find Moon Cha-young. He is there because his friends last wish is to eat mandu jungol (mandu stew). He gets out of the car in various locations around this Greek village and starts to look around.

They cross paths but do not notice each other, so the search continues. Kang walks up the small cobblestoned streets and looks inside the windows. He finally gets to her restaurant and finds out that she is participating in a cooking contest.

So he heads over to the cooking contest with his aviators on and looks at her. 

Flashback to when Min-sung was drinking in a lounge after getting dumped by Cha-young. Kang joins him. He says that he thinks she has another man. But he does not want to break up with her at all.

Back to the competition, the time is up so it is now time to taste the food. Kang raises his hand as an audience member judge and is selected. His eyes meet Cha-youngs.

So Kang goes slowly around tasting all the food until he gets to Cha-young’s small table. he takes a bite and we are sent back to another memory.

This one is of when they accidentally watched a movie together because Min-sung had to see a special client. Cha-young tried to sneak out, but Kang saw her, so they watched the movie together. But he mostly slept through the entire thing because he is a brain surgeon that has 16 hour straight surgeries and no sleep.

So he falls asleep and his head naturally falls to her shoulder. In the movie, the actress says she will go to Greece. She feels too much soleda (like heart pitter patter) to that guy so she will go.

In the present, Kang finishes eating Cha-young’s dish and walks off. he gives his result to the judge and the results are announced. She is one of the three highest chefs. She is tied with them.

Afterwards, she is about to op on a bus with her luggage, but Kang stops her so they can talk. So they talk at the bus stop. He asks her if she really has another man, is that true? Cha-young says it is true.

Kang asks if she can change her heart? Min-sung likes you so much. Cha-young says that she is sorry. Kang asks if she even liked Min-sung? Cha-young tells him that Min-sung deserved better. But Kang asks again, did you love him at all?

CY reiterates that she likes someone else.

Flashback to the competition where Kang is being interviewed on stage. They ask him if he gave the other Korean any favor, he cheekily says no comment. Then he gives his comments on the food. Everyone claps. H says that the food was good but it was also conniving and heartless. 

Everyone is all like, um, why? So he explains it all but is basically saying how she dumped his friend. However he is using food to describe it. Everyone is confused. He subtracts 50 points.

But then the other judges come up and love her dish a lot.



After the competition, we see Cha-young packing up while her brother complains about Kang and how the same country man can do that to us. They are both devastated. The brother needs money so he doesn’t know what he will do. She doesn’t know what she will do either. They both need the money.

Meanwhile, kang is talking to his friend on the phone. He says that he has a conference in China, his friend tells him his friend is dying and you are still doing your job? You selfish guy. But he says it jokingly. kang tells him he tricked him, he is super selfish.


Back at her restaurant, Cha-young works really hard. But then someone comes in and says that a Korean person is there but he does not speak English. So she runs out speak to him but sees that it is Kang.

So she slowly walks to him to help him order. he says that he wants to order mandu stew for take out. She tells him that it is not on their menu, this is an Italian restaurant.

She tells him that it would be difficult to make it, you can go to a Korean restaurant. She walks away. Then Kang asks what the most expensive wine is in the house to the waiter. The waiter tells him but then mentions that he said he does not speak English?

He buys the most expensive wince and says that he will drink it while he waits for the food. So now she has to serve the food. 

She goes back out and tells him that she will make it. But not during work hours. If you can wait until I finish work, then I will make it. She walks back to the kitchen.

The waiter comes back out with his bottle and tells him that the wait will be long. Kang is okay with that and starts drinking his wine.

He waits and waits and then goes to the kitchen to look at her work. She tells him that it is banned for him to be back there, only cooks should be back there.

kang asks if she is going to ask about her old boyfriend? She tells him that he should be fine. he says that she is not fine. She starts to say that it was 4 years ago! i know he wants to say, that b**ch, go to hell to me. But what can I do?

Kang says that he is going to cancel the order. he is going to die. That is why I came all the way here. But giving him the food of someone like you, that is too much. I will pity my friend too much.

kang starts to storm out, but then sees the brother who pushes him and says that he is the judge guy! I was looking for you, you should help as a Korean! he wants to beat him up but holds himself back. Kang thinks that he is her boyfriend.

The brother asks, what do you care? From today, you won’t be able to eat any food! She is #1 without you! He grabs Kang by the collar and tells him that he will have to call his m om becusae he won’t be able to go home.

Kang punches him sending the brother to the floor. He yells to call the police! This gangpae is killing me! kang just pushes him out of the way and leaves.

Outside, he gets another call from Min-sung. Min-sung tells him that he is lying, it is daytime in China. Did you see CHa-young? Kang lies and says that he did not see Cha-young. Find another food that you want.

Cha-yong sees all of this as she stepped into the street to see him walking away. She sits on the ground and puts her head in her hands.

As the sun rises, she walks to the water and looks out over it peacefully. Kang is walking on the street behind her. He sees her overlooking the water. But he does not stop, he continues on.




Kang runs to a family meting where the Grandmother throws a glass at him (wow, not so nice after all). it looks like Kang performed the surgery on Min-sung instead of the other surgeon. But the other surgeon is upset about this and he has sway because his father is a minister in politics. 

The surgeon sys that Kang’s surgery didnt’ even work! The grandmother starts to say that Kang is like this because his mother was stupid and dumb (geez, Grandma, go easy!). She then tells him that he has to kneel to the minister and his surgeon son.

Kang puts something on his bleeding head and looks at an image of his cousin who is doing amazingly well now.

Meanwhile, Cha-young has come back to Korea from Greece and has made her way to the hospice.

Inside Min-sung’s room, Kang has brought him all he best mandu stew in Korea. he spent 3 hours going to all the places and is very proud of himself. Min-sung starts to eat it all but it does not taste like Cha-youngs. 

Min-sung tells him that he should try Cha-youngs stew, once you try it you will not be able to eat anything else. He apologizs and says that he does not want to try any more, he will jsut rest.

So he cuddles up in bed and Kang heads out sadly.

Outside, Cha-young is walking around the yard when seh sees kang walkingout. She quickly tries to hide and coves her head with a big red cleaning bowl like a fool. The woman who the bowl belongs to pulls it away from her and asks what she is doing?

This woman is Han Seon-ae and thinks that Cha-young is he helper for today. So she tells her to carry the cabbage inside.

Cha-young starts to sniffle and then grabs the cabbage to take inside. After she does that, she is asked to peel onions. So Cha-young peels the onions and wipes her tears.

Seon-ae might know that she is there for another reason and is just giving her work to do to keep her busy. So Cha-young peels and peels the onions on into the early night.

Seon-ae asks if Cha-yong is done? Not just about the onions, but your crying? You have to cry, not pause. Cha-young says that she is not the person you are waiting for. SA tells her that that person already came.

Then she tells Cha-young that she came all the way there and she is jobless so lets go to my home and eat. It looks like she is trying to comfort Cha-young without looking like she is.

So they go to Seon-ae’s place which is a restaurant. She says that she volunteers at the hospice once a week, this is actually her restaurant.

But then we see that seh tries to give Cha-young 3 bowls of rice as if she has problems with her memory. She realizes that she is doing it and asks Cha-young how many times she gave her a bowl of rice?

Cha-young tells her that she asked for two bowls, so Seon-ae happily sits. But then she starts to have more mental issues after a phone call and Cha-young also sees that her clothing is on inside out/backwards.

Back in Seoul, Kang finds out that he is banned from the surgery room. It is a temporary punishment. Joon and the other surgeons will take care of his patients for now. Joon listens on from a distance. Kang does not see him.

Part 2 is coming up on another post!

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